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Brief Saturday Notebook: Wafer Talks, More Minimum Options Go

The sun is shining in New York City, and it’s not so hot that I want to die the minute I step out of my air conditioned apartment. You know what that means: Central Park beckons. 

So: some brief notes from around the league:

• Von Wafer talked to Slam’s Tzvi Twersky about the lead-up to Wafer signing a one-year minimum deal with Boston, and in Wafer’s telling, Doc Rivers made it very clear that the me-first crap that has flared up now and then with Wafer won’t fly in Boston:

“I just hope to help the team,” says the 25-year-old over the phone. “I’m all about the team first. I want to do anything I can to help make this a better team. Coach Rivers said, ‘If you’re not going to be a team player I don’t want you here.’ So I’m just gonna do my best to help make us a stronger group.”

Sounds good, Von. 

• Meanwhile, some other potential minimum-salary targets have found homes:

• Joey Graham, a player for whom I have a completely unreasonable affection, has signed a two-year, $2.5M deal with the Cavaliers, according to the Denver Post. Joey Graham is guaranteed to do at least one amazing thing and one astonishingly dumb thing every game. 

If the C’s can’t nab Rudy Fernandez, a guy like Graham—an athlete capable of playing either forward position—would be a suitable regular-season minutes-sopper. But he’s not a guy you’re going to trust in an important post-season game. 

• Rasho Nesterovic is taking his talents to the Greek powerhouse Olympiakos, which proves that Olympiakos management may not really know what they are doing. Look: Rasho’s a nice player, and he can still shoot 50 percent from the floor in limited minutes, but an already-disastrous Toronto defense gave up 9 more points per 100 possessions last season with Rasho on the floor. 

Rasho’s 34, and he may not have much to offer at this point. 

Still: The pool of big guys that might be available for the minimum is dwindling fast. I’m crossing my fingers that Lou Amundson somehow becomes available at that price, since no one seems to want him. Beyond Lou, it gets pretty ugly, especially since Shaq still think he’s worth more than the mid-level exception and Kwame Brown, another reported C’s target, wants more than the vet’s minimum, per Marc Stein

• In a story that is just too perfect, the Miami Heat have apparently fired their entire ticket sales staff, since there aren’t any  more tickets to sell, according to the Miami Herald. Dwyane Wade’s Team canned 30 folks in all, the Herald reports. 

Happy Saturday!

  • James

    Forget KB as he is a bust. Sign Shaq and keep Sheed. Go Cs…

  • slam

    Lou Admunson or Josh Boone. Those are my remaining big man targets. Not Shaq or Kwame. Though I’d take Bierdrins if we could pull off a small miracle and trade Sheed’s contract for him.

    I’d still like to get Fernandez or Delonte West too.

  • Arvin

    Get Shaq, but wait for him until he has no options available. We do not need to overpay him. If he signs elsewhere, then welcome Boone.

    Miami fired its slaes staff, nice. Maybe they could do another show, “The Decision II.” What a terrible organization. Enjoy LeBron. Great athlete with the heart of a mouse.

  • I love Green

    Oh sweet Lou, I would jump for joy if we got him.

  • Coolin

    We need more than anything one of these two, Rudy or T-Mac over anyone mentioned above.

    Kwame, expecting to be paid more than the min. is absolutely smoking some kind of illegal substance.

    Shaq or Lou would be ideal to round out the f.a.

  • Scotty B

    James have you been reading or following any of this??? you cant sign shaq and keep sheed…shaq wants 6 plus mil a year, boston can only offer the vet min…

  • Ryan

    Lou Amundson is too much money.

  • JP

    Amundson would work well and it would be amazing if we could get him for the vet min. I’d rather have him than Shaq. The Heat are quickly becoming the most hated team in the NBA, and if this story about the firings gains any steam, it could make them even more hated. I truly hope they fall flat in the playoffs.

  • Josh A

    Hey guys. very good New England sports blog will be up soon. Who would want to check it out?

  • drew

    what is rasheed wallace gonna do can anyone get a response? give his contract to celveland for shaq oneal and trade a plaer or to or a draft pick.

  • Shooter

    “Joey Graham is guaranteed to do at least one amazing thing and one astonishingly dumb thing every game”.
    Yep,that’s the Graham brothers in a nutshell.”Hulk Jr” Joey’s brother wasn’t so bad in Charlotte,but he wasn’t so good either.Rebounds well,but is prone to make some bonehead decisions regularly.
    Get Shaq and call it an off season.

  • legs-diamond

    Would it be out of the question to get Sheed a personal trainer and launder his old togs? The cat is talented and, if in shape, could complement Jermaine and Perk.

  • Josh A

    @Zach, y u in NYK

  • celtics freak


  • celtics freak

    OH AND CELTICS FANS CHECK THIS VIDEO OUT <object width="388" height="394" classid="clsid:D27CDB6E-AE6D-11cf-96B8-44455354000

  • Jon

    @ Celtics freak- You are sentenced to a timeout now for your last idiotic statement… young players are not going to help us win this year. Shaq is……

    How long till we know yes or no on Shaq?

  • Josh A

    @Jon, I think that we will know by the weekends end if the Celtics and Shaq are nearing a deal.

  • Josh A

    If Shaq wants to play this year, the Celtics are his choice. Sources are saying that the Celtics still only want to offer him Vet. Min. This is probably a good choice for the C’s because they don’t know if they are getting good or bad Shaq. Let’s see if anything happens in my prediction amount of time- 24 hours. I say they both gain interest and Shaq will become a Celtic.

  • Shooter

    I hope you’re right Josh.I’m already antsy as it is,can’t wait any longer.I want Shaq to sign with us like last week.

  • Celticjay

    If Shaq was going to get big money somewhere, it would have already happened. There are teams with plenty of Cap space remaining from “The Decision”. I always thought Oklahoma City would be an interesting fit for a year. His size would really make a difference and they have $8Mil to spend.

  • Celticjay


    I think Shaq could help the Celts – mostly in the postseason, but that’s a lot of egos to deal with if you’re Doc. When Perk returns, someone has to sit. We saw what happened to Cleveland last year when they chose Shaq & Ilgauskis down the stretch over the quicker frontline – they became very predictable, and easy to beat up & down the floor.

    Shaq could help as a pure backup for Perk or for certain matchups, but that’s it.

    We still need help on the wing – someone who can shoot the 3-pointer. GO CELTICS!!

  • Shaq in no rush to sign a vet minimum contract.

  • WhosYour2010NBAChampionshipDaddy?

    Wow. Some of you are excited about getting Shaq? I guess whatever it takes to get your mind off your loss this year.


  • yoki

    i keep on believing that Shaq will eventually come to Boston. If not then they should just get Earl Barron as their big man.

  • celtics freak

    its like @Josh A says you never know if you will get good shaq or bad shaq and i would like to win a title this year but hey before we got ray allen and kg we had alot of down years so why not just wait and develope some young players beacaus ethe old players just keep getting OLDER

  • Josh A

    i will keep u guys update on everything I can get about Shaq.

  • To all who think that Boston is the logical choice for Shaq, I continue to say that the value proposition isn’t very compelling for him:

    1) The money isn’t there.

    2) The minutes aren’t there. He’ll have to fight for time with 3 other BIGS for half the season and a 4th one returning from injury in the second half.

    3) The opportunity for a championship is a borderline stretch. An aging team who will be playing without one their key contributors for most of the year, lacking quality depth, hoping to mount one last campaign before the dismantlement begins, in a conference that just got at least two other substantial new contenders for next year (Miami and Chicago).

    Celtic fans have their hopes riding on the fact that it may be the last, best option for Shaq, so he has no chocie but to take it, even if the circumstances
    don’t line up all that well in his favor.

    I’m not sure Shaq is the right profile for that kind of a win/lose proposition.

    Look at it this way:

    All the other aging star power veterans on the Boston roster get taken care of financially with re-signings including Jermaine, and they all have the promise of playing for a ring as well, but Shaq is the one who’s supposed to play his heart out for next to nothing and live with the uncertainty that he may be sitting at the far end of the bench as the 5th BIG in the Celtic plans when Perkins returns?

    How compelling would that feel to you if you were someone of Shaq’s stature?

    Just saying, these circumstances are not a good match for either the player or the team. The fans ares omething else.

  • Dizzy

    SIGN FORMER Northeastern star SHAWN JAMES…currently playing in Israel, if he didn’t transfer he’d be in the NBA…Shot Blocking BEAST

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