Post-game Reactions

According to Julian Benbow of the Boston Globe, the Celtics have had “preliminary discussions” about bringing back Eddie House for another run at a title.  In an offseason which has seen the Celtics retain a back-up point guard, draft combo guard, and lose a primary back-up wing, this news leaves me a little nonplussed.

Don’t get me wrong.  I love Eddie House and he was an integral part of putting up the Celtics 17th Championship Banner.  But, as Benbow points out in his article, there was a reason the Celtics traded him away for Nate Robinson last year: House shot 38% from the floor last season r  (second worst of his career).

Bringing House back doesn’t just present a potential playing time issue.  House also occupies what could be a very valuable roster spot.  As it stands now, the Celtics depth chart is as follows:

Point Guard

Rajon Rondo, Nate Robinson, Avery Bradley

Shooting Guard

Ray Allen

Small Forward

Paul Pierce, Marquis Daniels

Power Foward

Kevin Garnett, Rasheed Wallace, Glen Davis, Luke Harangody*


Kendrick Perkins, Jermaine O’Neal, Semih Erden

*Assuming the Celtics sign Harangody

The Celtics appear painfully thin at the wing, however that perception could be easily changed given the Celtics’ evaluation of Avery Bradley’s game.  Given his height (6’3″ on a good day) I can only assume Bradley is going to play point guard in the NBA.  Still, given his supposed prowess on the defensive end, he may end up being the Celtics back-up wing/ defensive stopper.

Even with that possibility, the Celtics do not really need Eddie House.  Just like they probably don’t really need Luke Harangody, Semih Erden, or Shaquille O’Neal.

What do you all think?  Anyone want Eddie House back?  At the expense of defense, a roster spot, roster flexibility, and the chance that could be given to a young player?

Unfortunately, I do not think I do.

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  • PR.Dizzle

    You mean to tell me that Luke didn’t show anything in the summer league? I am tired of him being left out like his skills are not worthy to be on this team. Trade Sheed’s contract & Lafayette for some draft picks. Sign him back around all-star break. House & Nate alter @ the 1-2. Put Luke @ the 3. Shaq can easily play 18 mins a game. I haven’t seen anything from Semih but he does have these months to be nba fit.

  • Al

    Eddie can come back. He can be on the bench. I assume he’s a great locker room guy but he can’t really be in our rotation unless someone gets injured. With both Lafayette and Gaffney isn’t our roster full though? We need to make a trade!

  • NHBluesMan

    i love Eddie, but i don’t think we should bring him back. He’s only an offensive player, and his numbers in that area are dropping. He can’t play D, and we NEED defensive wings. (Nate is small too, but at least he’s quick and can stay in front of his man)

  • I am a big Eddie House fan but I can see your point about us overcrowding the 1-2 spot. In addition, you can’t forget that Eddie House is a proven shooter in the NBA. In the finals one of the things we were missing was offense, and with Jermaine at the 5 position our spacing will be alot better leaving shooters like ray and eddie prowl beyond the arc. I can feasibly see nate and house runing the second unit with Daniels on the wing and glen davis at the four position.(fifth pos. unsure right now) That line up may seem small but everyone of those players are hustlers and small line ups seem to be effective in short spirts of games.

    Our biggest problem is not knowing whether whether or not Rasheed is out or in. Once that is established we can proceed from there. Two scenarios: if Rasheed is out then we trade his contract and Gaffney to the Rockets for Battier and then pick up an old reliable big from free agency(we missed out on theo rattlif but Kurt Thomas is still available); Rasheed does stay then I say we leave the team as is and let Daniels back up Paul and use develop and use everyone we alread have. I think we underestimate the KG effect. Kevin Garnett helped develop Glenn Davis and he can do the same for all of the other new additions we have.

  • MP

    No, Kurt Thomas signed with the Bulls.

  • Shooter

    I LOVE Eddie but he would only overcrowd the 1&2 spots and we obviously have a much biger need at the 3&5.I’m good with Nate backing up Rondo and Bradley backing up Ray, but we’ll need a 3D wing player to give us some spacing on the floor when our 2nd unit guys come on.Because other than Nate, we don’t have any shooters out there.Someone like Delfino would be really nice or………………………….

  • dont_drink_the_koolaid

    thanks but no thanks

  • ElRoz

    Why not use Bradley as the back-up shoting guard – as was mentioned in the post – and Daniels as small forward. With Nate and Davis and a bigman off the bench, that’s a pretty good bench.

    Let Bradley develop by actually playing him…they could have a very good player when the playoffs come around.

  • Tristan

    I like your thinking there, throwing another Big in would be the biggest need right now, be it Shaq (or my suggestion, Tolliver) or another solid performing big…..but there is still a need for another wing, someone 6’4 or bigger, vet or young we need something to spell RA & PP and act as a fallback scorer is Daniels, Nate and Bradley aint getting it done….House would be perfect if he was a bit taller, faster, younger and had some kinda D……too bad A Morrow isnt available, he would have been a perfect fit!!!

  • alex


  • Ross in Maine

    I’ll take ’em to warm the end of the bench. I’ like the way the arena announcer says his name.

  • A deal I like for the Celtics would be to package Big Baby and a draft pick to Phoenix for Jared Dudley and Sweet Lou Amundson in a sign and trade.

    Then convince Wallace to play another year and you’re done.

    Dudley would give the Celtics the young wing player to insert behind Pierce and Allen.

    Sweet Lou would help to take up the slack left in the wake of Big baby’s departure plus Lou has some miles left as well.

    I know many balk at the prospect of trading Davis but you can’t get anything if you’re not prepared to give up something.

    The Suns would pull the trigger on this deal I believe because Big Baby would really help them with their soon to be front line woes.

  • Evan

    Do you think the Celtics could get away with playing a zone and running out a second unit of Nate, Eddie, Quis, Baby and O’neal (once Perk is back)?
    That unit could bring you back into a game in a hurry or get you blown out in a hurry.

  • yoki

    Here’s how I see the rotation (just my opinion so please no hate comments.)

    PG –

    SG –


    KG/Jermaine/Sheed (if he plays)/Harangody

    Perkins (when healthy)/Sheed/Jermaine/Erden/

    I think Avery, if given some minutes will do good in the SG spot. His willingness to defend (not necessarily good but at least he has the mentality) will be pivotal.

    Harangody can play SF/PF spots. Though he’ll be a little too slow for SF but he can makes shots in and out so why not.

    Marquis will be good at SG/SF.

    Provided if Wallace comes back, Celtics really need another big man. Get Shaq! Believe me with KG in that locker room that big ego will disappear, just like what happened to Starburry.

  • Jeff

    I wouldn’t mind House coming back because he can play the 2 spot in a small lineup or just spread the floor.

    It really just depends on how the C’s use Bradley.

    If he is a backup at the SG, which I think he will end up being, then you’d have:

    Rondo, Nate
    Ray, Bradley
    PP, Quis
    KG, BBD
    JO, Perk, Sheed, Erden

    That’s 12 players with Harangoddy likely getting a roster spot though he has not officially signed yet. That would make 13. If Shaq is coming to take Sheed’s spot then fine but only if that’s the case because we’d have too much of a logjam otherwise. That still would leave you with 13 with Shaq. House would be 14 and then you have a spot for another wing anyways.

    If you have a guy like Von Wafer available I’d take him over House because he’d fit more of a need at wing and he’s bigger and more athletic. If they got someone along those lines I’d think they’d keep Gaffney for the ride to see if he can play decent as a backup to PP.

    It just depends on how things shake out.

  • alex

    what about Oliver Lafayette

  • mudhenfan

    I say no to House. How about we trade Sheed for Anthony Parker and a signed Shaq. Solidifies everything and we win the whole thing…btw, I think Luke is in before Semih!

  • WestCoastCeltic

    Bring Eddie back. He can change the momentum of the game in a heartbeat.

    Plus, I like to yell Eddie in da House!!! after he busts a 3 pointer.

  • #1 Celts fan

    Like: House, Luke H.

    not Like: Shaq, Erden

  • Argyle

    House is a poor man’s Nate Robinson. They should look for a more versatile wing.

  • Eddie House is a great 3 points shooter

  • Eddie, I’m sorry. I’ll allways remember 2008. However… I don’t want u back. You can’t defend. Your not a good ball handler. I wish you could atleast still shoot lights out! But you can’t. I would rather sign one of our young guys and give them a chance. We need to get younger. Not older Shaquille, Eddie, JO, and any oter dillusional oldies trying to piggy back a ring. I’m only mildly accepting of J.O. Cause of perks injury. Sign Luke sign gaffney and sign and trade Oliver and sheeds contract with a second round pick for a younger wing. Nuff said!

  • drew

    bring back eddie house he was and is a part of the cetic rotation off the bench he can score the ball as well. they need another rebounder as well as miami has improved there bench with jamal magloire and illzaukas they have size off there bench now and boston needs another big rebounder for sure to bang the boards agianst there back up centers this is very important they need eddie and some size. if rasheed wallace cam come back for a full season then they should keep his contract, if not they need another rebounder. if they can get shaq oneal

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