Post-game Reactions

The Celtics have an open roster spot, one they may or may not fill at some point with a wing player. James Posey was traded today to the Indiana Pacers as part of a four-team deal. The Pacers are a mediocre team. Posey is 33 and enjoys winning. 

Put it all together, and a firestorm of 2008 nostalgia ignited around the idea of the Pacers buying out Posey’s $13.5 million deal, freeing Boston to make a run at him. 

Forget it, says Chris Mannix of Sports Illustrated:

As you were.

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  • Steve

    Good, Poz has lost a FEW steps since his title winning days. If anything it would have made more sense to do a trade Sheed’s contract for Posey. But again, I’d rather have an athletic wing that can either shoot or defend. It’s asking too much for one that can do both. They aren’t available. You have to find in the draft or overpay them.

  • al

    never been a fan of mannix, and I don’t know how this nonrumor started, but it didn’t make any sense to begin with.

    also, terrible trade by the hornets, plain awful…

  • Perry

    Yes, big news … and Collison is on his way to Indiana too. Now the Hornets have made a stand with CP, and skewed younger with Ariza. I’m surprised they’re putting that much stock in Thornton … although he’s pretty good. But adding Ariza will cost them $15m more than Posey. They now have 3 huge contracts totaling $120+m.

    This validates what Danny was telling the press. Clearly Posey was never on the table, and the Rockets never considered taking the bait for Battier. Nets also are upgraded with the addition of Murphy.

    I like Sherod Blakely’s work, but this is the second time he’s put out shaky information. First with GS and Ellis last year, and then Battier. At least the dude is batting a higher average than me.

  • Perry


    Someone in the green room needs to tell Mannix to take a shave, comb the hair and get into a Hugo Boss suit. This guy blows right past hair and makeup on his way to the set. I mean who does he think he is the real Mannix?

    …if you know what I mean

  • al

    couldn’t care less about his apperance, i think his analysis and sources are weak compared to other nba guys. He’s on local media outlets far too often, possibly due to the fact his uncle was longtime pats scribe kevin mannix.

    NOH traded away a capable replacement for CP3 for marginal upgrade over Posey. Ariza will never live up to his contract, and to not demand a 1st round pick(lottery protection) for collison is outright incompetence by NOH. Clearly a weak attempt to appease CP3’s agents, slight upgrade at the 3 and jettisoning his understudy.

    Indy shoulda drafted collison back in 09, but they made a great trade, 1st one in a while for bird…

  • Perry


    Was only kidding … 🙂

  • We don’t need Posey… He’s past his prime and we can leave cheerleading to the Dancers and fans at this point. We need an athletic wingman to relieve Ray & Paul. Someone like Damien Wilkins (Can defend and play D).

  • Nick

    Who’s a better pure shooter, defender, wing player for the Celtics if we “don’t need” Posey? Huh…
    Give me some answers!
    I’m waiting…

  • Are “pure shooters” defined as those who shoot 36% from the field and 33% from behind the arc? If so, I guess we can just about sign anyone to do that. Posey was great for the C’s in 08 but his age is starting to catch up to him. Plus, do you think Posey would really sign for the veterans minimum? He left the C’s in the first place to cash in. He’s already won his rings, he wants $ now. Shaq can afford to sign here for 1.4 mil because he’s already made a crap load of money and will till the day he dies (with endorsements).

    And by “We don’t need Posey” I mean having or not having Posey is not going to make or break this season.

  • Rob Ace


  • I agree on gettin Prince from pistons but not Posey.

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