Post-game Reactions

All reports indicate that the Blazers and Rudy Fernandez will go their separate ways and it won’t be via a trade.  If Rudy does accept a buy-out and the terms of which do not prevent him from going to another NBA team, I would think New York would be at the top of his list.  That is, if he doesn’t decide to go back to Europe.

The bright lights and big city atmosphere of America’s most well-known city are the most obvious draws for any foreign born player, but the most alluring element may be the Knicks’ shooting guard depth chart.  Right now, the passable shooting guards the Knicks have include Kelenna Azubuike, Roger Mason, and Andy Rautins.  I’m thinking Rudy Fernandez could find some court time with that crew.

From a Celtics standpoint, should Fernandez become up for grabs recent reports seem to indicate that he does not really fit in with the Ubuntu ‘tude.  While his agent maintains that minutes are not Fernandez’ biggest concern, his actions tell a different story.  Couple this notion with similarities in both player depth and climate of the cities and Boston does not present a huge change from Portland.

The more I think about it, if I am Danny Ainge I am passing on Rudy Fernandez.  The Celtics need a defensive-minded wing and don’t need this kind of song and dance.

What do you all think?

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  • Jay P

    100% Agree, and I’ve been saying that since the Wafer trade.

    Much as a like Rudy, signing Wafer, was the death knoll to any Rudy trade. And really, Wafer, has just as much talent. He was easily as good of a player as Rudy is when he was with Houston in 09, he clashed with the coach and fled to Greeze for a pay day. Clashed with the coach again, got benched a lot, and struggled.

    All of his problems stem from clashing with coaching, not because of a lack of talent. And if there’s on guy in Basketball who can stroke a players ego and get him to live up to his talent better than any other, that guy is Doc Rivers.

    Rudy is a nice player, but not worth it anymore, if he ever really was in the first place.

  • Jay P

    Errr Wafer signing, not trade.

  • tomdukes

    I looked at this solely bc of the title. I love Rancid… and the C’s

  • dont_drink_the_koolaid

    yes sir. let’s ride wafer and quis and see where it goes.

    besides, rudy hasn’t proven anything in the league yet…..pritchard was better at pumping the press than taking care of business.

  • @tomdukes
    I knew someone would get that….

  • steve

    A shooter that doesn’t play defense and causes problems. Pass. Keep what we have and leave some options open as the season progresses.

  • ego roots

    Rudy’s a euro, when was the last time you ever seen a euro who liked playing defense…?

    If we were to wait on an unlikely buy out then we’d just wait for Posey’s

  • Al


  • jon

    rudy is worth a first round pick and Gody or Semir. which i believe is what danny put on the table. cho doesn’t like that, ainge wouldn’t up the offer so here we are. fwiw, i think cho is wandering into Kahn territory here with his mishandling of this situation.

    the more i think about it, i wouldn’t be surprised if Ainge is going to let Gaffney/Lafayette and others fight it out in camp over the last roster spot. Meanwhile, our lack of a serviceable backup for Pierce may just mean more time for Gody and Bradley. I’d love to see us develop those assets and have at least one of them be projected for our post 2012 rotation.

  • Arvin

    Let Rudy go. He won’t fit the Celtics team mentality. Wouldn’t mind getting Posey back even though he is half the player he was. Doubt that will also happen. I think this is the club we are going with unless something happens during training camp . . .

  • Rudy is fine where he is, he needs to stop being a big fuckin cry baby and live up to his contract! Hes a good role player not a superstar!

  • Perry

    By all accounts Fernandez may wind up overseas … certainly he won’t be back in Portland.

    As we all know there’s not much in the way of tradable assets, so that number one would be the only possible scenario … but Portland is holding out for more. It’s possible Danny is waiting for them to get desperate because they sure as hell would prefer a #1 than nothing in return.

    Regardless, we’re still a SG/SF short, and we can’t rely on Quis since he’s missed a total of 59 games over the past two seasons.

    Wafer is an unknown commodity at this price.

  • Kit

    what about Allen Iverson?

  • g

    THE BOTTOM LINE IS UBUNTU. THE IDEA ITSELF IS WHY WE WON BEFORE AND WHY WE WILL WIN THIS YEAR AGAIN. SHAQ, JERMAINE, VON, THE ROOK’S AND WHOEVER else WILL BUY INTO AND BELIEVE IN THIS IDEA. IT CANT HELP BUT HAPPEN! THIS IS GOING TO BE A FUN SEASON AS A FAN, and I’d imagine the only more fun is actually being on the plane with this group. CHERISH IT BECAUSE AFTER THIS THERE WILL BE LESS OPPORTUNITY TO CELEBRATE. ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE HOWEVER, AND AS THE FANS WE ARE, THERE IS LESSONS AS WELL THAT PERHAPS MAYBE WE SHOULD LEARN TO INCORPORATE INTO OUR DAILY GRIND. EITHER WAY, THIS SEASON COMETH WILL BE SPECIAL AND IT IS POSSIBLE TO HAVE INFREQUENT INJURIES THAT ARE RELATIVELY SMALL AND GENERALLY DO NOT EFFECT THE PRIMARY ROLE OF THE PLAYER(s). In other words look for a big year from KG! Just a huntch I personally have. This upcoming season cannot possibly belong to Miami, LAL, or anyone else simply because it is the Celt’s season TO win, to stay healthy and also to stay focused. Ubuntu IS HOW they will win, make no mistake; but being capable and willing is what solidifies Ubuntu! Danny has the ability it seems to know who fits within this blueprint the and who does not. The one’s who don’t won’t be here! These guys we have now are special apart, but powerful together! Look out below everyone else in the NBA! Period.

  • legs-diamond

    And Out Come the Wolves!

  • JP

    the celtics don’t need a player who causes problems like this. Prior to the Shaq and Wafer signings I was high on Rudy, but we definitely need a defensive wing more now.

  • Jason

    I was really hoping for Rudy but he would not get the time he wants here to keep him happy. I think a part of why he was so unhappy last year wasn’t just the playing time but the inconsistency of it. Overall, his minutes only fell from 25 to 23 but he competed against fewer guys his rookie year. Martell Webster was out, Batum started but as a rookie, wasn’t trusted much in the fourth, Bayless hardly played. He was able to play a bigger role and by default, if he was struggling, got a chance to play through his struggles. With so many rotation guys available on the wing last season, he got pulled more quickly when he struggled. He wasn’t as important a part of their team as he was his rookie season and I think that grated on him. Barbosa was treated in a similar fashion and was quoted about being dissatisfied with his role. He just hasn’t been so melodramatic like Rudy. Then again, he got his wish.

    It’s really too bad that Rudy probably isn’t coming here. I could see him nailing important threes on the road in playoff games like I can’t imagine Wafer or Daniels or even Nate doing. If the Celtics have home court in the Finals, they win their second championship in three years because Nate and Davis would have contributed something. They wilted, as did Doc’s trust in them, on the road. That’s why I like the addition of Shaq so much. I love the rebounding and the presence he’s going to have in the paint but I really love that in a big playoff game, he can be that extra guy besides the Pierce, Ray, Garnett and Rondo who can put up double digit points. Posey was that guy in 2008, a veteran who couldn’t be rattled by pressure. I loved that about him.

  • Steve

    Weren’t you the same people saying Rudy would replace Ray in 2 years? He can shoot the 3 and we need that. He couldn’t be any worse in Portland than Nate was in NY and somehow that’s worked out ok. I’d still take him because he’s talented. He can shoot and our bench needs reliable shooters.

  • Jeremy

    totally agree, but is their any defensive wings lefft???

  • Jeremy

    rudy didnt mind his amount of minutes he was getting it was more he wanted the ball more and be used as a playmaker not just a spot up shooter.

  • Jay P


    Ya, I’m pretty sure I’ve said something similar to that in the past. That however, was before the Wafer signing, when I thought Rudy would be the primary back up to Ray, and when we had more than 1 roster spot available.

    Now however, with Wafer here playing pretty much the same role Rudy would, plus only 1 roster spot to play with, and all the drama which has arisen, I’m taking a pass.

  • Jay P


    Good point, which is exactly why he’s not a good fit in Boston. He won’t be happy coming in and being Ray Allen part deux. He wants the ball and to make plays, and the Celtics system runs a lot of half court sets and runs shooters around screens. With Shaq now, they want shooters around him who are moving without the ball and finding spots to get open if teams are forced to double the big fella. Rudy wouldn’t have the ball in his hands often, and I don’t see how he’s any happier here than in Portland.

  • wayne7779311

    here’s the problem, Rudy wants the ball more in his hands to create plays..yet he’s not good enough of a ball handler (or athletically fast enough, or powerful enough) to beat anybody off the dribble and beat NBA caliber players to the hole. Somebody needs to tell him that he’s actually not as good as he thinks he is in this league. If he could do it…he would have shown it by now, and he wouldn’t be in the dilemma that he’s in. His first year’s claim to fame was via jacking up those plethora of 3’s. But now all of a sudden that’s not good enough for him albeit he hasn’t proven that he can take anyone off the dribble. Maybe Rudy needs a reality check..this isn’t european ball, NBA players actually play defense…and there is nothing in Rudy’s game which suggests he’s as athletically gifted as Ginobili, or that he has the toughness that’s necessary. Whereas Von Wafer, 2 years ago shot less tha one-half the 3-pts (398-Fernandez to 164-Wafer) yet finished with about the same ppg (10.4 vs 9.7)…which tells me that Von Wafer, who had the same shooting percentage from the 3-pt arc as Rudy (39%) was actually getting more points through driving to the rim than Rudy…i.e., creating more of his own plays and slashing through the hole. Therefore, because he,Wafer,is more physical than Rudy (210 lbs vs 185 lbs)…he is probably more suited to do what Rudy wants to do than is Rudy. And hopefully because of his more physical stature maybe he can even be taught by the C’s how to play better defense than Rudy will ever play. Wafer will never be a Tony Allen, but I was surprised to see that his weight/height are actually very close to Tony’s.(6’5’/210 vs TA 6’4″/213) Maybe he can fill in for Tony better Rudy ever will. (Just Thinkin’ ).