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The Clippers are re-signing Rasual Butler, according to the LA Times’ Lisa Dillman

The C’s had reportedly been interested in Butler as a wing player capable of backing up both Paul Pierce and Ray Allen, a back-up role currently filled only by Marquis Daniels. 

With Butler gone (and likely for more the minimum) and Antoine Wright headed to the Kings, the pickings are getting slim at the wing position. 

Here’s a list of guys that might be had for the veteran’s minimum.

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  • I love Green

    Lets go with Von Wafer, or Joey Graham. Then sign Shaq, or Josh Boone.

  • I love jordan

    What about using the Rasheed Wallace contract to get back James Poasey? I know he had a rough last year but he would be a good back up with good defensive abilities and more than capable to knock down 3’s for them. And possibly and im saying possibly, we could get Shaq for the veteran minimum? Its not like he needs the money and it would be his last chance for a title shot?

  • We’ve written about a bunch of potential Wallace trades, including one that would bring back Posey. That stuff is certainly on the table, but progress has apparently been pretty slow.

  • I love Green

    Looks like T-Mac will be a Bull next year.

  • Zain

    I haven’t heard of much news on Von Wafer. I wonder if it was just a rumor, or they really are looking at him and in discussions?

  • rob

    Sign and trade for shaq and jamario moon and if they want a pick, lafayette or gaffney so be it. Then we get von wafer for vets minimum just incase either of the wings go down.

  • I love Green

    @Zain- I was wondering the same thing. Hopefully they were really looking at him. He could really help us off the bench.

  • Zain

    @Green: I haven’t seen any tweets or any reporting on it either. Makes me skeptical. I’ll see if I can get Forsberg to answer it in the mailbag.

  • celtics freak

    what happened to those rumors that said we should trade sheed for barbosa

  • I love Green

    Barbosa already got traded.

  • Sophomore

    Today’s the day Green and I think alike. I’m wondering about Wafer.

  • dreik

    from all of them i choose hughes we need 3s from the bench not only nates 3s for the vet min and try to get some sign and trade fro Shaq-Moon for sheeds contract and Gaf or Laf

  • I love Green
  • Zain


    Yeah we all saw that, but how credible is this guy?

  • dutch3926

    ditto rob…let gaffney and oliver go

  • I love Green

    @Zain- Who knows, but its something. I’m hoping we get some news soon that Danny woke up and signed somebody, or made a trade.

  • PR.Dizzle

    I am sure we don’t need to go all out with a wing. Sign Harangody already & have him shed some weight, up his speed/endurance. Keep him @ the 3. He is very well on the perimeter & that could take a lot of stress on us. Glen Davis has it hard enough being one inch taller.

  • Jeremy

    Von Wafer failed two physicals last year one with the rockets and one with the grizzlies he did eventually sign a 10 day contract with the mavs but i would say a 10 day contract is less of a risk than a guaranteed (partially) deal for 1-2 years which is what i believe was offered . If you fail two physicals probably doesn’t bode well for Wafer’s chances of signing anywhere

  • dutch3926

    Harangody cant play the three for lack of ball handling skills…u damn near have to be able to handle the all the way up to the 4 spot n this league…i lke harangody but heep him at the 4…if we dont get bigger then we need someone that can hit from the perimeter to draw ot their defenders so we can get boards…thats where we suck when we depend on our(go hard in the paint) point guard to have trip dubs especially in rebounding

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