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Doc on His Decision To Return, Loss of TA, & Team’s Offseason


Andy Katz over at ESPNBoston.com has a terrific piece today on Doc Rivers and his decision to return back for one more run. Some of the article reiterates widely known factors into Doc’s decision making progress, but there are more than a few nuggets that make the piece a must-read. Here are a couple of those highlights:

Doc worrying about the team not getting back Ray Allen and Paul Pierce:

“I wasn’t coming back unless they were coming back,” Rivers said. “I was first and I thought that was important for them. We all talked. I can tell you that. I made sure. I knew they had to do their business. And Ray scared me a little bit with the money out there. They had said they were coming back and then you see what everyone was getting.”

Rivers said that at one point after committing to return next season he called Ainge and said, “Oh my gosh, someone is going to come in and blow them away and [Ray's] going to have to say yes.”

“Thank God they want another crack at it — him and Paul,” Rivers said Monday. “In a lot of ways there is a lot of energy on our team. Our team has a lot of energy.”

On Losing TA and re-signing Marquis Daniels:

“That hurt,” Rivers said. “Tony was terrific. He was like my kid. We’ve gone through a lot together. Losing him personally hurts you more and hurts you professionally.”

Rivers said it was akin to losing defensive stopper James Posey after the Celtics won the title in 2008. Two seasons later the Celtics were minutes away from winning another title.

“We bounced back but we don’t need a year to do it, we need to do it now,” Rivers said. “Signing Marquis was important. Marquis played great for us in the first half. He got injured and was never the same.”

Doc’s thoughts on Nate Robinson for next year:

“We have a chance to integrate Nate now,” Rivers said. “He bought in when a lot of people didn’t think he could do it. I didn’t know. There was a point where I wasn’t playing him anymore and then Nate bought in on his own. He saw early I was playing him and then he saw he was getting no minutes. We talked that there’s a way to get on the floor and it has to be that way. I give Nate so much credit. He did it and that was awesome for us.”

  • Perry

    In a way Doc is saying what’s old is new again. With the continuity being kept intact there is enough reason to beleive they will contend.

    Think about it.

    If the Knicks or Nets, or any other team with cap space had signed both Pierce and Ray Allen they would have been lauded for a terrific off season. Instead it’s business as usual in Boston without the fanfare that follows with signing a pair of top ten free agents.

    For all the reasons Doc has mentioned, aside from losing Tony Allen, it’s been a successful off season with a few huge scenarios yet to play out. The JO signing was the best way to plug the hole vacated by Perk, and all the incoming contracts, with the exception of Pierce, did not compromise the future where the cap is concerned.

    Yes, the eastern conference has loaded up, but let’s not forget this team went back to LA with a 3-2 lead. They had their chances in game 7 despite the loss of Perk, a wobbly Sheed, and Tony Allen, the defensive stopper we’re lamenting over, playing a grand total of 5 minutes.

  • Ivan

    The Cs still need a big hole to fill at the wing. I said all along that they had an opportunity to snatch up a wing in the NBA draft in James Anderson, a 6’6″ wing with great offensive ability who coincidentally came out of the same school as TA. Im not saying that they drafted a bust in Avery Bradley, because by no means is Avery Bradley a bust. He is an awesome PG but with Rondo manning that position, i dont see Bradley getting a lot of playing time. James Anderson however, can backup both PP and Ray Allen. Oh well, its all said and done, now the Cs have to shop for a wing at the veteran’s minimum and I think that Tracy McGrady is a good fit off the bench.. Why Not? Others to consider of available wings are Jarvis Hayes, Joe Alexander, Rodney Carney, Devean George, and J.R. Giddens, who has a good upside. I’d love to acquire Shane Battier from the rockets, willing to part with Avery Bradley and Rasheed Wallace’s contract. What do you think Cs fans?

  • Jason

    I think the link to the Andy Katz story is erroneous.. only goes to a .jpg of Doc leaving a press conf?

  • http://thinkshesmorelike.wordpress.com/ jylze

    These quotes are great. doc is a very charismatic and candid guy, and i have to believe everything he says here 100%.

    So that mean Marquis has a chance to work himself back into the rotation – which I love because they were on fire when he was one of the first guys off the bench early in the season.

  • aaron

    @ivan, i’d like the season to start soon, so we can really see if this team can still do it. All the re-signings make you feel like they wanna do it again, lets just do it again. As for all the end of the off-season names that get thrown out, it all comes to the best guys on a team performing their best at the end, like we saw last year. Someone like giddens still wouldn’t get much playoff time unless he had really earned it(like quisy who played really well at the start of last season and saw like no minutes in the playoffs). Ainge has some time still, just to get the right back up and fresh-legged people in place, but I hope he doesn’t go crazy overboard.

  • Perry


    McGrady did not impress in Chicago yesterday. There is a reason why he hasn’t been signed and has traveled from LA to Chicago. It’s because he’s damaged goods unless he can prove otherwise.

    Battier makes sense from a talent and contractual perspective, but Houston has shown no interest in terms of moving him.

    Plenty of time left to pursue another wing of substance and not merely one with potential.

  • http://. D-block

    We need 2 fill that wing spot. In all honesty, celtics did a terrible job in the draft. I agree what Ivan said as far as Bradley not possibly being a good fit cuz he might not get enough minutes. They should’ve drafted a wing cuz it looks like they’re not gonna get anybody productive in free agency

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