Post-game Reactions

That’s per Art Garcia writing at NBA.com:

Ainge said every possible trade avenue using Wallace’s contract was explored after it became clear he wasn’t returning. Wallace was owed $13 million for the final two years of the three-year deal. The Celtics likely bought out the remainder of the contract.

Whatever the C’s paid Wallace will count against the cap and the luxury tax bill. The exact figure remains unknown at this point. In any case, you can toss away those dreams of the C’s getting a quality piece in return for Wallace’s contract. With Sheed officially gone, Boston has one roster spot open and precious expendable resources with which to fill it via trade.

The Rasheed Wallace experiment is over, and it was a failure. Onto the next.

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Zach Lowe

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  • I love Green

    I don’t see how it was a failure, unless you’re just looking at the regular season.

    He was great in the postseason for us.

  • WestCoastCeltic

    don’t let the door hit ya on the way out. Only regret is not getting something in return for Sheed’s contract.

  • Great=41 percent from the floor, 33 percent from three, a PER of 10.4.

  • Not to mention the worst plus/minus of all Boston regulars in the playoffs (http://basketballvalue.com/teamplayers.php?year=2010%20playoffs&team=BOS) and paying the price at the end of the season for entering it out of shape.

  • Jon

    Thanks for all your sacrifices Sheed. If we would have won game 7 there would be no haterz….. Good luck…

  • Arvin

    I think Shaq will be a much better fit for a championship run than Sheed was. Sheed was out of shape, got T’d up, and thought more of himself than he was worth. Shaq is coming in humble and gives us another low post presence. JO is the other low post presence. KG is now a jump shooter. Wish we could have gotten someone in trade for Sheed, alas I do not blame anyone for not wanting to be associated with him. No reason to clear salary cap space now as The Decision has been made (what a joke!)

  • lol shaq isnt humble he just knows what to say at pressers.

  • Joe

    Failure? If the Celts won game 7 by four points would it have been a success? I’d like to hear who the C’s should have signed instead. And whoever it is, I doubt they could have defended Howard and Gasol better than ‘Sheed. Wallce certainly pissed me off plenty with his fat gut and 30 ft bricks, but the signing wasn’t a failure. If he played like Sheldon Williams and stayed the whole three years…then it would have been a failure

  • Jack Roddy

    you gotta love stats for bringing it all together; 41 percent from the floor, 33 percent from three, a PER of 10.4. but he wasn’t as bad as finleys dead weight

  • dont_drink_the_koolaid

    somewhere was saying its still possible sheed could come back in the spring….is this a real possibility? how does it work with the cap? can they do one of those keith van horn trades or something? thanks.

  • Sheed is the scapegoat. Without him, the Celts don’t even make it to Game 7.

  • James Patrick

    Well heck, we might as well bring A.I. in at this point! HA HA no jk

  • al

    the sheed experience is a failure because they bought him out!

    why not hold on to sheed until the deadline? pay half of this year’s salary, find a trade partner and get a good player in a better market.

    It must have been a money issue. From their perspective the savings they’re getting from the buyout must be better than the potiential deals out there right now.

    I disagree with that thought, and I hope I’m not dredging this up in February…

  • Tristan

    well what a shame, would have loved to have seen his contract traded for something….but I guess they are saving bucket loads of cash by not having him on the books….just hope there is someone besides Larry Hughs that DA is looking at

  • Donaldtower

    So now we cant use sheeds contract for Rudy or any trade?
    Do we still have a chance of getting Rudy in any way?

  • Shooter

    Zach,you’re an egg.
    He defended Dwight,Gasol better than anyone in this league.Without Sheed, Orlando had a legitimate chance of beating us in the conference finals.

  • Shooter

    Shame we couldn’t use his contract in any way though.Oh well, i guess this is the end of all the Rudy talk.

  • Jay P

    Rudy was never coming with Sheed’s deal, his contract doesn’t even come close to it, and Portland was never going to add another player just for cap/tax relief.

    Obviously Danny wasn’t looking to give up draft picks to get the exception, and didn’t think the exception would net anything anyway.

    Trading the contract to a team with cap space to get a trade exception runs the risk of you giving up a draft pick to make it happen, then coming up empty anyway and completing wasting that pick. Who says any player worth spending the 6.2mil exception even becomes available at the deadline.

    This is the smart play from Danny, he’s not going to gamble on the deal, and it makes a lot more sense to open the roster spot, and sign another minimum guy, or even let Oliver/Gaffney battle it out.

    I think the team is fine as it is, Daniels will be plenty good enough for short minutes at 3. And you never know, a guy like Gaffney could surprise you if given the chance.

  • Paulo Porto

    We have to understand and support Danny in this move,because:

    We have to look as a organization,they werent willing to trade BBD
    So we didnt have that much of leverage with the teams
    And to a team over the cap,to keep a full mid level guy cost 12 mil year

    To get a diference maker we would have to wait until the deadline
    So i think it´s acceptable to let him go and try to et a free agent or a young player at the camp.

  • Mac

    Well, you sign a guy for three years (and probably ended up paying him for most of it) and you get about a dozen good games out of him total, it’s hard to look at that as a rousing success. But I understand also the view that even though Sheed failed to live up to his contract, from a fan’s perspective it was worth it just to make this past year’s run. But I feel like that’s giving him a lot of credit, he was a bum 90% of the time, then he quit.

  • 15GREEN15

    @ZACH LOWE , dont got to be so mean what do you expect hes 35 ? has a lot of mileage jus like kg look at his points and rebounds they went down badly since 08 . its called you start to get older . i would love to see you play for the nba for all those years then at age 35 play off the bench and act like your 25 its not going to happen so it wasnt a failure .

  • Perry

    I mourn with Natalie Sitto tonight.

    The strange thing about it is the day started off so well, but ended on a sour note. You would have thought they could have at least waited 24 hours to lower the boom on all of us. Perhaps Danny just got tired of hearing the word ‘no’ from other GM’s.

    I have mixed emotions about Sheed. He certainly turned out to be an economic disaster … the hideous numbers can’t be disputed either. Still I was sort off getting use to him … sorta.

    He might be remembered more for not producing in the off season because without tradable assets we are getting nothing in return except maybe more tattoo’s from Hughes, and a bigger headache when it comes to shot selection.

    Let’s hope the Pistons won’t find a new home for Tayshawn. He would be perfect for us come trade deadline.

  • it is a shame to see Wallace away, i admire his charactor, his skills and his 3-points
    Go well, Dear Wallace, We will miss you, we will miss the time you had in Detroit

  • Its great deal to Wallace.. choice is your..

  • dwight howard

    maybe im missing something but rasheed did turn it on in the playoffs. don’t know what the lowe man is talking about those bogus stats only told half of the story. lets see, he had to defend shaq, d-howard, andrew bynum, and pau gasol. and he guarded all of them effectively. and he had to play for kendrick perkins in game 7. name another big in the league that could have done what sheed did at his age? not to mention that rasheed’s offense wasn’t the problem. it was lack of bench production in general.

  • ShawnCVD

    The player Danny would’ve traded Sheed’s contract for would have to be worth $12 million per year due to the C’s luxury tax status. That meant acquiring an elite back-up wing. Shane Battier and JR Smith were the only ones that made sense to me. Moon packaged with Shaq for above vet’s minimum would have been alright IMO.

    Given that Ainge was able to get this Roster without giving up any draft picks seems cool to me. Thanks for a wild ride Mr Wallace.

  • al


    I understand the cap ramifications of any sheed deal, and I commend ownership for consistently going over the luxury tax.

    However, we don’t know how much they’re saving in the buyout, and there are incentives for taking on “contracts”, i.e 1st round draft picks. You could reacquire james posey, and get a future 1st from NOH, same thing with Andris Nocioni in philly. Both guys have 2 years left on their deals, and both teams would wet themselves over potiential savings.

  • Sophomore

    @Zach, @Shooter’s right that Sheed did solid work defending Dwight and Gasol. I’d add that he threw in some buckets for us when we badly needed them.

    Remember how big D Howard’s eyes got those few times Doc put Garnett on him as a defender? It was an automatic bucket for Howard, several times in a row. Not so with Sheed, who clearly bothered him.

    IIRC, you wrote a few posts during the playoffs talking about how surprised we all were by Sheed’s good play.

  • Ross in Maine

    Sheed’s last year is how many great players finish a long career: a bench roll player. He also brought some ‘intangibles’ that don’t show in the stats, so I’d have to agree with Soph and Dwight.

    I’ll miss yelling “Ball Don’t Lie” at the refs along with Sheed!

    Congratulations to Rasheed for a great and interesting career, good luck in your next!

  • Luke Walton



    Let’s put stats aside for a moment.

    Would the Cs have gotten as far as they did without Sheed?

    Nuff said.

  • Jay P

    @dwight howard

    People got so accustomed to seeing him be pretty much the worst player in basketball most of the year that any improvement at all in the playoffs was blown WAY out of proportion.

    Sheed played better in the playoffs, no doubt, but the entire year of laziness and being completely out of shape caught up with him. His injuries in the finals weren’t a result of just being old, it was poor conditioning.

    Yes, he played better, but he still had one of the worst PERs of any Celtics player in the playoffs who was getting regular minutes. With the possible exception of 1 or 2 games, where he was moderately useful, he really didn’t do much. He was really only good enough not to hurt the team, which is saying something because that’s a lot better than he was in the regular season.

    Still, clearly a failure on the year.

  • Perry


    Exactly right … could have pocketed the contract into the trade deadline for when teams are lookng to clear space … appears Danny is unwilling to part with a #1 however

  • Perry

    @dwight howard

    …hope you’re working on the drop step

  • Johnny

    I don’t understand this for two reasons:
    1. Why would the Celts pay him a buyout? If he wants to retire, just let him walk.
    2. With expiring contracts supposedly so valuable, how is Sheed’s worth nothing in trade?

  • You can count on one hand the number of times great players well passed their prime have turned in exceptional performances for the team that acquired them.

    It usually turns out like this Wallace experiment. The guy just didn’t have enough left in the tank.

    Shaq may not either.

  • WestCoastCeltic

    Jay P has it right. People started to believe Sheed was turning it up in the playoffs when he was actually starting to do his job.

    Sheed: “Ball don’t lie”
    NBA fans: “Stats don’t lie”

    We got the bigs now who are ready to work ALL season. Go Celts!

  • Dan Jasinski

    The “Wallace experiment” was no failure! Maybe March 2011 it will renew itself.

  • Jeff

    If you check out Celticstown.com website there’s an article onit that explains the reason why the C’s likely did this.

    Anyone who was worthwhile, as in worth $12-14 mil per year after luxury tax, was not available.

    Soooo if the C’s had traded Sheed for someone who wasn’t worth it they would likely have had to pay for the buyout, and provide a draft pick in return for the price of the player.

    So in the end if Danny didn’t see anything on the trade market that was good enough, and thinks they can get a backup at a minimum deal, then he will save the C’s $10 mil or so by the end. I don’t care who you are but unless I’m getting Shane Battier, JR Smith or someone GOOD, I’m not paying that kind of $$$ for them.

    Danny did what was best for the team. It saves them cash, and they can still get what they need.

    The fact he did it without Sheed’s deal is actually a stroke of mastery.

    The C’s are now right around $76 mil for the payroll. If they add one more minimum contract at about $1 mil and figure a $4 mil buyout for Sheed which is applied half to each year remaining on his contract, they’d come in at about $79 mil for the year, which will cost them a total of $88 mil after luxury tax.

    Last years bill was around $100 mil.

    So all in all this offseason the C’s lost:

    TA, Shelden, Sheed and House (midseason trade) as well as Walker and Giddens but they were never really a big part.

    They gained:
    JO, Shaq, VW, Bradley, Erden, Goddy, and Nate as well as one more wing out of Hayes, West, Hughes (In all likelyhood) and will be paying about $12 mil LESS!

    And that’s AFTER Rondo’s pay boost!

    Nice work Danny! Very nice work.

  • legs-diamond

    Danny did well.

    Sheed? Didn’t like it when they signed him, thinking he would be moody and out of shape, and he did drag things down a bit in the regular season, but was very useful in the playoffs. Without the Perkins injury Celtics probably win the championship, so the gamble on Wallace seems to have worked out all in all.

  • He’ll be back in green……Its guaran-sheed!!!!

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