Post-game Reactions

• Want to get really depressed? NBA TV is airing Game 7 of the 2010 Finals right now! I’m watching The Naked Gun instead, and damn if the baseball scene in that movie isn’t one of the funniest extended sequences in movie history, even 23 years after its release. 

Speaking of the Finals, I took the Ron Artest issue of ESPN The Magazine with me on the subway on my way out last night. I wasn’t expecting much from Ron-Ron—just enough to entertain me while waiting for the E train—but he delivered a couple of tidbits about trash talk in the Finals:

“Against the Celtics in the Finals, Tony Allen got in my face, but I don’t got the time for Tony Allen.”



“Now, if you’re a star and you’re talking trash, I’ll talk back. All series long, Paul Pierce was talking: ‘You’re a bum, you can’t score, you can’t guard me, I’m busting your ass.’ Everything.”

There was a time, maybe 15 years ago when I was a teenager, when this would have annoyed me.

It’s the NBA Finals and you’re wasting mental energy trying to come with one-liners!? But this is apparently a way NBA players get their competitive juices flowing and try to unnerve opponents, even in the biggest games. 

• Sources who are either bluffing or don’t know what they are talking about tell the Plain-Dealer’s Brian Windhorst that Shaq is considering the notion of a big-money contract in Europe. Ha.

By the way: Is “Plain-Dealer” the best newspaper name in the U.S.? I’ve always liked the Detroit Free Press, too. 

• Windhorst also reports that the Cavs still have a $1.03 million qualifying offer out to Jawad Williams, a name a few of you have mentioned as a possible C’s target despite his career 39 percent mark from the floor. The qualifying offer means Cleveland has the right to match any other team’s offer for Jawad, so he’ll be a Cav next season. 

• Phoenix is interested in Matt Janning (among many others) as a possible back-up to Steve Nash’s back-up (Goran Dragic). I mention this only because the occasional commenter will write MATT JANNING!!!!!!! in any post about whom the C’s should target as a minimum-salaried free agent. 

• You can add ex-Miami swing man Yakhouba Diawara to the Minimum Bin, according to the Sun-Sentinel’s Ira Winderman. Diawara is working out in Miami’s gym, hoping to get a contract, but the Heat aren’t interested. 

Diawara is one of the worst offensive players in the league. Let’s leave it at that. 

• For the true die-hards, ShamSports has published both a list of just about every free agent that remains available (including Tweety Carter!) and updated the site’s essential salary database. Go there. 

Happy Sunday.

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  • Zach….The notion that Shaquille should consider playing overseas at this stage has a lot of merit to it. If I was his agent, I’d be encouraging him to take a very hard look at it.

    He’s an international figure, bigger than life, recognized everywhere. He can get paid, he can get his playing time and he can enhance his popularity abroad.

    He’s made himself into a journeyman player anyway so it isn’t like he’s predisposed to winding up somewhere.

    He’s been trying to get aligned with a so-called contender every since he left Miami and where has that gotten him?

    He’s got 4 rings, he’s got enough money, he’s had a hugely successful career that will land him in the Hall fo Fame, and when he’s all done he’ll wind up right back in the public eye, maybe even doing NBA commentator work.

    He’s as clever, articulate and charming as Charles Barkley, so why not? He’s going to land on his feet. Now it’s just a matter of playing out the cycle long enough to where he’s satisfied before he hangs them up.

    Based on the reaction by the league GMs to his free agency situation this summer, why not leave and go overseas?

    It’s not as if there is a NBA team that wants him so badly they’re going to make accomodations for him. That much is clear.

  • Josh A

    @Zach, will the c’s get shaq

  • jp

    shaq going overseas is similar to david beckham and tierre henry coming to the usa to play in mls. its not a bad idea in my opinion


  • dont_drink_the_koolaid

    shaq in europe is a very real possibility. he’d get more money and more love….which is all he ever cared about anyways….the rings were just jewelry and something to brag about.

    ronron just keeps getting more hilarious all the time. he is the only reason i can even stomach game7….happy to see him get over the hump. interested to see what he ends up doing after he’s done with the game.

    isn’t jawad williams bron’s highschool buddy who he personally made the cavs sign? don’t need any bron fanboys around here….

  • Just as a follow-on….Shaq’s agent is Perry Rogers who was also Andre Agassi’s agent for 20 years.

    Perry has got to know the European scene in terms of representing an American star profile athlete’s interest overseas as well as anyone in the business.

    The number of times he made the trek with Andre on the tour from Monte Carlo to Rome to Hamburg, Paris and London every year, he knows that the possiblities for a high profile American athlete in a sport that’s gained recongnition, are quite substantial.

    I would take this propostion quite seriously. it has a ton of merit for a star athlete like Shaq.

  • chibi

    i looked at a list of teams that hadn’t spent any money in the offseason. i was looking for teams with an asset they might want to unload, as it is reasonable to assume they’re trying to save money here and there.

    one name that has been linked with Boston the last couple of years is Andres Nocioni. He was traded to Philly along with Spencer Hawes for Dalembert.

    Assuming Philly made that trade for Hawes, and considering there are guys like Iguodala, Evan Turner, and Thad Young in front of him, you’d think that not only would Philly want to trade Nocioni and his 2 guaranteed ys for an expiring contract–they might actually give up a draft pick to make it happen.

    What do you guys think? Rasheed for Andres and a pick?

    confession: i’m a laker fan, and i’d like for my team to trade for Andres too. I think he’s got a lot of heart, passion, and nastiness. He can hit the 3. On top of that, he’s never really been backed up by shotblockers like the ones on our teams, so I think his aggressive perimeter defense will be a huge plus, whereas on other teams it might not be so positive.

  • First off….educated laker fans are rare.

    Second….Dear shaq, go overseas, make your money.
    You’ll have lots of fun off the court. Woman
    Will line up for you, resturantes will reserve
    The best seats for you and the travel will be
    The experience of a life time.

    Third….Matt janning? Really people? Not a story.

    Fourth….sad note. Rudy isn’t comming.

    Fif….@ Von wafer. Wish you were Rudy!

    Lastly…god I can’t wait till training camp! Anything for actual news! …That is all.

  • Jon

    Who would be a better fit in Boston Jamario moon or andres nocioni?

  • Shooter

    Yeah,when is the “real news” coming.

  • jeffereigh


    just kidding. He was pretty impressive in summer league though but we have that role already sorted.

  • Shooter

    That’s what annoyed me about PP.He just couldn’t shut his mouth when he said “they won’t be coming back”.Or,”i’ll see you next year” after game 2 in Orlando.
    I mean the 1st time he said it,Doc got really annoyed,and so what does PP do………he does it again.It’s like telling your 5 year old kid “don’t play with matches,you’ll burn yourself”.But he never listens.
    What i’m saying is,PP needs to grow up,shut up and show more class.
    So really,Artest achieved what he wanted……….he did get into PP’s head.Now just imagine,Artest+Barnes……..PP’s going to have a head explosion playing against those guys if he let’s them get in his head.

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  • Josh A

    It looks like Shaq has not gotten into any serious discussions.

  • Shooter


  • WhosYour2010NBAChampionshipDaddy?

    “PP needs to grow up,shut up and show more class.”

    Educated Celtic fans are as rare as brain cells in Glen Davis’ oversized melon. So kudos to that statement!

    Face reality Paul, cause it’s facing you.

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  • ShawnCVD

    Oh shut up! Most athletes are out spoken especially in game time situations. Just b/c your team won doesn’t mean you should be trolling around to Celtics sites…and Kobe is not getting any younger and your team will drop out of contention in 2-3 years.

  • Josh A

    What’s up with all these spam

  • Ray

    what about Barron the center for the Knicks the last 10 games of tast season? he played good minutes..

  • Mike

    theres no way shaq will play overseas he has a family to think about

  • celtics freak
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