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According Alex Kennedy of HoopsWorld.com, the Celtics have signed Von Wafer to a one year contract worth the veteran mininum.  This signing most likely puts a stop to the Rudy Fernandez trade discussions.  Danny Ainge has been saying for weeks that the Celtics need a wing and a big man.  Now with Wafer on board, the Celtics have their wing and may decide that Wafer is enough.

Personally, I didn’t think Wafer was really coming to Boston so I didn’t bother writing any type of speculative analysis.  It’s hard to say how Wafer will fit in with this very veteran squad.  For those who don’t know, Wafer made headlines in 2009 by having a breakout season with the Houston Rockets.  When his contract expired at the end of the season, he decided to cash in for more money overseas.  It’s almost always a smart business move for an athlete to get the most money while he/she can given the prevalence of career ending injuries (see Darius Miles).  This strategy, however, backfired when he was waived by his Greek team a short five months later.

Wafer has had a few stints in the NBA since then (10 day contract with the Mavericks and almost resigned with the Rockets after coming back stateside in 2009 before failing a physical.  No word on whether this was a Luther Head-type physical) but has not made a significant impact in the NBA aside from that one season with the Rockets.

Now that I’ve got you pretty much up to speed on Wafer, it’s time to start talking about what he will bring the Boston Celtics:

  • Shooting: The kid can shoot-the-rock.  45% from the field and 39% from deep.  The only draw-back is that he averaged 8 field goal attempts a game during his breakout season.  Do you think he’s getting 8 FGA’s for the Celtics next year?
  • Defense: So far? Sub par.  In 2009, Wafer ranked below league average in defensive efficiency and steals. Compared to Tony Allen, his heir apparent his defensive numbers don’t even come close.

There is really no telling what Von Wafer will bring to the Celtics considering he hasn’t played consistent, organized basketball in a year.  What is known, or at least apparent after a quick perusal, is that his Twitter account may be a constant source of entertainment.

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  • 15GREEN15

    yeah boy von wafer in boston!

  • rob

    We need one more wing because its almost a give in that maquis gets injured. Bring in another big too someone with post moves and rebounding(shaq)

  • Perry

    Disappointing from the standpoint that Fernandez is likely off the table. It may be that the Knicks have the inside track or there’s no inclination from the Blazers to get the deal done.

    Interesting that Wafer’s contract is guaranteed. Now the roster stands at 13 players signed with Harangody likely to sign tomorrow. That leaves one roster spot. So what’s it gonna be with Sheed? Is Shaq off the table? Are we done with backups for Pierce and Allen?

  • Banner 18?

    I like the move but it’s disappointing that we probably won’t get Rudy. He would’ve been a nice addition. Anyway, I have my money on Wafer being a nice contributor off the bench. Give him a solid system (gangreen) and a core of vets (da big three) to keep him in line, and you have a solid winger to play alongside the driving Grand Marquis and N8 the Gr8. I like the addition almost as much as Rex Ryan likes his cake.

  • MP

    Unless Harangody can play the 3, we still need another wing.

  • dreik

    we can get also D-West if T-Wolves waive him for the vet minimum also

  • dupree

    I don’t get why Rudy is off the table??? We still need another wing. Jesus the C’s r gonna suck next year. These bench is lookin pretty hideous.

  • dont_drink_the_koolaid

    I always thought Von Wafer was cool name until i saw his full name: Vakeaton Quamar Wafer. Man!

    This guy is a firecracker. Him, Eddy and Baby on the court at the same time….anything could happen. Part amazing, part throw something through the TV in frustration. Will give some spark to the regular season. I like it!

    But I don’t think this takes the need for a bigger wing out of the picture. This is vet min insurance policy to make sure Ray and Truth don’t have to play 40 minutes each to start of the season. Gives Danny time and leverage to make a deal before the deadline.

  • dont_drink_the_koolaid

    the person most pleased with this signing should be quis. he’ll be getting lots of burn early to prove whether he can be a key contributor down the stretch….

  • dont_drink_the_koolaid

    typo…eddy on my mind.

    von + nate + baby = anything is possible

  • Shooter

    Damn….. wasn’t aware Von was like that till i read his twitter tweets or whatever their called.Sounds like a gangster.Hopefully he keeps his attitude in check on the court and in the locker room.
    Gonna have to wait and see how this one pans out.

  • Shooter

    @koolaid….yeah that’s a real handful coming off the bench,i wonder who gets the 1st technical of the regular season……my money is on Baby.

  • I love Green

    @koolaid- Who is this Eddy you speak of????????

    But yes our bench will fun. Nate scores in bunches, Von scores in bunches, and Big Baby can take over games by himself.

    Although I’d rather have Rudy over Von, we won’t have to worry about him complaining about minutes or his role now.

  • Rudy’s off the table because Portland isn’t motivated to move him right now.

    If they move him now, they get low value in return. The Celtics wanted Rudy but not bad enough to give up anything.

    Big baby would be one thing. But a compilation of D Leaguers, a non lottery first round pick and/or the contract of a player they got rid of in the first place, supposedly retiring; doesn’t constitute much value.

    They’d be better served to hang onto him for awhile and wait for a team thats really got some urgency.

  • I love Green

    Nevermind koolaid.

  • I love Green

    He has the potential to be average on defense this year. He’s just gotta buy into the defense first system.

  • Zain

    @Green: High five?

    BTW: @ESPNForsberg One day after I suggested in the mailbag that the C’s could wait and snag a guy like Von Wafer later, they show how much I know

    Made me laugh

  • I love Green

    @Zain- Yeah high five! He’ll get 15-20 minutes a game with us, so hopefully he plays well. Like he did with Houston.

  • Sam

    How does this take Rudy Fernandez off the table any more than drafting Avery Bradley supposedly took Nate Robinson off the table? Heck we were rumored to be in the hunt for Eddie House with both those guys on the team.

    I’m pretty sure Danny is still looking for help on the wing. Wafer is just one more piece.

  • Zain

    @Green: I’m not sure how I feel about his twitter comment “U can’t play rondo and Allen together”

  • I love Green

    @Zain- That comment was made on that one night I don’t want to think about. I bet he was talking about Tony Allen.

    Watching highlights of him it seems like he’s lightning quick, and is really athletic. Him and Rondo on the break will be yummmy.

  • Zain

    @Green: I completely forgot he could have meant TA, not Ray Ray. I guess I’ve forgotten about Tony already after his (what I thought) were ridiculously dumb comments about why he left to Memphis.

    So..12 roster spots, 13 signed. Looking for one more big man..who makes the cut? Harangody is gonna be #14. I doubt we’ll see him and Erden get minutes this season at this rate.

  • I love Green

    Lafayette, Gaffney, and Erden/Harangody probably won’t dress. I can see them giving Erden the edge there because he’s 7 feet tall.

  • Hillcrestwildcat

    Von Wafer is taller House. We could still get Rudy I think. Wafer is just us signing Plan B in case the Celtics don’t want to give what Portland wants for Rudy, and its a way to let them know that. Gaffney or Lafayette or both could go out in a Rudy trade and we could get him and Pryzbilla. Or just Rudy for picks and the unguaranteed contracts and a trade with Cleveland for Sheed’s contract and Shaq. If trade talks are on hold until Sunday come Monday, the Rudy trade still might come through.

  • I love Green

    “Von Wafer is a taller House”

    Probably the quote of the month. Wafer is athletic, very quick, can get to the rim, he can shoot, and has the potential to be an average defender with the Celtics.

    House can shoot.

  • dont_drink_the_koolaid

    Nothing to compare between House and Wafer. Heat got fizzle, and Celtics got sizzle.

  • JP

    Would rather have both Rudy and Wafer, but I like this signing. Hoping he can help our bench with the scoring.

  • Sophomore

    @I love Green – if this signing happened five days ago, I would’ve been happy. Nice and simple. But now, they got my hopes up for Rudy, and I’m kind of mixed. There’s a lot more downside risk here – I mean, if you’re an NBA rotation player with a plus outside shot, how do you get cut by a Greek team?

    Hopefully, the Cs have done their due diligence. Maybe they’re still thinking they might get Rudy or someone better? After all, they are paying Wafer the minimum.

  • Zain

    I wonder if Boston to flip this and trade Wafer, picks and cash for Rudy.

  • pam

    not a fan of this signing. we need a biggish sf to back pp up. right now the only person on our roster who can back up him is marquis who is injury prone and a little undersized for the position considering we will be meeting lebron with firepower in the playoffs. we cant afford having pp gassed out and contributing nothing on offense against the heat. they will just eat us up.

  • I love Green

    @Sophomore- I agree. Rudy is proven, and Von had that breakout year.

    And by the way I think Von got cut by the Greek team because of his attitude. But don’t quote me on that, I’m not positive.

  • I love Green

    Correction: Von only had that breakout year.

  • I love Green

    @Zain- That would be interesting if Danny pulled that off.

  • dasein

    meh…Wafer is like the bizzaro TA; all shooting but no D. Can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’d rather have TA back.
    And really, how is this guy any different to Nate? A small spark-plug of the bench who doesn’t always have his head in the game.
    Can’t say I like it. Disappointed we didn’t go for Ruddy.

  • rob

    What’s wafers twitter account?

  • Shooter

    The Hawks have re-signed Jason Collins.
    That’s possibly good news for those here who want Shaq.
    I hope we get him,our frontcourt,in fact our bench could go 10 deep.Having both O’Neal’s play center is going to give teams fits.If by the all star weekend, JO is playing well and we’re sitting at the top of the East or 2nd,i’m not worried about when Perk returns and how to inject him back into the rotation.
    As it is, we can’t be going into the regular season with JO and (Lord help me) Harangody or (Lord save me) Erden as backups.

  • Jon

    What are we waiting for with shaq… lets get him now danny….!!!! I am typically a patient guy but not right now…

  • Shooter

    On the other hand, if this Von signing is a delayed plan to get Rudy and Przybilla in the future,we can’t lose.

  • Shooter

    Wafer actually looks like he could be Ron Artest’s brother.

  • The reason Atlanta didn’t sign Shaq is the same reason Boston won’t. He wants too much money and guaranteed playing time so he can still be the man.

    Oh and congratulations on signing

    Von Waiver…………..

  • I really dont know what 2 think bout this but Im not happy. I guess gonna have 2 wait til the season starts. They still need a big.

  • Banner18?

    Does a trade for Rudy work straight up with Baby’s contract? If it does, I wonder how much Ainge likes Harangody…

  • Shooter

    @Banner18….no not that much,what you been smoking today?

  • kip

    this additoin doesnt hurt at all….none of out additions hurt at all the last two years….kg got hurt the year before understandable..magic beat us….perk got hurt in game 6 we lost by 6 points in game 7 to the lakers…hell what more do you want

  • kip

    who we add dont matter its who gets injured that matters

  • kip

    if perk never got injured celtics by 7 in game 7

  • kip

    everybody in bed?

  • Shooter

    @Dave That’s what i don’t understand,TMac,Iverson now Shaq all are reluctant to accept a lesser role even though they’r obviously at a point in their careers where they’re in decline.
    In Shaq’s case,he says he wants to play for a contender well tell me how in the hell is he going to play for a contender as a starter.
    Let’s look at the contenders:
    Lakers,Boston,Miami,Orlando.Ok so out of those 4, none of those teams will actually start Shaq.In Miami’s case they strictly don’t want him.If i were Danny i’m not starting Shaq over JO,which is why after they met he said it’s unlikely he signs him,because Shaq wants to start and wants more than the mid level.
    That astounds me,even when age,the truth,laws of gravity is staring at them point blank in the face, they still refuse to accept it.
    Shaq will have to accept coming off the bench.I don’t think playing time will be a factor,he could still get 22 minutes per game.That and lesser salary,but i mean we’re talking about Shaq here a multi millionaire,not Earl Barron.
    If the Shaq plan fails,we must go after Earl Barron.
    Who else is there? And don’t even say Erden.

  • kip

    i agree bud u still there?

  • Shooter

    You talking to me kip?

  • kip


  • kip

    still there?

  • Tristan

    TOLLIVER….quick before he signs with GSW or Portland, he is young, cheap, can rebound and shoot…..he isnt Shaq I know, but he is a good cheap young proven player

  • Shooter

    Yeah about to have my dinner though…..where you at?

  • kip

    maine u?

  • Shooter

    @kip NZ.
    I’m not a fan of undersized centers,unless of course his name is Ben Wallace and i don’t see Tolliver becoming the player Wallace was or is.We need length we all saw that aginst the Lakers and it was obvious throughout the regular season.

  • Dennis Savellano

    Von Wafer can’t get minutes, that’s for sure! I don’t think Danny Ainge made a very good decision with this. Do you really think he can back-up Ray Allen? I personally don’t think so.

  • omar

    rudy can still come wafer can be someone to fill out the bench not nessarily going to be a Role player for us i still think rudy can come

  • Chris O.

    I hope we can still either get Rudy and/or Shaq. I still wouldn’t mind seeing us trade Sheed for Shaq and Moon.

  • Chris O.

    Yea I don’t understand we still have roster space…people act like we don’t if you minus Rasheed we only have 11 guaranteed dudes for next year and that includes Von Wafer and Perk. Assume Harangody gets signed thats 12.

  • Mark

    @Shooter you are right! We need a real big and if Danny is patient enough to work hard and convince Shaq he can get another ring with the Celts, we can trade Sheed’s contract for a solid SF to back up Paul Pierce. Once Perk gets back in playing shape we can use Jermaine O’Neal at PF to backup KG. In addition, if Von Wafer plays well at the 2 spot we should go deep into the playoffs with our bench being able to hold its own. Anyone agree???

  • Chris O.

    @ Mark I def agree. I wouldn’t mind flipping Sheed’s contract for Shaq and Jamario Moon. Then realistically you could hvae Quis, Moon and Wafer all back up Pierce and Ray. That was Jermaine, and Shaq can split center duty until Perky gets back. Then I completly agree you could move Jermaine behind KG as a PF. That puts you 2nd full line up as something like

    Jamario/Quis/Wafer (pick 2 of those 3)
    Nate/Avery (as the backup PG)

  • Shooter

    What about Baby guys.I see our depth like this if we get Shaq:

    C JO,Shaq

    PF KG,BBD,Harangody

    Personally, i don’t think JO is quick enough on his feet to stick with PFs in this league. Also,with the better shooting PFs pulling him away from the basket it takes away his shotblocking.

  • celtics freak

    well who cares about big baby i mean hes good MOST of the time but he is still inconsistent and who is gonna want sheeds contract when everyone knows hes gonna retire and unless you want to make cap space who is gonna wanna trade for basically nothing

  • celtics freak

    has any1 thought about trading sheeds cntrct for matt barnes

  • Chris O.

    @ Shooter -JO as a backup PF/C is a steal. I know he can’t keep up with the more Athletic quick PF’s but he can handle the small men and bangers pretty easy with just his length and size at PF. Also the shot blocking would be on him and Shaq.

    @ Celtics Freak -It gives them an exception so helps other teams immensely if needed. So basically it is not nothing.

  • Anthony

    If these highlights are any indication, this guy is a legitimate player. Is it just me but doesnt he reminds anyone else a little of D-Wade?


  • Jason

    I know this is only a minor move, the guy is going to be 9th or 10th guy, not a real important piece but this bothers me more than it should. He has a very low basketball IQ and isn’t good enough to step outside of his role as much as he does. It’s good that he has athleticism and can shoot pretty decently but he is not good enough or trustworthy enough for Doc to use him in an important playoff game. They’re still where they were at the end of the season, with nobody behind Paul and Ray who can provide consistent value like Posey did.

  • Shooter

    @Chris i wasn’t aware JO would be a backup.I doubt Doc will play JO at the 4 with BBD there.

    @Anthony you out of your mind kiddo.Stop with the DWade comparisons pleeeease.

  • Shooter

    What the hell NBA.com has Deshawn Sims birth date @ Jan 1,1900.So he must be 100+ years old.

  • Jeremy

    defense in the nba is all about the system all that is required lateral movement and two hands the guys who cant defend dont pay attention. thabo sefeloshas main defensive attribute is staying down on pump fakes . von should be able to defend just fine.

  • Tugboat

    I don’t think the Rudy trade is off the table. Wafer makes more sense as a 3rd Shooting Guard than as a 2nd. He just doesn’t feel like someone, given Doc’s history, who’d be seeing meaningful minutes. Like Chris O. says, the roster is still very flexible as Gaffney and Lafayette may be waived.

  • Chris O.

    Exactly Tugboat, if they don’t think Gaffney is going to play backup SF (which at this point they might think he can) they can alsways waive him and Lafayette. We could still flip Sheed for Rudy and something or for Shaq and Moon/Parker. As I said before I wouldn’t mind getting Moon and Shaq. Then Jamario can play your backup 3 and eventually your 5 best big men are KG, Perk, Jermaine, Shaq, Baby (in no specific order). That would be awesome…

  • Anthony

    @shooter…lol… i’m not going crazy… i did say “a little”… maybe i should rephrase and say ” very little”? But he does have some good basketball attributes. He finishes pretty strong around the rim, has a nice shooting touch, and plays hard. Cant go wrong for a vet’s minimum contract.

  • @shooter….With Shaq it’s always the same tired story. Playing for a contender. Well the contenders need to pay attention to how little Shaq has done in recent years to help these so-called contenders get over the top (Phoenix and Cleveland).

    And he doesn’t play through physical problems. He’s missed large portions of seasons before including last year with the thumb problem.

    If Perkins can’t return to full status next season following injury, then the Celtics won’t win the East, regardless of the additions they’ve made at center this summer.

    If he does return, then there is absolutely no place for Shaq on the Celtics.

  • @Jason…Your desire for the Celtics to obtain a high quality wing doesn’t reconcile the fact that they aren’t willing to part with anything that another team would value.

    Nobody gives up value for a future mediocre, non lottery, back-end of the first round, draft pick.

    Nobody gives up value for “D” leaguers who might wind up on your roster at the end of your bench.

    Nobody gives up value for an over the hill player’s contract who hasn’t decided if he’s going to retire.

    Even if you combined these assets, they aren’t treasured assets except perhaps to Celtic fans. These are assets that a team with a quality wing they’re willing to trade, could get anywhere from anybody without hardly even trying, much less surrendering that quality to the defending Eastern Conference Champs out of the kindness of their heart.

    Helping the Celtics at their expense is the last thing they want to do.

    For these reasons, you might consider cutting your GM a little slack while being a little less disappointed and a little more realistic.

    Just something to think about.

  • @celticfreak…First of all why would the Lakers ever make a trade that might help the Celtics?

    Second the Lakers just signed Matt Barnes as the insurance they need since it looks like Luke Walton may have to retire with his chronic back problems.

    And third, what on earth would they want with Wallace’s contract? The Lakers are trying to 3-peat. Not unload cap space.

  • Jeff

    @ Dave

    No matter how soon or well Perk is when he returns and how AWESOME his defense is, Shaq still (even at 38) is a better rebounder and post scorer. Those are two things that the C’s don’t have and will need this year.

  • @ChrisO….”I hope we can still either get Rudy and/or Shaq. I still wouldn’t mind seeing us trade Sheed for Shaq and Moon”

    Boston aside, I would still love to have someone explain exactly what the value of this trade would bring to Cleveland?

    They’ve already obtained the cap space from wiping Shaq off the books. What is the amazing value proposition and motivation for the Cavs to re-sign Shaq now so they can trade his paper to Boston in exchange for Wallace’s paper?

    Throw in Moon, a player they aren’t necessarily all that motivated to move in the first place, all of which is intended to help the Celtics, the team who incidentally bounced the Cavs out of the playoffs a couple of months ago thus changing their destiny forever maybe;

    What alternate universe would make this arrangement something that would compel Cleveland to the bargaining table?

    In the immortal words of John McEnroe, “You cannot be serious!”

  • @Jeff…Yeah but Jeff, at this point he’s a poor fit in so many other ways.

    First of all, notice that the Lakers and the Heat and the Magic and the Suns and the Cavs all passed on a guy who played for them before, even though they might have been able to have him at vets minimum salary and in a backup role.

    What does that tell you?

    If Danny wanted to go the Shaq route then he should’ve concentrated there instead of signing Jermaine.

    Then he could’ve brought Shaq in at a price that would properly motivate him and with a clear path of playing time that would fit for Shaq even after Perkins returns.

    But with Jermaine being the first choice, this value proposition is muddled.

    One thing I can promise you. You don’t want Shaq under circumstances where there is a better than average chance that he will be unhappy with the arrangement.

    Right or wrong, his ego hasn’t changed which is why he hasn’t signed with anyone this late.

    Just like McGrady and his tryout comments in Chicago, Shaq is a guy who still thinks he’s capable of being the man in any situation and he’s never even come close to conceding that.

    It’s a very, very poor fit for the Celtics at this late stage and it isn’t about the attributes or the needed skills that the guy could bring.

    He isn’t going to be okay with a role of being the fourth or fifth BIG in Boston for no money when he knows he has at best 2 to 3 seasons left, whether he signs with Boston or not.

    If he does sign, it’ll be because in his mind, he’s going to prove to everyone that he’s still the man. But he won’t succeed with that.

  • Lets say welcome for Shaq 😀

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