Post-game Reactions

There are few “givens” in an NBA offseason.  Luckily for fans, one of those “givens” follows “if the team you follow signed their drafts pick(s) to contracts, they will have a hilarious rookie photo shoot.”  Yesterday, Trey Kerby of Yahoo’s Ball Don’t Lie published hilarious captions to this year’s crop of photogenic basketball phenoms.  Kerby spared no opportunity to poke fun at the newly minted rich kids, including the Celtics own Luke Harangody.

The picture to the left here, Kerby has dubbed “the most awkward ever.  Be sure to read all of Kerby’s post, as he tears apart the rest of the rookie class.

Here are some more pictures of the latest Celtics newbies:

For some reason, scouring the Internet for rookie pics proved more fruitful for Harangody than it did for Bradley. Is it because Bradley is still hurt? Harangody is goofier? Quite the mystery.

More Harangody

Even more Harangody

Avery Bradley (h/t CelticsLife.com)

In other rookie photo shoot news, here’s some of the NBA’s future finest displaying their physical abilities.  Neither Luke Harangody nor Avery Bradley participated and for good reason.  Bradley is still nursing a surgically repaired ankle and I am sure Danny and Doc would be none-too-pleased to see a video of him jumping around on the Internet.  Hanrangody on the other hand, well, just look at his photo shoot and you can infer as to why he didn’t participate:

Now that you have seen some of this year’s rookie class and how ridiculous photo shoots can get, I figured I’d take everyone down memory lane to see some of the former Celtics rookies and how they fared in front of the camera:

What’s with all the fluorescent lights? Don’t those bulbs last five years? Which is coincidentally longer than Gerald Green’s career.

So wasn’t it decided that Rajon Rondo was the third best point guard in the NBA? Well, looks like he came a long way…

I see. That’s why Rondo has become one of the best point guards in the league. Gigantic hands. It’s so simple now…

The new Big Three? Who needs Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, and Ray Allen when you have rookie sensations Rajon Rondo, Allan Ray, and Kevin Pittsnogle? That is a fearsome threesome right there.

Allan Ray! Don’t blink! Your career could end like….aw well.

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  • Rajon Rondo (Haha)

    Ok thn

  • NHBluesMan

    good to see we’ve found Scals replacement for the position of ‘goofy big white guy’ on the bench

  • srb

    Wasn’t Wally also number 55?

  • What team are Allan Ray and Kevin Pittsnogle on? Summer league?

  • mike

    pittsnogle is a school teacher…special ed i believe…

  • dont_drink_the_koolaid

    move over mj, here comes air harangody.

    @mike: i nearly forgot about pittsnogle. he did go back home and teach special ed. solid.

  • ego roots

    LOL. Pittsnogle didn’t even have a jersey number.

  • Sam

    Bradley looks like he’s put on a little muscle.

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    Gerald Green sucks!

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