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Ainge Talks Final Roster Spot


Julian Benbow has the scoop in his article in today’s Boston Globe, getting a interesting quote from Danny Ainge, regarding filling the team’s final hole at the wing:

With reports circling about interest in fiery if disgruntled Portland guard Rudy Fernandez, Ainge acknowledged that he was pursuing trade options, though he wasn’t sure a deal would fall in place.

“We’re just continuing to explore available players and trade possibilities and see what sort of options are there,’’ said the Celtics president. “There are some trade discussions that we’re having. I don’t know the likelihood of those happening, but we’ll continue to not rush into something unless it’s something that we’re really excited about.’’

Can’t ask for anything more than this team doing it’s due diligence in addressing the need, and that’s exactly what Danny seems to be doing here. You would think the trade discussions he is referring to here involve Rudy Fernandez, who did no favors for his trade stock while looking unimpressive against Team USA last weekend.

A closer look for Ainge and all C’s fans will be in order this weekend at the official start of the FIBA Championship in Turkey. So even if the cutting of Rajon Rondo eliminated your interest in watching this tournament next weekend, do your best to catch a glimpse of what Rudy Fernandez can bring to the table.

As far as other trade possibilities though, this is the only one you’d think the C’s would be considering right now. I can’t see any player on their roster right now they’d be willing to move, given pretty much everyone right now is filling a need, or is a inexpensive young prospect (Harangody, Bradley, Erden).

We know a 1st Round pick has been offered for Fernandez, so it’s likely those talks are in a holding pattern right now, as each side waits for the other to blink or sweeten the pot. Could the C’s be willing to offer that 1st Rounder for someone else that could help? Don’t hold your breath.

Also from the same piece, Danny Ainge also looks to be taking seriously Paul Pierce’s request for a new training camp spot

“We haven’t made a confirmation on that yet,’’ Ainge said. “We’re looking into the different possibilities, and Doc and I are discussing where we want to have training camp, what’s best for our team.

“I think he has a point. I’m not so sure that that’s the only way to bond together as a team, but I certainly understand where he’s coming from. There’s always a lot of factors in training camp, and we certainly try to do what’s best.’’ (Globe)

I’m all in on this. Maybe Paul is just sick of Rhode Island, who knows, but there was definitely tension in the young and older guard of the locker room next year. Obviously it wasn’t a big enough issue to hold the team back when the games mattered in May and June, but I have no doubt it certainly didn’t help with the team’s struggles in the final 2/3 of the regular season.

With new personalities coming in, getting everyone fully on board with the team mentality and bonding as much as possible seems like the way to go. So find a city without too many nightclubs and maybe bad cell service to boot. Let’s hear some suggestions. What city is a good idea for camp?

  • Jay P

    I think the tension was between the Big 3 not really trusting Rondo. Rondo is very confident, borderline cocky and certainly makes his voice known no matter what (and aspect that caused him some problems with coaches in the past.)

    Ya he played great in the 2009 playoffs, but KG was back now, and I think there was a definite struggle between the Big 3 going back to the 08 form, where Rondo was more of an afterthought, and sat for stretches of the 4th during the playoffs, and Rondo kinda having this “Did you see what I did last year when Garnett was gone, I’m not backing down” mentality.

    This was evidenced to me by that “Big 3 dinner” Paul mentioned with about 2 months to go in the season. To any outsider looking in, Rondo was the best player on the team, and an emerging leader, on and off the court, he was fast becoming the face of franchise. But him not being in on this dinner sent a signal to me that the Big 3 weren’t giving up the wheel yet, and didn’t fully trust him as a leader.

    Once everyone bought in to letting Rondo run the show, and trusting his ability and knowledge of the game, things fell into line. I think that, is as big of a reason for the playoff run as any other, and a major reason why I don’t see a repeat of last years regular season performance happening again.

  • Perry

    …but clearly management was unable to lure players to comport with Rondo’s skill set.

    No fault of his, but at least the veterans’ acknowledged his expanding ‘go-to’ … now he’s got to bring it every night, and knock down that jumper more consistently, which I did not see happen on Team USA

  • Paulo Porto

    i hear that new york was ofering wilson chandler for fernandez(they dont have picks)
    So if danny could get fernandez and the trade him for chandler.
    We would be set for another title.

  • Sal Greco

    Amherst MA baby! bring the C’s to the UMass gym… ill definitely be there if they do.

  • Eric

    South Beach. Relax, I’m kidding.

  • CsFanInArkansas

    Little Rock, Arkansas.

    If the Celts come to Little Rock for training camp, I will personally pay for all of you CelticsHub junkies (like myself) to come down and stay a few days.

  • Kb

    Amherst sounds awesome!!

  • Mic Skeeds

    How about abroad? Italy was obviously good a couple of years ago right?

    It would be great for the C’s to have maybe the final part of their training somewhere like Spain, Italy or Greece, where they will have the opportunity to arrange some scrimmages with some very strong local teams. I’d kill to see Boston Celtics Vs Barcelona or Panathinaikos…

  • Batman

    Come to Scarsdale, NY
    I want some autographs!

  • 2p2d

    Afghanistan. They can fight the terrorists and practice.

  • Josh A

    PartyTown,China :)

  • dranen645

    Tel Aviv, Israel

  • Joe

    So find a city without too many nightclubs and maybe bad cell service to boot

    How about Newport RI?

  • Perry

    @Paulo Porto

    I like Chandler’s all around game, but the front line appears to be set with guys 6′ 8″ and over, and we need more offensive range at the wing.

    Fernandez is the better fit; athletic enough to play off the point; could be the ideal caddie at the 2 because Wafer is an unknown commodity … arriving to camp with a bit more baggage … although the chemsitry issue won’t be a problem in our lockeroom.

    There could be a way Rudy gets here with Portland getting back Chandler in return, and the Knicks receiving Boston’s #1.

    But, I would not mind seeing Chandler in a Celtic uniform.

  • John Evans


    Anybody wondering about the Celtics options to fill the wing, here are a few possibilities in the link above.

  • Tristan

    They should come down to melbourne australia, they would be left alone as not to many people know who they are, and there is a million n one good stadiums/gyms to use! And it would give me the only chance I will ever have to c the current celtics in action!!

  • KC

    Portland, Maine. Home of the Red Claws.

  • Paulo Porto


    Wilson Chandler play SF,and he´s very atletich we dont have that in our roster

  • Josh A

    It’s simple. Just trade Garnett for Lebron

  • dont_drink_the_koolaid

    never good to push an opinion on just one game, but rudy looked totally lost and broken in that game against the US. i just got a bad feeling about that cat. plus, i’d say von is just as, if not more, “proven” than rudy (disregarding the baggage).

    training camp should be anywhere shaq can’t get in front of a camera.

  • Adrian

    I think Chandler will be a very good option at SF. Our other 6’8 player are PF with the possibility of Luke.H possibly playing both. M. Daniels was not cutting it for me and Chandler is more athletic which is what we need.

  • pam

    yea how come we arent trying to be more aggressive with getting chandler? everything about him seems to be right. he has enough size to back pp up (our biggest roster weakness right now) and is athletic enough to guard lebron. plus he seems like a better scorer than ta as well as less dumb.

  • yoki


    The thing is, I they need Fernandez to solidify the 2 spot so they are willing to give up Chandler for that. But for Boston’s offer, only a draft pick and a rookie, I don’t think NY will bite on that trade. Chandler would be great. But we don’t have anything else to offer to NY that will help them.

    Three team deal. NY gets Rudy, C’s gets Chandler, Portland gets draft pick + a player (Erden would be the best choice since Portland is injured plauged in the big man spot.)

    As for training camp, why not Maine. Train together with the Red Claws.

  • pam

    can gaffney play as a sf? or is he another undersized pf?

  • chris

    Patrick gym Burlington Vermont

  • Asad

    What do u guys think of j.r. smith

  • Ross in Maine

    Portland Maine of course! … but wait … that town is 1/2 night clubs/bars. Go further north, Augusta? no clubs there!

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