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Welcome back everyone.  The CelticsHub writers took a brief respite yesterday and now we’re back and ready to delve into some very important topics of discussion….or it’s the dog days of the offseason and not a whole lot is going on.  The Celtics roster is nearly set.  They did not pull of some crazy trade with Rasheed Wallace’s contract.  These are just facts we are all going to have to deal with until the start of the season.

That being said, there are still some interesting Celtics related tidbits floating around the interwebs:

  • Rajon Rondo tells Eastbay.com what his favorite sneaks are right now and of all time:Clearly, Rondo likes shoes built for performance. I have always worn Nike Air Flight ’89s when I play because I was obsessed with Jason Gardner when I was a kid but now it’s about comfort and familiarity. I tend not to like shoes that feel like nothing given how many times I’ve rolled my ankles but then again, if Nike was “providing me” shoes I wouldn’t mind rocking the Hyperfuse or the Huaraches.If you care about what type or music Rondo likes to listen to, feel free to watch this.

  • Speaking of Rondo, he does not agree with the Shaq detractors saying that O’Neal will clog the paint anymore than Kendrick Perkins has for the last several years (Boston.com):“A lot of people are saying Shaq is going to clog up the paint but Perk didn’t clog up the paint. They are two different players but at the end of the day we’ve got Paul (Pierce), Ray (Allen) and Kevin (Garnett) on the perimeter to spread the defense. There’s only so much you can do as far as clogging up the paint.”Rondo has a point. Perkins may have kicked the tires on a nice little baseline seven-footer, but he’s hardly ever leaves the paint long enough to use it.  Shaq won’t do that either but he can get himself out of the way should Rondo decide to turn the corner and get to the rim.
  • The title suggests this Notebook post is about Rondo, Shaq, and Perkins but really this is just Rondo’s show.  Per Boston.com again, Rondo speaks on how his dear friend Kendrick Perkins is feeling:

“He’s handling it like a professional,” Rondo said after Team USA’s 98-51 scrimmage win over China. “He’s trying to take care of his body. He’s getting a lot of treatment on his knee. He’s actually walking. He’s in good spirits. He’s a warrior. He wants to play and is ready to get back out there. He wants to play but obviously but we don’t want to rush anything back.”

I feel for Perk.  He had finally found his niche in this league and now an injury is threatening to take that away.  Perkins has never been a fast guy but if the knee hinders the way he bodies up other post players, his career could end up being very short.  This is a very scary prospect for Celtics fans given how much we all love Perkins.

That’s it for right now.  Hopefully there will be some more interesting things to catch up on later today.

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  • Josh A

    Well, we all know that Rondo is a beast and the most popular person IN New England now

  • PierceTurth

    rondo showing off some of his nifty moves against france today… looking forward to the 2010-11 season for the celts

  • I love Green

    Yeah Rondo did really well today against France. This is great practice for him.

  • Josh A

    RR9 is an absolute beast, That is y I picked #9

  • joe

    he’d be the best PG in the game if he got a reliable mid range jumper.

  • PierceTurth

    it will come one day joe… i hope

  • Josh A

    @Joe, he is already the best PG in the game

  • rondeezy

    we can still use sheed’s contract to trade right?

  • I love Green

    @ronddeezy- nope, we waived him. He’s not on the roster anymore.

  • Hey! Is it alright if I go a bit off topic? I’m trying to read your domain on my Macbook but it doesn’t display properly, do you have any suggestions? Thanks for the help I hope! Cordell

  • Jeff

    Perk is too tough to not come back from this and play strong.

    He is a determined player who wors hard every day, ever since he entered the league.

    Just like Brady and Welker on the Pat’s, Perk will work his butt off to get back to health. He’ll be fine.

    It will however limit him in contract pursuits this year and next.

    DA will use this to get a bargain contract for him, you can bet on that.

    As for Rondo, I tend to agree with Doc in that, as important as his mid range jumper is to develop his focus should be on FT’s first so he doesn’t get discouraged from going to the rim.

    If you go to the rim you get fouled, and his finishing at the rim has been vastly improved the past couple seasons.

    If he were to go to the line 3-4 times per game and make 80 or so % of them, he’d be up around 16-18 points per game.

    That alone, with his superior rebounding ability, assist #’s and outstanding perimeter D, would put him, pretty much, firmly in the discussion as best PG, whereas people right now look at D-Will and CP3 because of scoring when the reality is that RR9 is actually the best player, overall, of any PG in the league.

  • Rangatiratanga

    CP3 and D-Will still better than Rondo…..don’t let the hype get to you.

  • Justin

    anyone know if rondo’s talking about the huarache 2k4 or 2k5?