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Source: C’s May Be Interested in Delonte West


My colleague Zach Lowe speculated about the possibility last night, and sure enough, a source has told The Boston Globe’s Gary Washburn the C’s could be interested in signing the former Celtic, who is likely to be waived by the Wolves:

The Celtics have been seeking a tough-minded defender to replace Tony Allen, now that he signed with the Memphis Grizzlies. And according to a source, their interest could spread to former Celtic Delonte West, who is expected to be waived by the Minnesota Timberwolves after the club acquired him in a trade with the Cleveland Cavaliers Monday.

Now a couple things before we proceed any further with this report. First off, I’m not crazy about Washburn’s wording here. A source reports that the C’s COULD be interested? Really? That’s worth a story?

I’m speculating about it here, so I’m just as much at fault I guess, but it seems Washburn is putting the cart in the front of the horse entirely here, by reporting on the potential of there being potential interest.

That’s neither here nor there though. The C’s obviously need another shooter/wing and the options are very limited, as are the C’s means of filling them. West is a guy that would certainly upgrade the bench behind Rondo/Ray, giving the team a small, but solid second team of guards consisting of him and Nate Robinson, with Avery Bradley lurking.

Here’s the question though; would West be willing to come here for the veteran’s minimum, if the C’s are actually interested in his services, once waived?

Delonte’s numbers make the answer to that question look like a resounding no. He is just 27 years old, and despite having a down year last season, still was a key rotation member in the Cavs backcourt last year.

That being said, he comes with a plethora of well chronicled issues. The weapons charges, going AWOL a couple times, and other rumored conflicts in Cleveland, made the Cavs want to part ways with him. The Wolves, a point guard’s favorite landing spot, want West just to save money, by waiving his modest contract (4.5 million for next year) for only 500 thousand against the cap.

Knowing this, despite his problems, West can almost certainly get more than the veteran’s minimum somewhere next year (though probably not much more). Would he be willing to take less in Boston for some familiarity, stability and a chance to resurrect his career?

You’d think he would consider that. I know, I would if I were Danny Ainge. He’s played for Doc before, and was one of the few  bright spots for those squads in the mid 2000′s before being shipped out of town in the Ray Allen deal. By all accounts, he enjoyed Boston while he was here, without the baggage that plagued him these past two seasons in Cleveland.

Ainge isn’t afraid to take risks in potential free agents he think might help. With West, it may be a marriage that makes sense for both sides.

  • slam

    This is the Best Celtics news I’ve heard all off-season!

  • I love Green

    Rudy, or Von.

  • KY Celts fan

    I’d take West. Good shooter, good defender, can play multiple positions. The only downside is his mental issues, so as long as the team doctor force feeds Delonte his lithium everyday, we’ll be fine.

  • 15GREEN15

    i always liked delonte he would be a good pick up

  • Joe

    Who’s gonna give West more than the minimum? I’d take him happily. Him and Nate might be the oddest backcourt in history

  • Tai

    anyone thought it might be a double sign and trade dealfor shaq and delonte it def can happenhe might try and have sex with rajons mum or kevins mum though

  • rob

    How tall is he?

  • rondeezy


  • Sophomore

    @rob – he’s listed at 6’4″.

  • gloria james

    I love Delonte and wish he would stay in Cleveland, but I understand if he helps the Celtic’s kick Miami’s @ss!!!!!!!!

  • JP

    I wouldn’t mind signing West, if other options like Von Wafer aren’t realistic. I am really into the idea of Wafer being in green

  • http://yahoo shut_it_up.

    NO. NO. he ain’t worth the baggage or the bad neck tattoos. WE CAN DO BETTER.

  • rob

    6 4 might be a little generous I’ve seen him play and up close . I’d prefer von wafer

  • http://. D-block

    Leave that bum alone!!!

  • pam

    if we get him, bradley gets no playing time which isn’t great news. ironically (compared to last year) the one position where we are loaded is pg. nates going to get minutes and maybe bradley plays the 2. we need someone to back up pp. i still like marquis but he doesnt have the strength or size to guard a 6’8”+ sf. can luke play at 3? his defense would be questionable there but thats the only way i see him getting pt.

  • http://yahoo.com alyssa

    idd would br good but he has to go after bredley this isnt right becaus he can be a swing man after tony allen then j.o neal yeah

  • Shooter

    Like i said,NO TO WEST.And to answer Zach’s question in another blog,Ray’s backup “could” be Wafer.If i’m Danny i’m looking at acquiring Von or getting Parker,Shaq in a s&t with Sheed’s contract.
    This is the worst news i’ve heard all off-season.I think it’s realistic we could get Von with the vet’s min.
    NO NO NO WEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Too much shit going on in his life to bring it here in Boston and fuck it all up.
    And yes, i would rather play Bradley as a backup to Ray than bring in West.
    NO NO NO WEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    NO NO NO WEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    NO NO NO WEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    NO NO NO WEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    NO NO NO WEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    NO NO NO WEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    NO NO NO WEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    NO NO NO WEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    NO NO NO WEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    NO NO NO WEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    NO NO NO WEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • dutch3926

    between robinson and bradley will get what delonte brings with less drama…i like a wafer….What do yall think about Mccants…Im just sayin

  • dreik

    what r u people talking about seriously von wafer was waived by a unknown greek team he failed in 2 nba team camps,that mccants guy is better than west???where did he come from????or you’d like to take the incredible lurry hughes…..dame people

  • dutch3926

    Dreik, is it??? I just want a spot up shooter bigger than 6’4″ off the bench…Its looks as if harangody is the only pure shooter we could potentially have come off the bench… You got any suugestions…Im just saying

  • Rich

    Von Wafer isn’t a spot up shooter either. West is simply a better player than Wafer, and it’s hard to dispute that.

    Obviously, Wafer is available for the vet min. and West may not be…also his mental problems add to the debate. But on the court…it’s not much of a debate imo. West is simply better. Wafer was waived by teams because he REFUSES to run the offense. He shoots, and shoots, and shoots, and shoots more. That’s all he does. Whether or not the shots are going in don’t really concern him.

  • Jeff

    What about a trade for Corey Brewer and West for Sheed, Gaffney, and a 2nd?

    That would give the C’s what they need at the wing for sure! Plus we’d get to see this thing of beauty multiple times…


  • dutch3926

    u said alot jeff…a future wit brewer and rondo…it sounds good… it seems minnesota is a farm team for us ,huh….

  • celtics freak

    what about big baby for DJ AUGUSTIN or SHANNON BROWN

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