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Et Tu, Eddie? House Signs With Heat

Well, it looks like we are going to have a tough time rooting vehemently against everyone in Miami next year, upon the revelation Eddie House will be signing with The Heat, according to the twitter of Yahoo Sports’ Adrian Wojnarowski. The deal is reportedly 2 years for 2.8 million dollars total, but don’t let those numbers fool you, it’s strictly a 2 year deal at the veteran’s minimum.

A multi-year offer for the 32 year old sharpshooter was likely the best Eddie was going to do in this market, especially coming off of a poor shooting season last year.

The C’s reportedly had been in contact with House’s agent this offseason, but with the re-signing of Nate Robinson, there appeared to be have been no real spot for House in the C’s rotation next year anyway, as we noted here at CelticsHub earlier this week.

For the Heat, this is another solid veteran bench get, a guy with real playoff chops (59 games) and who as recently as 2008-09, shot 48 percent from downtown in 2 playoff series, helping keep a shorthanded C’s team competitive.

I’m not sure how much Eddie has left in the tank after things went sour last year, but he will certainly get plenty of open looks on that Heat squad from beyond the arc, let’s just hope he isn’t hitting them against the Green team. The guy is a class act though, so good for him getting the security of a 2 year deal at this point in his career.

There’s also some updating to be done on the Rudy Fernandez trade rumor front. Jason Quick of The Oregonian, who has been all over this potential deal from the beginning is reporting trade talks have been put on hold until Sunday when Fernandez’s agent is planning on new Blazers GM Rich Cho and Head Coach Nate McMillian.

Meanwhile, another Portland newspaper The Colombian is reporting that the team may be in no rush to move Fernandez at all:

Portland will not hesitate to trade him in either a one-for-one or package deal if a promising proposal is made, the Blazers are also going through the process with the knowledge that Fernandez could be on the roster for the foreseeable future as the team explores a multitude of options.

This is a tough situation for new Blazers GM Rich Cho. You’ve got a solid young player, under your control for the next two seasons at least, who wants out of town.

He’s probably worth more than a late 1st round pick, likely the most you’ll be getting out of any offer right now from either Chicago or Boston. New York, another trade candidate is out of the mix now as well since the earliest 1st round pick they can trade is for 2014.

So what do you do if you’re Cho? Wait it out, hoping the Bulls and Celtics sweeten the pot by offering cash/more picks?

Hold onto Fernandez, and hope he and McMillan find a way to bury the hatchet, even though there is a glut of talented young wingman on the Portland roster?

There is no right answer right now, so the easy solution is to wait. The offseason is still relatively young, making it look wise for Cho to hold his cards patiently on trade offers, with the hope one team ups the ante in regards to Fernandez. Let’s hope that team is the C’s.

A couple other minor house keeping items, thanks to our buddy Chris Forsberg at ESPNBoston.com who reports C’s 2nd Round draft pick Luke Harangody should be flying into town today to join the team, with a contract signing expected in his near future. No surprise for the youngster, who excelled enough in Summer League to be rated the 4th best performer overall by ESPN’s David Thorpe.

Forsberg also had Ann Arbor News reporting Michigan 6-8 forward DeShawn Sims being invited to C’s training camp in October. He performed well in limited action in Orlando this month during summer league and likely will vie for a depth wing spot with Tony Gaffney.

And just in case you missed it, Rajon Rondo made it past the final first round of cuts for Team USA at the World Championships next month in Turkey. No real surprise there. O.J. Mayo, Gerald Wallace, Javale McGee, and Tyreke Evans were given an extended summer vacation.

  • I love Green

    That bastard Eddie.

  • I love Green

    Heat fans are pretty excited about this. They don’t realize he can’t defend anyone to save his life.

  • alex

    who cares about Eddie he is an old man we could get wafer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and DeShwan Sims is a good player

  • Tom

    I dont think that cut was the final cut. I think they have something like 15 men on the roster now and need to trim to 12. I think he could still be cut before the worlds begin in late august

  • Josh A

    Wow. I am just surprised. That is all I have to pretty much say. Eddie in a Heat uniform. @Zach, Man, how do you feel about this?

  • Celtics3417

    Eddie house is one of the worst defenders in the league so I’m just happy Danny didn’t pick him up.

  • NHBluesMan

    didn’t Eddie start his career with the Heat?

  • Perry

    Actually EH turned down the Bulls to join the Heat, who still can’t find a legit PG.

    He was never coming back Boston considering the guy he was traded for was just re-signed giving the Celts 3 guards 6′ 3″ and under.

    …don’t sweat the small stuff…

    Hat tip Forsberg: Eddie House ranked 90th in the NBA in 3-pt % last season (34.8%). His 79 3’s ranked 76th in league and were three LESS than Rasheed made.


  • Thaddeus

    Now that the heat’s roster is full I would love to see us sign De’Sean Butler. He was a first round talent before the ACL injury.

  • Rich

    Again, this isn’t some great signing for Miami. Other than Mike Miller, they haven’t convinced anyone taht is worth more than the MLE to come there and play for the MLE. Eddie House, at this point in his career, probably shouldn’t be a heavy rotation player for a team planning on competing for a title. Neither should Juwann Howard, Joel Anthony, Zydrunas Ilgauskus, or Mario Chalmers.

  • http://www.celticshub.com Zach Lowe

    Eddie’s shooting last season was fluky. He’s a dependable 39 percent three-point shooter.

    Can’t understand why C’s fans would be upset about this. We have no evidence Boston had any real interest in signing House.

    Good for Eddie. Makes Miami less hateable, and he’ll help them.

  • DeVelaine

    As for hating Miami… I actually have a hard time hating D-Wade. I think I’ve said that here before. Them getting House isn’t surprising, but it does kind of suck. I’ve always been kind of “Eh” on Bosh because yeah, he was a great player on a bad team in Toronto, he just never seemed to have enough to do damage on his own against a good defender.

    Then there’s that other punk they picked up this off season…

  • 15GREEN15

    off subject but does anyone thing we can pull off a trade to get monta ellis ?

  • http://www.truecloud.com Dave

    @Green15…offering the Warriors what in return? A dog’s breakfast of value?

    Cap relief from a non retired, but maybe soon to be retired player’s contract, low value, non lottery draft picks from next season that the Celtics don’t care much about but expect that everyone else will, or Joe Bagadonuts “D” league refugees from the summer league?

    What’s the intriguing value proposition that the Warriors will miss out on if they don’t cough up Monta Ellis?

  • 15GREEN15
  • Perry

    The idea is to beat the Heat, not to hate them.

    ‘Don’t let emotion take over logic’

    … Mr. Spock … Star Date 49.15

  • ego roots

    More happy for Jaelen House than Eddie anyway. That cartoon network show will definitely be kicking now.

    Good luck to father and son.

  • joe

    i know yall aren’t criticizing eddie when yall wanted him back on the team. c’mon guys.

  • WestCoastCeltic

    gonna miss you Eddie…good luck (kind of)

  • ego roots

    We just signed Von Wafer for a one-year deal. So what changes for us in the Rudy Fernandez “sweepstakes”?

  • kip

    the celtics signed von wafer?

  • Shooter

    Good for Eddie,he was a tough competitor always gave 110%.Should really help Miami with Bron and Wade drawing attention like they do.

  • http://. D-block

    It dont matter, he’s not gonna be that affective 4 them anyway. WATCH AND SEE!!!

  • kip

    anybody here?

  • NV

    I woulda liked to see Eddie come back to Boston… But we already have a lot at the 1. Rondo, Robinson, and Bradley. No reason to sign a guy on the decline of his career to steal minutes from a young rookie in Avery Bradley.

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  • kiren

    I do not know how much Eddie is back in the tank after having turned sour last year, but it will definitely take a lot of open looks on the band of heat beyond the arc, just hope that do not hit against the Green Team.

  • http://www.ezpr.org/ ali

    This is a difficult place for new Blazers GM Rich Cho. Do you have a strong player in the young, the next two seasons, at least, who wants out of town.

    Probably more time to select a line, they are more likely to be forever beyond any offer right now, or Chicago or Boston.

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