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The Oregonian had the initial report this morning that the C’s, as well as Bulls and Knicks were in the running in a deal for swingman Rudy Fernandez. Now we have an updated report from our friend Tom Halzack at CelticsBlog staying that the C’s are in “lead position” in negotiations:

Other teams interested including New York and Chicago, but the Celtics are apparently getting the first shot, thus allowing one to assume they are a preferred destination, either in terms of desirability for Rudy or trading pieces for the Blazers.

CH’s Take: First off, let me just say this is terrific news. Fernandez is far and away the best swingman readily available on the free agent/trade market. I would expect Danny Ainge to be very aggressive here, but make no mistake the C’s will likely have to give up something of value.

Given that Fernandez is under a team-friendly contract, signed for the next three years (including options), I doubt just one late 1st round pick would be enough to get it done. With Fernandez wanting out though, it might be the best Portland can get for him.

Obviously, there’s Sheed’s contract that could be thrown into the mix, but a quick glance of the Blazers roster shows no real dead weight the team might be looking to get rid of in a salary dump, so that option appears unlikely.

The C’s otherwise, have no real assets, besides draft picks they are likely willing to trade. So it’s likely to be a standoff of how many picks is Ainge willing to fork over to suit Portland?

The good news is New York has dealt pretty much all of their 1st round picks away, so they have little to offer, besides someone like Wilson Chandler. The Bulls are in play here as well, are said to have been dangling James Johnson, but Chicago may not be a preferred destination for Rudy, given their glut of newly signed swingmen (Kyle Korver, Ronnie Brewer).

So here’s my question to you C’s fans. Knowing how big of an upgrade this would be, how much would you be willing to give up? More than 1st round pick? What’s Fernandez worth to you?

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Brian Robb

Brian Robb co-founded CelticsHub in 2009 and is the currently editor-in-chief. He is a producer and reporter at 98.5 The Sports Hub in Boston and also contributes to Boston.com and Bleacher Report among other outlets.
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  • CLo

    Any hope of getting Przybilla and Fernadez for Sheed, Layfette, Gaffney & a first rounder? Can Avery be traded yet? Would it be too much to give him up instead of Layfette & Gaffney?

  • Al

    a first round pick, 2nd rd pick and both Gaffney and Lafayette if necessary… I feel that a team that is in contention like the Celtics needs to be aggressive. Moreover, Rudy could help build the future of the franchise.

  • Jay P

    Rudy is a potential starter when Ray retires in 2012. I’d easily give them both of next years picks, that draft is looking thin anyway.

  • @Al: Your offer really just amounts of a 1st-round pick, with some minor salary relief for Portland since Lafayette and Gaffney have unguaranteed deals.

    It will be very interesting to see if this is enough.

  • SeanieBye

    I don’t think Portland would touch Sheed or his contract with a ten foot pole, he’s too much a reminder of the Jail Blazers era. There’s been some talk of packaging Rudy with Jerryd Bayless, which sort of only makes sense if there are more than two teams involved. Rudy is an excellent player and would be great value salary-wise, but he needs a defined role and at least 25-30 minutes a night to really produce.

  • mdooleyva

    I’d rather have a proven player than a draft pick. That’s more true in the NBA than in most leagues, I think. Fernandez also has the size to match up at several positions.

    I’d be willing to give up two 1st-rd picks, or even 1 1st-rounder and Nate (OMG he’s so fun to watch but can’t guard a 2!) Robinson. The Celtics have other prospects for the backup PG spot. But you can’t stock your entire roster with under-sized players.

  • jcbhan

    how about Bradley plus next year’s second? I think he’s got a huge upside but Doc is going to bury him at the end of the bench like he does with all young talent.

  • @ Jay P, I agree theres really nothing coming out in the draft. Give them those picks and get Rudy and if possible a big

  • Jay P


    Nate just signed for 4mil a year though, so Portland would have to add a player to make that work, even if Danny did want to trade Nate for some reason.

    I don’t see why he would, Bradley doesn’t know the PG position yet, and can’t be your primary back-up. He needs to ease into that role, plus they love Nate’s scoring ability off the bench, and don’t want to lose that. They may have prospects at PG, but no one who can be counted on to contribute this year if they lost Nate.

    I’m not sure I’d give two 1st rounds, but a 1st and 2nd definitely.

    I like Rudy, he’s a nice player, but I don’t want to see us without a draft pick till 2013 for a streaky shooter who hasn’t proven he can play defense yet.

  • Evan

    Not willing to give up more than one first round pick. We can’t be giving up multiple picks. If this team is going to not completely suck after the big 3 then we need to keep picks and hit on them.

  • I love Green

    I thought I heard somewhere that Pryzbilla was on the block since they have Camby and Oden.

    If thats true we could possibly try something like Sheed, Laf, a future first rounder, and a future 2nd rounder. They get cap relief, and 2 draft picks that should be in the middle of each round.

    We’d probably have to put another player in there, but it depends on what they want.

  • All right zach, if I’m Danny I see Rudy as a tallented young exciting player who could be a starter after some coaching up and a few more years under his belt. Rudy is cost friendly as well.
    I’d like too use sheeds contract hear…instead of Avery or anoter key piece. As far as draft picks I’d give up a conditional first. Maybe even a second round pick if it was also conditional. We haven’t signed gaffney or Oliver yet nor have we signed Luke. So unless we sign then trade them…but I don’t think portlands even remotely interested in them. Draftpicks and saving money is probably what they want…right?

  • Al

    @zachlowe then get avery bradley involved or a third team like the pacers who could trade a guy like dahntay jones… but basically I’d be willing to give next year’s draft picks and both lafayette and gaffney if necessary… unless they have a plan B…

  • mike

    agreed jay p…besides if the c’s mail it in again in the regular season, it’s more like a mid 1st than a late

    also…at least 1 of those 1st rounders will be needed to contribute when kg and ray’s deals expire…

  • Zach, For Pryzbilla and fernandez I’d give up glen dAvis and a first rounder.

  • Zain

    Hope it gets done. Not sure how many cards Danny has, but this is why I’m not the GM.

    @Green: I’m guessing you’re not too happy with the Forsberg reply on Von Wafer?

  • Henry

    Realisticaly, the only two trades that make a modicum of sense and work under the cap are Wallace, Gaffney, Lafeyette + picks, cash for Fernandez and Przyblia, and Gaffney Lafeyette + picks cash. Adding or substituting Davis in either trade would mess up the cap balance, and in the second trade would also leave the celitcs with precisely two bigs with game experience. I personally wouldn’t trade our 2013 pick for anything. Contention post 2012 is going to depend on us having a pretty bad 2013 year and getting a stud in that draft to run next to Rondo.

  • Perry

    I agree with Zach that Portland may want more than a #1 and perhaps a future draft pick. I’m not sure if any of the summer league players would float their boat anyway. Could this be the entry point for Sheed’s contract? Przybilla is natural, and contractual fit, but would the Blazers give up two players for essentially nothing this year other than luxury tax relief? Not likely with Oden’s history. I think we all agree with Quis back in the fold, and his role clearly defined, Fernandez is that scoring option the bench desperately needs.

  • Jeff

    Sheed, Gaffney next years first and 2012 2nd for Priz and Rudy.

    That way we’re not totally handcuffed next year incase someone’s there that Danny likes, and POR can get help at the SF with Gaffney, who is kind of that type of player but won’t complain about PT.

    I have a feeling that this involves Bradley though. If that’s the case then I’m not throwing in picks except maybe a second rounder. I don’t love giving him up for Rudy. I’d rather try to get West at the minimum at that point.

    I hope it doesn’t involve Bradley because if it does then I’m only offering a second and the deal would have to be Sheed, Bradley and a 2nd rounder for Priz and Rudy. Otherwise the price is too steep for what Bradley might end up.

  • celtics freak

    why not just trade a 1st and 2nd rounder along with big baby but if we do that we are going to need a big to fill his spot so we might have to take a risk with shaq

  • Jay P


    Ya, I really don’t see them moving Pryz before the trade deadline. I mean if Oden stays healthy till then, it’s a real possibility that they’ll use his expiring deal as trade bait, but not before then.

    Rudy would be a great addition to a bench that sorely needs scoring. I worry about the defensive side, but if he learns the system, ya never know, he could improve.

    But I really like this bench, with the one glaring hole at Center right now obviously:

    PG – Nate(y)
    SG – Rudy
    SF – Quisy
    PF – Baby
    C – Shaq(y)? Kwame(y)?, Erden(y)?

  • celtics freak

    hey why haven’t we signed luke harangody yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I love Green

    @Zain- Dissapointed. I guess Forsberg isn’t too high on Wafer.

  • Fiore

    I feel that the celtics shouldn’t hesitate with trying to close this deal I’d offer next years first and second along with gaffney and Layfette or take those to out n throw in Harangody to the mix. I do feel that with the coaching and system we have harangody could flouish but it will be hard for him to see time behind big baby and his mis leading yet tempting ability he showed in summer league may swing the deal.

  • Jay P


    0% chance Portland jumps at that first deal. Gaffney is unproven, he has no value other than as trade filler. And Portland is not going to move Pryz until they deadline, if at all. We need to give up on that pipe dream.

    I would trade Bradley for Rudy. Much as like Bradley, he’s small for the SG spot, and needs to learn to be a PG with scoring ability (in the Westbrook model) to do anything in the NBA. He has a lot of work ahead of him there, and I’ll take the proven thing in Rudy, who fits the team better, since we already have a franchise PG he can play beside down the road.

  • Al

    I don’t understand why people believe the Blazers wouldn’t give up Rudy for Lafayette, Gaffney and draft picks but they believe the Blazers would trade both Rudy and Przybilla for basically even less which is Sheed’s contract and the same offer of Lafayette, Gaffney and draft picks… it would be the best trade ever for the Celtics but if it happens, I think Erden or even Big Baby may have to be involved… I’m willing to trade the whole summer league roster to be kind of honest… Baby? oh man that’s a tough one… if it’s necessary, we should talk about that possibility and maybe signing shaq or trade Sheed’s contract for a big… this is crazy difficult I just hope they do something that works…

  • shem

    would it be possible to give up ray allen for him? i mean, i think ray ray has run his course. time to move on

  • Sophomore

    @Perry. It would give them some nice versatility. Nate, Rudy, Quisy, JO and Baby as the second line. Substitute one of PP, RA and/or RR, who should be left on the floor to babysit. That team wouldn’t be as good on defense as last year, but it should have more ways to score. If Nate could learn to harness that crazy energy, he could penetrate and create a lot of options to finish or dish for an open J.

  • I love Green

    Rudy needs to buff up this offseason, and he’ll be a good defender then. I think he’s average right now, but not strong enough to hold his own against the bigger wings.

  • Dan

    I say Avery Bradley. We have Rondo so his future would remain as an undersized shooting guard in our system or a backup PG to Rondo. Fernandez is a potential laden, young sharpshooter who could easily step into the starting role once Ray leaves and get heavy minutes immediately. While he sulked in his role last year, he is at least a proven commodity whose main beef with his last coach (whose ability to relate to players I have serious questions about, whereas Doc is clearly a great players coach) was the lack of minutes he received. It comes down to this: would you rather have Avery Bradley as our SG in one-two years, or Fernandez. Given Bradley’s questionable production in his one year in college (I was never a fan of the Bradley selection), I’d take Fernandez.

    I also think this is a fair offer to Portland. There one semi-major need is at PG and Avery Bradley has huge upside even if he takes a few years to learn the position. If the Knicks counter with an offer of Toney Douglas, I would not be opposed to offering a first rounder next year or some cash relief in the form of Rasheed’s contract, Gaffney, or Lafayette (although Portland would need to throw in some other contract/player to make this work).

  • Portland has been trying to get a guy like Glen Davis (remember that big offer sheet they offer to Millsap), so I think he might be the key here.
    If they take Baby plus a first rounder or some other small contracts for both Pryzbilla and Fernandez, it might be a good deal for both teams, and a very interesting one for the Celtics.
    Maybe Ainge sees Harangody as an energy guy that can replace Baby from the bench (I don’t so, so much) and this deal will allow us to keep Rasheed’s contract and use it to perhaps pry away a young forward for the 76ers.
    It won’t be nice to see Glen leave, but he is a free agent next year anyways and if he improves, as he has every year, he might become too expensive anyways.

  • celtics freak


    ray ray may hav done his course but have the celtics got rudy YET!!!so what if we never get rudy and the celtics need whatever they can get,i can see the older ray gets the more INCONSISTENT he is but he can still do great things

  • Al

    avery and a 1st or a 2nd, as some people have suggested , sounds reasonable for rudy doesn’t it? (august 1st would be the date… I think) przybilla just makes everything more difficult but if we’re talking about Rudy only, that trade is not too bad for either team (OK Blazers take both Lafayette and Gaffney too). I think talking about trading Ray or Big Baby is just crazy let’s not get too desperate here.

  • #1 C’s fan

    I do not care about the picks… but I do care if they give up a player of value other than sheed(retiering).

  • SCBirdman

    Guys, Pryzbilla is injured and not expected back before Dec/Jan. I still think if Sheed’s contract is involved, that is the best combination. Rudy+Pryzbilla for Sheed’s deal and D-Leaguers. Possibly a future first.

    We cannot afford to give up BBD in this trade. Our bigs to start the first 50 games would be KG and JO. NO reserve bigs. This is unacceptable.

  • dasein

    Get it done!
    Ruddy can take over the 2 when Ray is done. And lets face it, the C’s 1st rounder isn’t going to be all that high anyway (for next year at least). Getting Priz and Rudy for Sheed and spare parts would be a coup. Can’t see that happening, but I can dream…

  • Al

    @SCBirdman if that rudy+przybilla thing happens, it would be awesome even if Przybilla is injured until dec/jan…

  • C’s

    avery bradley and for rudy and a 1st sounds perfect since portland wanted bradley in the draft or id give bradley,Big baby,Sheed for bayless,Joel,Rudy,2nd rounder

  • Jeff

    If Davis Or Bradley are involved I wouldn’t even think of it unless it’s Rudy AND Priz, otherwise no thanks, I’ll pass.

    I just have a feeling that if we trade Bradley we will regret it.

    I see him becoming like a Ben Gordon or Monta Ellis or AI but not as much of a scorer but WAY better D than any of them.

  • Joe

    I’d be ok with giving up 2 1sts, throwing in Gaffney and LaFayette to make salaries work. The Celts are on a 2 year window. Those draft picks won’t be of any help.

  • Al

    @Jeff avery, sheed, and a 1st or 2nd for Rudy and Priz?

  • sam

    I’m surprised that so many people are putting Rudy’s value at multiple picks and a rotation player. Last year Chicago dumped Tyrus Thomas, a wildly athletic rotation big with great potential, for the #17 pick.

    I love Rudy and I want him here, but how is he worth twice that?

    Look at Portland’s situation. Rudy’s willing to bolt to Spain if he doesn’t get traded and they have a glut of talent at the 2 with Roy, Matthews, Williams and even Bayless. They have little use for him as a player and little leverage to hold out for a great offer.

    As for the inclusion of Przybilla, we can hope. Sheed/Baby/1st rounder for Rudy/Przybilla puts the Blazers under the tax threshold and nets them a healthy rotation big whose hustle/bulk makes him a solid complement to slender Camby & Aldridge and whose range allows him to play alongside Oden.

  • JP

    This team is trying to win now, give up Anything within reason. Rudy could be a starter after Ray too, which is a definite plus. This would really strengthen our bench, and actually our bench would be a weak starting 5 caliber lineup, better than a normal bench.

    C- O’Neal (either Shaq if we got him or Jermaine when perk comes back)

  • Zack

    Completely for laughs, 1st x2 (I trust Danny in the 2nd round much more than the 1st), Sheed, Baby for Rudy and Oden.
    Oden in Green! We finally won that lottery!

  • “Sheed/Baby/1st rounder for Rudy/Przybilla puts the Blazers under the tax threshold and nets them a healthy rotation big whose hustle/bulk makes him a solid complement to slender Camby & Aldridge and whose range allows him to play alongside Oden.”

    That trade makes sense for Portland.

    Gaffney and Lafayette and the rest of the Celtic summer league garbage packaged with a nearly worthless number 1 and number 2 next year is just more ridiculous homerism.

  • I love Green

    Mr. #1 is back! Welcome Dave! We’ve missed you.

  • Do we really think Rudy can be a solid starter in this league ever? I like him off the beach but who we want as our starting 2 im not so sure. It would be nice if we could steal Cunnigham away

  • urbeltic

    See Wally Szczerbiak

  • Chris O

    I like Sheed’s tract, Baby, 1st rounder for Rudy/Pryz. Then I still feel like the Celtics need to get younger in the frontcourt. It will look good in a few years though with Rondo, Rudy and Pierce basically being the only ppl on the books.

  • Chris O

    @ Jeff
    “I just have a feeling that if we trade Bradley we will regret it.

    I see him becoming like a Ben Gordon or Monta Ellis or AI but not as much of a scorer but WAY better D than any of them.”

    WTF does that mean? Considering those guys are all basically scorers and he is just going to be more of a defender from what you are telling me that comparison doesn’t make sense. It woulda been better if you said you see him like an Ariza or Raja Bell type as opposed to the players you used.

  • Perry


    I’m with you on Rudy’s ‘D’, but when Ray and Pierce are clanking shots we need a few go to guys to score the ball. Nate is a viable option, Rudy would be as well. He’s really the perfect fit because he can fill it up in multiple ways. Celts didn’t need another Korver or Kapono.

    Since the beginning he’s been on the radar, and I think all the due diligence regarding the Delonte West’s of the world is just that. Rudy has always been their man and he carries the right price tag.

  • Perry


    If he can be had for draft picks, then we still have a 2 for 1 proposition to lure Shaq and Moon or Parker. Parker isn’t a bad defender.

  • Freshberries

    Id give up next year’s 1st and the year after 2nd for him at least. This would be a HUGE pickup as he would come off the bench but would play as many minutes as possible. Probably just shy of starter’s minutes with Paul getting up in age and wanting to keep him ready for the playoffs like last year. Rudy would play a huge role in every single game and also take the pressure off Daniels and let him come into his role with more ease. Daniels will be much better this year if healthy since he really knows the system now and he really is a solid player as we saw in Indiana. Daniels could really work on being that shutdown defender that we need with Rudy picking up lots of the offense. When Perk is back Rudy, Nate, Baby, and O’Neal will be nice off the bench

  • Al

    trading baby would be kind of dramatic… we’re trying to keep the team together, while trading or acquiring pieces that could help… I prefer to let go of the rookies and a few draft picks. I don’t think it’s too insane. Gaffney/Lafayette? Fine not good enough but avery bradley may be intriguing for the Blazers. Let’s see what happens…

  • Thaddeus

    Some might think I’m crazy but I think Rudy and Pryzbilla can be had for a 1st(plus maybe a 2nd) and Sheed. Portland is in cost cutting mode right now (as seen by them dumping Webster then cutting Gomes) and they are looking to dump Pryzbilla.

    Portland could wait for a team have an injury and have the cap room to absorb Pryzbilla’s contract or they could dump him now. Pryzbilla will not be happy in Porland as the third center getting no minutes.

  • Sean

    I also think Avery Bradley can be somebody in this league– remember, he slipped to 19 due to a late injury, one which seems to be easily remedied. Only a year ago he was entering college as according to some the #1 high school player in the country. Danny will want to give Portland as little as possible, and I really hope Rudy can be had without giving up Bradley. Both of them have the potential to be valuable assets over the years.

  • Al

    how can bradley become good if he doesn’t get any playing time and is behind rondo, nate, allen, fernandez in the depth chart for years to come??? perhaps trading bradley could mean we wouldn’t have to let go of any draft picks. I guess it’s between bradley and Big Baby for some people sooooo… ????

  • Jonathan Green!

    The blazers cut Gomes…as in, Ryan Gomes, the former celtic? Gomes was an awesome team player and glue guy for the celtics. If we can get Gomes that would be better than Rudy(just my 2 cents).

  • Perry

    Scratch off Josh Howard. Wiz just signed him to a one year deal at $4m.

  • Al

    last post I make… I’m kind of excited about the idea of getting both both Pryz and Fernandez or at least fernandez alone so… if I was Danny Ainge, I’d inquire about my first proposal Gaffney+Lafayette+1stand/or2nd+Sheed=Fernandez,Pryzbilla. If that doesn’t work, I’d go with Bradley+Sheed=Fernandez+Pryzbilla and if that doesn’t work I’d try Bradley+Sheed+1stor2nd=Fernandez+Pryzbilla. In case they don’t want to trade Pryz or we don’t want to get him for some reason I’d go: Gaffney+Lafayette+1stand/or2nd=Fernandez or Bradley=Fernandez or Bradley+2nd=Fernandez… if you guys don’t like any of that or still want to trade Big Baby, f*** you…

  • NoseBleeds

    We can’t trade Big Baby simply because that creates another hole on the bench. They need to rest KG, so now you’ve got to go get a decent power forward.

    Maybe a number one next year and a two after that. Or Bradley and a two.

  • Carlos

    Danny needs to get this done with draft picks. The window of opportunity is closing on this team. Save the Sheed contract for a sign and trade to obtain Shaq, and then the C’s are right back in the Finals.

  • Rapster

    How about 2011-1st and 2012-2nd = Rudy Fernandez? Since KG and Ray has 2 years left in their contract, the Cs will prolly be in bottom in draft for the next 2 years and might not have a good draft pick. If we are talking of long terms, Rondo, Fernandez, Perk, BigBaby will be a young core of talents to fight for the Cs.

  • Mr411

    I’m sorry but most of these posts are uneducated really. Everyone is so ready to trade Avery Bradley w/o even letting him show what he can do (as with Chauncey Billups, Joe Johnson, Bill Walker). Its funny 3 yrs ago everyone wanted to trade away Rondo now he’s an All-Star. If Fernandez could be had for future draft picks the DA should go ahead if not I say don’t mortage the future for a Spaniard who openly said he would like to return to spain when his contract is up

  • Ian

    Initially I say just a first round. But it will be a late first round. More importantly, his contract is great for the C’s. It allows them to make another pick up with financial flexibility. If we are planning on finishing high then lets do 1 and 2 from next year.

  • abdiraxman

    if they can pick up rudy and shaq, without giving up baby or bradley, danny will be gm of the year. because the c’s can model their bench much like the phoenix suns second unit, with rudy, shaq, baby, nate and marquis. they can play inside out with shaq getting the touches, he wouldn’t get with any other contender, nate and rudy given the green light to be playmakers, and spread the floor with three point shooting. and quis and baby utilizing their mid-range games. if they pick up rudy without using sheed’s contract. smart money says they are going to use it on shaq if no other quality big man is available.

  • Al

    @Mr411 Bill Walker??? Don’t make me laugh!!! Billups is a Finals MVP and was picked 3rd in the draft so be careful with your comparisons… You do understand that we’re trying to stay in contention and there’s not much available, right? Rasheed for Battier sounds unlikely and the Blazers want to trade Rudy. Three years ago we had to give up Al Jefferson to get KG and win a championship. The guy may become a superstar now next to Deron Williams, but will they win a championship? We still have a shot and Rudy could change his mind if he plays for the right team. He could be our starter in 1 or 2 years after Ray’s contract expires… there’s no guarantee that any player will become an all-star… the blazers are not giving rudy for free it’s that simple. I’m not sure if draft picks alone will make it but hey if Danny can pull it off then great… but yeah instead of getting rudy let’s just trade Sheed’s contract for Brando Roy! at least that way Danny could win GM of the year! and be careful with your words because it sounds like you dislike Spaniards or something…

  • sacbobv

    Bill Walker? Who’s that?


  • Paulo Porto

    Hey guys what do you think of this 3 team trade?

    1)Portland gets:

    Sheed´s contract

    2)Boston gets:

    Shaq and Rudy Fernandez

    3)Cleveland gets:

    Joel Przybilla

    I believe(i dont know if this trade works)
    that is a win-win situation for all the teams

    we get 2 players we need
    cleveland gets a C to play there(they dont have any REAL center rightnow)
    and portland cap relieve

    what do you think?
    it´s possible?

  • Al

    @paulo porto I think the trades would have to be made separately… I don’t think this way it works because the blazers want something in return and not just cap relief… if it was the all-star break, przybilla had like 3 years left on his contract and the blazers weren’t going to the playoffs then yeah… but getting both shaq and rudy or pryz and rudy would be great…

  • Al

    @paulo porto it’s not a bad idea though… if more pieces were involved then maybe it would be the best way to get rudy… and shaq… I think that a 3rd team would be needed if Danny doesn’t want to trade Bradley or if the Blazers won’t just take draft picks, which is probably the case because there are several teams that want Rudy…

  • Josh Wehrle

    sheeds contract plus gaffney and picks for fernandez and oden

  • legs-diamond

    I love Avery Bradley, but the C’s have point guards, they need to keep Davis behind KG, and have no wing who can fill for Pierce.

    Nate Robinson, Marquis Daniels, Rudy Fernandez, Glen Davis, and (eventually) Jermaine O’Neal could make an effective second unit.

  • Sophomore

    @Paulo – creative, but Portland never does that trade. They give up two players and all they get is an expiring contract. Surely they could get more from the Cs in a straight-up deal, or just hang onto him and wait for the trading deadline.

  • dont_drink_the_koolaid

    don’t see portland giving up pryzbila yet. and no way they want bradley….they already have an undersized combo guard they have been bringing along slowly and are finally getting production from: bayless.

    portland wants picks and cap relief. they are going to make some blockbusters this year and will want to stockpile some ammo for those. rudy’s contract is sweet as pie. its worth burning a couple picks on and let him mature. i’d give a first and second rounder. i wouldn’t give up two firsts, aqnd i wouldn’t give up sheeds contract.

    would love to see danny try and get the blazers to throw in the rights to petteri koponen somehow.

  • Shooter

    Nooooooooooo way will i be willing to give up Bradley for Rudy.A couple of 1st rounders and Sheed’s C yeah, but i’m not trading Bradley before i get to see what he can do on the court.

  • Shooter

    Scratch that, 1st and a 2nd+Sheed’s C for Rudy.

  • alex

    save sheeds c and get Tolliver

  • Shooter

    Y’all forget,Monta Ellis is 6’3,Bradley 6’2 w/o shoes.So he’s really 6’3 when he’s playing ball,which is what matters at the end of the day.Bradley is the better defender……BUT check this out,Bradley recorded the highest max vert for SGs out of the combine.Wait,there’s more,he also has a longer reach and wingspan than Monta,a higher max vert reach,faster agility and recorded a faster sprint time.
    Not to mention he’s only 19,so realistically he’s got about 4-5 more years of growth.
    Why am i saying this.
    Well, i believe Danny and Doc really did their homework on this kid.I think they intend on playing him as a backup to Ray at the 2 and some people here,think he’s too short to play that position.He has a longer reach and wingspan than Hinrich,who has evolved into a his own comfort zone playing the 2.
    The only physical aspect Bradley needs work on, to have any success playing the 2 in this league is strength.That can very much, be improved.

  • NV

    This trade would work…We’re not giving up any draft picks. The only reason i would doubt it would go through is because Portland probably won’t want to give up Joel and Rudy. But hey, we wouldn’t be losing anything…


  • Shooter

    Here’s another interesting number.Nate Robinson’s agility time: 10.75,Tony Allen: 10.70.Basically agility time is a measurement or an indication of lateral quickness,in other words, a very capable on ball defender.
    Shaun Livingston recorded 10.72.
    Ah just a sidenote, i’m not sure whether or not Bradley’s rather slow agility time was due to him nursing that injured ankle or what.

  • Shooter

    Oh,sad news,RIP Lorenzen Wright,may he rest in peace.

  • Al

    @Shooter we already talked about those trades at the beginning of the thread… listen if Danny gets it done then great, awesome, but the truth is the Blazers would be giving up 2 good players for nothing… just because the trade machine says it works it doesn’t mean it works… you have to include several draft picks or at least 2 to make that work: lafayette/gaffney/sheed/2 draft picks… and there’s no guarantee that it will work… I’m not trying to hate on bradley I believe he’s going to be great but I just don’t know what the blazers want and I don’t think they’ll trade guys just for rasheed’s contract and right now I see the Blazers as a team that could give the kid more playing time and the Celtics would be better with Fernandez… don’t forget we have rondo and nate… also remember that both the knicks and bulls are trying to get fernandez too…

  • Al

    @Shooter I’m sorry you actually didn’t post the trade…

  • Al

    @shooters also… rasheed’s contract and rudy’s contract don’t match… you’d have to involve another player

  • Shooter

    Here’s a rather good article on the top offensive players vs above average defenses,a la Boston,Orlando,Charlotte,Milwaukee.http://www.basketball-reference.com/blog/?p=7063

    Miami will undoubtedly be a very scary offensive team.Can we hold them down?

  • Al

    I give up on this subject… I hope we get Rudy. I do think the Celtics can get back to the finals if they make a couple of moves…

  • Shooter

    I don’t know Al,Joel Przybilla maybe.That’s what others are saying here.

  • Shooter

    Here’s a match:

    Boston gets:

    Portland gets:
    Sheed,Gaffney,future 1st,2nd

  • Al

    @Shooter that would be great… actually that was one of my first thoughts but it doesn’t look very attractive for the blazers… by the way, they’re meeting on sunday with coach mcmillan to make a decision… sunday is also the day avery bradley becomes available to be traded… just saying…

  • Al
  • Mr411

    @Al yes i said Bill Walker… he played well when he got minutes in NY. and i have nothing against Spaniards. im all for trading for Rudy but just not at the expense of Avery Bradley or BBD. Thanks… Go Green

  • Mr411

    @Al also regardless of your the fact remains the C’s have a habit of trading away young players who end up being good to great for a quick fix. I guess u just want to me in contention for the next to yrs then head back to the lottery smh

  • Sophomore

    @Mr411 – We always remember the good players who got traded away – that stings. But the Cs have also traded away a lot of young players who turned out to be nothing, and came out ahead on the deal. If you make it a rule never to trade young players, you’ll miss a lot of opportunities.

  • Anthony

    @shooter… some of the comments you made regarding A.Bradley make me compare him to Shannon Brown. Just a thought.

    Haven’t seen Rudy play much but he seem to be a good fit for the Celts so we’ll see if the trade actually happens.

    It seems the Fakers are looking to dump Sasha Vucavic… isnt he similar to Rudy in style of play? Man, I hate that dude but I want to see how everyone feels if he were to available for the Celts. I wouldnt trade for him just out of sheer spite…damn Fakers.

  • Al

    @Anthony… Rudy is more athletic and less annoying…

  • @shooter….The Lakers are torn between trying to move Sasha’s contract now (assuming they could find a taker) to make room for Brown’s additional salary requirements…..

    – OR –

    Wait to see if Walton is going to have to retire before training camp because of his serious back problems which along with Sasha’s expiring contract in a year, (similar to Boston and Wallace) could provide more opportunity for an upscale player in a trade.

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