Post-game Reactions

The Celtics have one legit back-up wing player (Marquis Daniels). They need another. 

In possibly (but not very likely) related news, the Minnesota Timberwolves just traded Ramon Sessions and Ryan Hollins to the Cavs for Delonte West and Sebastian Telfair. 

West’s contract is mostly unguaranteed; the Wolves can be rid of him for $500,000 if they waive him before early August, according to Marc Spears at Yahoo! and ShamSports. West could be a free agent very, very soon. 

Of course, West is facing some legal issues and has been suffering from bipolar disorder for years. He appears likely to avoid any prison time after pleading guilty last week to various charges linked to his arrest on weapons crimes, according to the AP

Still: West was an unpredictable presence in Cleveland last year. Is he too radioactive to touch at this point? Would it even be possible to get him to Boston should the Wolves waive him? It seems extremely unlikely West would be available for the veteran’s minimum, right? 

Also unlikely: the return of Eddie House. Brendan’s all over that right below this post.

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Zach Lowe

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  • Josh A

    no to west

  • Brendan Jackson

    I wouldn’t sign Delonte West with YOUR money….

  • Banner18?

    Sebby Telfair as the 3rd stringer PG? yupp.

  • MP

    He might sleep with Rondo’s mother.

  • no to west he is not big enough and we need somebody that will not mess with chemistry of our team

  • 15GREEN15

    @ MP , that is one of the funniest posts i have seen lol .

  • george

    who is tony gafney a rookie??

  • george

    perk mat never be the same player ex leon powe sign shaq you win year to year not in 5 year planning ifs and maybe

  • No West and no House! Thats damaged goods. What was the point of gettin rid of them

  • I love Green

    Von Wafer damn it!! Zach start writing about Von Wafer!!

  • Shooter

    I wouldn’t want West for free…….we all know who we really want……….Von Wafer or Stackhouse.Garcia could be had.

  • Zain

    @Green: shot Forsberg a Q about Von today. Hope he answers it!

  • I love Green

    @Zain- Haha yeah he better answer it. I need news about Wafer, news that he’s coming to Beantown!

  • dont_drink_the_koolaid

    not going to happen. delonte has decided to take his talents to lebron’s mom.

  • Shooter

    Oh yeah and Carney……..erm what about the other “need”,a big man a la Shaq.

  • Shooter

    We better not get West.He will seriously cause some MILF damage if he was to come here.

  • legs-diamond

    I am actually a fan of Delonte West. My concern is more with that the C’s already have two small 2-guards lined up with Nate Robinson and Avery Bradley, with Marquis Daniels also a 2. Why consider West in this situation?

  • Chris O.

    We don’t need Delonte or House. Loved them both while they were here but we don’t need undersized players. We need another backup 2/3 wing and another big man. Trade Sheed’s contract for Shaq and Jamrio Moon or just sign Shaq and go after like Wafer or Josh Howard…plz Danny do something

  • w2

    I like West a ton. In fact he is hands down one of my favorite players in the NBA. Over at Celticsblog they are talking about guilty pleasures (I guess guys you root for who are seriously flawed) and DWest is my guy.

    THe kid has heart for miles. If Gerald Green, Derek Coleman, Mike Beasley had half the heart and guts DWest showed on the court, then they would be all-stars.

    With that said….another back up two is absolutely the wrong direction for the Celts. We need another wing bad.

    I do fully expect Sheed back.

    Perhpas my next favorite player is Tony Gaffney or Mario West.

  • JP

    Like a lot of other people I don’t think that House or West would be the right fit here, crossing my fingers on Von Wafer.

  • BV

    Yes to West. We have a veteran team that can stabilize him. He’s a very underrated player…

  • Josh A

    No , West will not fit with this team. We dont need another guard either. We need another wing and/or a big man. We have 4 guards already so West will not help and he will get all mad about no minutes and than we will see some more legal trouble , then we will all look back to my post on Celtics Hub, and say “Josh A was right. We should of not got West.”

  • Jay P

    We wont get West on a minimum deal, he’d be a valuable two guard to have, since he can play point some, and is a good shooter from deep. But, character issues and all, there’s a team that’ll take a risk on him at over the minimum.

  • Who, exactly, is Ray Allen’s back-up right now?

  • kelz

    tony gaffney is AWFUL i dont care that he’s homegrown …i think we go after jj hickson and von wafer

  • sam

    I would love West as an undersized back-up 2 guard. A much better defensive player than House at the 2 spot and a very gifted all-around offensive player.

    And after thriving with Jameer Nelson at St. John’s and Mo Williams with the Cavs, I think he’d fit nicely alongside Rondo or Robinson.

    Besides, with TA departed, we could use a little crazy.

  • Jay P

    @ kelz

    Easy there killer, did you even watch any Summer league? Don’t be throwing out big words when you know absolutely nothing about a player. He’s not regular rotation ready, I’ll give you that, and has a lot of work to do to be a reliable contributor at an NBA level, but don’t make blanket statements when you don’t know shit about him and probably haven’t even watched a single one of his games at any level.

  • Jay P

    @Zach Lowe

    Uh…. Avery Bradley?

    On that note, can we please go get Rudy? Sweet, thanks.

  • Josh A

    @Zach, they could go small with bradley or robinson, or put daniels there

  • If you’re counting on Avery Bradley to be Ray Allen’s back-up, you’re crazy. Daniels is here to back-up both Pierce and Allen, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need someone else capable of doing at least one of those things. These guys are getting old. They can’t be playing 36 minutes per game.

  • Josh A

    @Zach, Bradley can back him up, if your talking bout lack of size, stop. Big baby , leon, gomes, harangody are all said to be too small playing pf/c

  • Tim

    @Josh A: Lack of size is the reason Big Baby, Leon, Gomes, and Harangody will never be starters in the NBA.

  • Bradley is injured and has played zero NBA games and one so-so season at Texas. Anybody claiming definitively that he can back Ray Allen up in a playoff game that matters is doing so based on imaginary evidence.

  • Chris O.

    Ummm not Zach is right. The only really back up two you have is the grand Marquis. He is currently really your back up 2/3. Avery although a athletic freak is really only about 6’2. I don’t want a less tested 2 inches shorter replacement for TA on defense at the 2. I mean how could he stop someone like Kevin Durant or so many other players that can play the 2 who are just giants compared to him. A spot man at 2 in a pinch for a few minutes…sure. The main backup for Ray Ray…no way.

  • kelz

    Jay P

    Ok champ get off his nuts. I did watch the summer league and was not impressed at all. Only thing he has going for him is his length and that is the only reason he’s there, he’s just not nba talent, not even close. The guy is already 25, cmon man. “In five Summer League games, Gaffney averaged 23.6 minutes, 5.2 points, 2.6 rebounds, and 2.1 assists” That’s pathetic in the summer league for 23 and a half minutes. I have nothing against the guy, my buddy played with him at Umass, he’s just not NBA talent.

  • w2

    I like West more than House. Clearly a more well rounded player at both ends.

  • Jay P


    I’ll differ to your wealth of NBA knowledge. I’m sure you’ve gathered all this through years of scouting experience, have the Celtics called you yet? Really they should because you clearly know everything there is to know about NBA talent.

    What I know, is he was a final cut in the Lakers camp last year, and Phil Jackson has openly stated he believes Tony can be a contributor on a team. I may hate Jackson, but I happen to think he knows a little something about Basketball.

    I never said he was NBA ready right now, but he’s better than your blanket “AWFUL” statement. Bottom line is some people that know Basketball a hell of a lot better thna me and you have seen some good things in him, otherwise he wouldn’t have been given a contract last year, and wouldn’t be going to training camp now. So lay off your blanket statements cause you don’t know shit.

  • w2

    PS. I would not be surprised to see LBJ lure DWest to Miami.

  • Chris O.

    @W2 U mean LBJ’s mom lure DWest to MIA??

  • Jeff in Portland

    I haven’t seen Rondo’s Mom, but if Delonte is going to be Momdogging in beantown, isn’t Ray Allen’s Mom a prime target of opportunity? She lives there and is in great shape (ran the Boston Marathon) and looks pretty good.
    Seriously, I don’t see the need for any undersized 2/3. You can have one or two undersized-for-the position guys on your team, even on the court at the same time if they work hard and are damn good. I’d be a lot happier if the C’s would sign a 6’7″-6’8″ defensive-minded, quick-footed player who can make a corner three, even if he comes out of the D league or from overseas — long as he knows why he’s there.
    And we do need a backup center, because Jermaine O’Neal will get worn out by the All-Star break if he has to go more than 32 min/game.

  • Chris O.

    @ Jeff in Portland “I’d be a lot happier if the C’s would sign a 6’7?-6’8? defensive-minded, quick-footed player who can make a corner three, even if he comes out of the D league or from overseas — long as he knows why he’s there.”

    Exactly why I wouldn’t mind seeing Sheed’s contract traded for Shaq and Jamario Moon, I’d take a 6’8 decent defender with length that can shoot the 3 ball

  • Chris O.

    Also that gives us Jermaine and Shaq at the 5 til daddy Perk gets back

  • Jay P

    @Chris O.

    Moon would be ideal, but his deal expires in 2012, and he’s only due 5mil over those two years. It’s a very friendly deal for a very talented player. I just don’t see why Cleveland gives him up for a straight salary dump.

    You’d at the least have to sweeten the deal with a first rounder, and Cleveland could get even better value for him than that.

  • Chris O.

    @ Jay P, his third year in 2012 is only partially guaranteed. It would be a salary dump for CLE but he’s 30 (which works for us and he isn’t going to really help them). Give them a 2nd rounder and Sheed’s contract we get Shaq and Moon.

  • kelz

    Jay P
    Task at hand, how do we fill the roster gaps? Are we talking bench warmers and practice players, or players that will contribute? Gaffney at this point is useless to even mention and that was my point. If he is lucky he’ll be a bench warmer. Now if you were talking A.Bradley then you’d be making sense. That guy has upside and although it is questionable where he’d fit within the celtics he could be a nice surprise, at least I’m hoping.

  • Chris O.

    What do you think CLE is going to get for him?

  • Chris O.

    Would you guys throw Sheeds contract, and a #1 for Shaq and Jamario? Would we have to throw in more?

  • Jay P

    I just think if Clev deals Moon, their going to be looking for a combination of picks, and young talent.

    Danny traditionally doesn’t like dealing picks, especially for a guy in Moon, whom is just an (arguably) slightly better version of Marquis Daniels. Based on last year’s performance no doubt, but if we look at what he did in Indiana, you can easily make the argument that when healthy, Daniels is a much, much better player.

    I just don’t see it happening.

  • Jay P


    I have no problem with that, I just take exception with the blanket “AWFUL” statement. If you said “Gaffney cannot be relied on to contribute to this years team at the 3.” Then yes, I can’t disagree with that.

    I obviously have my doubts, given Doc’s track record of not giving a chance to rookies. I think it will be tough for Tony to develop in the C’s system, if he even ends up getting that 14/15 roster spot. The only thing working in his favor, is Doc loves defense first minded guys, and that is certainly what Gaffney is. So who knows, but yes, he’s not an answer for this year, there’s no question about that.

    We still badly need another wing player capable of playing the 2/3, preferably with some range.

  • sam

    FYI (for y’all’s information) D-West is shorter than Bradley (check their combine measurements at Draft Express). Still both players can guard some 2s thanks to their long arms and fiesty mentalities (and in Bradley’s case, athleticism).

    Sheed for Shaq and Moon or Parker would be very good for the Celtics. Shaq’s a very nice fit with KG and JO at the 4, as he can either crash the boards effectively from the weakside on their mid-post face-ups, or benefit from their spacing to take his man one-on-one in the post. Not a guy you want sharing a lot of floor time with Rondo, but as a 15-18 minute bench scorer/rebounder, they wouldn’t play with each enough to junk up the works.

    Moon or Parker is a difficult choice. Parker could come in and fill Ray Allen’s shoes off the bench, but I worry that his already mediocre defense will go the way of Michael Finley with another year on his body. Jamario Moon fills a big need as a plus rebounder and athletic help defender, but that shot is awfully streaky and we really need a dependable wing shooter. I guess I’d go with Moon and hope that his shot was on.

  • rob


    if cleveland wouldn’t trade hickson for amar’e stoudemire what makes you think they would trade him for anyone on our roster. But I still think thats ridiculous. I mean it’s amar’e stoudemire for jj hickson!! If they would’ve done that they would’ve won.

  • kelz

    Rashad McCants is worth a shot, and wouldn’t be expensive either. Ray would be a perfect mentor for a guy like Rashad.

  • kelz


    Forgot about that trade offer. If the cavs made that trade they would probably still have lebron, dumb on their part.
    It’d be nice to have a young, athletic big guy, although you are right Hickson is out of reach.

  • Jamie

    Zac your work on the addition of Jermaine O’Neal is now the lead story on probasketballtalk.com good work!

  • Jay P

    There has to be something on McCants we’re not hearing. NBA GMs knowing something we don’t. The guy is talented, there’s no denying that, I just don’t see a reason why no one is taking a chance on him.

    I would absolutely give him a vet min deal, he has the potential to be exactly what the Celtics needs. Athletic 2/3 who can defend either position, and has 3-pt range. With his relationship with KG, I don’t understand why Danny’s not giving this one a shot.

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