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The news on everyone’s favorite Spanish wingman keeps coming. A day after Fernandez was fined 25,000 dollars by the NBA for publicily demanding a trade and not communicating with the Blazers, Chris Sheridan of ESPN.com is reporting trade talks are still in motion with several teams, including the Celtics:

The Knicks are among the teams trying to acquire the Spanish shooting guard, and they have offered Wilson Chandler.

Other offers on the table include the Boston Celtics and Chicago Bulls each offering a No. 1 draft pick in 2011, a league source told ESPN.com.

But after the Blazers turned down several offers of first-round picks in the teens on draft night when the team was still being run by former general manager Kevin Pritchard, they are looking to see if they can get a similar offer from a team they believe will finish in the middle of the pack next season.

We speculated a couple weeks back on whether Danny Ainge would be willing to give up more than what is likely to be a late 1st Round Pick for the 2nd year guard, but it appears he drew the line there, likely the right move.

Portland GM Rich Cho has no reason to move quickly on an offer at this point to appease Fernandez. The season is more than two months away so there’s plenty of time to negotiate in hopes of a team like the C’s add a sweetener in for a deal.

On the other end of the spectrum, Fernandez’s claims of returning to play in Europe are more likely just a threat in hopes of increasing the odds Cho makes a deal before the season begins.

All things considered, it’s a volatile situation, but as Sheridan points out his article, the player usually gets what he wants in these situations, as seen in the cases of Nate Robinson and Stephen Jackson last year. Things may take awhile to develop but a deal looks inevitable here.

Here’s my question though as a follow up on Brendan’s post yesterday on Rudy. Do you take his comments at face value? Is he a whiner you wouldn’t want in the ego-filled C’s locker room anyway? Or is he just another guy (like Nate Robinson) that would fall into line in a new environment with a new Coach?

My gut says the latter, but the question is it worth a 1st Round Pick (likely more) to find out?

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Brian Robb

Brian Robb co-founded CelticsHub in 2009 and is the currently editor-in-chief. He is a producer and reporter at 98.5 The Sports Hub in Boston and also contributes to Boston.com and Bleacher Report among other outlets.
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  • Celtics3417

    By the sounds of things he is probably less of a “headcase” then Nate Rob so I say Danny made the right offer.

  • matt

    i like him less and less
    danny should try to get Xavier Henry

  • Kb

    I thought he would be good signing before but now with Wafer on board, it seems redundant. If anything, we need a backup 3. Quis can back PP but a stronger guy with good defense would be a better fit. I say keep the roster spot open for now…

  • Geet

    I really think he is a guy that would fall in line. Time and time again Doc has managed to control players with any issue like Fernandez. When is the last time you saw in C’s news them having to deal a player because he wasn’t clicking with the organization?

    Considering that it is very apparent that the time for winning is now, I really think Fernandez is the last part we really need. If you haven’t checked out any youtube videos of his game, i highly recomend it.

    Fernandez will behave, do it Danny!

  • Jeff

    At this point I’d rather sign Xavier Henry and try throwing in Erden in a the deal so we could sign West. Then be done with it.

    Fernandez is good, but I can’t stand the whining.

    Remember though that BBD was a bit of a whiner too but he’s been smacked around so much that he straightened out.

    I don’t know. I can’t see what goes on in the locker room but I think the C’s can probably handle anything. The question is how much longer can they. Once the big three are gone they won’t have that leadership.

  • Tebucky

    A bargain for a young scorer, would love to see him in Green for years to come. This makes the team better in 2010 and for the future.

  • I love Green

    Xavier Henry hasn’t been signed yet, but the Grizzlies have his draft rights. So I’m pretty sure we’d need to make a trade for him.

  • dont_drink_the_koolaid

    i have no beef with rudy for making a fuss. he knows he could be making way more cash in europe now than with his current deal. and he’d be a star in spain.

    he chose this path cause he wanted to play with the best in the world and prove his worth for a bigger payday down the road. if portland hasn’t given him that chance, then whats the motivation to stay there?

    i also give credibility to the perception that he isn’t getting PT cause portland’s strategy has been to stockpile trade assets by keeping their profile high and their playing time limited (ex. bayless). this is reasonable to a point (ex. jazz got burnt on losing matthews to the same blazers), but i think it backfires if you push it too far.

    personally i think KP waited too long to make moves and now the blazers are not going to get value for their pieces….and their team isn’t going anywhere as currently constructed. cho needs to make moves, the league knows it, and the portland dynasty everyone was predicting is gone faster than you can say “OKC”.

    if i was danny, i wouldn’t give more than a first rounder for rudy….and try and convince them the bulls will finish higher in the standings 🙂

  • VenturaCelticFan…FTL

    Rashad McCants

  • mike

    agreed ventura…and you don’t have to give up anything…use your last roster spot dainge….

  • Jay P

    No, stick with Wafer, if Doc can get through to him, he has all the talent that Rudy does. Think about it the last time the guy suited up in the NBA, he was a major contributor for a deep playoff team. Coaching issues are the only thing that has kept him off the court, the talent has always been there.

    Doc will get through to him, and he’ll be just as good as Rudy would have been this year.

  • jon

    if danny and doc thought he could play the 3, they’d up their ante considerably- semir, gody maybe even bradley would be added to sweeten the pot. but he can’t. he’s a playmaking 2 who can shoot and penetrate. i think he’s worth going after aggressively even if he can’t play the 3. give him 2 years as a key reserve, studying under the jedi master obi-wan ray allen and he might just be a starter in the post 2012, post big 3 celtics. i want some continuity between this championship caliber team and the rondo led 2012 team. get it done Danny.

  • Seths

    I think it would be an awesome move. You know second year guy can shot we can breed him behind ray allen for a year…let him learn the system and all that. This would be a great move on our part first round pick and what maybe another pick the next year or idk really but let Danny figure that out it would be a great move

  • Kevin

    I think he’s definitely worth a #1 pick. Considering what the Celtics will probably secure with their own pick, don’t you think would be better than that player? He’s young, his contract expires when the Allen and Garnett’s expire so you can have even more flexibility when deciding what to do after those guys are gone.

    I also think he would fit in. He is a legitimate player who can do most everything Allen does. You can slot him in behind Allen on the depth chart and have him run more or less the same plays. Also, with Rudy, Wafer, and Quis you have 3 guys vying for 2 spots so there shouldn’t be any complacency.

  • Arvin

    I can’t stand Rashad McCants. Enough of him already. He has accomplished nothing in the NBA. Tell him to say “Hello to European basketball!”

    Danny should offer no more than a 1st rounder.

  • Perry


    Why so sour on Rudy?

  • Rangatiratanga

    XAVIER HENRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • rabb02

    I read somewhere that Portland was asking for 1st round pick and Bradley. Danny said no.

  • PR.Dizzle

    I feel that we don’t need to make any more changes to our roster. What we need to do is get everyone on a consistent & fit level. That would help ease the injuries & get the rooks nba ready. I’ll keep posting this until it works in games. Play Luke behind Marquis. He can shed enough weight to be ready @ the 3. I like Rudy but what he is doing to his name is not the right direction.

  • micha

    rudy is a very very good pickup for a 1st round pick, even for more if it has to. He is more than a shooter, he is Rondo compatible (very, very fast and explosive), and his basketball IQ and understanding of the game is high. He flourished in the Euroleague, where it’s all about team plays and strategy, and I bet he knows better than to demand “minutes”. Plus, if Doc managed to turn Big Baby, Allen and recently Nate into good defenders, I can’t see why people keep saying “he can’t defend” as a point.

    Looking ahead, I would be very comfortable with a team build around Rondo, Baby, Perk and Rudy.

  • Blazer_fan

    Take it from a Blazer fan who’s watched Rudy play for two years now, the guy had his chances. He had over 20 minutes a game to play. His first year he did really well; especially when Sergio Rodriguez was playing with him. Those two combined for a fast paced, more full court style offense which the Blazers NEVER play. Sergio was disposed of and Rudy got hurt last season, thus beginning the downward spiral of Rudy in PDX.

    -No defense
    -Unwilling/unable to play superior half court ball
    -Doesn’t do most little things (rebound, move without the ball, etc.)
    -No strength/toughness

    -3 PT shooting
    -Could potentially be a slasher
    -Makes flashy looking passes at times.

    Now, once Rudy was healthy and finally had a chance to start last season, he CHOKED. Especially in the playoffs vs. PHX, he was god-awful. He wanted opportunities to start and prove he was worthy of starting and when he finally did in the most crucial of games, he failed miserably.

    The problem in Portland was not anything created by the Blazers or a bad locker room or anything. The problem is simply Mr. Fernandez being unable/unwilling to come off the bench and play in a half court offense. He fancies himself a star and no matter the successes of the Blazers, he always wanted to be a star.

    In short, you don’t want this guy Celtics fans. He’s not going to change just because of Doc Rivers or the vets or whatever; the man wants more PT and to get out and run full court all day and NOTHING else. He’s not worth the trouble. Let the Knicks have him and shoot themselves in the foot AGAIN.

    And seriously @dont_drink_the_koolaide? Going nowhere? You’re crazy dude. Blazers may not be the best team in the West but you’re drinking the Kool-Aid on OKC. Let’s see how they do weathering injuries and when their serious lack of front court skill catches up to them. Teams with any kind of PF/C combos will destroy them on the glass. Not to mention OKC will sneak up on NOBODY this year. Something to remember.

  • Donaldtower

    You just go to youtube, watch all the videos of him, watch the alleyoops, imagine them with rondo making the pass, and youll forget the negatives. Just get him!

  • dont_drink_the_koolaid

    @Blazer_fan: I agree with what you say about rudy, he hasn’t proven anything yet.

    I really like the blazers: Roy, Miller, Camby, Pryzbilla….but I think LMA, Rudy, Oden, Bayless, Webster aren’t as big as their hype. Cho is the GM to watch this year…..can he take all those quality guys and sculpt an elite team….you tell me?

    Yeah, I’m drinking the OKC koolaid. All their key guys just have so much upside still that I can’t see how they don’t roll the league after next year. Presti will add depth to the frontcourt & bring in veterans over this year and next.

  • Celtics Fan in PDX

    Take it from a native Bostonian, lifelong Celtics fan who moved to Portland 4 years ago and got some Blazers season tickets at the start of the Roy era..

    1) Take anything a Blazers fans says with a huge grain of salt.. I love em, but they drink so much kool-aid out here its comical. Currently they all hate Rudy because he asked to be traded. A year ago he was everyone’s darling.

    2) Rudy is NOT a headcase. Portland has had a dysfunctional management system for Rudy’s entire tenure and also have a super restrictive coaching system in place which I think has stunted a lot of players potential for growth.

    3) Rudy is only 25 and would absolutely thrive playing next to Rondo. Rudy thrived as a rookie playing limited minutes on the 2nd team with Sergio Rodriguez at point.. imagine what he will do with years and years of running next to an elite point guard who’s skill set blends perfectly with Rudy’s..

    4) Even without an elite point guard he’s be a serviceable NBA player on any team with a coach that lets his talent play and doesnt jerk around anybody not named Roy (see Miller, Andre last season.. from doghouse to team’s best player when Roy was hurt).

    Boston fans will LOVE Rudy. And it could pay off for years and years.

  • Wow ! If the Knicks are offering Chandler I’ll say try to get him instead of Rudy. Try to do a 3 team trade with Portland and offer that first rounder and anything else in the same category. He was a decent starter and could become a great backup, one that Pierce hasn’t had in the past 2 years.

  • To dont_drink_the_koolaid:
    Webster was sent to Minnesota for nothing…..shame Danny wasn’t awake to get him.

  • JoeRudyfan10

    First of rudy isnt all that bad at all… he wants to play that full court style? no one complains when Rondo plays that way…. damn rudy would look good in green…wouldnt give up more than a 1st rounder..but imagine a deal involving maybe scals expiring contract and the 1st rounder..maybe we’re talking then..

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