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So reports Tim Povtak NBA FanHouse:

Veteran free agent center Shaquille O’Neal — the future Hall of Famer without a team — has been lobbying the Boston CelticsNBA championship aggressively, still trying to convince them that his addition would help their quest to win another


Although O’Neal was unavailable for comment Friday, two sources close to him confirmed his continued interest in the Celtics, even though they currently have no room, or exceptions, under the salary cap to pay him beyond the NBA veteran’s minimum of $1.35 million.

The Celtics could pay him more, but only if his former team, the Cleveland Cavaliers, helped with a sign-and-trade deal.

“He only wants to go to a team with a chance to win it all,” one source said. “That’s a short list. Even for the money, he’s not going to a non-contender.”

The obvious trade candidate would be Rasheed Wallace’s contract plus a cheap asset that might appeal to Cleveland, such as Avery Bradley or a future first-round pick.

I’ve said enough on Shaq here and here. Suffice it to say I’m not convinced he’s a helpful part at this point in his career. I am convinced that he is not worth $6 million or $7 million, particularly to a team that will be paying the luxury tax.

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  • MP

    Be happy to do a sign-and-trade with him for around $3 million and a wing player for Rasheed’s contract…but no, Shaq, no one’s paying you $6 million plus this year.

  • I love Green


  • I love Green

    What the heck. I didn’t mean to post that comment. I was going to say for 15 minutes a game I think he can be helpful. As long as he’s willing to be a role player.

  • Sam

    Money aside, Boston would seem to be the best landing place for Shaq among the contenders.

    He’s already burnt his bridges in LA and Miami. He’s dissed Howard too much to go and be his back-up in Orlando. Portland is over-loaded with bigs. The Spurs look to have fallen too far out of the realm of contention. Dallas added Ty Chandler to the same core that lost in the 1st round.

    Boston’s coming off a season in which they came 1 quarter and a good big man away from taking the title. Winning a title with Boston also has to have significant appeal to a guy as conscious of his legacy and notoriety as Shaq.

  • Sign him! We need a big.

  • Sam

    @ MP

    Shaq + Parker makes a lot of sense for Boston, but why would Cleveland do that?

    We’d probably have to toss in Baby or a 1st rounder.

  • dino radja

    We have Shaq last year we have number 18. WE GOT KILLED on the boards in the Laker series. He can still rebound and don’t you think he would LOVE to beat Kobe?

  • Sean

    Listen, we all know Shaq is FAR past his prime. But you can’t argue with his pedigree, and he’s still capable of changing the dynamic of a game, especially if he’s coming off the bench. He’s clearly big enough to defend the Dwight Howards and Andrew Bynums, and he’s skilled enough in the post to be a viable option in the half-court pretty much whenever. As a starting, cornerstone Big? Hell no. As a productive, savvy veteran off the bench? We could do much, much worse– and probably not much better.

  • I love Green

    For the Cavs he was starting, for us he’ll be the 3rd center on the depth chart.

  • VenturaCelticFan…FTL

    I love the prospect of this…we are not a fast breaking transition offense type team in the traditional sense. Our fast break is an afterthought. Our focus is primarily defensive stops and rebounding…please make this deal!

  • Glenn

    I don’t get where you people think we have the minutes for both O’Neals when Perk returns from his injury, one that happens, one of the O’Neals is going to have to become a benchwarmer, and frankly, I’d prefer to have Jermaine and his defense stretching midrange shot than Shaq, who will suck up possessions that would be better suited to players who are simply more versatile offensively.

  • shut_it_up

    here’s a thought. we have shaq as back up-for goddamn cheap- and we use him to pad our way through regular season non-games. real team for the playoffs. i hate to admit this, but very few guys can move six inches and score. he can.

  • Richard Byakuleka

    Bring on the Diesel; we NEED HIM!!

  • Tom W

    if nothing else, he’d be someone else who could push back against Dwight Howard…if he’s willing to come for cheap, i’m all for it. i’m completely against it if we have to waste sheed’s contract in a sign and trade for it though…

  • Al

    I think the question should not be, should we get Shaq? but rather, how should we get Shaq? listen if the guy is willing to accept his new role we have to go for it the problem is as Tom W said we can’t waste Rasheed’s contract on him so the problem here is, how should we get Shaq?

  • Al

    to me: veteran’s minimum… perhaps we can pump the veteran’s minimum with the contracts of tony gaffney and oliver lafayette in a sign and trade… again this is only if he’s actually willing to accept his new role…

  • fiorelladad

    Actually it would make a lot of sense. He would be Perk’s back up and JO would move to his natural position at the 4 backing Garnett. For Sheed’s contract we could get him and a wing.

  • dslack

    I see no reason not to take Shaq. He’s productive. If he plays limited minutes, he could be very helpful. I hope Celtics get him.


  • Tom W

    it seems to me that if shaq is REALLY wanting to go to a contender, he needs to understand that he probably should be playing for the vets minimum. and i think if he wants more, we should stay away at all costs.

  • rolltide3332

    J.O backing KG at the 4 and Shaq backing Perk . Celtic fans would be crazy not to want this. They could both give a solid 10-15 minutes to rest the starting 5. Make it happen Danny!

  • moneygram29

    Shaq would solidify the second unit he’s past his prime
    but he still demands a double team which means you can run your offense thru him and the biggest plus the only man that can hold him straight up would now be his teammate Kendrick Perkins please sign Shaq his the best big available!!!!

  • lakershater13

    Lakers get that Ratliff dude who was awful in a celtics uniform and we get Shaq who will be in the Hall soon. I like that. If Shaq can give us 10 solid minutes a game I would be happy. If we get him I say we give PP, Ray, Shaq, and KG all a night off every once in a while. Not all at the same time. Have one guy rest each night.

    Now with JO behind KG if shaq is behind perk is Baby now trade bait for a wing with sheeds contract? Say someone has a good vet wing with a 9 mil contract and they need to shed some cap maybe the celtics can get another veteran wing even if they have to toss a first rounder in. You trade baby and you still got KG, JO, and LUKE(if we sign him). Luke could be just like baby but a better pure shooter. So he would spread the floor better with Shaq on the court.

  • Kingpin

    @ Glenn – I think there will be more minutes available for both O’Neals than you may think. How realistic is it that Perk will be able to full strength in Feb? He may be cleared to go then, but as we’ve all seen with other athletes, it usually takes well over a year to get back to where they were before the injury. It took TA nearly two years to get back to where he was comfortable playing his natural style. Granted Perk isn’t the same type of athlete TA is, but being cleared to play in Feb and playing to the same level as before the injury doesn’t seem realistic. Just something to think about.

  • Ray Leighton

    Agree with Kingpin — there will be plenty of minutes, especially as we rest KG and bring Perk back up to speed. And the other thing to keep in mind is that Shaq will be second unit and although he is clearly no longer in his prime, what second unit player from another team is going to be able to stop him? If Dwight or Bynum have to burn extra minutes playing against the second unit, just to keep Shaq from steamrolling the second-unit center, that’s a good thing.

    One other item related to this — this is a weird stat that surprised me but without exception, every one of our starters improved the defensive rebounding +/- (in other words, we got a higher % of defensive rebounds with those guys on the court). The biggest difference in defensive rebounds for us was having KG on the court; the Celtics got almost 3% more defensive rebounds when KG was on the court than when he was offcourt (btw, 3% is a huge number for this stat) — although admittedly, this might be biased by the fact that KG was usually replaced by Sheed who seemed indifferent to say the least about getting boards during the regular season. So while there was no question that our starters did not do well against the Lakers in terms of rebounding, our second unit consistently did much worse for the season. Shaq is immobile, but he also is immobile in the sense that nobody can move him either — Shaq blocks out and nobody is pushing him out of the way. Shaq has a positive rebounding +/-, and his rebounding rating is about the same as Perk’s. It would make a huge difference for our rebounding on the second unit.

    We just have to get him cheap, because we surely cannot afford to give up all of Sheed’s contract and not get a wing in the process.

  • rav

    If we get Shaq it guarantees a return to the NBA finals.

    Stern would love to get one more year of high TV ratings out of the Shaq vs Kobe thing.

    The Miami Heat can wait, they can enjoy monopolizing the next decade. Leave 2010 to the Celts and Lakers for one last hurrah.

  • Mark

    When Perk is back at starting center, what does everyone think about using Shaq as his primary backup and using Jermaine as C/PF?

    Here’s what I’d go with at the start of the season:
    Perk, Shaq, (Jermaine O’Neal), Semih Erden
    Kevin Garnett, (Jermaine O’Neal), Glen Davis
    Paul Pierce, Marquis Daniels, (Luke Harangody)
    Ray Allen, Nate Robinson, Tony Gaffney
    Rajon Rondo, Avery Bradley, Oliver Lafayette

    Use Rasheed’s contract to upgrade any of the positions with the most need.

  • Jon

    Listien danny screw the rest of these yahoos who think shaq is a bad idea… Lets sign and trade and get him and parker….. Make us proud danny…!!!

  • Sophomore

    If they sign him, maybe the Cs can get an endorsement deal with Geritol or Centrum Silver?

  • I agree with posters Fiorelladad and Floyd. When Perk comes back, Jermaine O’Neal could be moved to back-up Garnett and the Celts would be even stronger.
    Although Shaq isn’t worth Sheed’s full contract, he is worth more than the vet’s minimum if it gets us that much closer to the championship. A sign and trade to get more out of the Cavs for that contract would be good but I wouldn’t go so far as to include Bradley or a future 1st round pick…

  • dont_drink_the_koolaid

    wants to go to the celtics = burning desire to punk lil’wade/queen/rupaul AND the kobettes AND supermanJR. i like a man with an axe to grind with our biggest challengers.

    i’m as sceptical as the rest. but of course you got to add shaq if u can. he is old and all….but guys that size just don’t fall from the sky.

    classic shaq joke: http://dai.ly/bvmtE5

  • dont_drink_the_koolaid

    don’t give up sheeds contract to do it though. shaq is useless to the cavs now. play hardball on the vet minimum…..how bad does he really want to play in boston?

  • Steve B

    Do not give up Bradley for Shaq. One year of Shaq playing 10 minutes per game is not worth 10 years of potential Bradley has to give.

  • Perry

    I just wanted to sound off on Tony Allen before adding my two cents on Shaq.

    In any work related environment the individual, no matter how selfless he or she may be, wants recognition. From my perspective the Celtic organization proved their loyalty and trust by rewarding him with two contracts over the past six years despite that serious legal matter off the court and a pair of major knee injuries. During that span of time he missed a total of 151 regular season games. That’s almost two full seasons.

    Let’s face it. Tony Allen came to Boston rough around the edges and up until the day he left he was never considered a model of consistency. So for him to say he was overshadowed by two future HOF flies in the face of reality.

    He could have stayed true to himself by playing a vital role for one of the all time greatest franchises in professional sports. Now he’s in Memphis minus the security blankets he apparently took for granted. Used to be commitment mattered to him, but this is what happens when you’re lionized by the mainstream media and start to beleive in their press clippings.

    I’m not sure if there was ever any talk about using MLE type money to acquire Shaq unless you were Atlanta and needed him to sell tickets. Shaq would have be viable using a split of the MLE, but the real idea was to use Sheed’s contract, which would also bring in perhaps Parker or Moon. But who really knows what may be lurking behind the scenes with Sheed. Has he been pitched again by the veterans and JO? Would he be amiable to coming back without a training camp? Why is this retirement procedure taking so long?

    For argument sake let’s assume his decision takes a while longer to pan out. It is plausible that Shaq would accept the vet. minimum to play in Boston for the following reasons.

    1- The Heat are set at the 5 spot and so are the Mavericks.
    2- By all accounts the Hawks will not trade Marvin Williams straight up for Shaq, and they do not have the MLE.
    3- Shaq is on record saying he only wants to play for a contender, which eliminates the Knicks and Nets.

    So, is any other contending team left with a need for a center to play 20 minutes?

    Okay, Shaq can’t play the pick and roll, but he no longer will be playing against the starters. It is not a long term investment and it does address a need. When you factor Perk in the equation the Celtics will have depth and length to compete against the Lakers, and should be able to pound Miami and Chicago in the paint.

  • Josh A

    Shaq provides something the Celtics need as a team: Rebounding. As we saw in the 2010 finals, the Celtics were getting killed against the Laker bigs- Gasol, Bynum and even Odom. Both O’Neal’s would be great, but Shaq would put us to the top again

  • patrick

    celtics could definitely use another big man like shaq . with his experience they will win another title. When celts knock off cleveland my opinion shaq seem like he was the only one who wanted it in game six. The last to years celtics got knock out due to their important big men getting injured. they need another big man in the line up. pick up shaq.

  • Perry

    @Josh A

    If they were able to bring him in the fold at the vet. minimum, and add another wing visa vee the Sheed contract, I think the roster is good enough. The prime directive of incoming contracts not extending past 2012 would be accomplished, but did they address the need for athleticism? Certainly not in the front court.

  • CJ

    He’s like Sheed but he’ll actually rebound and won’t just stand out at the 3-point line.

  • Josh A

    Shannon Brown is a must for the Celtics.

  • shannon brown is not a must for any team in the NBA.

  • James

    This would be a great pick up.

    1. Helps until Perk returns
    2. Good #s last yr 12/7
    3. Great passer and sets awesome picks
    4. Will not let Kobe drive (or anyone else) to the hoop
    5. Wants to beat Kobe and the Lakers BAD!!!

    Again, put him at the high post where he can set picks for Rondo, Ray and PP. Then Rondo has free reign to the hoop and Shaq can follow; literally in only 2 steps. I love this and if Sheed comes back then the line-up for the 2nd unit can be Shaq/JO/Sheed/Daniels/Robinson (and the other bench players mixed in at different times as needed). And with the starters you could have Shaq/JO/KG/PP or Ray/Rondo. The matchups would be brutal at times and Shaq would be helped on his pick & roll defense issues with the Cs great team defense. The guy is a flat out winner and seeing Kobe try and drive would be great ’cause Shaq will put him down hard. Get this done. Go Cs…

  • josh

    the Celtics is crazy we need shaq we need someone who is a 7foot C if they get him we are going back to the championship again. Miami aint nothing GO CELTICS!!!!!!!!!!

  • James Patrick

    Totally agree with Josh, we need Shaq. We need his body in the paint. Just look at his numbers for last year. He’ll just need to know his role on the team. But how beautiful would it be to beat the Lakers next year and have Shaq on the team that does it sticking it to Kobe again! hahaha

    I want the Big Leprechaun!

  • Chris O.

    I was talking about this the second after Kobe mentioned he has more rings than Shaq. Sign this dude. Figure out a way. He hates Kobe, he hates Miami’s best big Chris Bosh, hates Pat Riley and hates Dwight Howard. How is him being a backup and our 3rd, 4th or 5th big man a bad deal. Shaq wants ring #5 to match Kobe and he will be more motivated than anytime in the past 5 years.

  • Tom W

    here’s a horrifying (and probably not incredibly important) thought: the celtics free throw percentage next year with Shaq AND Rondo.

  • Chris O.

    Tom W…haha good point thank God for Ray/Pierice/Garnett

  • moneygram29

    Sign Shaq please it’s a garauntee when Kendrick Perkins comes back he will not be ready to play at the level he played at pre ligament damage he’ll need at least a year and a half to get back to being Perkulator the Defensive Rebounding Dominator so signing Shaq is a no brainer

  • Chris O.

    OMG I have been thinking of the big fronts and possibilities you could use with the team if we could flip Sheeds contract for Jamario Moon and Shaq.

  • drew

    it would be wise to sign shaq oneal and get him in training camp. he would fit into their system easily. he can get rebounds, defend and give some points when needed and rest the starters. get a decesion out of rasheed wallace if he is going to resign or not. take his contract and give it to him or sign him for the veterans minimum. they need a back up center surely.

  • drew

    be smart and sign him as soon as it can get done. don’t let this one slip away. the celtics should have given tony allen the 3 year contract and not wobbled over the last year. danny ainge get this done…

  • Josh A
  • 15GREEN15


  • rob

    what miami doesn’t realize is that if we get shaq we get a post game and they don’t have anyone to guard him. Also that gives us another legitimate defender on dwight howard.

  • green in my viens

    good move do it celtics still capable to do decent damage a big body thats needed and another vet im loving it

  • With Perkins imminent return, this will cause problems in the locker room. Shaq is going to demand minutes over Jermaine, KG, Big Baby, and Perk.

    That’s not a workable situation for Doc to manage. Maybe temporarily whilst Perk is sidelined but after he returns it’s going to cause a major log jam headed into the playoffs.

    Shaq was an alternative to Jermaine. Not another addition to.

    If the Celtics were to put together a deal to move Big Baby and Sheed’s contract and maybe a draft pick for a good scoring threat at the 2 or the 3, then this addition of Shaq would make a lot of sense at the right price.

  • Josh A

    If the Celtics go to get Shaq, there will be multiple situations that could happen.

    1) Ultimate Fail-

    Shaq will mess up this team’s chemistry and playing style. He will demand more minutes than he is worth.

    2) Ultimate Success-

    As we have seen in the playoffs of 2010, big men are very important. You need to get rebounds and the O’Neal’s will be happy to split that in half.

    Those two situations are the most obvious but there are also some things that could change those situations a little bit. He is about a 50% free throw shooter and has gotten worse these pass couple of seasons. His minutes have gone down every season so he might be willing to take even less.

    If the Celtics end up signing Shaq, it will be clear Rasheed is not coming back because 6 big men is too much.

  • James

    More on why this makes sense…

    1. KG/PP/RA will not let Shaq hurt the team chemistry
    2. Shaq wants to beat Kobe/Lakers and this team can do that – especially with him
    3. Use JO as a PF with Shaq and mix it up…very tough to defend and board against a front line also with KG/Sheed that makes the Lakers front line then look small
    4. Keep Sheed who is another player that can play the C/PF role.

    Having multiple big men of QUALITY is not going to hurt the Cs effort or on defense. Matchup problems for other teams and remember…as Riley always says No REbounds, No Rings. Go Cs…sign Shaq!!!

  • Sophomore

    Damn. I’m still skeptical, but you guys are almost talking me into it. What I don’t see is how we divvy up the minutes among five big men who all want to play after Perk comes back.

    Can they all really be content to let match-ups dictate minutes? It’d be a hell of an accomplishment if Doc could pull it off.

  • Perk should be considered as a non-factor next season due to his horrific injury. Let’s put him aside. We only have two (2) reliable bigs: JO and Garnett come the playoffs. We need another big and above else this has to be our outmost priority. We cannot beat the Lakers without a good back-up at Center and Power Forward and this player has to be at least 6-11 or 7 feet. Shaq with all his baggage is worth the risk. Find a way to sign him. There’s a lot of talk about (potential) problems he will bring to the locker room (honestly, who cares?). Let’s just fill our immediate needs for God’s sake. This is our last year to contend for a championship.

  • Shooter

    Why in the world would Danny trade a guard with upside,for a big man on his last legs.I understand the Sheed’s contract for Shaq part, but, including Bradley in that deal makes no sense whatsoever.
    Sheed’s contract and a 2nd would make sense.
    Still,i hope we get the big man,Shaq makes so much sense here and NO he wouldn’t “demand” more minutes once Perk returns.Shaq is a Class A guy,if anything he will only improve our chemistry.
    COME ON DANNY GO GET SHAQ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I would say we have had a very successful off season, if we get Shaq.He would be the finishing touch or the master stroke to our 2010-11 roster.

  • Shooter

    I don’t get all the talk about Shaq bringing problems to the locker room.Do you guys have any examples or links at all to justify this.From what i know of Shaq he’s a very classy guy,a goofball- but not in the Gilbert Arenas sense-a clown,down to earth warm and caring guy.Heck he even bought LeBron a Bentley,i think it was,for his birthday.
    We need Shaq it makes so much sense.

  • Sophomore

    “Perk should be considered as a non-factor next season…”

    I hope not. Because if that’s true we aren’t going to the Finals, Shaq or no Shaq.

  • We beat Miami, Cleveland and Orlando with length last season. When Perk went down we couldn’t beat LA. Why? Because we didn’t have that advantage anymore. We need LENGTH!!!

  • Tom W

    @shooter: the evidence against shaq being a good locker room guy mainly lies with the fact that his relationships with penny hardaway, kobe bryant, dwyane wade and pat riley all deteriorated a LOT.

  • complexity

    Watching Shaq in the Cleveland series. I thought he was more of a liability for them then a bonus. Ideally, if he came off the bench, he would be at least as good as Rasheed Wallace without the missing threes. Barring a very likely injury at Shaq’s age. By late in the playoffs, people talked about Ray/Paul being run down, imagine Shaq. And what if Perkins injures himself again. Then we have to rely on Shaq? I’d rather see KG play Center then that.

  • JP

    I think Shaq could help the team, but I don’t think there will be enough minutes to get the most out of all the players. Shaq, Big Baby, KG, JO, Perk. That is an intimidating front court, but I am not sure that Shaq would help that much. Like other people have said he’d be a liability on defense and in shooting free throws. This signing works until Perk comes back then becomes a problem. That is, unless they trade baby for a wing, that could work.

  • S. Guard

    the reason this deal makes so much sense is because, Shaq adds that presence they did not have in order to beat LA. People are saying Shaq will mess up the locker room and chemistry, but how often has that happened? with Kobe and that’s about it. you didn’t hear anything about him messing things up in Cleveland or Miami, the problem was his age and his body wearing down on him. He comes to Boston he will be coming off the bench due to Perkins starting. My Idea they need to do is get a “YOUNG” scoring threat to help out Rondo like, Monta Ellis or Brandon Roy. Monta is more of a trade we can accomplish, and Golden State is looking to get rid of him. If they could accomplish that task they can trade Davis, Rasheed, and have Ray Allen come off the bench with Shaq, Jermaine O’ Neal, Nate Robinson, and Daniels. The Starting five Rondo, Ellis, Peirce, Garnet and Perkins, thats a scary squad.

  • Shooter

    Heads up,Rondo missed both his free throws in the Blue-White game today.
    It seems he hasn’t improved in that area.

  • lakershater13

    The ideal situation for the celtics is Portland trades for CP3. If paul goes to portland and aldrich goes to new orleans then portland would need a PF. If we get shaq luke H. is a much better fit at the 4 than baby because luke can shoot 3s much like a matt bonner type player. We send baby to portland and daniels to new orleans since NO wanted him. We send sheeds contract so one of the 2 teams can shed some salary. Then we take back POSEY and rudy. I dont know who all the pieces would be but if this happened portland could finally put roy at the 2. We would have a strong bench and NO well who cares.

  • lakershater13

    I tried to tune that out. Besides the 2 misses at the ft line rondo looked good next to all the young future stars. You know he is recruiting for 2012.

  • Jason

    I would welcome him here. There’s potential for him to be disruptive but they are not going to win without another or more capable big man who can rebound and defend the paint. Shaq would be the best rebounder on the team and there would plenty of minutes with Perkins out for a while (and who knows how he’s going to look after such a serious injury), Garnett again on a limited minutes plan and O’Neal being similar to Garnett. It’s kind of alarming that none of the big men we have right now might average 30 minutes a game. There would be the right chunk of minutes, 20-24, available for Shaq every night in a normal rotation.

    It’s going to take Rasheed’s contract in a sign and trade unless Shaq has a sudden change of heart and decides that four championships isn’t enough and he should play for the veteran’s minimum out of the love for the game and an appreciation of Boston’s rich history. I think it would be a good use. I was hoping Rasheed could be traded for a perimeter player but options like Barbosa, Rudy and Battier have gone nowhere. I can’t think of any solid wing available for trades. Since a big is another need, at least they would get someone valuable for Rasheed.

  • ego roots

    Long time reader, first time poster…

    Adding Shaq won’t hurt. We need to exploit Miami’s biggest weakness and that is size. And there’s nothing that defines size than The Big Leprechaun.

  • Too much worrying about Miami. Miami is next June best case. If the Celtics have another regular season like last year, they won’t make it out of the East.

    They’re not going to sneak up on anyone in the playoffs the way they did this year.

  • Sophomore

    @Lakershater 13 – If we picked up Shaq we might be able to let BBD go, but only because we wouldn’t need a quality fifth big – not because Harangody’s ready to step in.

    Getting his shooting from the 4 would be great, but we’d lose a ton of defense and proven big-game performance. BBD’s does a great job compensating for his lack of height with strength and hoops IQ. He’s a plus pick and roll defender, and he can even cover a plus big for short- to medium minutes – Howard and Shaq – because he can keep them out of the paint. Harangody probably won’t ever be as good at these things as BBD, and he certainly won’t be in his rookie season. As for production, BBD showed in the playoffs that he can get offensive rebounds and he can score by getting to the line. What does Har. do if he’s having an off shooting night?

  • Johnny

    Of course he wants to be a Celtic. As long as he is demanding $8 million and guaranteed starter, he’s bound to want to be a whichever team would overpay his that much.

  • I know last year is in the past but if you where to somehow place Shaq on the c’s last year, i believe they would have won that series. The lakers definitely would have not pushed the celtics around. Shaq would have been leaning and wearing down the Lakers frontline and on the offensive side of the ball would could have started the offense in the post with him ( if they fouled fine Shaq fine we’d get in the penalty early ) with the potential of scoring and again wearing down there frontline bigtime. NO BRAINER if you can work the finances out!

  • I love Green

    Time for more Celtics news

  • Sophomore

    ^^^ What he said.

  • dreik

    naaaaa i would take him only for the vet-min nothing more sry shaq but you r 38yo your time has passed

  • Sam

    We should sign Iverson and Shaq to veteran minimums. We would dominate with 5 future HOF’s on one team.

  • they need shaq to take out mimai orlando chicago then win the finals to try to keep doc around for another run again do it again but more run to make a 2 peat

  • Is was either Shaq or Jermaine for the MLE and the Celtics chose Jermaine which is probably the better fit.

    Shaq’s not going to be a 4th or 5th wheel in Boston. Won’t happen.

    Celtic fans should be patient at this stage. Some better opportunities will shake loose when training camps open.

  • Shaqi

    Shaq should go to Miami and be like what he was in Cleveland … “win a ring for the king”

  • lakershater13


    I think you over rate BBD. You make him sound like he is a mini perk. He did not guard shaq and howard well unless you say breaking a guys thumb is good defense. I dont see BBD as a good defender at all. Harangody is a 4 year player and I think he has a lot to offer even in his rookie year. He is already much more athletic and physically built than baby was when he came in the league. Look at BBD in his rookie year. The guy goes up to dunk and could barely get the ball above the rim. KG had to make the guy cry to get him in shape and play better. He is not a big game player. He had a good series in which we lost in 09 against orlando when KG was out. He had a couple great games in the eastern finals and the finals but he would talk trash say he is a beast and next night come out and give us nothing. Very very inconsistant. So yeah if harangody had an off shooting night we wouldnt be any worse off. You cannot tell me that the way harangody rebounded in college and the way he is built that he wont be able to rebound and keep guys out of the paint just as good if not better than baby.

    Point is if shaq signs in boston and we can get a good wing for baby than I think we improve with harangody out with shaq over davis with shaq. Plus we NEED another wing behind daniels. Rudy and Harangody > BBD they are much greater than bbd.

  • Shooter

    BBD is a good defender and he’s certainly a good pick n roll defender.He’s no KG but he’s good.BBD has certainly improved his defense over the last 3 years so that shows his work ethic and attitude in willing to learn.

  • Rich

    As a cavs fan, I love some of these trade ideas. Trade us an expiring contract for a guy who no longer even takes up space. There is no reason for the Cavs to do that, let alone trade away another expiring contract (like Parker). Cavs aren’t helping the Cs for free here people. Either you take on a longer term contract like Daniel Gibson, or you trade something of value in return. There is just no reason for CLE to trade Shaq and Parker for an expiring Sheed deal, when Shaq is already off the books and Parker comes off thie year. It does nothing for CLE in the least.

  • dslack

    Yes, but why do you have to go and make so much sense, Rich?

  • Jeff

    I don’t really see having Shaq being so much an issue of minutes because all the players on the front line are aging and thus NEED to play less minutes anyways.

    KG – 27 mpg
    JO – 25 mpg
    Shaq – 25 mpg
    Davis – 19 mpg

    Even when Perk returns he will not be able to play a lot of minutes and, in all reality, should not play anymore than 20-22 mpg at ANY point this season, including playoffs.

    This would allow us to boil our front line down to about 20 mpg each guy and keep them all fresh and ready for the playoffs.

    Davis should really only play 16-18 mpg anyways because that’s when he’s effective.

    We’ve got JO and KG for two years so we want both to remain as healthy as possible.

    Adding Shaq would be a very good idea, especially in the event that JO or KG gets hurt.

    If that happens and we don’t have Shaq, we’ll all be wishing we did.

    Get Shaq.

  • Rich

    And there was someone who was thinking that Paul Pierce and KG can keep Shaq in line. Sorry, but Shaq has more rings, is a better player (in the grand scheme of things) and has been on better teams. Shaq will still do what Shaq wants to do.

    He burned bridges with Pat Riley for god’s sakes…you don’t think he can do the same to these guys?

    That said, there were no stories of Shaq complaing in CLE last year..but he was also a starter in CLE. SO who knows.

  • In Harangody We Trust

    Shaq will be great for Boston.

    Send Wallace’s contract, if he is really retiring, and give Shaq the money he wants and also get A Parker from Cleveland. Or Moon. That saves Cleveland money.

    Boston get beef for the paint, and the backup for Pierce and Allen.

  • Rich

    Harangody, just read up like 5 posts. That doesn’t save CLE a single dime.

  • Leonard Rhett

    Signing Shaq is not a good thing to do at this point. He has not played more than 50 games in his last two seasons and he is not motivated to get himself in shape to play a full season and playoffs(this team will make the playoffs). He is also a liability late in games due to poor FT shooting(along with Rondo it will be very tough to close out games with both on the floor). He needs to show Celtics management that he is willing and ready to play this season before an investment is made in Shaquille O’Neal.

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