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CelticsHub.com Podcast: Analyzing The Addition of Shaq

With the free agency craze having settled down now officially, we at CelticsHub figured it was time for another podcast to break down the team’s roster for this upcoming season. My buddy John Rodier (JRo) makes his triumphant return to the CH podcast to give a diehard fan’s perspective on next year’s squad and break down the team’s prospects with me. A few issues we tackle include:

* How will Shaquille O’Neal fit in on the floor and in the locker room?
* How will the playing time be divided amongst the C’s front line?
* Danny Ainge’s comments about Kendrick Perkins earning his job back when he returns from injury. Is this harsh treatment?
* Final Thoughts on the Rasheed Wallace era
* Breaking down swingman candidates for the C’s 15th roster spot

To listen to the full podcast, click the play button below, or you can download the full mp3 by clicking the arrow on the right side of the player.

CelticsHub.com Podcast 8-24-10 by BRobb7

  • Evan

    When did Jro get back from New Orleans?

  • william

    I have watched a lot of celtic games and I notice that Rondo is actually very efficient when the shot clock is about to expire… Especially when shooting 3s…

  • Coolin

    I didn’t listen to the podcast but, all we need out of the two new centers is about 15-18 minutes a game of above average basketball in the regular season. In the playoffs they are going to need to do the same but, be a little better all around. We still need a wing who can score other than our starters and play some minutes.