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Do You Believe The Baby?


Two weeks ago, Glen “Big Baby” Davis was asked to comment on the Celtics’ offseason.  Specifically, these topics included the addition of Shaquille O’Neal, playing with future Hall of Famers, and being in a contract year.  Perhaps the comment that should have resonated the deepest with Celtics fans is Davis’ feelings on himself.

When asked by the Boston Globe about the team’s high expectations of Davis, he responded by saying all the right things:

“This is the year of finally hitting that line of maturity of finally becoming that player that I knew I could be. This is the year of just all-around. Throughout my career, my three years being here, it’s been up and down. When I play, you’ve seen glimpses, like, ‘Wow, this guy could start. Or come off the bench.’ Glimpses up and down. But this is the year of Glen becoming that whole player that 10 years down the road, eight years down the road will hopefully be an all-star.

A couple of things should give some Celtics fans pause.  The most obvious concern is playing time with the Celtics’ new acquisitions on the front line.  Jermaine O’Neal, Shaquille O’Neal and even Luke Harangody should all have some effect on Davis’ playing time.  No longer will Davis be used to body up the likes of Andrew Bynum and Dwight Howard- the Celtics now have Shaquille O’Neal for that.  No longer is it a foregone conclusion that Glen Davis will be the first or second player up off the bench once Kendrick Perkins has completely recovered from his knee injury.

Glen Davis is 24 years old.  It’s safe to say that he will not be an All Star ten years from now.  Positivity is one thing, delusion is another.  All NBA players aspire to do great things- win championships, become All Stars, be good teammates- but Davis has enjoyed so much success with the Boston Celtics because he has eschewed some of his more personal goals for the greater good of the team.  Doc Rivers and Danny Ainge have asked Davis to do many things outside of his comfort zone.  Davis has been asked to guard centers, stretch fours, and some small forwards.  When Kevin Garnett went down with his mysterious leg injury and did not play in the 2008-2009 playoffs, Davis filled in admirably by showing off his versatility and skills he had not had to use since college.

So what does this all mean for next year?  There is no doubt in my mind that Davis can become  a good NBA player.  A rotation player who can fill a need for many teams.  But what is his ceiling?  If I had to take a guess on how good Davis could really be, I would put my money on par with Rodney Rogers.  Not a bad person to emulate but not an All Star.

Davis could also just easily regress, a la Detroit’s Jason Maxiell.  Maxiell once appeared to be a lock to be the heir apparent to  Ben Wallace.  Now he looks more like a short power forward whose range does not extend beyond 15 feet.

How good Davis can be on the court is one thing, and then there’s that one key word Davis used that should have been a red flag to any Celtics fan: maturity.  The NBA is a world where actions speak much louder than words. It’s pretty hard to imagine Glen Davis taking his emotions out of his play.  It’s hard to imagine an And-1 without a flex and a yell.  It’s hard to imagine that Shrek and Donkey are a thing of the past.

A few weeks before Glen Davis talked about becoming the mature player he needs to be this season, he was knee deep in a Dougie war with Nate Robinson.  In the two weeks since Davis has made these statements, he (or should I say his Twitter) has shown us Big Baby as a rocked out Waldo, a Steve Urkel-esque nerd, and what Big Baby as aptly titled “his Dump Face“.

Those are just the pictures with which Glen Davis has treated the entire Interwebs.  These do not include some sage advice to which his followers have been privy: “if your girl make high heels from playless look like some red bottoms form saks!! she a keeper!!! Believe the baby” and “If your girl can put make up on and texts and eat her breakfast at the same time !!! She a keeper!! Believe the baby!!!”.

None of these things are as bad as choking out a D-League player or throwing your girlfriend down a flight of stairs.  Nowhere close.  However, Davis will have to prove that his maturity will manifest itself through his play and on-court composure.

What do you think?  Do you “believe the baby” when he says he’s going to reach the level of maturity necessary to be a great NBA player? Is Glen Davis primed for a breakout year?  Will we never see the Big Baby cry on the bench again?

  • DeVelaine

    It’s not do we believe him. The question is if he believes himself.

  • dont_drink_the_koolaid

    @DeVelaine: so true :)

    Unfortunately, I think Baby has reached his ceiling. He doesn’t have the hops/length to dominate inside, so his only way to expand his game is to extend as a stretch4 – i don’t it happening. He is a solid rotation guy, ala brandon bass.

    I don’t have a problem with his emotion and maturity and stuff, its key to his game. He’s the lovable knucklehead thats good for team chemistry and its impossible not to cheer for him.

    I hope not, but there’s a strong chance we lose baby this summer. I don’t think the Cs will give him big money and someone else will offer him similar cash with a ‘promise’ to compete for a starting job. If Danny smells thats the case, and perk is progressing, bbd might even get shipped before the deadline.

  • dont_drink_the_koolaid

    oh, and my only fear of a title this year is baby doing a drunken naked dougie during the parade

  • NC

    All his twitter activity might be embarrassing but, in the end, it’s harmless.

    Baby crying on the bench wasn’t a bad thing. At least he cares!

    I think he’ll continue to be a valuable 6th/7th man. He’ll get a lot of minutes while Doc tries to keep KG in the 20′s. Energy guy with range out to 18 feet.

  • http://Celticshub.com Mark from Boston

    I think Baby has to work on being Baby. He’s a good spark off the bench who can play some “D” and get some “Tommy Points”, but he’ll never be an All Star or starter (atleast with the C’s). Throw him on the Kings or Bucks and maybe he can start, but as for a contender he’s second off the bench (at best). I love Baby but if he started here (on a regular basis) I think we’d be lottery bound…

  • Perry

    I don’t expect the ‘happy go lucky’ exterior to ever change, but internally this must be the point in time to exude discipline in his personal affairs. Not hard to do when you’re playing for what could be an MLE. Lets face it; with his weight problems the next 4-5 years will likely be the most productive of his career.

    … it will be a lot easier this year … he’ll get more open jumpers with Sheed gone … he could be the beneficiary of Shaq’s passing skills in the paint …. and he understands the energy needs to be consistent. Playing time won’t be a problem if he really has grown up.

  • Jeff

    His maturity is not the issue I’m worried about…it’s his consistency.

    Look, I love seeing Glen go OFF for 20 pts and 8 rebounds out of nowhere as much as anybody. Seeing him beat his chest and drool for an And-1 makes me get off my couch and start talkin junk to the TV. But it’s not often enough for him to be in a 6th man or All Star discussion,

    I don’t think it’s impossible for baby to be a starter or anything because if he really worked and got the minutes, I see him as the type of player Z-Bo or Elton Brand are. Undersized but have a lot of beef in the middle, can score and rebound, and have good footwork. Davis’ footwork is better than either of them, and he’s got the jumper to be a threat. I could see it.

    But it won’t happen until KG’s gone, or he plays for another team. Him talking about maturing and this year being “the year” tells me that he’s thinking of next years contract as much as anything.

    Hopefully with a lockout threat, he’d be willing to sign an extension for a year to keep him around. Maybe even for two or three years at team freindly money.

    A guy like Davis is not going to HURT your team by keeping him on the roster.

  • JP

    I think Baby is a great bench player on this team, not sure about him ever really being a good starter, although I doubt that will stop a team who is thin on big men and has money to spend. Someone like the Nets next off season could end up overpaying him.

  • http://Aol.com Matthew

    First off…I hate his baby Nick name. Just let that be known. Aside from that I love his game. Hustle, effort, energy, versitile, emotion. All things that you can’t quantify. Those things win games and championships. Glen will never be the man with the mentality of a mAture older player like Ray, or JO or even a guy like haslem. I’m glad he isn’t. All those intangibles are what make his game special. I don’t think he has reached his potential yet. His jumper can be solid. He is an effort rebounder. He has great feet and can get into the pAint and score some. He shoots freethrows well. He passes ok. He plays defense with energy. He will never be really pollished player. He will allways have a raw edge. This may not be the year for him to get lots of minutes to prove his theory with JO and shaq in and perk hurt. He will get minutes. Just maybe not enough. I don’t necessarily see him as a starter ever down the road but he could easily be a valuable sixth man.

  • mike

    he needs to continue to refine his jumper…never going to be a great finisher at the rim, but if does what he says, shows improvement and consistency, some of those L’s down the stretch last year will turn into wins, kg will also benefit from baby stealing some more minutes…

  • Josh A

    I don’t think he will be ever mature if he is at UFC 118 asking Shaq to be next to him. Also, calm down Big Baby. Not all Babys lick the trophy (look at picture)

  • Michael

    I think Big Baby is part of a very bright future for the Celtics. And I think he will be an all star player but probably just for a season, one in which he puts up some impressive numbers for half a season. I think he is still immature but fans love that. One thing about him he ain’t afraid of the limelight he embraces it.

  • I love Green

    If Baby can just get consistant, oh boy he’ll be good. But damn is he inconsistant. He takes over games at some points, and wins them for us. Then there’s the games where he doesn’t show up. He’ll go from 20-8, to 4-3. If he can just get some consistancy, he’ll be great.

  • PR.Dizzle

    I wouldn’t see any concern for Davis. We will not be seeing both O’neals on the court unless we def need the defense on one of those nights. We’ll be seeing more of the 08 Davis. Last season with Rasheed, Davis had to be the inside man while Sheed chose to be the perimeter center. This season we have 3 legit Centers. Davis can bring back his shot as well as keep his inside game. With all the bigs we have, Luke will be playing smaller 4s & stick to the 3s, if he gets his PT.

  • catptaintruth34

    On a very unrelated note I would like to ask a question. Would it be possible for the C’s to get Rip Hamilton by the trade deadline?

  • dont_drink_the_koolaid

    @truth34: would rather have a young von wafer slashing than rip hamilton

  • Perry

    … Rip at this point in his career would not be an option for two reasons

    1- He is owed roughly $36m over the next three years.
    2- Celts need to skew younger and more athletic at the 2 spot.

    … as we’re all stating the obvious about Davis, maturity and consistency must be a prerequisite in order for Wafer to succeed and help the team. None of us can say with absolute certainty he’ll show up at camp a more polished player. Davis has taken those ‘baby’ steps, but he still has moments of pouting when he’s not in the flow of the game.

    Anyone who’s made it to this level has talent, but in this case Davis should be thanking Doc and his teammates because he was close to being bounced off the team last year. Maturity and consistency go hand and hand and always will be the model for a long career vs. a short one. That’s why a guy like McCants is on the street. Conversely … Chris Anderson overcame his demons and made his presence felt. Davis is on the right track, and guided by classy superstars … odds are in his favor he makes a solid impact this season.

  • CsFanInArkansas

    I guess I haven’t really been too interested in McCants because his game hasn’t made much of a splash since he got to the NBA (or maybe he’s just been on a horrible team – I really don’t know).

    What’s the problem with him? I don’t really know the story there.

  • rolltide3332

    I would love for the Celtics to try Baby on the second team backing PP. He can be quick and athletic enough and has shown glimpses of a decent midrange jumper at times. I know that he can be uncoordinated at times, but what do you guys think?

  • CsFanInArkansas

    @ rolltide – since you asked what our opinions…

    when i think about PP’s position (small forward), i think about a few obvious characteristics that go with being the 3:
    -offensive potence (legit SCORER)
    -defensive prowess (ability to slow down/shut down the other team’s small forward)
    -takeover ability

    When you talk about putting BBD into that role, you have a guy that:
    -shouldn’t shoot outside of 17-18 feet (so no 3pt threat/ability to spread the floor) and has very little offensive creativity…he’s mostly just a hustle points and occasional jumper type of scorer.
    -has good quickness and footwork for a big – which is why he’s been able to overcome a lack of length and hops – but would get drawn out on an opponent with a respectable outside shot and then get blown by on their way to the basket. he’s quick for a big…not quick for a big guard.
    -we’ve watched score points in bunches (in the clutch, too), but isn’t thought of as a guy that can put a game on his shoulders because he doesn’t have the skills to do so.

    that’s just what i think.

  • Jeremy

    he is an vastly improved shooter and scorer but could still become more efficient
    defends and offensive rebounds well sets good screens hustles

    if his range extends and becomes more reliable learns to defensive rebound

    he could turn into a david west type but a hustle guy and no step back jumper instead just flinging himself at the rim

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