Post-game Reactions

…to Paul Pierce’s basketball camp in Boston today.  While in Boston, Rasheed Wallace put the kibosh on any rumors of him coming back to the NBA.  When asked by A. Sherrod Blakley if his career was indeed “wrapped up” Wallace responded in his typical Sheed style, “like Christmas.”

And I believe him.  If there was ever a good player that could come out of retirement to help a team win some games, Rasheed Wallace would just not be that player.  I believe Wallace will LOVE retirement.  Paul Pierce may not be so enamored with the idea of Wallace hanging them up for good.  Blakely again quotes Pierce (h/t CelticsBlog.com): “I told him, ‘Go ahead, do all you need to do,’ ” Pierce said. ” ‘Take the kids everywhere. We’ll see you in February.’ ” Pierce says these types of things all the time.  I wouldn’t hold much stock in anything until you see the pen on the dotted line.  Still, if a roster spot became available and the Celtics had a defensive-minded wing all sewn up, I would be all for this move.  Adding Wallace for the same amount of games he actually played hard in last season is a low risk, high reward move.

You should check out the rest of Blakley’s Twitter feed.  It has some cool quotes from Paul Pierce including these gems:

  • On his short-lived free agency: “Everybody knew I was coming back. I didn’t need a special.” I love that little dig at LeBron James.
  • On whether he’s watch the Game 7 collaspe: “I see it everyday in my dreams. There’s no need to put on the tape.” Obviously, I don’t blame Pierce for not wanting to relive Game 7.  What I don’t want is for the Celtics to pretend like it didn’t happen.

Other Celtics/NBA Related News

  • It appears Paul Pierce wanted Shaquille O’Neal to come to Boston.  Per Lenny Megliola of the Boston Herald, “I pushed (for it),” Pierce said of the Celtics’ big-time offseason acquisition. “I talked to Danny about it. (Danny’s) done a good job staying competitive, adding the pieces.” This could just be Pierce extending a warm welcome to his new teammate because I highly doubt Shaq was on Pierce’s offseason wish list- at the very least Shaq wasn’t at the top.  I would venture to guess most of the Celtics were more stoked about the Jermaine O’Neal signing than the Shaquille O’Neal addition.
  • Carmelo Anthony might be taking the anti-LeBron approach to Free Agency and, ya know, actually informing the team of his desires like a man instead of taking his talents to a TeeVee screen near you.  Ken Berger of CBSSports.com (h/t Matt Moore of CBSSports and TrueHoop fame alike) first let us know that ‘Melo was vying for New York earlier in the week.  This is, of course, all speculative.  But hey, the exciting part of the offseason is over and news is tight.  In the spirit of being a Second Life GM, here’s a link to the ESPN TradeMachine.  Give me your best shot at the Celtics acquiring Carmelo Anthony and I will be sure to respond with the necessary “Fail.”  Still fun nonetheless.
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  • Rangatiratanga

    I’ve lost a lot of respect for LeBron and Bosh i don’t even like anymore(i was a fan).I know for sure i HATE Miami.

  • Stingger90

    As far as “I”ishful thinking……I would love to see Melo in GREEN. Unfortunately enough, not the right timing.

  • Tristan

    Trade PP for Melo…now before u reply, let me…FAIL!!! Haha

  • JasonT

    dang… if Melo goes to the Knicks, then the Lakers get an even easier path to the Finals 🙁

    but that will make the revenge victory over them that much more sweet!

  • PierceTurth

    ray, jermaine/big baby, first rounder cash for melo?
    far fetched but if denver wants to get something in return for melo instead of him just walking for nothing maybe they take the deal

  • Adam

    Just looked at the Trade machine…apparently a ‘Melo for KG deal works straight up haha

  • Josh A
  • Batman

    I would LOVE Melo in green
    Get some good young talent now, instead of rebuilding for 5 years later and making me cry

  • JP

    Mello isn’t coming to Boston, it seems like he wants to go to the Knicks and have a 3rd big three with Amare, CP3, and Mello. Not sure if that would be better than Miami’s big 3 but it would be interesting to say the least.

  • Birdman33

    Bring in 15 midgets, who cares, as long as we f up the Fakers.

  • Ben


    This is hilarious, but it’s fun because it works.

  • Tristan

    Ben, That would be amazing!!! haha

  • lakerhater13


    I think all three teams would have to send New Orleans a draft pick. They do get KG.

    Celtics starting 5
    CP3, PP, Melo, David West, JO
    Next 5
    Nate, Avery, Ray, Luke, Shaq

  • Hello All!

    It’s been a while since I’ve posted, so I just wanted to say hi from sunny southern california . . . . Home of the World Champion Los Angeles Lakers! 🙂 Hope your summer is going well. 🙂

  • Jason

    I’m surprised Rasheed is staying around in Boston. I guess he liked it here. I thought I heard he was moving back to Portland or something. Regardless, I think it’s for the better if Rasheed doesn’t make a mid-season return. I appreciate how he elevated his game for game 7 but his weakness on the boards still killed them tremendously. They’ve ungraded from Rasheed and I’m really looking forward never to seeing Rasheed and Davis play together again. I doubt he’ll be interested anyway in getting back in shape just to play 10 minutes or so, if that.

    As for Melo, I’d pass. I think he’s overrated to be honest. A fairly lethal scorer yes, one who can score 30 very often, which has significant value, but way too subpar on defense to truly rate as an elite player. Having the big guys the Celtics have backing him up would help but at the same time, there is only so much he can get better on defense. He doesn’t have the great lateral quickness Pierce has always been freakishly blessed with and his defensive instincts aren’t sharp enough. I still can’t get over his inability to stay close to CJ Miles on back to back possessions late during a playoff loss that led to Miles getting backdoor layups.

  • PR.Dizzle

    I was never a big fan of Rasheed & I was skeptic the whole season. He did pull through in the post-season. Only thing that ever held him back was his spasms. If he didn’t have those, he would of continued the nightmare in the 2nd half of game 7. But that is a what if/would scenario. I am past that & ready for the C’s to get that GOLD again!

  • w2

    The game will miss Rasheed Wallace. I have always watched the Association for moments of zen. And Sheed (from Washington to Portland to Detroit to Boston) has/had the ability to special things on the court.

    Plus dude has a sense of humor…

  • Coolin

    Pierce brings that coolness to the team where everybody is cool with one another.

    If people want to root for a good guy, who will win a few championships and isn’t a total deuch bag look no further than Kevin Durant. That guy is a stand up dude all the way around.

  • BOSS

    http://games.espn.go.com/nba/tradeMachine best option evvvvvvvvvvverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr for the nets

  • Jeff

    Can’t do it on the trade machine because you can’t trade players who have been signed for the next 30 days but if it was midseason you could do…

    BBD= $14.3 mil roughly. With a trade kicker that would get up to Melo’s level and you could throw in 2-3 first rounders and maybe a couple 2nd’s.

    I know it’s a fail but it all depends on what DEN wants to get out of it.

    Once Melo leaves they’ll suck anyways. You’d at least get some young guys to either keep or move and a bunch of draft picks.

    The C’s would have to give up their future front court in Perk, but they’d have the SF of the future.

    I’d rather have Durant though. Neither is going to happen so it doesn’t matter.

    I think DEN will make a push and then if they are going to let him go they’ll try to S&T him after the season. That way they can at least push for a title this year.

    Actually this trade would make more sense for DEN to try and get something to make a title run while having some type of insurance incase Melo does leave.

    They’d still have Billups, Nene, Iggy, Brand, Bird man and maybe get something in a S&T if he does leave, or at least a trade exception to fill.

  • Jeff

    Sorry forgot to put the trade on the last post.

    It’s for DEN, but here:


  • dasein

    meh..Melo is a princess. He’ll never win anything. The Knicks can have him.

  • Mark

    I’d like to see this trade go down!
    Let me know if anyone likes it too…

  • Would be awesome if Sheed really comes back this post-season. The Celtics could very well get back to the finals 🙂

  • Birdman33

    Hey Laker Fan,
    After all these years, the Fakers are still chasing The Green. As Shaq would say, hey Fakers, tell me how my ass tastes

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