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Business has picked up on the free agent market in the past 24 hours, both with the Celtics and around the league as a whole, so let’s not waste anytime here and get you up to date with the latest happenings.

Let’s start with a quick refresher. In case you missed it, Marquis Daniels re-signed with the C’s in a one year deal for 2.4 million dollars last night. An unsurprising signing given the state of the wing market, where you could make the case that Daniels was the best player left available on the market (when healthy).

A one year deal was probably all Daniels was going to get anywhere at this point, so staying within the system and with a coach he likes in Doc was the way to go, knowing plenty of minutes would be back available with the departure of Tony Allen.

Smart signing by both sides. Now Marquis just needs to find a way to stay on the court. Also be sure to check out Zach Lowe’s terrific full analysis of Daniels season and future from last night.

With Quisy back in the fold and one wing spot settled, the C’s now appear to be turning their attention towards landing a shooter, something they desperately need coming off the pine. Alex Kennedy of Hoopsworld.com reports the Green has shown interest in Von Wafer, the former Rocket bench sparkplug from two years back, as well as small forward Jarvis Hayes. Kennedy was also first to report the TA signing with Memphis, so it appears he has strong sources close to the C’s, giving the report more credence.

Let’s start with some thoughts on Waver. The guy is a 25 year old 6-5 shooting guard out of Florida State, someone who had largely fallen off the radar in the NBA this past year. He tore it up two years back in Houston after bouncing around for a couple years around the league, putting up nearly 10 points in just 19 minutes a game, largely due to his 39 percent shooting from beyond the arc. He also played well in the playoffs this year, as the Rockets pushed the eventual Champs to 7 games.

Wafer cashed in on the solid campaign overseas, landing a 2 year/10 million dollar deal  last season with Olympicacos in Greece. Things went awry overseas quickly however, leading Wafer to buy out of his contract in December 2009, in hopes of returning to the NBA with the Rockets.

The deal was signed with Houston, but Wafer’s back problems caused him to fail his physical and be left without a home for the remainder of the 09-10 season, minus a 10 day contract with Dallas, where he served as a practice player.

So in essence, we have a younger, athletic guy here that can score the ball well off the bench and by all accounts play some solid defense as well coming off a lost season. A minimum contract, as well as a promise of some playing team would likely get the job done for signing Wafer, something the C’s can offer him a chance at if they want him.

Wafer does come with some issues. He feuded a bit with Rick Adelman back in Houston at times and obviously the health issues have to be a concern. Again though, based on his shooting ability alone, Wager is one of the best guys available at his position.

A guy like Jarvis Hayes (29 years old), who the C’s are also reportedly interested in according to Sherrod Blakely, has the better track record than Wafer, with 7 “productive” seasons under his belt. Wafer though provides much better upside and scoring potential, something this team will desperately team if it wants to compete amongst the reloaded beasts of the East.

Weighting the risks and rewards of both guys, before making a decision is something Danny and company are no doubt debating before reaching a conclusion. The sooner, the better though given the landscape of this free agent market where the few quality players left have been flying off the shelves.

We start with Matt Barnes who came to terms with the Lakers, the contender with the most money to offer on a 2 year/3.6 million deal, with the 2nd year being a player option, according to ESPN.com.

We’ve covered Barnes plenty here and he would have been a nice backup 3 for this squad. The truth is, he still is a guy who has bounced around the league for a reason, he’s a good player but a flawed one, so no one around the league will lost any sleep on it.

The Lakers bench rotation though, their main weakness last year, is beginning to come together though with a rotation of Steve Blake, Barnes, Lamar Odom and newly signed big man Theo Ratliff, who came to terms with LA for the veteran’s minimum, according to David Aldridge via Twitter.

Ratliff, best remembered here for his expiring contract potential actually was a useful player for the Bobcats last year, starting at center for much of the year. With the C’s still in need for another big body due to Perk’s injury, Ratliff appeared to be a candidate before the Lakers bounced on him to help shore up their backup frontcourt. Two smart moves by the contending champs, these past two days.

Speaking of smart moves, the Bulls made another one yesterday, agreeing to a two-year deal with Kurt Thomas with the second year reportedly being a team option. The veteran Thomas was another hopeful veteran minimum’s candidate for the C’s as a 4th-5th big, but coming off a very productive year in Milwaukee last season, he obviously earned himself a bit more than that, as the Bulls attempt to round out their bench and big man rotation after Brad Miller left town.

Between Thomas and Joakim Noah, Chicago will have plenty of agitators in their frontcourt this year. Expect things to get chippy with them and their opponents early and often.

Finally, in some minor news wingman Antoine Wright signed a deal with Sacramento yesterday as well, another possible signing candidate, though more in the mold of Daniels, making targeting Wright a bit redundant.

That’s all for now, we will keep you posted on the latest comings and goings throughout the weekend. The question for now I guess, if you have to choose one; Wafer or Hayes?

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Brian Robb

Brian Robb co-founded CelticsHub in 2009 and is the currently editor-in-chief. He is a producer and reporter at 98.5 The Sports Hub in Boston and also contributes to Boston.com and Bleacher Report among other outlets.
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  • C2k

    We seem to be interested in a lot of guys and end up just signing our own. House and Scal next? lol

    Von Wafer would fill a need to back up RA. Would like to see either Janning or Jon Scheyer get a shot too. Oliver and Tony will come as well and Tony may be the one to backup Daniels

  • Josh A


  • Josh A

    dang i ment 1st but i am not

  • Brian

    with the lakers signing Brarnes, how about going after Shannon Brown?

  • Josh A

    Yeah rite @Brain, young players are not gonna go from LA to Boston. They think it is too big of a rivalry

  • 15GREEN15

    von wafer , younger . plays 19 mins a game a get 9.7 ppg and hes 25 .. go after wafer

  • c

    Nice story but need to spell check

  • Josh A

    Do you have opinions on my story about Shannon Brown.

  • 15GREEN15

    whats with you people in spell check like really lay off . were talking about basketball NOT doing grammar work .

  • still enjoying #17

    ratliff? barnes? yawn.

  • 15GREEN15

    @ josh a , i would like shannon brown , but yes i agree with you about what he will think , if anything shannon brown will be a heat .

  • rob

    I say we get both, think about it we just signed marquis a guy who was injured most of the season and when he came back was no good. Chances are he gets injured again and were left with no back up or paul. That’s were hayes comes in, I would rather see him than gaffney. Personally if gaffney gets any playing time this season I’d be dissapointed. As for wafer I remember watching him in that rockets lakers series and thinking “wow guys got some talent that’d be awesome if he was in a celtics jersey!”.

  • 15GREEN15

    hey how you still enjoying number 17 ? im still pissed cause we should be enjoying 18*

  • Brian

    if Shannon Brown wants to play for a contender, why not come to Boston – but I am sure there are other teams that can offer more money..

  • 15GREEN15

    cause the rivalry ..? and if anything hes gunna go to MIA

  • Zain

    Young guys don’t play for the vet’s min.

  • Brian

    Miami is capped out…

  • 15GREEN15

    @BRIAN it DOESNT MATTER IF YHUR OVER THE CAP you can still sign as many VET minimums as you want and if he wasnt to play for wet min to play wit lebron wad and bosh he will go there

  • Josh A

    I think the Celtics are a small thought for him. I think the Thunder would be a great fit for him because of the youth + Shannon is young and has playoff experience

  • 15GREEN15

    yeah good place for him maybe he would be the starting sg or james harden

  • Banner18?

    Von Wafer would be a good fit, I remember watching the Houston- LA series 2 years back and seeing him light it up. It’d be nice to have a second unit that could score, and he would definitely help (Nate, Von Wafer, Quisy, Baby, O’Neal (for the the second half of the year)). Not too shabby. Also, according to ESPN’s stats, Jarvis Hayes scored 8 pts per game last year in 23 mnutes with 42% overall and 33% from deep. Not too bad with Chris Quinn and Devin Harris as your 2 point guards. He’d no doubt be able to produce on a higher level within the Celtics system.

  • Jamie

    No chance at Brown he wants to make more then the $2 mil a year he was making in LA and to play more. Neither of those things happen in Boston.

  • Sophomore

    A few days ago, people asked whether Rondo’s jump shot might improve. You want to see a guy who’s come a long way, look at Wafer’s progression.


  • IdeasFan

    What about Luther Head or Roger Mason Jr for the Vet Min.

  • Josh A

    Roger Mason too good for a Min. and he would not take lower money

  • erwin

    How about we bring someone who already knows our systeem in Eddie House, he’s the shooter we need. a combination of him and Robinson off the bench can cause problems for other teams. I was hoping the Celtics would trade away Scal instead of House for Robinson but i guess the Knicks wanted value

  • Jeff

    Von Wafer.

    And it’s not even close.

    Can you imagine him with Nate and Quis to run the floor?

    For a big man, it’s looking more and more like Shaq could be left with no one else to go to and at the minimum.

    It’s the C’s and Spurs now from what I’ve heard.

    He’d be a very nice piece to add, if not then Josh Boone will do.

    Otherwise, trade Sheed a first and Lafayette for Priz and Rudy. That would take care of all of it, but if I’m Danny I’m meeting with Doc and Wafer now!

    That dude could hit a 3 pointer from the other side of the court, blindfolded with one hand! He’s tenacious on D and has great athleticism.

    He’s a younger, poor man’s version of JR Smith but probably less headache!

    For a minimum, if he passes a physical…who wouldn’t take this guy?!

  • 15GREEN15

    @ jeff also what about von wafers three .. tht endid up winning the game agaisnt boston .. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dOtV9zatazk&feature=related

  • James Patrick

    We’re getting killed. Everyone is getting better and we’re staying the same sans JO. JO isn’t enough people. I know there’s not money, but c’mon. A real 7footer needs to come to Boston. This is getting really frustrating.

  • Joe

    What about former Phillie Von Hayes? He could always defend.

  • 15GREEN15

    @ James Patrick , if it helps minesotas ryan hollins a 7 foot center who avraged 6.8ppg and like 5 rebounds off the bench on the trading block ? maybe celtics will try to get him but i doubt it , and on top of it hes like 24 ?

  • dont_drink_the_koolaid

    @still enjoying #17: agree. barnes and ratliff are blah. blake definitely was a solid improvement though….he’ll bring stability to their backcourt.

    no idea on hayes. i’d rather have wafer on a nice contract over kapono and his albatross.

  • Sam

    Depends how severe the back injury is, and how much its hindered his athleticism. I’d love him on the C’s, but not if he’s damaged goods.

  • Lakers picked a very flawed barns over their own guy brown. Says alot about brown. He knows the system and still was passed on. He can jump real high we’ve all seen it. That doesn’t translate to skills or wins. Hayes will be a more steady player but Von wafe. Has that intrigue. He is young and talented. Plus spiritedly and is chippy. I’d be happy with either. Sadly we won’t get either one. Danny to slow on the trigger. Give gaffney a shot. He is long can board and play defense. We need to develope players at some point.

  • Shooter

    I prefer Wafer over Brown or Hayes.Although i wasn’t aware that he had some issues with Adelman, i don’t know if that’s of any concern and it shouldn’t be here in Boston.But yeah Wafer would be my preferred choice.

  • Shooter

    Yep, Wafer would def be my guy.Young,athletic,good defensive instincts and would work really well with our 2nd unit guys.

    Question is,can we afford him?

  • I love Green

    KG, Paul Pierce, Rondo, Perkins, JO, and Doc Rivers are a few reasons why Wafer wouldn’t be causing any problems in the locker room.

    Sign him, he’ll go from solid defender, to above average.

  • Josh A

    @Zach, What is Danny’s email so I can tell him about Shannon Brown?

  • Zain

    I get the feeling that with all the 2 year deals we’re making and with the new CBA rules, Boston is going to be able to make some major plays after ’12 if things pan out well.

  • WhosYour2010NBAChampionshipDaddy?

    Why are any discussions framed by what The Lakers do vs. what The Celtics do in the off season? The C’s aren’t in the race this year, just watch. I’ll buy everyone on here a case of beer if they can go a month without an injury or team meltdown of some kind.

    BTW, ironic how some of you attempt to pull LA as a city down. Yet your favorite son has a house and his wedding here? Guess your wanna be gangster captain knows “the truth”. It sucks to be in Boston these days.

    Oh look, another Laker Championship party on this beautiful Saturday…..

  • 15GREEN15

    ^ you suck whatch wen we beat you this year always remember kobe is getting old i cant wait to see when he retires to see how good they are then .

  • The idea that Shannon Brown wont come to the Celtics because of “the rivalry” is absurd. The kid will go wherever there is the most money and the best chance of winning combo, his life isnt based on a sports rivalry.
    But luckily for us I dont really want him anyways.

  • hamo

    I agree we should sign up Von Wafer.

  • Freshberries

    TO the Lakers nerd who just posted…every single word of your ridiculous comment is why people bring the city of LA down and not just the sports teams. It sucks there, I’ve been there a couple times and the people there are garbage and its disgusting there. You can’t even breath without a gas mask. Plus your favorite player rapes women, thats just not cool!! The Celtics are THE MOST SUCCESFUL FRANCHISE in the history of the NBA!! Suck on that 4 eyes.

  • Take Josh Boone was a starter at Uconn for 3 yrs voted top defensive player in the big east NJ never used him right
    won a national champonship at Uconn not many NBA players have that ring

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