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Via A. Sherrod Blakely:

“I know Rasheed is thinking about coming back,” said O’Neal, who was in attendance at a charity basketball game in Orlando, Fla. “Rasheed, go on and come back for one or two more years.”

If Sheed comes back, the C’s might have too many big men. The C’s currently have 13 players locked up and likely to play next season. The league maximum is 15, three of whom would have to be on the inactive list every game, meaning they’d be in street clothes or the D-League. 

If the 14th and 15th roster spots go to Rasheed Wallace and Luke Harangody, the C’s will have 8 big men and 7 guards/swing men. I’m not sure what the ideal distribution of players is on any particularly team, but I’d still prefer adding another swing man capable of backing up Ray Allen, Paul Pierce or both. Avery Bradley is a rookie, Von Wafer is a wild card and Marquis Daniels has played more than 62 games just once in his career. 

Some roster comparison: The C’s had just six bigs on the roster last season, and that’s counting Scal as a big. 

So somehow it’s mid-August and Rasheed Wallace is still driving me nuts.

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  • efstje

    I agree.Sheed and shaq together is a recipe for disaster.we just need a good wing and the roster is complete.

  • Devon

    Note to Sheed: This is crap, you can’t do this. My heart can’t take another lazy, recalcitrant waste of a regular season… We need that money to get someone who can move laterally. Seriously.

    Note to Shaq: You will NOT mess with this teams chemistry. If you touch Ray Allen’s mom I’ll kill you!

  • Bob

    Sheed driving you crazy? That’s news.

  • Sophomore

    Sheed coming back can’t work. Obviously.

    Shaq: Shut up. You just got here. You’re the backup center. You’re already letting us know how to make roster decisions? No. Zip it.

  • Perry

    Well this is the second pitch by an O’Neal, yet there has never been any discernable proof he would come back since Doc leaked his retirement. Thankfully we still have something tangible to debate before training camp, but I give Sheed credit for keeping his mouth shut thus avoiding a PR disaster. He could have pulled a Farve here. By all accounts he is not going public in order for the Celtics to move his contract. That’s towing the company line in a world of spoil, narcissistic, insubordinate athletes.

    There are three scenarios to consider.

    1- He does come back, which is unlikely.
    2- Danny is having a hard time finding a match — perhaps won’t find a suitor before 10/26 — therefore his contract could be pocketed and used at the trade deadline.
    3- His contract is traded to a team with cap space for a trade exception, which can be used next year … highly unlikely.

    With Harangody on board the roster is set. Sheed is on the books regardless, but Danny could trade a #1 for Fernandez, and perhaps package Erden and some cash to Portland. The Blazers need front court insurance. That would leave our roster at 15 with enough depth in the front court and the wing no matter what happens with Sheed.

  • matt

    b4 shaq i would have said yes… now a solid no.

  • tony

    I saw this one coming as soon as they signed Shaq. Who wouldn’t consider playing 10 minutes a game for 6.3 million dollars?

  • Sheed has always been a great player but he slowed down alot. They might have 2 part ways wit him.

  • James

    I hope Sheed does come back as he showed during the playoffs, until his injury, that he can still bring it. Let Shaq/JO/Perk play center and Sheed/JO can play out on the wing/baseline where both are deadly from 12-18 ft and we all know Sheed loves the 3 line. You can never have too many bigs and the ability to have them play multiple positions can really hurt other teams when it comes to matchups. Go Cs…

  • Josh

    Look I know shaq and Sheed is a risk, but you got to stop and think, what if?!…. What if it does work? It. Would make a lot of sense in nba2k..

  • Perry

    … like son, like mother …

    NBA Moms defeated NFL Moms in charity hoops game. Sheed’s mom got ejected.

  • Steve

    I don’t see how we could get fernandez without losing someone valuable — like big baby for instance. I would love to get Rudy, but I have yet to hear a logical scenario where he would end up in boston. Someone explain please!

  • Steve

    One other thought. I hope sheed comes back — this team is all about redemption — its Ray Allen getting through slumps, KG silencing the doubters, Peirce hanging in there, Rondo continuing to prove his value. I think Sheed and Shaq — hell, this whole team has a lot to prove…

  • Chris O.

    I don’t understand how you guys wouldn’t want a front court of Perk, KG, Shaq, Jermaine, Sheed, BBD. It will be the deepest legitimate frontcourt players ever. It saves all the old guys and lets Perk take MORE TIME to heal. What if one of our 7000 year old big men gets injured? We need depth, it is the best luxury to have. Imagine to throw in a line up of like Shaq, Sheed, KG, Avery, Rondo at some point say against the Lakers. Then not only do we actually OVERPOWER what was the best frontline in basketball but Avery and Rondo should by all accounts be flying around defending every guard tooth and nail.

  • dont_drink_the_koolaid

    @Chris O. I like it. I think we’re going to see some zone this year…..sheed or no sheed

  • Chris O.

    I wouldn’t mind the zone if we can stay disciplined (I’m sure we can). It would hide some of our older players. I am so pumped for next year. I feel like we have so many options. How sad is it that I am more pumped about next years C’s then I am Red Sox/Yankees?

  • fuck yeah lets do it if sheed wants 2 give all he got but if he’s not welling 2 well get another wing player but im just say if he makes a come back for 1 year for 10 mins thats still good but damn that’s alot of damn big man win it all 2gether and show the celtics are the damn best do it boston lets go

  • celtics freak

    all the people who dnt like him are crazy because your saying that now but last year when ray allen is in a slump sheed was always coming out of nowheres and knocking down a 3

  • celtics freak

    all im trying 2 say is that sheed is just as inconsistent as ray allen is

  • Tom

    He is still 7 foot, they are hard to come by in the NBA

  • Michael M


  • Michael M

    @ Devon you will suck as The Celtics Gm….Hell yeah you need sheed…sheed made gasol and odum difficult with his d and as a shooter on the perimeter… you don’t know what the hell you talking about….

  • Tom W

    Sheed made things difficult for Gasol in the finals? Were we watching the same games? Cause when I watched, Gasol was the real reason the Lakers won that series. He absolutely dominated the Celtics offensively. And Sheed shot 23% from 3 point range…that’s not exactly making life difficult from the perimeter.

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