Post-game Reactions

• Shaq apparently doesn’t like Boston accents, according to Vanity Fair (via the Herald): 

Wicked awesome new Celtic Shaquille O’Neal told Vanity Fair this week he’ll do “whatever it takes” to keep his six kids from getting a Boston accent.

The four-time NBA champion told the maggie’s scribe dropping r’s in his house will have consequences.

“That’s when they get grounded,” said the 15-time all-star.

This is what passes for NBA news in August. 

• More important: HoopsWorld does us the favor of listing the remaining free agents by position. Most relevant for the C’s:

Small Forwards – Tracy McGrady, Jarvis Hayes, Jerry Stackhouse, Adam Morrison, Ime Udoka, Rodney Carney, Tim Thomas, Joe Alexander, Bobby Simmons, Yakhouba Diawara, Devean George, Stephen Graham, James Singleton

Shooting Guards – Larry Hughes, Flip Murray, Devin Brown, Michael Finley, J.R. Giddens, Trenton Hassell, Quinton Ross, Sasha Pavlovic, Damien Wilkins.

I doubt any of these guys are coming to Boston at this point, but these are the names.

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  • Al

    if we don’t get Rudy Fernandez, we should consider both T-Mac and Posey… and of course Battier but it doesn’t look like the Rockets want to trade him…

  • Al

    I’m not even sure if the Hornets want to trade Posey or T-Mac wants to play for the vet’s minimum and try to win a championship so…

  • Chris O

    Would Rodney Carney not work?

  • Perry


    Latest on Fernandez is the Knicks would not offer a #1. We all seem to think he’s worth it.

    Chicago just signed Bogans, but it doesn’t mean Fernandez is off the table. Their roster is only set at 12, and they have more assets, cap space, etc.

    Interesting that they made Portland a cap relief type offer for his contract, but they refused and wanted more.

    I think it comes down to who blinks first, and if he’s traded to Boston it might take more than a #1. Celts cannot deal Wafer until December, but could package Harangody or Erden with a #1 … don’t think the Blazers would be doing cart wheels over that either. Does Sheed’s contract matter here? Don’t see how now that Shaq is on board with one open spot on the roster.

    As for Sheed … Murphy says he’s definitely toast. Here are my trade options … all long shots.

    Diaw: Why would Charlotte trade for him and then deal him for nothing? Would take more than Sheed’s contract anyway.

    JR Smith: Salaries match up, but would Denver deal him for nothing? Probably not. Even with Harrington, they’re a body short (Anderson) and must do everything to stay in contention since Melo seems to be wandering off the reservation.

    Battier: Perfect fit, but the Rockets appear to be making a final run just in case Yao packs it in.

    Jefferies: Now there’s a guy Houston would part with; how he’s making $6m this season is anyone’s guess and we have Quis.

    Kapono: No way now that Wafer is on board.

    Posey: it would be ironic.

    David West: Can he play the 3? Not sure about that.

    Pietrus: Why would Orlando help us?

  • Jason

    Tim Thomas isn’t available. He re-signed with Dallas, not that it makes much of a difference for the Celtics.

    My ideal choices for another wing would be Rudy or Battier but it doesn’t sound like either is likely. In that case, I would definitely be fine with trading for Posey, if New Orleans is willing and all and why wouldn’t they? Posey has lost a step or two, steps he couldn’t afford to lose with his athleticism being only average as it was but he can still rotate and take charges, shoot threes and bring an extra dimension of nastiness that the Celtics have lacked since he left. He would also allow the Celtics to play small. They’ve missed the ability to play any style without him.

  • JP

    Udoka or Bobby Simmons would be my top two out of that list above. T-Mac wouldn’t work here, there would be too many big heads/egos on this team for even Doc to manage. That and T-Mac isn’t very good anymore.

  • mike amentola

    best case scenario- battier. that isnt going to happen.
    now we just need to land ime udoka. and stop with rudy, if we didnt sign von wafer rudy would be a good fit but now there isnt enough room for him and he will bitch and complaim

  • Sophomore

    It starts to sound like the only way the Cs get anything out of Sheed’s contract is by waiting for the trading deadline and hoping there’s some team goes bust and decides to cut salary. I hate to say it, because Yao seems like a class act, but it almost sounds like it might turn on Yao’s health. If his foot gives out, maybe Battier could be had.

  • alex

    I think they are going to nab posey for Sheeds Contract a pick and harangody. Posey’s contract is 2 years which fits into our plan, we havent signed harangody yet, and he played so well in summer league, if we were keeping him we would have signed him by now. Also, the hornets want to shed cap space so they can get someone else to beef up their Roster for Paul. With sheeds expiring contract thats 6m off the books after next season. That with Peja’s contract coming off is enough for them to get MELO next year.

  • yoki

    Jarvis Hayes or Ime Udoka if we’re signing FA’s. Both are defensive minded and has adequate size (Hayes 6-8, Udoka 6-6).

  • Donaldtower

    Lets go with everything for Rudy

  • w2

    Gody and Hughes. Done.

  • Perry


    Trade deadline is always a possibility, and there would be that opening for Sheed to come back. Fernandez though is still worth pursuing:

    1- Flexible contract
    2- Can create his own shot
    3- Wafer can then be used as insurance — similar to how Finley was at the tail end of the regular season
    3- Perhaps the right fit to replace Ray Allen
    5- Quis can back up Pierce

  • Al

    I don’t see why the Von Wafer thing makes a trade for Rudy Fernandez not ideal. I think I read somewhere Rasheed’s contract is available until October, so the Battier thing just seems unlikely right now or even halfway through the season. If someone can confirm this, it’d be great. Settling for Udoka or Hughes just doesn’t do it for me. I don’t believe we can sign and trade Harangody because he is a rookie. If someone can confirm this, it’d be great too. I really don’t see why it would be such a bad idea to get T-Mac if he wants to be here like Shaq who actually wanted a shot with the Celtics. Acquiring either Rudy (Erden? draft picks?) or T-Mac (vet’s min like Shaq?) and/or Posey (Rasheed’s contract? draft picks?) would be ideal for me.. Yes, I’m actually suggesting we could get Rudy AND Posey or T-Mac AND Posey so maybe I’m just dreaming but if we get one guy without using Rasheed’s contract, it wouldn’t be a crazy idea… I’m not too in love with either Marquis or Wafer by the way… PS: I’m not sure what’s the situation with our roster spots…

  • Perry


    Wafer’s one year deal is for less than $500k, but he can’t be deal until mid December.

    Sheed’s contract counts against the cap … obviously. If the Celts find a match then he will announce his retirement. He’s being a good egg about it and leaving the $13m or so on the table instead of asking for a buyout.

    They could hold on to his contract until the trade deadline where it might be more valuable. Or they might trade it to a team with cap space for a trade exception, which could be used anytime in the next year … that’s a long shot scenario.

    As for Harangody…

    I don’t think its anyone’s intention to trade him. They’re just trying to avoid maxing out the roster.

    Once any draft pick signs a contract, his actual salary becomes his trade value. Or if he’s unsigned his rights are dealt to the receiving team, which would pay 100% of his scale amount.

    Would Portland bite on Erden since Oden and Camby are brittle? It’s possible.

    One thing you should pay attention to is both Sims and Janning declined their invites and went elsewhere. No way Janning would stick around knowing he’d have to beat out Wafer and another unnamed 6′ 5″ player.

    … as for Sims … all you had to do was watch the summer league to realize Harangody is more polished at this juncture.

  • We could have got Radmanovic and Rudy Fernandez for Lafayette, Gaffney and Sheeds contract. SHeed to GS, Fernandez and Radman to Boston and Gaffney and Lafayette to Portland. That was before Signing Shaq.

  • Rudy and Von Wafer are identical players. Why would we trade for him now. Rudy is more popular but there the same. They both are athletic shooters. We really need to trade Sheed to a team with cap space and the sign Delonte West.

  • Rudy and Von Wafer are far, far from identical.

  • Al

    @Perry … we could be patient and hold onto Rasheed’s contract (I just thought I read that he was willing to wait until October or something like that but I think I misread). I have no problems with that. However, we can’t start with Wafer and Marquis as our backups. I just don’t see it. Rudy still makes sense but the Bulls might just get him, so what then? T-Mac would be available. Posey requires Sheed’s contract and waiting for Battier would be a huge gamble considering the Rockets might just want to wait until his contract expires this year. Nonetheless, during the trade deadline there are usually very desperate teams looking for cap relief so something really really good could become available but, again, it would be a gamble and we still have to get someone right now to make sure we’ll be good to go with or without trading Rasheed’s contract during the trade deadline…

  • Al

    oh and I wasn’t suggesting trading Wafer for Fernandez… I’m just making a point that acquiring Wafer doesn’t mean that we can’t or shouldn’t try to acquire Fernandez…

  • Perry


    Agreed. Something must be done at the wing … just hope settling for Hughes is not the default option.

  • why is singleton not being talked to by the celtics? he seems just what we need, a great rebounding physical forward to fill our empty wing position (granted he cant play 2 but i think we have enough guards to cancel that out) and would almost certainly come for the vet min, no?
    not sure about his defense but he certainly has the physical tools. i dont know too much about his game besides what i’ve seen in highlights and read online so if anyone knows better please let me know, but yea i see him as a perfect fit and pretty much the best of whats left barring a trade. talking of a trade, i want battier bad, he would give kobe wade and lebron nightmares on defense, if only houston would let him go.


  • Al


    I actually had him on my fantasy roster for a while because he had some pretty good games in terms of rebounding but that’s about it… he’s inconsistent and unreliable… I also believe he plays more Power Forward than Small Forward… think: Shelden Williams… we could get him if we want to improve our depth but there’s no way he’d be in the rotation unless 10 guys get injured…

  • Shaq may be too old to play basketball.

  • celtics freak

    how about the idea of signing someone like michael finley and trading him for fernandez

  • K.C.

    Shaq will be fine at center with the rest of the celtics starters.

  • @AI do we really need consistency though, an athletic body is all we really need at the backup wing position imo. singleton can give us even more of an energy burst off the bench and could work well with nate etc. if we can mould him into an effective defensive player he could also help to slow down other athletic 3’s which is what could really hurt us this year i think.
    interesting that he is more of a 4? what about defensively, can he guard 3’s or is he too slow and interior based?


  • Steve

    Did everyone miss the fact we will have our max 15 under contract next week when Harangody signs? There is no more FA signings. The only thing we have left is trade Sheed’s contract for another player. Probably a 2/3 guy and he has to make around $6ish mill this year. Rudy isn’t a possibility anymore. We can’t trade a #1 for him because we haven’t got the roster spot to absorb him. We would have to throw in a player that makes around the same as he does. Do we even have one other than Bradley whom we should NOT be looking to move!

  • legs-diamond

    Suddenly James Posey does look like a possible fit (Battier obviously the seemingly the most desirable, though least likely to get). Could he be had for Wallace’s cap? …. Do Posey’s 2009-10 numbers inspire the idea that he can be Pierce’s back once again?

  • @steve we dont have to sign harangody.. he’s a nice player but i dont see him fitting into the celtics, especially with glen davis being a seemingly bigger and better version (without the 3pt touch). i would love to sign battier or even posey and seeing as we are in a championship or bust next year i dont think we can afford to draft players that dont immediately fit into our requirements, especially when they are such a big risk as harangody appears to be

  • dont_drink_the_koolaid


    how are Rodolfo Fernández i Farrésand and Vakeaton Quamar Wafer different?

  • Jeremy

    singleton udoka

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