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That is precisely the question Hornets247.com writer and fellow TrueHoop colleague Ryan Schwan has decided to find out.  Last week Schwan sent out an email asking all of the TrueHoop blogs to give their best shot at squirreling away Chris Paul from the Hornets.  Luckily, I didn’t need to really think long and hard about what I, given the opportunity to have complete General Managerial control over the Celtics, would part with to obtain the services of Chris Paul.

The answer? Nothing.

The reasoning was simple.  If one wanted to propose a deal involving any relative feasibility, they would essentially need to provide for three things: taking back Emeka Okafor’s contract, giving up young talent, and providing New Orleans with future financial flexibility.

Those truths considered, the Celtics would also have to offer the very thing New Orleans would be giving up: a top five point guard in Rajon Rondo.  I toyed with the idea of playing coy and sending Schwan a link to this trade with a point by point analysis of why this trade would work.  Something along the lines of:

“The Celtics get their power forward of the future in Emeka Okafor.  Okafor will provide the perfect replacement to Kevin Garnett for a multitude of reasons starting with…

But honestly, I couldn’t even bring myself to joke around.  The bottom line is that the Celtics have their point guard.  What they could use is depth at the wing position and front line.  That is why when Ryan presented this idea to the class, I sent him a link to a post I wrote last week.  If you didn’t catch it, I essentially used Indiana’s Danny Granger, Mike Dunleavey’s expiring contract, and Rasheed Wallace’s impending buy-out to get Paul for the Pacers and send David West to the Celtics.

I wrote last week that this deal was a pipe-dream and there was no chance the Hornets would give up both of their best players for cap relief and Danny Granger.  With that off the table, the Celtics shouldn’t give up hope just yet of snagging David West for Rasheed Wallace’s contract.  Chris Mannix of Sports Illustrated intimated through Twitter that if New Orleans were to keep Paul, they may be able to convince Carmelo Anthony to come along next year.  In order to do that they would have to shed some contractual weight.  ESPN Insider’s Ryan Corozza took that a step further and suggested that the contractual weight-shedding could be David West’s contract:

“If the Hornets can make a few smart moves to clear some more salary (or if David West opts out of the last year of his deal), Melo could conceivably be had — especially if he comes under the terms of the new collective bargaining agreement.”

It’s hard to say whether or not West would opt out of 9 million guaranteed.  Hell, in a down market he could command a lot more from a team looking to make any kind of splash in free agency.  Then again, no one knows what the new Collective Bargaining Agreement could bring.  If the Hornets decide they can’t take that risk, they may be willing to ship West out for cap relief.

Regardless of what happens, be sure to check out Hornets247.com tomorrow where Schwan will post all of the offers he received and rank them by whatever criteria he decides on. Feasibility? Hilarity? Who knows.  Either way, it should be a fun read.

Also, feel free to tell him as Celtics fans, “if your coming here looking for a Chris Paul taker, I’ve got one thing to say to you, ‘Stop looking at me Schwan!’


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  • I love Green

    Poz-E for Sheed.

    That could start them on their quest for Melo.

  • Arvin

    Would rather have David West than Posey, but ok I would settle for Posey.

  • Jon

    SIGN SHAQQQQQQQ… Hurry up danny… give us SHAQ…. Trade for battier…..

  • MikeD

    If I was Danny and had an opportunity to trade Rajon Rondo for Chris Paul straight up (pretending they had equal salaries) there is no chance in the world I would do it. Rajon Rondo is the best point guard in the league.

  • going to say it again, everyone with me:
    Rajon Rondo IS, and WILL BE, ONE OF THE BEST POINT GUARDS OF ALL TIME. Chris Paul? He’s cute.

  • I’ll take david west but pass on paul. We have a great point.

  • strips

    @shut_it_up : agreed…now all rondo needs is a jumpshot. he was starting to get the feel of it during the finals…let’s hope he gets a jumpshot

    now that would really make our boy dangerous…

  • dslack

    A point guard who can’t hit free throws and is therefore unwilling to drive to the basket can be a real weakness.

  • Kingpin

    I hate to say it, but I would take Paul over Rondo. Zach’s blog a couple of days ago shows history is not on Rondo’s side when it comes to improving his jump shot significantly. For those of you who think Rondo can keep taking it to the hole for his points need to realize he won’t be 23 forever. The abuse he’s taking going to the rack will catch up to him eventually, and he could become an “old” 25 before we know it. Nevertheless, it’s a moot point. Rondo’s our guy now and for years to come. Let’s just hope he stays as durable as he’s been the last few years.

  • Kingpin

    My bad. Rajon’s already 24. Time sure does fly.

  • sign shaq to bullie other teams nd get his 5 ring and celtics 18 title do it sign shaq like now

  • Shooter

    I would trade Rondo for CP straight up and Sheed’s C.
    I seriously don’t believe Rondo can improve his jumpshot.When teams start to foul him attacking the basket,then what???? I guess he could put the opponents best bigs in foul trouble,and their team in the penalty, but that will only get you so far and it becomes even less effective now with the depth these teams have.
    BUT……..i’m willing to give Rondo till the all star weekend to show he’s improved his jumper.If he’s still shooting around 60% from the line and hitting a miserable 30% on long 2s then say goodbye to our chances of banner 18.
    Because now, more than ever, Rondo HAS TO,HAS TO, pick up the offensive slack that we’ll suffer from Ray,PP and KG ageing.

  • alex

    get Tolliver

  • @shooter, Ur crazy if you would really trade rondo 4 paul! Dont get me wrong, rondo cant shoot the ball but hes not on the floor 2 be scorer. Hes there 2 run the offense and open up the floor wit his penetration. He will eventually develop a shot its just gonna take time. He does things that a lot of PG’s dont do as far as defend and rebound

  • rondeezy

    youre willing to give rondo til the all star weekend? lol who are you, danny ainge? doc rivers?

  • Idaho

    I am a Celtics fan that be objective….
    Rondo is special but Chris Paul is a true point guard. There is not question that CP3 is much better….I am a celtics fan that can be objective

  • TruthPierce

    i dont want paul or david west because if we get paul we would ship rondo and i would never do that and if we get david west big baby becomes a third string player and i know west is an overall better player but baby does what we need so i dont want any hornets player

  • ShawnCVD

    The C’s should take West if opportunity allows. He’d sub KG keeping Jermaine at Center plus get Shaq. This upcoming season you need to insure against the possibility that Perk may be unable to go at a level needed to compete for the title.

    Then in 2012 season West could slip right into KG’s spot should his monster expiring contract be traded for a young stud to roll with Rondo.

  • German Dude

    The guy gets injured and everybody forgets how good he is. Do you realize that chris paul was 2nd in MVP voting in 2008? The Hornet’s lost in the second round in 7 games to the Spurs. He was considered the best PG at that time, and I don’t know why this should have changed.
    I like Rondo, and he is one of the best PG’s in the league. But he is not better than Paul. And they are about the same age so I don’t think he’ll ever be.

  • Perry


    I agree that under any set of circumstances, except for health reasons, you trade Rondo for CP.

    CP is the best PG in the NBA. I love Rondo, but he will never posses the complete offensive package CP has in his arsenal.

    Let’s be honest. CP can’t demand a trade because he has no leverage due to the length of his contract, and the teams that need him don’t have the tradable assets.

    But, were we not going back and fourth over this subject about a month ago?

    I’ve always said the Hornets would be looking to move both CP and Oakfor’s contracts. The only way it would have got done here is visa vee a s/t with Ray Allen and Rondo. Pierce wanted too many years. Kevin moved out of Boston? Not going to happen.

    But the Hornets still need a salary dump.

    Trading Sheed’s contract to move David West to Boston is more realistic and would be a real coup that no one saw coming except for me. But then again I haven’t hit the lottery, so what do I know?

    At least Fernandez is back on the radar.

  • Rich

    David West being traded for an expiring deal is…um…not going to happen. The guy is a bargain right now..especially with somone like David Lee getting 80 million. Most likely, and the Hornets know this, he’ll be opting out of his deal, because he can easily get more money. To get West, you’ll have to give up far more than single expiring deal. A LOT more.

    I’m trying to figure out how Fernandez is now back in play here. The guy is absolutely worth more than the vet min, and when we start talking trades, then everyone is on the radar at that point.

  • Even assuming something could be done to swap point guards at this time, which it can’t, what’s the point?

    Maybe an often injured Chris Paul is better than Rondo. Maybe not. The Celtics have legitimate need areas and the point guard position would be the last place to be looking to improve right now.

  • Perry


    Two points…

    1- Fernandez is not a free agent. He has two years, and a team option in the third. So acquiring him would take at least a first rounder, perhaps more now that Chicago is involved. Would Sheed’s contract and a first rounder work for him and Przybilla? Portland needs cap relief, but I’m sure they can get more and would be reluctant to part with Przybilla’s contract.

    2- West may indeed have to exercise his PO next season for the sole reason of the impending lock out. After this season there won’t be a ton a big contracts offered until 2012.

    If we’re talking about Delonte and Eddie House, I think D.West should be included in the conversation. It is not far fetched when you consider the Hornets have new ownership and are in the luxury tax zone with more than 100 million owed to CP and Oakfor over the next four years.

  • Michael

    Everybody tends to fall in love with their own players. Remember how many C’s fans didn’t want to give up Big Al to get KG?

    I would swap Rondo for Paul straight up in a heartbeat. Having Paul would put us right back in serious championship contention next year, even with Miami looming large.

    I love the Celtics players, but the Big Three are all on the downside of their careers. When we square off against the Heat, Miami will have the best two players on the court. It’s easy to say the same thing when we meet the Lakers. Paul would be the BEST player on the Celtics, and raise the level of play for the entire team.

    The problem is that Danny can’t trade Rondo for Paul straight up. And that’s where this move gets a little dicey. NO’s insistence on including Okafor in a trade means the C’s would likely have to include Perk and a future pick.

    Since we’ve already picked up a suitable replacement in Jermain O’Neal, I would do that trade with NO. I would also try like hell to pick up Shaq and strengthen the interior defense.

    Net gain… Chris Paul, Jermain O’Neal, Shaq.
    Net loss… Rondo, Perk.

    That works for me! [And I think it represents the best chance the Celtics have to win the East and get back to the Finals].

  • jfree781

    I am a huge celtics fan but I am also a realist. Chris paul is most definately a better point guard than Rondo. He can pass and defend just as good, but he is a much better shooter. He is only a year older than Rondo and keep in mind he has managed to have a solid career with a much worse supporting cast than Rondo. Don’t get me wrong, I love Rondo and I would hate to see him go. I also believe in the theory “if its not broken don’t fix it”, but from a purely speculative standpoint I would love to see Chris Paul here.

  • Jeff

    Right now between Rondo and Paul Rondo is:

    The better passer, defender, more athletic and WAY faster. The only thing Paul is better at is shooting, but if Rondo can improve that…he’s far and away the better player and will be in the future. And he’s about $5 mil cheaper!

  • WestCoastCeltic

    damn, that’s a tough call. Rondo is king, but Chris Paul can shoot. I would hate to see Rondo go, but it would be nice to see CP3 in green.

    I’m glad I don’t have to make that decision.

  • will

    alright lets be serious. if chris paul was on our team instead of rondo we would have won the championship. don’t try to deny that. rondo’s a top 4 point but cp3 is top 2 with deron williams. i think ppl forget just how good cp3 is just because he was injured last season. he’s an amazing ballhandler, great passer, doesn’t commit turnovers (look at his ast/to ratio) can score from anywhere, a solid rebounder and defender, and he led the league in steals not that long ago. i mean i love rondo, he’s as unique as they come, but cp3 could be the superstar we need.

  • Shooter

    @rondeezy…….neither,i’m just a hardcore Boston fan who’d like to see this team raise banner 18 before KG,Ray and PP have exhausted themselves to role players/backups.Which isn’t too far mind you.
    The all star weekend is just a good point in time where we’ll know for sure, whether or not Rondo can or can’t shoot to save his life.

  • Jin

    You and this website fails. ?????

  • Bryan P

    As a Celtics fan, I can honestly say that Rondo and CP3 cannot be compared. CP3 is an all around better point guard and ALWAYS will be. Rondo is just a slasher and will never develop a jump shot. CP3 was able to make Tyson Chandler into an all-star. If there is any way possible to make this trade as a Celtics fan please make it happen

  • celtics freak

    @german dude are you crazy chris paul may be a LITTLE bit better but when he came back (for the little time he did)what did he do nothing he only played a couple of games and didn’t put up a lot of numbers

  • celtics freak

    @will your just saying that because you saw it on sportsnation but not even the greatest can go without there center because maybe PF’s can play center but they dont spend all there time learning the center position

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