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That’s basically the case as we approach the 2010 season. Chris Forsberg of ESPN Boston asked a bunch of Celtics-focused writers who deserved the title of Celtics MVP, and all but one (Chuck from Red’s Army) selected Rondo.

I can’t argue with that. As the core ages, the team is more dependent on Rondo to both score and set up opportunities for others (check out how many of Ray Allen’s baskets in 2010 came after assists). And his defense and rebounding fuels Boston’s transition game, when they are at their most efficient.

But the fact remains that with Rondo taking a central role in the team’s offense, the C’s dropped from a borderline top-5 offense in 2009 to a league-average offense that had trouble scoring at times in 2010.

Will that change this season?

Hope you’re all having a nice long weekend.

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  • Dan

    I wouldn’t attribute that decline to Rondo – his role as a set up man was crucial in allowing players who would otherwise struggle offensively to get easy points. More of the blame would probably fall on the deterioration of the Big 3’s offensive skills, particularly in isolation, and on the lack of bench scoring compared to last year (Eddie House declined and was traded, Glen Davis lost his mid-range jumper and focused on rebounding).

  • Jason

    One reason offensive efficiency drops as Rondo’s role expands is that, despite his good field goal percentage, he is actually an inefficient scorer due to his low free throw percentage and number of attempts and futility from three. As a result, Rondo’s taking nearly as many shots as Ray, Pierce and Garnett is going to cause the points per possession rating to drop.

  • I love Green

    Yayy Rondo.

  • Jason

    In Rondo’s defense, it wasn’t all his fault. Rasheed was horribe on offense and the impact was magnified by his averaging the second most shots per minute behind Garnett. Tony Allen becoming a rotation player with all his attendant offensive flaws didn’t help matters as well.

  • joe

    rondo’s inability to consistently hit the mid range & 3pt jumper combined with his inability to make free throws spell doom for BOS’s offense when he takes a lot of shots. it’s tough to be an efficient perimeter scorer if you can’t shoot from the perimeter…. at all.

  • Joel

    Disagree with the panel – KG is the MVP. He covers for the C’s lack of length, he can cover a variety with his athletic ability, he controls the defense, rebounds, and he is the only low-post threat they have had. Even as the new players come in, KG will dictate to them how to play the “Celtics way”. Not as big of Rondo lover – no jumper, over-dribbles, and monopolizes the ball.

  • Josh A

    It’s simple, they will have no one MVP, No player is putting up amazing stats. Without any1 of those players, (big three and rondo) they would not win the title

  • JP

    I’m going to agree with some of the other comments, I don’t think Rondo was to blame for the team’s offensive struggles. In the first half of the year, Ray was terrible due to the trade rumors, PP and KG were hurt or getting over injuries and the bench couldn’t score. That was when they were playing better too! In the second half we rested the starters more and the bench couldn’t score at all. Rondo is to blame for some of the offensive decline, b/c of the problems we all know and love (his shooting and free throws) but this offense falling behind was not Rondo’s fault.

  • Mimi

    Rajon Rondo for MVP PERIOD

  • Rangatiratanga

    I wouldn’t say there is an MVP for Boston that’s just not our thing.I would prefer to say who was the best player for Boston.I don’t know if Rondo is the Cs best player yet.He certainly isn’t offensively.You can’t rely on him in crunch time,if you are, be ready for a big disappointment a la vs the Clippers in January,where he went to the FT line and choked both potential game winning FTS.I also recall hearing one of the ESPN panel of commentators saying Boston were one of the worst teams taking the last shot to end a quarter in the league.Guess who was taking their fair share of those shots……….Rondo.
    I absolutely think our offensive drop was due to Rondo becoming more involved on the offensive end.

  • Perry

    Its safe to assume the MVP of the Celtics won’t be racking up typical MVP numbers because that’s not how this team rolls. And as we all know a higher scoring average won’t be indicative of Rondo’s overall contribution.

    For sure he’s the MVP and the one player the this team can ill afford to lose. But the Celtic offense won’t turn heads unless he can be more consistent from the perimeter and jury remains out on that part of his game … although he has proved clutch — hitting some timely baskets.

    However, this has been summer spent on global aspirations instead of addressing his weaknesses. Last year he was knocking down 100 jumpers a day and optimizing his free throw shooting with Mark Price. Suddenly he has family problems and needed a break.

    Overall depth will help him rest his body more, but he’s at his best when he plays with reckless abandon. So I expect many 35+ minute nights with Doc mixing and matching lineups around him. One thing Danny did not accomplish this summer was to find personnel to comport with his skill set. That page won’t be turned for another two years. So Rondo will have to walk that fine line of unselfish teammate yet be ready to take over when the situation presents itself. He’s done it before, and I think we’ll see more heroics this season

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  • mike

    he’s the offensive initator…the offense would take giant leaps and bounds if he made a respectable (hell i’ll say 65%) of his foul shots…

  • mike

    btw…this guy isn’t going to be on the floor at the end unless he can shoot foul shots…killed us in teh finals…and if you look at his stroke on the line….it’s a mental block…

  • bobo

    Rondo’s development is still in the making…he was approx. a good consistent pg 4 out of every 10 games this past season whereas it has to raise to at least 7out of every games.His inconsistency from one half to another to often is the main problem he had this past season.Im expecting to see a more focus and consistent player.

  • Kris

    I love the way ppl say what Rondo is and isn’t doing, (practicing shooting) like there with him day in and day out. Yeah his jumpers need help and so does his ft shooting, but we can’t say whether or not he’s working on that unless we’re with him on a regular. Just because it’s not being reported doesn’t mean he’s not practicing… just a thought.

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