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The Importance Of Quisy


In the midst of Chris Forsberg’s terrific Summer Forecast over at ESPN Boston we’ve reached a question of utmost significance in the C’s hopes next season, the importance of Marquis Daniels. Here’s what I wrote today, over at the Forecast:

Daniels’ performance next season is one that bears close watching for C’s fans. Brought back on a one-year $2.4 million deal, purely out of necessity more than anything else, Daniels follows up last season’s disappointing campaign as the team’s top reserve at a wing position thin on depth.

The C’s can’t afford another down year from Daniels, with Tony Allen out of the picture and Ray Allen and Paul Pierce one year older. Those guys need to have their minutes kept down during the regular season more than ever, and Daniels needs to hold his own as a key reserve.

The good news is I expect Marquis to step up to the challenge. A clean bill of health and not having to learn a new system should do wonders for Daniels’ play as he becomes more comfortable in Celtic green without having to battle TA for minutes.

The guy has the overall skill set to be a big contributor; I just don’t think we saw him really healthy at all last year. If he can stay healthy (a huge if, I know), Daniels has both the ability and a strong supporting cast on the bench to excel in his role this season.

I don’t expect him to play 82 games, but a strong bounce-back performance — in a make-or-break season for his career — should be in the cards.

Let’s get a bit more in-depth here as there are a few more points I want to dig into more in discussing Daniels’ prospects next year

1) Daniels’ was hurt essentially all of last year.

It’s easy to forget that Quisy hurt his thumb initially back on November 14th last year, just 10 games into the season. He played through the pain for nine more games, before re-aggravating the thumb again in early December, at which point x-rays revealed the torn ligaments. So although Daniels played in 50+ games last year, don’t let the numbers fool you, he played with a busted thumb for a lot of them.

2) Daniels was playing pretty well in February before Nate Robinson arrived

This speaks more to the lack of a defined role for Daniels that caused his play and playing time to take a nosedive in the final months of the year. Let’s take a look at the numbers first in February, in which Quisy was manning the point upon returning from his thumb injury.

9 games, 9.4 ppg, 3.0 rpg, 1.2 apg, 64.9% FG

Easily his best month of the year in the C’s uniform. Nate Robinson made his debut at the very end of February for the Green Teamers, becoming almost immediately the C’s primary scoring option off the bench, as well as someone who needed the ball in his hands to be effective. With that in mind, let’s take a look at Daniels’ numbers once Robinson arrived for the month of March:

17 games, 3.8 ppg, 1.3 rpg, 0.8 apg, 39% FG

Now, don’t get me wrong here. I’m not trying to blame Daniels’ struggles entirely on Robinson. TA obviously was stepping up his game at this juncture, and began to steal away some (and eventually all) of Daniels minutes by the end of the regular season, by doing the little things, (rebound, defense, etc.) with more urgency that Quisy was.

The combination of all these factors (injury, shifting role, new teammates) took their toll on Marquis throughout the campaign, as there always seemed to be one obstacle or another in his way.

3) Daniels can’t be counted on to stay healthy

The evidence is there right now in his career numbers (71 games career high) but Quisy is injury prone. There is no getting around it. And this Celtic team is planning on walking a very fine line with their older crew if they plan on going into next season with Quisy, Von Wafer and a rookie like Tony Gaffney at the wing position. Wafer has been an injury liability as well, and Gaffney, well we all know how much Doc trusts younger players.

The truth is, this area of the roster is more vulnerable than even the front line as far as the depth department goes. If Ray or Paul goes down for any extended period of time next year, this team could be in big trouble. So no matter what you expect out of Quisy next year, another sure thing at the wing should be brought in before the season starts to maximize the team’s depth and ability to keep Ray’s and Paul’s minutes down during the regular season.

  • DeVelaine

    Aside from trading some players we currently have under contract, how exactly does this sort of deal get done? And also… What’s left on the market, now that we’re down to the stuff you get when you sift out the dregs?

  • mike

    what sort of deal debelaine?….

    all the players left are flawed…if they are going to take a chance, i’d do it on rashad mccants….let him prove he wants to play and display a decent attitude on a team that seems to bring out the best in most…

  • greenteamer


  • CsFanInArkansas

    why would we fill the last roster spot with anyone othan than a capable small forward?
    that seems to be the glaring weakness right now…

  • J Atlas

    speaking of quisy (not so directly) do the C’s have their biannual exception back? just in case for the last roster spot

  • http://celticshub.com Brendan Jackson

    @ J Atlas
    Nope. That’s why they call it bi-annual, as in every two years. Would be pretty sweet if they did though…

  • J Atlas

    thanks for the clarification…btw do you have any knowledge of delonte west getting a team required pre-work out physical in the boston area…i just saw that there was a rumor on redsarmy.com

  • dont_drink_the_koolaid

    i didn’t see much of quis before last year….. but he sure looked tentative as a C. maybe it was nagging injuries but it just seemed like a total lack of mojo. i’m optimistic he’ll do better this year. if he has a slow start, von will eat his minutes quick, and danny will pull the trigger.

    but i’m happy give quis and von ample opportunity to prove themselves before rushing to other options. and if we want to get anything more than a filler on the wing, we’ll need to include bigbaby.

  • Birdman33

    Live in LA and all I see is Laker this and Laker that. Champs this Champs that. Can’t wait till next June comes around to take down the LA Fakers banners and replace it with the Glory of The Green.

  • pam

    how about waiting out the season to see how it goes with quis. during the feb deadline maybe we can coax a sf like wally szcz out of retirement or get wilson chandler if ny decide to start another salary dump for chauncey and/or paul

  • Kevin

    Why can’t anyone see Doc utilizing Big Baby in the SF spot? He has the quickness and he is NOT afraid to absorb different roles. I can actually see him guarding a lot of SFs in the league pretty darn well. Plus if you put him out there with a team like Jermaine, KG, Pierce or Allen at SG, and Rondo it may be pretty nice and not a defensive liability. Even though he may get beat up a bit by the much better SFs he probably would be doing some beating down of those same SFs. Baby is 6’9″ and Pierce is 6’7″ not much of a difference height wise.

    I say give it a try I bet it turns out pretty good. I just can’t see Doc not trying it especially who is better on the FA market? Who is a better player on the team off the bench then him also?

  • Kevin

    Plus its not like he doesn’t know the position because he has played it before.


  • http:celticshub.com Stephan Vargo

    I don’t think Glen Davis has the energy to provide the sustained quickness needed at the SF position for more than a couple of minutes per game. Doc may play him there sporadically during the season but for very brief periods. As an alternative, however, don’t be surprised if Luke Harangody gets a chance to show us what he can do at that position…

  • Kevin

    I disagree with you I think he has the energy and the quickness. He is very deceptive with his quickness. Even if he is lacking a little of that he will surely overpower the other SFs. There would be give and take on this of course.

    I mean I would NOT put him against LeBron, Durant, Anthony, or Granger for very long.

    The next group of SF’s though of Gerald Wallace, Caron Butler, Josh Howard, Rudy Gay I think he would dominate them. Granger vs Davis I think would be a good matchup though.

    I am not talking 20 minutes of the game though against the Superstars like the Top 4 but come on Davis when given the chance to start 2 playoffs ago at PF he did pretty darn good for an undersized PF. I think you give him 10 minutes a game vs that 2nd tier of SF’s and he will be dangerous. It will surely better his game also. Play him 10 minutes at PF also. This guy deserves 20 minutes a game minimal.

  • Tom

    He is quick for his size, but the only SF he can guard is probably McGrady

  • Kevin

    Well I dont think there is a FA on the market to get to replace Paul for several minutes.

    At least not one that would or could bring what trying Davies there could possibly do. I see more upside to Davis than any FA out there at this point.

    All that is out there are washed up or crime riddled players that face suspensions.

    Take a chance with Baby there and see what happens. We will make the playoffs either way and it will save Paul for the playoffs and it may help Davis develop even more skills. If it doesnt work out then you get someone before the trading deadline. What harm has it done trying it as an experiment?

  • http://www.examiner.com/boston-college-eagles-in-boston/luke-hughes Luke

    Great stuff on the Forecast lately Brobb, you and Brandon are making CelticsHub look real good.
    I think Quis will show step up big time this year, especially on the defensive end. If he can take over as the long defensive specialist, a la Tony Allen, then I think the Celts will be all set against the “Super Friends” in MIA.

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