Post-game Reactions

A. Sherrod Blakely of CSNNE.com has the report tweeting the two sides are “close to a deal.” This comes on the verge of O’Neal appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night (covered in the preceding post), talking positively about the prospect of appearing in a Celtics uniform.

We’ve covered the possibility of Shaq joined the Green team at length here at CelticsHub. I myself haven’t been a huge fan of the proposition for various reasons (defense, ego, etc.) Make no mistake though, no matter what Shaq’s shortcomings may be at this age, if the C’s can get him in here for a veteran’s minimum deal, and he’s willing to come off the bench, they have to do it.

The market for big men is bare right now, and if Rasheed Wallace is retiring as is expected, then the C’s desperately need another NBA proven big body. Shaq obviously has warmed up to the possibility of him filling that role for short money for another chance at an NBA title, if this reports proves to be true.

We will keep you posted obviously with any further developments in this story.

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Brian Robb

Brian Robb co-founded CelticsHub in 2009 and is the currently editor-in-chief. He is a producer and reporter at 98.5 The Sports Hub in Boston and also contributes to Boston.com and Bleacher Report among other outlets.
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  • Devon

    That geeky excitement finally returned!

  • yoki

    C’mon down Big Leprachaun.

    I sure hope that this is for the minimum. But if not, didn’t matter. But I really wish he leaves that ego in Cleveland. I hope he accepts the role of either the back up or less minutes and touches.

    Still though, looking at this big man rotation.

    Perkins (when he comes back)
    Big Baby

    Holy! Try to shoot lay-ups now…

  • Carl

    Nice job reporting this BRobb!

  • I love Green

    His screen and roll D is nothing to write home about, but he can still defend the paint. Very well. He brings us even MORE toughness, and as long as he keeps his mouth shut and doesn’t try to take over the lockerroom, we’ll be fine.

  • celitcsfan

    DO IT! DO IT ! DO IT !

  • oh lord

  • DeVelaine

    @yoki: If anything, people would try to shoot against BBD, because he’s not a shot blocker. But it’s fun to watch those attempts disappear when he draws the charge. 🙂

    All in all though, this leaves me skeptical. I’m not sure how to wrap my head around this one, and I guess if it happens, we’ll all have to see how it plays out. If anything, he’s the type of player others would trade for, so that’s a good thing down the line if things don’t go as expected.

    Though… Maybe we’ll get to see BBD actually wrestle Shaq once during practice or warmups or something, just to get their blood flowing for the game.

  • K.C.

    This will pay off BIG when the Celtics play the Lakers this year in the finals.

  • Devon

    @ HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHa…. I’d be worried too.

  • I love Green

    It appears our pal Zach Lowe isn’t too excited about this news.

  • Devon

    er… @ZACH

  • Michael

    The reason I like this deal is because the C’s can slow down to a halfcourt set where Shaq is most effective. This is the reason why it didn’t work in Cleveland. Cavs could only win by running. C’s can be effective slowing the game down.

  • dreik

    ok we will probably sign shaq lets get west and we are ready to go for a last title run.LETS GO CELTICS LETS GO!!!!!!!

  • James Patrick

    Beating the Lakers with Shaq would make up for losing the the title this year by 4 points! And it would KILL kobe! I love it!!!!

  • Jeff Durand

    Doesn’t matter….I mean, its already written in David Stern’s blood that the Heat will represent the East in the Finals.

  • Carlos PR

    Ohhh!!man this is great. We are going to be tough out there. KG guarding Bosh. Shaq waiting for LeBron & Wade down low. I’m very excited about it!!! And lakers fans, by far 18 is going to be the sweetest. I love you all CELTIC FANS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Joe

    Basketball reasons aside, it will just be plain cool to have Shaq in Green this year. What number does he wear? 38? 99?

  • Shaq

    MATT JANNING!!!!!!!

  • CaptBubbles

    JO is injury prone
    KG has not been the same since he got hurt
    Perk is incapacitated
    Baby is energetic but too small
    Sheed is gone
    Is there some other big I’m overlooking or will we be trying to play small ball like Golden St. if a big gets hurt, in foul trouble, or is tired ?

    I’d say there are minutes galore for a big with gimpy KG & chronically hobbled JO & Perk gone (remember, Perk is the young guy). Not to mention how quickly our healthy bigs can get in foul trouble on any given night with such quirky, irrational refs. We seem to be a team that gets called a lot for fouls so you’d better have some depth.

    Knowing just how much we struggled with rebounding last year, do we really want to watch our shorties trying to wrestle against gasol, bynum, dwight, bogut, & the like ?

    The one way to assure more injuries is to play older players extended minutes due to lack of depth. When injured, these older guys are not gonna be recovering as fast & does anybody really think that there are not going to be injuries this year– especially with older players???????

    Our post game is non-existent. Even Sheed did not like to go down low. Baby gets blocked unless he can out quick or spin somebody. KG has tried posting up, but he doesn’t have the mass nor the lift, & he cannot draw a foul down low from 99% of the refs no matter how much he gets mauled. JO had a nice post game when he was with Indiana. The way Ray goes ice cold & Paul disappears along with KG sometimes we really need a high percentage shot as close to the basket as possible when we hit those jump shot droughts, hello post game.

  • CsFanInArkansas

    @CaptBubbles – I don’t know if this is just optimistic thinking or not, but KP said that Garnett will be coming back this year in the best shape of his life. Now, obviously he isn’t as explosive as he was 10 years ago, but he was certainly decent last year – and that was a year that he played hurt most of the season.
    I just think it’s too early to write off KG.

  • Jason

    My heart says this is awesome. My brain says Earl Barron is a better guy to get.

  • Perry

    Looks like it will be for the vet minimum … Cavs not involved in a s/t.

    Size will matter when playing against the likes of the Magic and Lakers. I think Miami can be exposed in the paint.

    Let’s also remember Perk, and probably Erden (phantom injury) will be in street clothes when the season starts. Therefore the roster is technically at 11 pending Harangody. With one spot left will it be for Fernandez or one major player for Sheed’s contract? What a locker room that would be to cover if he decided to give it another go.

  • BH24

    tony gaffney just said on facebook that it’s a done deal, so…

  • Sophomore


  • Sophomore

    With Shaq on board, I see big endorsement dollars for the Cs’ green and silver team. Metamucil, Depends, Prune juice, whatever ya got!

    Take that, LBJ.

  • Perry


    I agree with you and Bubbles. The Captain is right about Kevin playing the high post in his twilight years, which leaves plenty of post up offense for The O’Neals. Zach had the full accouterment of stats, but we know JO is a hellva of a lot more efficient from 10-15 than Perk ever was or will be.

    As for your point, yes … Kevin is another year removed from the injury, and we know his minutes will be protected. So I expect an average of 14 and 7/night?? One thing is for sure, Kevin must rebound better than last year, and we never did find out why he was rebounding with one hand in the playoffs.

    I know Shaq is weak on defending the pick/roll, but look at the bulk coming off the bench … and when Perk returns it could turn into roller derby out there.

    Think Davis is more happy about playing with a former alum or potentially playing further from the paint this season?

  • fuck yeah we gone do it really fucking big wit the big man lets go get that # 18 for doc and the team lets go celtics

  • Jon

    Gimmie Shaq and Rudy and call it an off season

  • preston

    Good move. Baby plays his natural spot the 4 (Trust me he is quick enough to hold his own) and we get a center who can play half court offence. Plus shaq can pass the ball out the post which is something Perk has an issue with. Plus Shaq can still rebound which is something we really need. Yes he slows us down but he will be on the second unit. In cleveland he wanted to be a starter. This is good for us.

  • ego roots

    All we need is a hut tub time machine and we’re all set!

    BIg Baby and Shaq… Wish somehow Scal would come back and it would be the funnest team ever.

    Big Baby and Shaq… Better watch out, buffet tables…

  • Perry


    Celts – Heat on for opening night
    Celts – Magic Christmas Day

  • Patrick

    It’s like a early 2000’s all star team 🙂 Unfortunately, it’s not the early 2000’s 🙁

  • Sean

    I think this would be a huge signing. Shaq is a guy who, in the halfcourt, you can basically throw it into at any point and there’s a slightly better than one out of two chance it will be a basket. Locker room issues? Please. The guy has 4 rings, all he wants is AT LEAST 1 more. He knows whose team it is, he knows how many bigs there are, and I would be shocked if this turns out to be anything but a positive for the C’s. Hell yeah.

  • Sean

    AND I agree, you can move BBD to the 4, and in those rare situations even JO can play the 4 and we could have a truly huge lineup.

  • ego roots

    I mean, HOT TUB TIME MACHINE… my bad..

  • Eric

    If Shaq does indeed sign with Boston there is no chance that he comes off the bench. He would start, but Lil O’neal would get more minutes.

  • Havasu Celtic

    Who among us would not acccept the Big Leprechaun, if he was the piece to another title while waiting for KP to heal…then we get two more titles with Rondo/Pierce and another journeymen frontcourt brigade teamed with Kendrick….thats if we aren’t locked out.

  • chibi

    I like this move for 3 reasons:

    first, he’s similar to Rasheed in that he can single-cover talented lowpost players. this means the Cs still match-up with Orlando quite well.

    second, he’s going to be a real match-up problem for Miami. Why? To give their team optimal spacing, Miami needs a center who can space the floor. Well, their only answer to Shaq is Ilgauskas.

    Anthony, Magloire, Pittman? All three clog the lane and take away driving lanes for Wade, Bosh, and LeBron. If they want to use these guys to set screens up top, teams will go under them and pack the paint.

    Bosh or Haslem? Say hello to getting sealed under the basket and/or foul trouble.

    finally, while Rasheed was reluctant to play in the post, Shaq is not. With Shaq on the low block, the Cs have a nice high-percentage weapon. The bench can still play fast, but now they have the option of playing a more low-possession, grind ’em out style if they need to by putting Shaq on the floor.

    Shaq doesn’t have Rasheed’s all-around talent, but paradoxically he gives the Cs more versatility.

  • kip

    miami is done contending if shaq signs with us

  • Shooter

    Yeah……..YES……..Oh don’t know till it’s official but this has just made my day,week, month.Finally,Shaq proves he has better common sense than TMac and Iverson.I’m ordering my Celtics Shaq jersey the minute it becomes official.

  • Shooter

    We gonna be a pain in the ass for opposing teams,yes, and that includes Fakers,Orlando and
    Come on down Shaq baby……yeah yeah yeah.
    LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Shooter

    In the paint….meant to be pain in the ass for opposing teams in the paint.Sort of left that out due to my excitement levels peaking.

  • Birdman33

    See you in June!!!!!

  • urbeltic

    At the very least, Shaq will make Rondo look good from the free throw line.

  • mike

    hey, if the offense bogs down, go down low to shaq…he still is a beast…put ray allen, nate, pp and JO or KG around him…yikes…pick your poison, double the diesel and they knock down open j’s…or let the big man bully you down low…gives rondo another oop target….

  • jonathan

    The vast majority are glossing over the small issue that it is the year 2010.

  • joe

    shaq wasn’t that good this year. He’ll just be another 6 fouls IMO. this doesn’t clinch the east for us at all.

  • C. Chimurenga

    @ DeValine: Pulled from Big Baby’s wikipage:

    In the summer of 2001, at only 15 years of age, Davis attended a basketball camp run by LSU alumnus Shaquille O’Neal on the campus of Louisiana State University, O’Neal challenged Davis to a friendly wrestling match, in which Davis lifted the 7 ft 1 in (2.16 m), 325 lb (147 kg; 23.2 st) center and body-slammed him to the ground. The encounter left a strong impression on the NBA All-Star; ultimately, this incident helped him to get introduced to then LSU head coach Dale Brown.[14]

  • lakershater13

    I love the Celtics D playing one on one. What if we start agaisnt the heat in a 3-2 zone. Shaq and kg down low and our best 3 defenders up front. Lebron and wade are great “scorers” not great shooters. With no legit inside presence we should make them make shots.

    Ill be the first to say I hated shaq in la. I will love him in boston.

  • JP

    I like the Celtics picking up Shaq. We have been thin with the Bigs since PJ Brown left to be honest. If KG goes down again, or Perk can’t come back then we still have an able bodied verteran who can score in the low post, has decent hands, and can be huge.

  • Jason

    Good, I hope this is true. The Celtics need his rebounding and the offense he can provide on the low block. There is still not a lot of guys who can handle him in the post. His pick and roll defense is a huge liability but hopefully the positives can outweigh it.

    I’m just really really happy that Rasheed and Davis aren’t going to be on the floor together to pad the opponent’s offensive rebounding stats. I’m just so glad that the rebounding will be a lot better. The worst of last season was when they would give up offensive boards for about five straight possessions.

  • Ia

    Cleveland did not utilize Shaq well last year. Can you turn down a chance to sign the most dominating big man of his generation? Can you name 5 centers better than Shaq? How about his ability to stop drives in the lane(clearly needed agaist LeBron and Dwayne)? This is a no brainer, even if it involves luxury tax dollars. It gives all of our big men reduced minutes for the year. Now sign Delonte and our roster is complete!

  • CaptBubbles

    I don’t understand some of the comments on Shaq. What is the definition of bad year? In 23min Shaq had 12ppg 7reb 1block 2assists??? In 30min KG had 14ppg 7reb 1block 3 assists last year… so KG had a bad year also???

    What mystery big man can come in & give the Cs that kind of production who is STILL available??? Last year, Shaq played well vs playoff teams such as the lake IF you look it up. Does anyone go & actually look up his numbers before throwing Shaq under the bus??? There are a lot of people blaming shaq when lebron & the back court seemed to just throw in the towel—but who can blame them for giving up vs such a stellar defense ?

    Shaq vs Lake 12/25- 5-8 11pts 7rebs ….Bynum 2-5 Gasol 4-10 Yes, the cavs were 2-0 vs the lake last year

    vs Lake 1/21 5-9 13pts 1steal 1block 6rebs 3 assists gasol 5-14 bynum 3-5 both in foul trouble

    If you hate Shaq that is ok, but don’t say Shaq is a terrible player without looking at his stats & what he actually did on the floor last season. Shaq made contributions to that cav team, but Perk is a great defensive player & lebron & his whole back court just seemed to lose interest in the series…… probably because of the defensive beat down the Cs gave them.

  • Demetri

    The C’s have had so bad offseasons (not getting Duncan in 97; not getting Durant in 07) but this year takes the cake if they sign a washed up 38 yr. old.

  • Makie

    Shaq would be a good addition for the Celtics. He’s got the size and definitely a body to throw against other big men like Dwight Howard, Pau Gasol, Andrew Bynum, and Chris Bosh. Though he’s old, he’s still big enough to eat up space inside and dominate at times.

    There could be a drawback though. He’s been a bust lately for Phoenix and Cleveland and he’s slowed down both teams. He could be a good fit in Boston because the Celtics doesn’t play fast paced basketball and Shaq could be used a lot inside. However, he should work hard to fit in Doc Rivers system. Doc’s system is all about working hard especially on defense and hustle.

    There is no need for Shaq to post his usual 20 points, 10 rebounds output per game some 5 seasons back, all he needs to do is work hard on the defensive end especially when it comes to banging in against other big men, rebounding, and intimidation.

    If Shaq and the Celtics could close in on a deal, that would definitely be big for the Celtics. Shaq, Kevin Garnett, Kendrick Perkins, Glen Davis, and Jermaine O’Neal are more than good enough and if Rasheed Wallace would consider giving it another shot, that would make the Celtics a lot more formidable.

    Another thing, Shaq should accept the fact that he might be coming off the bench. Kendrick Perkins and Kevin Garnett are definitely the starters for the Celtics.

  • Shooter

    @Mackie Not so fast gunslinger.Even when Perk comes back,do you see Doc throwing him in the starting lineup.
    I was just thinking about when Perk does come back.My thoughts are,integrate Perk slowly back into the rotation.Starting with 10 minutes per game,to 15, then when the season winds down to 10-15 games out,rest Shaq more and cut his minutes to 5-6.Or even rest him completely,if he’s ok with it.Play Perk more,then split their minutes accordingly in the playoffs.

    There’s one play i fear going up against the Fakers………the pick n roll with Kobe,Gasol/Drew.Or even Steve Blake, who is more than capable of running the pick n roll with the two 7ftrs.

  • Shooter

    @CaptBubbles Exactly,i can’t understand how any Celtics fan would be mad over this.Who were they thinking we’d pick up……….Earl Barron.What…………have Erden back up JO,Josh Boone and some of the fans favorite,Tolliver.Excuse me but we might as well say goodbye to banner 18 if we got Tolliver,he’d get embarrisngly abused by the Fakers frontcourt.
    I mean what better option did we have?
    We could still do the s&t thing with the Cavs and get Moon.Either way, this is good for Boston’s depth.

  • Leroy

    they celtics get older by year

  • llemur

    forget shaq, what about fernandez?

  • celtics freak

    @llemur it is less than likely to get fernandez but there is a way to have them both

  • lakershater13

    I agree we should not throw shaq under the bus. He is one of the all time greats. Yes he is ready to retire in a year or 2 but you know he wants to tie kobe with 5 rings and who better to do it with than the boston celtics. Shaq is a very hated guy unless he plays for your team. He is hated because he is good. Stop hating on the guy.

  • I love Green

    We are going to be the oldest team in history to win a championship.

  • who da guy

    fuck yea, weve got shaq! woo hoo

  • Geetlan

    I know theres a lot of mixed opinion about shaq, but thats rediculous, he would be great. The thing Doc has always been great at is letting a player know what his expecations are, and if hes willing to take that backseat willingly, this is a match made in heaven. I’m not too scared of the heat, and really only think the crybaby Lakers are the team to get in our way. But when you got enough big man depth to potentially have both oneals playing off the bench come play off time, what answer are they going to have? Pau and Bynum are there two big men, ratliff is nothing to us, they cant play those two all game long, and it will show how much we have to rotate. Shaq + rest + kobe in his way = happy celtic fans.

  • Hillcrestwildcat

    Average age of the team with Shaq a whopping 28. Our core is older but past Shaq and the Big 3 the Celtics are a very young team. No not OKC thunder young,but still young nonetheless. BBD is 24, Daniels is 29, neither Rondo or Perk are 25, and Nate is 26 and Von Wafer is 25. Jermaine Oneal is 30 but actually has lower career minutes because of his early career and injury history. No need to even mention the rookies…but outside of 4-5 players nobody who is getting major minutes for this team is 30 years old. @ I love green pretty sure Bill Russell said the 69 Celtics didn’t have any rotation player under 30 so we are not even in the oldest team to win a championship convo for our franchise let alone history.

  • Hillcrestwildcat

    All reports say Cleveland is not interested in a S&T. No suprise we have nothing they want and they got cap space the only thing we have to offer. Which means Shaq is coming for the minimum, don’t know if they’ll put bonuses in the contract (see nothing wrong with that) Which means could still trade for Rudy (with or without Sheed’s contract) or use Sheed’s contract for someone else (fingers still crossed for Battier).

  • ShawnCVD

    @ Demetri I have to disagree…Your referencing bad LUCK RE 1997 and 2007…Also the C’s went on to acquire KG and Ray Allen in the Summer of 2007…So that was a great Summer.

    Shaq is a grade A pick up at the right price.

  • Zack

    We didn’t lose in the 07 off season, but imagine if we got the #2 pick. We’d have Rondo, Durant, Perk and Jefferson on our team. Instead of having to blow the team up in two years we could have been contending for 10. Not a disappointment considering we won a championship but damn, that would be a good team and a fun team to watch

  • Tom

    It could also be a broken down Oden

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