Post-game Reactions

Marc Spears of Yahoo.com caught up with Doc Rivers while traveling with his son Austin.  Spears happened to ask Rivers about the Celtics’ final game of the season:

“It still hurts the same,” Rivers said. “That won’t go away. I had dinner with [Rajon] Rondo and ‘Baby’ [Glen Davis] in Vegas and they were talking about how much it hurts. I said, ‘I hope it hurts you for the rest of your life. It should.’ ”

Those are some harsh words.  Harsh, but all too true and important.  It’s nice to know that professional athletes have the capacity to care about their craft as much as fans do.  All too often there are stories about athletes not caring or purposely not giving everything they have (see Vince Carter).

Rivers knows all too well about life long regrets.  In 1994, Rivers was on the New York Knicks team that lost the NBA Finals to the Houston Rockets after being up 3-2.  Eeeshhh.  Remind you of anything?

At any rate, this type of tough love is yet another example of why I wish Doc Rivers were my Dad.

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  • Birdman33

    Live in LA and all I see is Laker this and Laker that. Champs this Champs that. Can’t wait till next June comes around to take down the LA Fakers banners and replace it with the Glory of The Green.

  • Wow I remember that knicks/rockets series…..ahhh takes me back to a better NBA. Actually idk…Jordan wasn’t back yet the celtics weren’t winning a title with the team they had…. Atleast more teams were competitive. And atleast the officials weren’t calling tickytack fouls as often. There was no bronbron specials and no “melo…drama” there wasn’t a superfriends team or Kobe! Yeah ….abetter NBA.

    I wish doc was my dad too Brendan

  • @ birdman33….I live in riverside ca. I was at that famous Boston sports bar in LA for the final game. There was a sea of green. The place was so over max capacity that there was no way anyone was getting in the bouncer made sure….I was bummed…then I bribed him and ended up with a great spot for me and my girl to watch the game. It’s was the greatest atmosphere and most fun I’ve had watching a celtics game besides game six 08 finals. I seriously drank atleast two pitchers of beer. It was all good till about 6mins left in the game when my C’s ran out of gas and la got all the calls and lucky bounces. When the game ended local news teams busted into the bar to film the dejected celtics fans as they cried and sulked…there was only like one laker fan in the whole place. As I was leaving I saw a very demoralized celtics fan
    (there all my brothers and sisters) sitting at a table by te door by himself teary eyed…the camera man was walking over closer to film him I saw this and put my hand over the lense and pulled the camera down and yelled at the camera man! “Hey leave him the f*** alone! Film him and see what the f*** happens! Do u want this cAmera broken in the streets of la?” my prego gf was shocked but I told her “this is celtics nation! This is who we are. We bleed green and got each others back. This isn’t just being a fan of a team….it’s a way of life! It’s what we believe in! She didn’t get it but it’s ok I can’t expect a product of La to understand. 3plus hour drive home and I called into work the next day and got in trouble for doing so. But it was needed to compose myself. Redemption 2011!!

  • DR Len

    Pathetic. Celtics lost. They added Shaq and lost Thibdeaue. Sorry about the Spelling.
    Stop making excuses and crying a Rivers.
    Lakers have been to the Last 3 finals and have won the last 2. In the superior Western Conference.

  • Brendan Jackson

    I can only assume “DR” are initials and you don’t actually have a degree reflecting higher education attainment.

    Any chance you could point out the “excuses” you mention in this post? The “hurt” Rivers is referring to is the act of losing the Finals.

  • Perry

    Mike Gorman’ s prediction about Doc returning off a finals defeat was spot on. That game 7 loss still sticks in his craw. Because of his completive nature he had to make restitution with himself, the fans, and his players.

    It’s not about whining, or verbal spats with Artest … it’s about proving yourself all over again and going out on top. That is a major storyline going into the season and I expect his motivation will trickle down past the starting five.

    So the approach to the regular season will likely change to a degree. The veterans’ minutes will be monitored for sure, but I doubt we’ll see another 17-17 finish or stretches of uninspired play. This team still has a swagger, but they’ve also learned how to play as an underdog, and relish the role. You have to like the mental aspect of this team going into the season.

  • Jeff

    Why do morons like “DR” come on this site?

    Actually pal the West is by a long shot weaker than the East.

    The Jazz and Mavs always choke, Spurs are old, POR always has injuries, Suns can’t win anything…

    The West is full of Regular Season teams who look nice then fail in the playoffs. The Celtic’s went through the two top teams in the league to get cheated out of whipping LA’s ass yet again.

    Too bad your lowsy team had to pay officials to give you 21 FT’s in the 4th in order to win on your own court!

    You do realize how pathetic that is right? You were at home, with one of our Center’s out, the other hurt, we had played tougher teams in every round than LA, should’ve beat you in 6 but they BS’d us with Ray on the bench the whole time because of Fisher’s pussy whining, held you to 30% shooting almost the whole night, were up by 13, your pathetic team scored 2 baskets in the last 5 mins, only managed to get 14 total in the quarter w/o the cheap FT’s, you shot 21 FT’s to our 6 in the quarter and you still could only manage to win by 4 pts.

    Yeah…not too impressive if you ask anyone outside LA. Kinda sounds like you got one gifted to you…which you did.

    As I recall your pathetic excuse lost by 32 in 6 games last time…that seems a little more definitive of a win for a title.

    Enjoy your undeserved tainted title LA. It’ll be the last you get for quite a Loooong while.

    Next 10 titles:
    2011 – Celtic’s
    2012 – Celtic’s (Or full lockout)
    2013 – Miami
    2014 – Miami
    2015 – Oklahoma City
    2016 – Miami
    2017 – Celtic’s
    2018 – Portland
    2019 – Oklahoma City
    2020 – Celtic’s

    That’ll put the total at 21 to 16 in favor of the Celtic’s.

    LA will be saddled by the fat aging contracts of Bryant, and mediocre talent of Bynum, Artest and Odom since they are all 30+ with Bryant at 32 and will be on the downward spiral until 35 when he’ll retire.

    Gasoft, Odom and Artest are all 30+ years old and will decline right along with him as a new CBA is instituted that will tie the Lakers hands for the next 6-8 years and have them right in the middle of the pack or playoff hunt while losing 2nd round or so. This leaving them unable to glean fresh talent through the draft or FA. And no one will be there to save them with pathetic trades of Kwame Brown, since your precious Jerry is no longer double dealing for you from another team! LOLOLOLOL!

  • To be the champs you have to beat the champs. The defending champs had a starting center with a bum knee, a shooting gaurd that was to “old” to keep up with anyone and a point forward with a broken index finger on his shooting hand. O, and dont forget a forward of the bench with a torn shoulder who is as we speak playing for the united states. The celtics gaurd thought he would leave the us team before he got cut shall remain nameless……

  • Jeff

    Meant to qualify the Fisher Whining part above, that we should have won in 6 games because in game 3 he was whining and Ray was on the bench the whole time, same with PP in the first 3 games.

  • Jeff

    And we see exactly how that will work out for team USA moron! They even admitted they have NO ONE to defend on the perimeter! Rondo is better than every other Guard on that team, especially on the defensive end! They nearly lost to Brazil because they couldn’t defend Barbosa, which Rondo would do in his sleep!

    So much for that theory! I watched that game and Rose looks slow as molases going into the lane, and committed TONS of mistakes! Guess they wanted an inferior PG to play for USA huh!

    And don’t talk about the PG being too old, he’s like the same age as Ray, who might I add, had an injury to his leg in game 2 which is why he didn’t produce after that game. PP had nagging injuries all year including knee, shoulder, and hand injuries, as did KG. Davis was concussed, Rondo had just sustained a severe ankle sprain a week before, and Sheed’s back was injured.

    But LA had Bynum playing on a bad knee and Kobe’s poor poor finger…whoop dee doo! They could still play! Unlike Perk!

    Other than that LA was fine. C’s had a tougher road, home court in one round, and got jipped in the last quarter, and you STILL barely pulled it off! Pathetic!

  • Christopher Korman

    Did the Refs outrebound the Celts 23-8?Did the Refts miss all those layup?NO.The celts had a chance to put the lakers away in game 6 but they came out with no heart and lost by 22.The Celts don’t deserve the title.How do you have a 13 point lead and take your foot off the peddle?Celts fans didn’t want to hear excuses from laker fans from 08 so don’t be hypocrites and spew out excuses for the 2010 finals.If you had won game 6 all this whinning wouldn’t be so rampant.Everyone in the media claimed the lakers didn’t have the mental and physical mindset to win in 08 but they did this yr.So what do celts fans do to discard the lakers title they blame the refs when things don’t go there way to me that is hypocracy at its best.The lakers wanted it more.The problem with haters is that there unable to be fans of the game and give credit where its due.The conspiracy theories have no merit for the simple reason is that championship teams that have a team on the rope put teams away the celts lost two games to win 1.

  • Paul

    Wow, Celtics fans are such losers. Wow.

  • tbs

    I don’t know why Doc is hurting. He thinks that the Lakers never beat his starting 5. He is really the NBA champion in his own mind.

  • tbs

    Celtic fans are awfully bold for a franchise that won one championship in the last 24 years.

  • Cusith

    I don’t like the Celtics, I don’t like Doc, but I respect them. Having said that let’s look at game 7 another way. The C’s played a team that shot less than 33% from the field, 20% from behind the arc, missed 12 free throws and you held their top scorer to just 6 of 24 shooting. AND YOU LOST! YOU GOT BEAT DOWN THE STRETCH. YOU RAN OUT OF GAS, YOU DIDN’T HAVE IT AT THE END. You gave it a good run but couldn’t finish it against this Laker team. Too bad, so sad.

    Doc’s right though, it always hurts. as a Laker fan with finals memories going back to 1963 I have lots of painful ones, so I have no sympathy for any whining coming from Celtic fans. I also have a shiny new memory. A game 7 victory against the Celtics. It wasn’t pretty, but it looks a damn sight better than what you are left with.

  • hillcrestwildcat

    To all Laker trolles except Cusith

    It always amazes me how empty the lives are of Lakers fans who troll these websites. I don’t spend the offseason win or lose trolling other teams sites looking for threads to post stupid nonsensical shit on . Oh we’re whining, or is the coach trying to motivate his young players from personal experience. What’s sadder is there are gazillion different posts on here all the time, and you troll through until you find one that you think is somehow relevant to you. NO ONE CARES you won enjoy it, get over yourselves hopefully yall win next year so the filthy rich professional athletes who could care less about your sense of pride in their accomplishments can bring a little bit of signifigance to your obviously otherwise empty lives.

  • Cusith

    I come here for two reasons. 1. To keep an eye on the competition, which is a compliment as I don’t frequent the blogs of unworthy competition. 2. Because it is generally provides insightful and well written articles. 3…….
    I come here for THREE reasons, keep an eye, well written AND 3. To occasionally needle the followers of a team that can’t even pronounce it’s own name correctly.

  • PP is done

    I feel really bad for the Celtics. This is why:

    1. Your lackluster stars are only getting that much older. Do you really see PP and KG with the killer instinct this year? No.

    2. The recent acquisitions are terrrrible. You basically signed everyone’s garbage. Shaq? He was no longer welcome in MIA, PHX AND CLE! He’s done! Jermaine On’eal? Please. “Kiss da baby.” Delonte? More trash.

    3. BOSTON cannot beat Orlando and Miami.

    4. Dr. Jerry Buss claims that this might be the best Laker team ever assembled.

    5. Stick to the Sox. Oh, wait, they are not even making the playoffs this year.


  • Birdman33

    Scoreboard 17-16. After all these latest Faker Championships and they still fall short. And Cusith, you write about the “competition” as if you are on the court or part of the team. When’s the last time you stepped on the court? Unless you are the overly ridiculous guy courtside in his purple and gold sweats clapping his hand and program together as if he owns the team.
    See you on the Faker blog in June to check the “insight of the competition”. Can’t wait to extend the lead. 18, 19, 20…. Keep Chasing!!!!

  • Wow ignorance is abundant in hear today boys!
    Let’s get this straightend out now. I’m a die hard celtics fan. I allways believe we have a chance. I never quit on my team. That said. We should have won it in game 6. And after that loss we came all of six minutes awAy from winning title number 18. Believe me when I say this and it hurts…..we got beat plain and simple. You can’t blame the calls or ft differential or any of that! We had two chances to win. Game 6 & 7. We fell short. It sucks it hurts and I haven’t had a day where I didn’t think about it. We were thin upfront and our backcourt rotation was basically rondo Ray Paul and Tony thAt’s it. Quizy barely played and nates time waS spuradict at best. We had lots of holes last season and we played vallently. I live in socal and I hear lots of ignorant laker fans who couldn’t give me a stat of one one their players and couldn’t even name everyone on the team. Sad…but true. Ignorace isn’t just for the la fans…I read some posts on hear and you people…(yeah I said you people take offense if you wAnt) make some of the most ignorant statements. Fact is both teams are old…..we are actuLly a little younger via averages…..but with a thin bench we just ran out of gas! LA mADe some clutch shots and got some good bounces And mopped up the boards. We didn’t take care of home court and it cost us all year. Doc and the boys are reved up and have their gaMe faces on. I look to see a better team this year….more consistant and better efforts. Coach’em up doc….no my pain in shaqachusetts…la I’m sorry but our offseason was better and our biggs are better than last years biggs. Still thin on the wing but it will be addressed. See u in the finals.

  • PP is done

    God forbid that bynum is healthy this year, and the next, and the next, and the next…otherwise, game over for beantown and for ‘bron.

    i cant wait when kobe has at least 7 rings, while the overrated boston 4-some will only have 1 each.

    matthew: boston had a better off season? are you kidding me? shaq? delonte? jermaine? nate? and von something? clearly you no nothing about anything.

    the facts are simple, boston lost. all that matters is the final result. perk was hurt – i get it. but so was bynum. and if since you are into hypotheticals, bynum didnt play a lick when boston won that year.

    no more excuses. lakers have won two in a row. we more than likely win again. perhaps you have a chance the following year during the lockout…but in all reality, you guys are done.

    THAT BEING SAID, the boston celtics will be as good as the pistons when they beat the lakers in ’04.

  • Cusith

    Birdman – As a lifelong Laker fan I feel as much a part of my team as any fan could and I don’t really need to justify anything to someone as foolish as you appear to be (based on your post).
    It has been a while since I have been out on the court. I wish I could still be competitive but the knees just aren’t there anymore. I pushed it longer than I should have, paid a price, but I don’t regret any of it. Had we met on the court when I still had a game I guarantee I would have seen to it that your cocky ass was a frustrated mass of misplaced emotion and fully ineffectual as a basketball player. And I would have enjoyed it too. Win or lose I always enjoyed playing the game.
    Quick Recap on Banners By Decade:
    1946-1950 Lakers: 2 Celtics: 0
    1951-1960 Lakers: 3 Celtics: 3
    1961-1970 Lakers: 0 Celtics: 8
    1971-1980 Lakers: 2 Celtics: 2
    1981-1990 Lakers: 4 Celtics: 3
    1991-2000 Lakers: 1 Celtics: 0
    2001-2010 Lakers: 4 Celtics: 1

    I like what my team has done and what it is doing. Except for the sixties we have as many or more banners in every decade. You got 17, but we got the last two. Come and take it if you can. You came up short last June and I think you’ll keep coming up short. But that’s why they play the games. Bring it on!

  • Rivers is 100% correct—Celtics did not play with heart in 5 minutes in 4th quarter–Allen was choking and pierce was hitting the rim and missing shots when it counted the most—-they should have taken pay cuts to afford a Carmelo Anthony—real sad…

  • Len Bias

    I’d like to remind everyone on this site that the Celtics BOUGHT the 2008 championship. It doesn’t count for the franchise.

    I can’t wait for the day the celts trade rondo for someone like melo in a futile last ditch effort to make the playoffs before spending the next 5 years failing in the lottery. book it.

  • PP is done


    Rivers used the excuse of not playing with heart in the last five minutes of game 7 because, well, what else would he say? I mean, do you really expect him to admit he lost to the better team?

    what he really meant to say is this: “well, we were lucky that KOBE had one of his worst games.” something like that would suffice. plain and simple: the celtics were outplayed when it mattered. the whole team was outmatched. call it a day and move on. stop crying please.

    shaq is not the answer. neither is delonte, nor jermaine. perk will never be the same. too bad.

    the lakers however, maybe have 3-5 solid years. if they pull out 2 more rings, that would be enough. it would further establish kobe’s run as a top-5 player of all time, he would then overcome mj’s ring total, and of equal importance, the celtics would be in 2nd place.

    but hey, at least you guys still have your chowwwwwwda.

  • dont_drink_the_koolaid

    hah. ‘doc’ should change his name to ‘pops’ …..dude is a rock.

  • Birdman33

    Dearest Cusith,
    Without identifying myself, I will share with you that in my past I managed a professional team. Not managed as in Tommy Lasorda or Joe Torre but more in lines of the business end. Your posts made me chuckle as I remembered the times we within the organization would laugh at those who’d refer to their favorite team as “my team” as if they have some ownership rights.
    Of course fans sense a feeling of belonging as if they somehow were a part of the organization. Fans will also justify or defend their favorite players #8 or 24 for crimes such as a rape of a hotel employee (allegedly) or the murder of an ex wife (allegedly) all due the admiration of one’s ability to split a defense or score 81 points in a game.

    You write of foolishness yet regardless of the math, today’s final is 17-16. Your “fan like logic” allows you to look at the what have you done for me lately but not the totals. It’s as if you’d like to say, we lost quarters 1,2 and 3 but we are the greatest since we won the 4th quarter.
    It will be a pleasure to place Banner 18 in the Garden this upcoming June and not have to drive the LA streets and see all the cars with the little Faker flags from the bandwagoners. You can find me for a game anytime, I’ll be the guy with the Green Celtic banner flying from my car.
    It will also be a pleasure watching Shaq once again ask the rapist (allegedly), tell me how my ass tastes?
    I have been in LA over 25 years, you aren’t the only one who has told me to bring it on but who is chasing who? All those banners in the last few quarters, ah, I mean decades and the Fakers are still chasing the Green Machine.
    Catch us if you can… So close but always the same story. What’s that Scoreboard tell you?

    See you in June…

  • turdman33. Everybody hates boston. You know it, I know it, they know. WE KNOW IT. And it’s surely not because of those “17” banners. EVEN THE PLAYERS ON THE CELTICS hate(ed) BOSTON. (They play for the c’s NOT the city of BOSTON).

    WE(all) hate you because of who you ARE who you THINK you are.

    That’s why the basketball gods are RE- RIGHTING (not writing, or whitening) NBA history.

    TURDMAN33 keep perPETuating the ECOLOGICAL FALLACY that you ARE. BECAUSE you ARE WHO know you ARE.

    DOOM on EWE.


  • drj1

    Baloney. Cs lost game 7 in a fair fight. Any nba team can win any single game. What they SHOULD regret…forever… is throwing away GAME 6! Now THAT was disgusting. THAT is worth lamenting… That they could be so stupid, lazy, full of themselves, dishonorable, digusting and dishonest… lament THAT. They took a glorious story and turned it into crap. Stop lying now, Celtics. Do not talk to me about game 7… we all know it was #6 that should and does live in permanent infamy.

  • Cusith


    The reason I refer the the Lakers as “my Los Angeles Lakers” goes back to Chick Hearn. He always used the phrase “your Los Angeles Lakers” on his broadcasts. I just took what Chick offered.

    Speaking of Chick I actually interviewed him once when I was in 5th grade and doing a report on the greatest player in the game, Elgin Baylor. Chick was not only a great announcer but an exceedingly nice man who unlike yourself handled himself with class and grace throughout his career.

    Back to the banners – yeah, 17 is greater than 16. But like Red’s coaching marks it is soon to be eclipsed. I am confidant that the Lakers will get to 18 before the C’s do.

    As of right now the team everyone is chasing is the two time defending NBA Champion Los Angeles Lakers. So until someone knocks them off of that the Celtics, like every other NBA team, can only look up to see who’s on top.

  • boston is eastcoast garbage

    boo hoooo, whaaa whaaaaa whaaaa, for f ucksake are all you pu$$ies still crying in the chowda? you got beat and wouldve been beat in 08 if LA was healthy, but they didnt piss & moan. they got healthy and won the next 2. sorry your city sucks and so does your fake ass sh!t talkin team. bunch of whiny bitches , all of you… lmmfao!!

  • ryan

    Wow! Celtics fans are such angry and bitter people just like their coach. I find it funny how it’s so easy for you Celtics fan to predict the downfall of the Lakers because Kobe and the other key Lakers are “aging”. Newsflash to all of you, Kobe isn’t the first Lakers superstar to be slow down by father time. Jerry, Wilt, Kareem, Magic, Worthy all saw their careers came to an end as a result of age but the one key component that hasn’t? Lakers organization. Despite losing superstar after superstar thru the year the Lakers have remained consistently relevant and competitive since the 80’s including countless trips to the NBA Finals and championships.

    Celtis? 1 championship in the last 20+ years and you speak like you’re some kind of powerhouse in recent memory. Remember you all chanted “MVP” to Kobe when he was tearing your C’s apart in the regular season a few years back? Yeah.

  • @Jeff… wow man, really?
    LA are whiners? Post the 2008 Finals, LA’s attitude was simply “Well done.” then going about business (which – by the way – was winning the next two NBA titles).

    Now you have the temerity to call the 2010 title “tainted”?
    Get a grip.
    Noted that you’re not calling the 2008 title tainted tho’.

    You play with the team you have. If that team includes Perk (which – for more than a few games, it did – you still lost some), great. If it doesn’t, still great. You play the game with watcha have.

    And you’re giving Boston the next two titles? Man… there’s a lotta basketball to be played between now and then, and didn’t you just finish telling us all how much stronger the East is now (which – at the top end – I agree with)?

    Lastly, more fool you if you believe that LA won’t spend to put players on the floor to remain relevant.
    Time, and time again – this has been a constant in NBA basketball.
    Unlike the Celtics.

  • WhosYour2010NBAChampionshipDaddy?


    Man, that has a nice ring to it. Oops, I said RING. HA!

  • carlosrizik

    Good it still hurts, so they can transform that pain into something positive next season.

  • mitch

    look at all these cute comments by laker fans…if we celtic fans are such losers..why do you post on a celtics blog??? you must be scared since we’re stacked even more than 08′ now….see you in the finals L.A trash..:)

  • mitch

    L.A fans had two years of bitterness and anger towards the celtics, before they got revenge.. but hypocrisy is the creed of L.A’s Character when they talk about celtic fans being bitter and angry. Put that in one of your Hollywood movies for you B rated directors out in the valley 🙂

  • ryan

    You Celtics fan say the Lakers’ last championship is tainted because one of your “key” player went down for game 7 of this year’s Finals and therefore there should be an asterisk added to our championship. If that’s the case then you can pretty much go down the list and add an asterisk next to virtually each year’s champion because almost no team have ever gone on to the championship round without suffering some kind of injuries to one of their key players.

    Injuries are part of the game. You play the hands you’re dealt. One of the reasons why so much of the country hate the Patriots, Red Sox and Celtics is because their fans. Annoying narrow minded crybabies. In sports you either win or you lose, there’s no gray area. Yeah it hurts to come so close to a championship and no win it but at least at least lose with some dignity. All this whining by you and your head coach only make you look like a bunch of sore losers. Which you are. But you’re only making it worse if that’s even possible.


    Douche Rivers, cry me a river of Douche whine whine cry cry just like all your players boo hooing in the locker room after they couldn’t make a shot or grab an offensive rebound and LOST. That would be LOST, as in did not score more points than their opponent, and did not get the win. So blame the refs, blame the smog, blame the tainted burrrrritos, but never blame yourselves, because you did nothing wrong (like utterly shamefully tanking game 6), and don’t change a thing in your game, or attitude, or strategy, and come in 4th in the east again this year, and loose home court, and tank game 6 in the finals, and LOOSE to the LOS ANGELES LAKERS in game 7 of the finals, because you were perfect last year, and you’re perfect this year… Yuck Fou Pu$$ie$.

  • frankie

    Doc Rivers: ‘I hope it hurts you for the rest of your life. It should.’

    Note – he didn’t say “The refs cost us game 7 because they wouldn’t call fouls while the Lakers were killing us on the boards – Kobe had 15!”

    Of course the Boston baby did whine about “8 pts 6 rebs” Perkins missing game #7 while Bynum and Ariza missed 2008 with no whining by Laker fans. Grow up.

    And by the way, West had left Memphis 2 years before “the trade”. As some of you nitwits know that was engineered by former Celtic exec Chris Wallace. Thanks!

    Oh, and we’ll see you next scheduled Boston Finals trip – which should be about 2033.