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Rondo Withdraws From Team USA

The news comes from USABasketball.com, that Rondo is withdrawing from the team in order to deal with some family issues before next year’s NBA season: Here’s Jerry Colangelo on Rondo coming to the team with his decision:

“Rajon came to us and said he was going to withdraw from the team, that he had some family matters to attend to and some things to take care of before the NBA season. He did an outstanding job during our training, we appreciate the effort and commitment he made to our program and he completely has our support,” said Colangelo.

Obviously, we wish Rondo well here at CelticsHub and hope everything is fine with his family. The 12 man roster for Team USA has been finalized for Worlds with Rajon’s withdrawal.

With the international game not the best platform for his skills anyway, you wonder if Rondo just saw the writing on the wall here and decided to head home early, avoiding getting truly cut by the team. Adrian Wojnarowski even tweeted initially Rondo had been cut, before USA Basketball announced his withdrawal. Makes you wonder what the real story is.

Rondo’s delay in agreeing to participate in the training camp this summer shows you he had his doubts about whether playing would be a smart idea anyway. His heart may have not have been in it all along, especially once in Europe if there were some family issues that arose back home.

In the meantime, you just Rondo hope takes some time to recharge the batteries and take care of everything on the home front. The guy played far and away the most minutes out of anyone in the league last year. Eventually that will catch up with you. He’s banged up and likely needs some rest. He’s certainly earned it.

I’m sure more on the situation will come to light in the upcoming days, but for now it looks as if Rajon made a smart decision for himself, and headed home without burning any bridges with Jerry Colangelo and company.

I have to give credit where credit is due here though. Rich Keefe, frequent CelticsHub podcast contributor predicted weeks back that Rondo would be cut from his squad. Check out the 15 minute mark for his spot on prediction in our last podcast.

CelticsHub.com USA World Championship Team Podcast 8-12-10 by BRobb8

  • dont_drink_the_koolaid

    “withdraw” thats weak. a spade is a spade.

    looking forward to a great year from rondo…he’ll be playing in ‘respect me’ mode all year.

  • ball on the floor

    i’m a lil bit disappointed. all in all, more time for jumpshot and free throws.

  • This is great news for the Celtics, Rondo can really use some time off for the next season.

    Thanks for the tip Brian

  • Jason

    I’m disappointed. He made me want to see the national team play a little bit more and I was hoping the experience, with different teammates and coach, would bring some new facets to his game. I was hoping he would throw the ball ahead more and hold onto the ball less in the halfcourt, as well show improvement in his jumper. Oh well.

    My bet is that he got cut or knew he was going to get cut and withdrew to save face. Like Henry Abbott of Truehoop tweeted, Gilbert Arenas was supposedly “injured” not cut when he didn’t make the Redeem team. Logistically, I think cutting him was the right move for USA basketball. In the admittedly small sample size, the team played better without him and he was always a bad fit for international ball.

  • Spade25

    You know, from the C’s perspective, this really is the best thing to happen. He got some good run in for the summer against good competition and gets to rest up for the regular season. It’s really the best of both worlds. While I would have loved to see him play, I’d rather see him recharged for another run next year. The USA squad will be just as exciting without him.

  • Coolin

    @ Spade 25 – The USA squad will be way more exciting w/o him! The guys on the team probably didn’t like him/know him to begin with b/c he is soooo strange in everything he does and on top of that doesn’t even say a word. There is no leadership skills in the guy.

  • Yatrix

    Coolin says:
    August 24, 2010 at 3:25 pm
    @ Spade 25 – The USA squad will be way more exciting w/o him! The guys on the team probably didn’t like him/know him to begin with b/c he is soooo strange in everything he does and on top of that doesn’t even say a word. There is no leadership skills in the guy.

    No leadership – like being the best player on your team and widely outplaying everyone else, you mean? Doing that, while deciding who gets fed the rock amongst your 3 HOF teammates while keeping your center happy in transition? Yah, he’s no leader. Lots of guys lead with their mouth, but not everyone can lead with their play.

  • Jeff

    @ Coolin

    Well I wouldn’t expect guys who are the same age, or older to be looking at him for leadership since you have guys like Chauncey and Odom who’ve won more rings.

    Rondo IS a leader. Even his teamates who are future HOF’s and better than anyone of Team USA follow his lead.

    Doesn’t really matter, Rondo is better suited to play the season for RINGS, not medals.

    The C’s have a small window left…let the other players play extra to get worn out.

  • Team USA is weak. Besides Durant, that team has nobody to take over a game, and they have absolutely no outside shooting ( Granger is decent). That 1 point survival game against Spain shows that Team USA has ALOT of weaknesses. Not a fan of the personnel they have on the team this yr.

  • Arvin

    Proud of the way Rondo handled himself. He got a chance to again compare himself to some other elite guards. Now he can rest up and has more fuel for the upcoming NBA season with the Celtics.

    In the NBA, Rondo will take Westbrrok, and Curry all day long. He will battle with Rose. Makes me less interested in USA basketball. We are a weak frontline team and that exposed Rondo’s weaknesses. If Lopez or Amare had played, Rondo would have been there too!

  • Jrmz

    this just means im going to stop bothering with Team USA. Only reason i bothered was Rondo and now thats out the window.

  • The blind

    Rondo is a fierce competitor. But I always wonder how could he be considered a top 5 PG when he can’t shoot the ball with consistency??

    Shooting is a basic skill in basketball! What he needs now is to improve his skills and do his job with consistency, not getting overblown praises.

  • Rick

    Mark Price is family right?

  • The blind its called hes a top 5 ( number 3 ) point guard because he is great at passing, rebounding, Almost getting the team to the finals even when they had key player injured and running the floor unlike CP3

  • Getting* the team to the finals and losing in game seven impressive huh?

  • It is big mistake. Rondo is much more better like Rose!

  • B.

    Agree with everything said here pretty much.

    Rondo was not going to play in the first place anyway. A source said he was playing because it was “the right thing to do”. What the Team USA is lacking is consistent outside shooting which Rondo cannot bring, otherwise, Rondo would have been a great a choice as any.

    I am not taking away the glory of representing your country but Rondo has a more important task at hand – 2011 Finals codename avenge!

  • Jeff

    I don’t think thr USA is a winner anyway….to many selfish players. Team chemistry is lacking. One shooter.