Post-game Reactions

Some nuggets on the back court: 

• Gary Washburn updates us on Avery Bradley’s recovery from ankle surgery and his possible role on the team:

“I’m feeling good, taking it day by day,’’ he said. “I’ve really progressed a lot. It’s getting healthier. My ankle looks regular. I’m just rehabbing and I should be back soon.’’

Bradley, expected to play both guard positions as he grows into a more expanded role, has been working out at the Waltham practice facility and has kept in contact with Rivers, who expressed disappointment that Bradley wouldn’t be able to learn the defensive schemes until training camp.

Given the team’s depth, and Bradley falling behind because of injury, it is uncertain whether he will make an impact this season.

“It’s real tough, and I’ve never been hurt before, and that makes it tougher,’’ he said. “I’m not playing. I’m not used to doing what I do, and that makes it tough. I understand now that I need to let it heal. I look at it like I am going to come back stronger from this.’’

Washburn is right on.

I’ve said since the draft that those hoping Bradley will play a key role this season are being optimistic. Not ridiculously optimistic, since Bradley is by all accounts a menacing defender, but optimistic enough that I can’t be out there with the “Bradley will play in big playoff games” camp. He’s still just 19, he played out of position for much of his single year in college, and he’s already going to be behind in learning a complex NBA defense and a dual guard role. 

This is one reason why the C’s could use another back-up guard. 

• Speaking of which, Washburn drops this tidbit in his Globe piece:

Since Bradley was selected 19th overall, the Celtics have re-signed Nate Robinson and Marquis Daniels and signed journeyman Von Wafer, and they are pursuing former lottery pick Larry Hughes

Ah, Larry Hughes. A career 40.7 percent shooter with a well below-average three-point shot and an infuriating habit of taking long two-pointers outside the flow of the offense. He can be a plus defender and a creative offensive player when he’s engaged and unselfish, but signing Hughes adds another “if things go right…” player to a bench that is already crowded with such players—Nate Robinson, Shaq, Wafer, Daniels. 

The reason Rudy Fernandez is an attractive option is because he has known, certain NBA skills. He will shoot around 40 percent from three-point range. He’s unselfish, and he can run the floor. He has known liabilities, too, but there is a reliability to his game these other players lack. 

Of course, Portland’s asking price for Fernandez includes at least a first-round draft pick and possibly more; one report claimed the Blazers had demanded Taj Gibson from the Bulls in any Fernandez deal, a demand that derailed those trade talks. 

The Celtics just may not have the assets to nab Fernandez, or they might not be willing to part with the assets Portland might want (Glen Davis, Avery Bradley).

• Speaking of wing players who are hugely overrated because they are famous, the Pistons are close to signing Tracy McGrady to a one-year minimum deal, according to Marc Stein and Jonathan Givony of DraftExpress

It of course against the Pistons that McGrady reached perhaps the saddest/most embarrassing moment of his career—in 2003, when he remarked on how wonderful it felt to finally be in position to advance to the second round. Orlando led their first-round series against Detroit 3-1 at the time. They lost in seven games. 

T-minus 48 hours until McGrady declares he thinks he can be a starter and add 10 wins to Detroit’s total this season. 

Happy Sunday.

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  • I love Green

    God no the Larry Hughes idea.

  • 15GREEN15

    i wouldnt mind Hughes .

  • J Atlas

    @ zach
    with the bulls signing bogans doesn’t that effectively pull them out of fernandez race?? if so doesn’t that put us at the top of the list or is portland just pulling everyone’s leg and not really trying to move their swingman???

  • Sophomore

    The Pistons’ ownership is making a strong bid to take the title of worst Detroit sports franchise from the Lions, who once had a lock on it.

    The ball’s in the Lions’ court now – this will be tough to counter.

  • John

    every night before i go to bed i pray that larry hughes never plays for a team i root for. whether it be the celtics or my little cousins cyo team. HES HORRIBLEEEEEE

  • Jason

    McGrady said more than that he was happy to be “in position” to advance to the second round. There would have been nothing offensive about that. It would have been a matter-of-fact statement of fact. What he did was get ahead of himself and say that he was happy to advance to the second round before the series was over. Maybe it was a slip of the tongue, a misspoken utterance but whatever the case, it was highly embarrassing afterward.

  • Arvin

    T-Mac to add 10 games to the Pistons. Zach that is awesome.

  • lebroshademiami
  • dont_drink_the_koolaid

    truly hope that larry hughes is merely a misdirection to try and push some other ongoing discussion over the top.

    fernandez for taj gibson……LOL. fernandez is an unproven commodity and can’t even land consistent backup minutes in portland….and with his contract, they have had extra incentive to bring him along. KP was great at working the press…..but i agree with the voices that say portland has overvalued their talent and could be a much better team if they had made some trades. okc have buried their hopes as a dynasty in the making.

  • lakershater13

    Hughes….no. Tmac to detroit for the min. Well at least that is a better risk reward situation that signing ben gordan for 60 mil. Winning ten more games…we shall see.

  • Tristan

    word on the street is detroit are happy to shop Rip and Prince around….now I know this is a pipe dream, but fun to imagine….

    Trade Sheed and BBD for Prince…we then have someone that can play back up to KG and Pierce, he rebounds better then BBD and shoots 3’s as well as Sheed, plus his contract is expiring at the end of the season

    Thoughts anyone?
    (I dont think Detroit would go for it to start with, but as I said, fun to imagine)

  • Shooter

    Oh man, i can’t take another regular season of Sheed,hobbling around not giving a flying 747 F**k about defense or rebounding.He’ll show up in the playoffs,i know that much, but, i can’t stand watching him or supporting the Cs, when Sheed is playing like a 6 year old.

  • I love Green

    @tristan- I don’t know about dealing them Big Baby. But maybe Sheed’s contract, a first rounder, and a guy like Bradley maybe they’d go for. But still its a pipe dream.

  • Tristan

    @I love Green
    I dont like the idea of sending BBD either, but I know Detroit are looking to add to their front court and BBD looks to be the only moveable option. It is a pipedream forsure as there is no way Detroit wouldgo for the trade (even though it would have them millions under cap) and there is no way Boston would trade BBD, not after the post season he had, and the only real replacement for KG on the roster.

  • Biraj

    Danny should go after tmac who i strongly feel is the last missing piece..I still feel he is a far better option than Hughes. He may not be the same Tmac that we know, but he would certainly help our team win it all.

  • Somebodys gonna have to step up big this year if Sheed does retire. You just cant replace all those technical fouls he brought to the team.

  • hokinanaz

    get austin daye. back up pierce. tall enough to play some pf maybe.

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