Post-game Reactions

*This post was written last night before the Marquis Daniels signing and the Matt Barnes signing.

So it was a slow news day for the Boston Celtics.  All signs point to Matt Barnes signing with the Los Angeles Lakers and the Celtics appear to be countering that move with taking a look at….Jarvis Hayes?

Did I say it was a slow news day for the Celtics?  I’m pretty sure I meant to say “awful” instead of “slow”.  In lieu of a blockbuster event involving a drastic improvement of the Celtics bench happening today, let’s manufacture one using Chris Paul!

By now, most of you have read the Chris Broussard story about Chris Paul wanting out of New Orleans.  So the question becomes, how can we fantasize create a way to involve the Celtics in this trade that brings back some serious value to the Green?

In order to do this, let’s first cut to the chase.  If there is one team in the NBA who needs a point guard, it is the Minnesota Timberwolves Indiana Pacers.  The Pacers have been trying to secure a point guard this entire offseason, considering guys like Johnny Flynn, Luke Ridnour, and Jordan Farmar.  Given that list of names, I’d say they would be more than happy with Chris Paul manning their backcourt.  Paul may be hoping to go to New York but the Knicks have virtually nothing the Hornets would want- especially if the salaries were to match.  If the Hornets are going to trade Chris Paul, they want two things: value/talent and salary cap relief.

The Celtics need to bolster their bench with a Big Man and a Wing.

So without further adieu, allow me to show you how every team gets what they want (sort of) in one fell swoop:

Depending upon your internet browser, you may or may not be able to tell that I am proposing something crazy.  The crazier thing is that this trade is not without precedence.  To summarize:

New Orleans Gets Danny Granger, Mike Dunleavy, and Rasheed Wallace.

Indiana Gets Chris Paul and Oliver Lafayette (or any other player whose contract would work)

Boston Gets David West

Would this ever happen?  Probably not.

The New Orleans Hornets have little incentive to trade Chris Paul but if they felt they needed to for fear they’d ultimately lose him for nothing, they could do far worse than Danny Granger.  Using Danny Granger to get Chris Paul may appear to be a little like running in place for Indiana but the Pacers have a ton of young talent at the wing position.  Additionally, it wasn’t too long ago that the Pacers at least entertained the idea of a straight up trade with the Minnesota Timberwolves that would have sent Johnny Flynn to Indiana in exchange for Danny Granger.  The Hornets also get cap relief for this year and next with Rasheed Wallace’s expected (buy-out) and Mike Dunleavy’s expiring contract.

If Granger is worth Flynn than he’s most certainly worth Paul, right?

Maybe not.

Chris Paul is infinitely better than Johnny Flynn, but the Pacers run the risk of having Paul walk when his contract expires at the end of the 2011/2012 season.  At least Flynn has the potential to flourish and grow with the rest of the young Pacer talent instead of bolt after two years.

None of these ideas would have ever been considered if Paul’s intentions/desires hadn’t been made public, the Hornets didn’t have a young point guard in Darren Collison ready (or seemingly ready) to start, and the Pacers didn’t have an excess of young talent at the wing position.  All of these factors happen to be true.

Still, the idea of the Hornets giving up their two best players for Danny Granger and cap relief may be a tough pill to swallow for both the Hornets’ fans and new GM Dell Demps.  The Hornets want cap relief, but in the form of dumping a salary like Peja Stojakovich and/or Emeka Okafor.  A guy like West- who’s cheaper, more productive, and is under contract through next season (with a player option for 2011/2012)- is not likely to go anywhere.  The Hornets don’t trade West (and his Bird Rights) unless A) they really want Granger, B) they think Craig Brackins is their Power Forward of the future, and C) the Hornets are DESPERATE to get under the cap.

I would say the Hornets don’t want any of those things at the expense of Chris Paul and David West.

Earlier I wrote that the Hornets want talent and cap space in return for Chris Paul.  Could they also want to stick it to Chris Paul for being a factor in former GM Jeff Bower’s dismissal and then wanting out?  It’s plausible.  A team does not try and appease their star player by making a big front office change just to trade him.  This situation could strangely mirror the recent semi-forced resignation of U.S. General Stanley McChrystal.  If this analogy holds true- if Chris Paul really does want out of New Orleans- don’t the Hornets have to do something like this deal?

The anti-“The Decision” basketball fan in me wants to see this happen.  No one is bigger than the game and no one should be able to force their way out of a situation only to force their way into another.

At the end of the day, the Hornets hold all the cards when it comes to where Chris Paul plays next season.

Will the above trade happen? Not likely.

But hey, it was fun while it lasted.

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  • dont_drink_the_koolaid

    i sense alcohol was somehow involved with this post 🙂

    not-gonna-happen. and i’m happy with rajon ‘we’re the team to beat’ rondo. who knows, he may even be better than paul in a couple years (but i’m currently intoxicated on mango milkshakes so don’t hold me to that).

  • Perry


    It seems like great minds think alike. I have been floating around the idea of Boston trading for West, but with a combination of Sheed’s contract and s/t involving Quis or perhaps a number one. We just used different avenues to arrive at the same place. Regardless of how the deal would come together two points are consistent with the facts.

    1- The Hornets are transitioning to new ownership, and are in luxury tax heaven. If they make the playoffs they are likely a 7 or 8 seed in the west at best. CP is owed roughly $50m over the next three years. Oakfor over $50m for the next 4 years. Posey’s contract cannot be moved this year. Not a good place to be in if you’re a new owner in a small market devastated by the gulf spill.

    2- Dealing West would enable them to shave another $13.5m once Sheed is put on wavers. Stojakvic ($15m) comes off the books next season. They can replace West temporarily with the MLE or visa vee a three way deal that you put fourth.

    From the Celtics perspective the West contract comes off the books in that magic year of 2012. Yes, he has the player option at $7.5m for next season, but the lock out is looming and his negotiating power will be hampered.

    West could be an assume 6th man, and would likely play 30+ minutes night and finish most games. He would be money off the pick n pop with Rondo, and he’s automatic from mid range, which is precisely what the Celtic offense needs.

    A front line rotation of O’Neal/KG/West/Davis is a nice way to recover from Perk’s MCL and Sheed’s retirement. Can you imagine the possibilities with a healthy Perk?

  • Demetri

    I’m sure the Hornets will not move Paul unless the can unload Okafor, thats like 25mil. A 3-team trade w/ the Blazers that requires us to take Okafor and hopefully Fernandez so the Blazers can have Paul could work.

  • Robbo

    how about this trade – would portland do it?

  • @Robbo
    It’s not whether Portland would do it, it’s whether NO would do it. Giving up Paul and West for Batum and cap relief? I would say Portland would have to give up Aldridge at the very least in a trade with NO.

  • Berkcelt

    I don’t really think it’s true that New Orleans holds all the cards in where Paul ends up. He can opt out after the 2011-2012 season and considering the 11-12 season could be a half year or even no year with the lockout, does a team really want to trade for Chris Paul for less than 2 years? Paul is a big enough star and well-thought of enough throughout the league that he will have a say.

  • Josh A

    @Brendan, Could we get West if we offer Big Baby and Sheed

  • While this (like any complex deal) is extremely unlikely, it makes far more sense for NOH than any proposal centered around Rondo.

    Some of the Rondo proposals being batted around here and elsewhere yesterday were just ludicrous. People just act as if Darren Collison does not exist. He’s not a proven vet like Rajon, but the Hornets have very little incentive to ask for a PG in return for Paul.

    The Hornets could sell this trade–getting Granger and shedding West? That’s not terrible.

  • Josh A

    @Zach, would they like big baby and sheed

  • Josh A
  • There is no general manager in the history of the NBA who would do that trade you just posted–CP3 for Davis, Perk and Sheed.

  • dont_drink_the_koolaid

    @Josh A: love that idea – best proposed trade i have seen yet!! awesome for the Cs from every angle. and its not so far fetched as NO would get immediate salary relief from buying out sheed, and baby has a cheap contract that would come off the books after this year….plus baby is a local hero from his LSU days.

    NO’s top priority must be to try and get rid of okafor, but i doubt they can pull that off. so if they trade paul and commit ot rebuilding, i could definitely see this trade as possible…


    let the lobbying begin. c’mon danny!

  • dont_drink_the_koolaid

    no, not paul. doesn’t make sense for either side.

    west is a perfect fit and its not so far-fetched!!

  • baller4life

    big baby and sheed for david west !

  • @kool-aid–was referring to the trade posted before yours (see link)

  • 15GREEN15

    @zach lowe , do you think we can get shannon brown ?

  • dont_drink_the_koolaid

    i’m not down with brown.

    bradley fits that role.

  • 15GREEN15

    lol ! i just read somthing wolves president said micheal beasley smoked to much weed . lol btw . why didnt we trade mia a draft pick for him ? i would have i mean come on the guy was drafted 1 round 2 pick and wolves got him for a second round pick ? thats embarrasing if i known tht i wudda told danny to trade 1st and second round pick to miami

  • 15GREEN15

    @dont_drink_the_koolaid , may i ask why did we draft a point guard ? i was hopeing to get james anderson , or jordan crawford , i mean come on ? we dont need 3 point guards and i figured james or jordan will develop by the time ray retires and ten they will have the starting sg but no danny drated a point guard

  • 15GREEN15

    and i dont think bradley will get mins at all , celtics are looking at jarvis hayes to replace TA

  • dont_drink_the_koolaid

    @15green15: no idea why we drafted bradley. i don’t watch college ball at all. i just assume that the Cs saw something special in him cause he made no sense from a ‘position’ standpoint. agree that the biggest needs were (and still are) wings or bigs.

    but i’ll be disappointed if they just glue bradley to the bench – like other rookies that have come before. better off trading him than not playing him.

  • D-Dave

    Just for laughs –

    Perk, Baby, Sheed, min guys out

    Rudy, Posey, Okafor in (Obviously we’d take west over Okafor, or Camby if offered)

    Portland gets Paul, Peja, and West.

    Hornets gets a platter of potential on short contracts. While unloading everything.


    You might say portland gives up too much, but they get the best two players in the deal w/o taking the long term money. NO would want picks from both I am sure, and money from Paul Allen (don’t we all).

  • Tai


    this deal i like a 2 for 1 i dunno bout the big man but west is a good idea you know

  • pam

    anyone considered the fact that david west would have to come of the bench? would he be willing to do that?

  • Tai


    givingup essentially nothing for west i like tht deal alot

  • Sophomore

    There are tweets that the Cs are interested in Von Wafer. Want to see an incredible jump in shooting percentage? Check out Wafer: http://www.basketball-reference.com/players/w/wafervo01.html.

  • the-facts

    why come up with these stupid trade ideas that realy don’t make no since david west is a starter and a all star player. doc rivers believe in his starting five. west would never start here. you think that david west would except to come off the bench. hell no, the guy is an all star. the celtics need bench players. so stop coming up with trade ideas that don’t make no kind of since what so ever.

  • Frreddy

    wat about sheeds contract for the cavs jj hickson and jamario moon and danny green hickson is a good athletic young big man and moon is a 3 and d guy who can throw it down danny green can shoot from downtown if provide with minutes

  • Frreddy

    maybe trade sheeds contract to the magic for brandon bass and ryan anderson and trade anderson to the blazers for nicholas batum

  • Come on, man. The Cavs are going to give up their best young player (hickson) for Sheed’s contract? Keep ’em realistic.

  • Josh A

    We are not getting CP3, Danny is only interested in getting role players. When healthy, this starting 5 has never lost a playoff series

  • Josh A

    @Zach, What is your email address so we can talk about some things

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  • PR.Dizzle

    I would love to have Collison in the addition to West but in order to do that, we would have to trade Baby with Sheed & some other small contract. I didn’t think the Paul trade would have an effect on us, but it gives us more options.

  • Dan

    You’d have to give up a lot more for West. Better off keeping Rondo.

  • dont_drink_the_koolaid

    @thefacts: if paul forces NO to deal him they will dump west immediately to rebuild. and west will want to go to contender. NO will want expiring deals and baby and sheed are perfect. Cs could also throw in a draft pick and/or bradley if needed. who starts isn’t a factor.

    beasley for a couple crappy draft picks and lots of other trades defy common wisdom….cash money.

  • Shooter

    That trade is dumb.

  • Dennis Savellano

    Maybe we can trade Rasheed Wallace for James Posey.

  • al

    here’s a 3 way, w/o draft picks and cash, bascially NOH would get multiple draft picks and cash from cle and bos, and cleveland uses its trade exception for rajon rondo, a nuclear option if you will


  • Sal Greco

    crazy idea….let me know what you think


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