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Saturday Notebook: Shaq versus Kwame, Rudy Fernandez, and Avery Bradley

Here’s some of the latest news regarding the Boston Celtics I could dig up:

  • The latest buzz from ESPN’s Marc Stein essentially discusses some things we all already know.  The Celtics want to grab another big man to sure up their front-line, and they have kicked the tires on Shaquille O’Neal and Kwame Brown.  As Stein notes, the problem with either of these options resides in the dollar signs.  The Celtics can only offer the veteran minimum and both Brown and O’Neal feel they are worth more:
  • “The problem? The Celtics only have minimum money left. Sources say they’re having trouble getting Brown to accept those wages, so you can imagine where Shaq stands on the idea.

    Word persists that Shaq still hopes to be sign-and-traded somewhere by Cleveland that will allow him to secure a salary next season above the $5.8 million mid-level exception. Our old friend Howard Beck of the New York Times did a comprehensive piece last weekend spelling out just how unlikely landing that sort of contract would appear to be.”

    I would have said making the case for Kwame Brown getting anything more than the vet. min. would be extremely difficult, but that was before the Raptors gave Amir Johnson 35 million dollars-eeessshh.  O’Neal, on the other hand, has a case to make more than the vet. min.  He was a solid contributor on a playoff team last season and he made close to 20 million dollars last season.  Taking the vet. min. would be a HUGE pay cut.  Still, the market is dwindling and it doesn’t look likely that Shaq will get anything more from a contending team.  Obviously, the best situation for Celtics fans would be for Cleveland to agree to a sign-and-trade using Rasheed Wallace’s contract that would net the C’s O’Neal and one of the Cavaliers’ prized free-agent acquisitions from last year (Anthony Parker and Jamario Moon).  The Cavs have little incentive to trade Parker or Moon given the manageable size of their contracts (Parker has 1 year for 2.8 million and Moon has 1 year for 2.9 million).  With both of those contracts coming off the Cavalier payroll next season, a trade like this would probably only net Cleveland a savings of 1 million bucks when it was all said and done.

  • The latest news on the Rudy Fernandez front is…..that there is no news. Here’s the latest from the Arlington Heights Daily Herald (h/t HoopsHype.com):
  • “The Oregonian mentioned the Bulls as a potential destination for Portland shooting guard Rudy Fernandez. League insiders wonder if the Blazers are really serious about moving Fernandez. The Bulls’ inquiries earlier this summer were rebuffed.

    At this point, if Fernandez is unhappy with his limited role in Portland, the Bulls may not be his best option, considering they’ve already added Kyle Korver and Ronnie Brewer at two guard.  According to reports, the Blazers are willing to accommodate Fernandez’ trade request and are looking for a first-round draft pick in return.

    The 6-6 Fernandez, 25, played well as a rookie, averaging 10.4 points and shooting 42.5 percent from the field. He slumped in his second season, dropping to 8.1 points and 38-percent shooting in slightly fewer minutes.

    I’ve seen rumors of the Bulls offering Taj Gibson for Fernandez, but cannot imagine that happening. You don’t trade a competent big man for an unproven guard.”

    So Fernandez won’t be happy in Chicago given their recent acquisitions of Kyle Korver and Ronnie Brewer and it appears that the Knicks really don’t have anything the Blazers want in return.  So is Boston the front-runner to snag Fernandez?  At this point, I’d say there is no front-runner.

    It’s weird that the Blazers are claiming they are willing to trade Fernandez considering he’s still on his rookie deal.  Portland is just over the luxury tax line (luxury tax is at $69.92 million) with close to 71 million dollars in salaries for this coming season.  I’m not sure if Sheed’s deal and a first round pick is enough to pry such a cost-effective player away from the Blazers.

  • Somehow I missed this last Tuesday, but ESPN’s John Hollinger (Insider only) has dubbed the Boston Celtics one of the NBA’s offseason survivors.  Hollinger talks about what Celtics fans already know (Doc, Pierce, Allen, Robinson, and Daniels are all back, Jermaine O’Neal is now on board), but probably the most interesting part of the blurb discusses Avery Bradley’s role:
  • “Draft pick Avery Bradley can take over Tony Allen’s role as a defensive stopper off the bench. And perhaps best of all, Rivers agreed to return and coach the team for one more year.”

    I was going to make the very same assertion in a post but then I consulted my source for everything Longhorn related, TrueHoop’s Rob Mahoney (TheTwoManGame.com, HardwoodParoxysm.com).  Mahoney graciously provided me with a first-hand scouting report of the Celtics first round draft pick:

    “Celtics fans are going to dig Bradley’s game. He’s already an excellent individual defender — he can stay in front of almost anyone, doesn’t gamble too much, and is great at providing on-ball pressure — but when put in an established defensive system (like Boston’s), he should be even better. Avery won’t fit the exact billing as a TA replacement, but only because he’s slightly less versatile (Bradley has no business guarding NBA 3s…ever). Otherwise, I see Bradley as a defensive difference-maker in his rookie year, even if he lacks Allen’s seasoning.”

    Given his defensive pedigree, it would be a conclusion to make that Bradley would step in a fill the void left by TA’s departure, but as Mahoney points out, Bradley will not be able to guard NBA small forwards.  In other words, he won’t be a TA replacement at all but he will be a great on-ball defender should the Celtics decide to ever put on a full court press next season.

    Here is the rest of Mahoney’s report:

    “The offensive end is where Bradley’s a bit more limited. He’s very athletic, yet he was never a particularly good finisher at Texas. In a lot of cases he’d make a great move to get to the rim but blow a point-blank opportunity, and that’s not the type of play that will endear him to NBA coaches. That problem is underscored by the fact that Bradley isn’t a natural playmaker. His own scoring limitations wouldn’t be such a big deal if he could create for others, but his court vision seems pretty limited at the moment. His most polished offensive skill is likely the spot-up jumper, which is reliable but not infallible.

    If Boston is patient with him, Bradley could turn out to be a damn intriguing player. He’ll never be a pure point, but there’s no reason he can’t eventually develop into a drive-and-kick type in the Tony Parker mold. I could see Rondo and Bradley headlining one of the league’s most effective point guard rotations for years to come, and coming off the bench as a combo guard may be an ideal situation for Bradley. He has the raw talent of a potential starter, but if he’s able to focus on what he can do while slowly improving on the things that he can’t, Avery should be both comfortable and successful in his role.”

    That’s it for now Celtics’ fans.  Enjoy your Saturday!

    • I love Green

      Yeah Avery! Now I’m pumped!

    • Coolin

      If Avery Bradley is as good as they say on defense and doesn’t gamble off of his defender like Rondo then I would greatly welcome that.

      There is no way he could, let alone anybody in the NBA, shoot as bad as Tony Allen then that too is greatly welcomed.

    • celticbob

      We need Rudy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • JP

      I don’t think the Celtics should even consider Kwame Brown, at this point, get Shaq or give the big minutes to Erden or Harangody.

    • Bud

      We must get Rudy and then ill go get my championship ring ordered!

    • I love Green

      Talk to Sweet Lou. Then since he’s worth more money go after Earl Barron, or Josh Boone.

    • drew

      boston is the team oneal needs to go to there are competitors and will compete with many. what is the deal with rashed wallace is he gonna play or what/ if not use his contract for onel soon.

    • dasein

      Kwame thinks hes worh more than the min? Crap and delusional. We dont need that.

      Boone anyone?

    • Shooter

      Pass on Kwame, even at the vets min.I’d rather play Erden as a backup or Harangody than that bum.
      Seriously,Shaq must come to Boston,unless Atlanta are dumb enough to throw some serious money at him.Even then it’s stupid to think Atlanta could be contenders.

    • celtics freak


      HARANGODY AND RUDY!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Tom

      Doesn’t a sign and trade require a 3 year deal on Shaq’s part?

    • Rapster

      Please get Rudy for 1st round pick next season!!

    • Mattyflo

      yes it does require a 3 year deal on shaqs part. but only a 1 year guaranteed. i say forget shaq. hes old and his knees are going to give out completely this year im calling it

      As far as rudy goes i think that he would compliment this team very well and if we could get him for not much more than a 1st round pick that would be awesome. Shaq blows and hes full of himself. Harongody has done an awesome job in the summer league. i think if he and avery step up and get decent minutes that big man gap will be closed

    • Ersatz

      I live in Austin and watched Bradley some. He’s a good shooter, though streaky. I saw him have some stretches where he nailed 20-footer after 20-footer. And, as everyone’s said, his defense is excellent. I’m looking forward to it, though I wish he were three inches taller.

      Also, no more than the vet minimum for Shaq, please!

    • celtics freak
    • celtics freak


    • Take Josh Boone He always played on good teams even in high school went all the way to a national championship as a freshman starter at Uconn. I think those bad years in NJ got him down. He’ll come back

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