Post-game Reactions

Just when we thought the only controversy of the offseason would revolve around which O’Neal to start, it has come to light that there is some serious disharmony with the Boston Bench.

Apparently, there is a huge disagreement between Nate Robinson and Glen Davis over who is the best “Douggier”.  A few days ago, Nate Robinson issued his own impressive round of “Douggies” (NSFW song lyrics):

Davis took exception and now has taken to his Twitter to claim to be the best “Douggier” in a pleasing English (Australian?) accent no less (NSFW song lyrics):

This could prove to be the deathblow to the once harmonious Celtics bench. We will you keep you updated once Big Baby has produced the video evidence of his “Douggie-ing” prowess and then you can decide to whom best “Douggier” crown belongs.

In the meantime, just enjoy these hilarious videos.

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  • Peter

    Baby has demonstrated his dougie-ing prowess for quite a while by now…


  • I love Green

    Hahaha I love Big Baby’s video.

  • smoog

    OMG. i laughed so hard, those 2 are characters.

  • John

    Jesus Brendan, that headline on my RSS feed terrified me for a second. And then made me chuckle, but there was still a moment of panic until I figured out the content of their disagreement.

  • I can totally see Bird and McHale doing something like this had the Internet existed during their time in Boston.

  • efstje

    rumors says that sheed just retired!!!good or bad thing zach?
    What do you think??

  • matt

    these guys are clowns. i don’t see KG, ray, pierce, rondo doing any of this. garbage.

  • Sophomore

    @Zach – No doubt.

    I googled and found a bunch of links for Kevin McHale singing – including “Kevin McHale sings Dancing with Myself.” http://www.google.com/search?q=kevin+mchale+song&btnG=Search&hl=en&sa=2.

    Not his best work, though, I think.

  • the-facts

    its all about having fun man. a lot of people think because these guys play pro sports that they can’t enjoy themselves and have a good time, its not about money and fame all the time.i wish more pro players was like nate and davis. just a good since of humor. i can not wait to see their next video so i can laugh my a$$ off.

  • Robbo

    Nice light entertainment – but take it from me BBD is putting on a Brittish accent and not Australian – Well I hope us Aussies dont sound like that – lol

  • rav

    @ Sopohomore

    That Kevin McHale is tjhe one playing the wheelchair kid in ‘Glee’

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