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Nobody really noticed it, but Tim Cowlishaw reported on Twitter earlier today that Antoine Wright was going to sign a one-year deal with the Sacramento Kings. With guys like Wright and Royal Ivey gone, there were fewer and fewer competent wing players available to back up Paul Pierce and Ray Allen, a back-up role currently being filled by exactly no one. 

The Celtics had three options:

1) Sign a veteran wing with the minimum salary exception. There really aren’t any attractive options;

2) Work a trade with Rasheed Wallace’s contract. This is proving dicey, and even if they could nab one competent wing with Sheed’s deal, the C’s still need two guys capable of backing up Pierce and Ray; 

3) Use their Pseudo Bird Rights to re-sign Marquis Daniels;

The more players plucked from the Minimum Bin, the more likely it appeared the C’s would have to use option #3 and bring back Daniels. They have done so, according to Chris Tomasson at FanHouse.

Daniels is coming back on a one-year deal worth $2.5 million.*

Neither side is thrilled with this deal, no matter what they say publicly. The C’s did not consider Daniels a priority, and Daniels did not fancy a return to Boston. This is a marriage of necessity. The C’s need live bodies on the wing, and Daniels is approaching 30 and needs a job. He’s actually getting a raise despite his disappointing season in ’10, which shows you how desperate Boston is for someone who can play competent ball at the two and three spots. 

The presence of Nate Robinson means Daniels likely won’t have to worry about playing any point guard next season, which is probably a good thing.

So what happened last season? The general narrative goes like this: Daniels was playing well before hurting his wrist about 20 games in. He missed two months, and when he came back, he looked tentative. At the same time, Tony Allen raised his game, and Marquis found himself on the bench. 

Is that really what happened? 

Sort of. If you look at his season splits, he actually shot the ball almost exactly as well from the floor after the All-Star break (49.6 percent) as before (50 percent even). 

It’s the other stuff where you notice the difference. Despite playing nearly 100 more minutes and 9 more games after the All-Star break, Daniels grabbed only nine more rebounds than he did before the break. He got to the line fewer times, dished fewer assists and swiped fewer steals. 

It wasn’t an illusion. Daniels was not the same player after his wrist injury. 

Here’s a quick (and incomplete) list of things Daniels can do make his second season in Boston a success:

Continue to hit from the mid-range. Daniels hit 46 percent of his long two-pointers last season, by far his best mark in recent years, according to Hoopdata. Daniels had been around 31 or 32 percent during the three prior seasons. Was 2010 a fluke aided by a small sample size? Or can Daniels become a consistent shooter as he ages?

Get to the line more and hit your free throws. Marquis attempted just 2.2 foul shots per 36 minutes last season, the lowest mark of his career. He also hit just 60.7 percent from the line, which is weird, considering he’s a career 72 percent foul shooter who had never before dipped below 69.8 percent in a season. That’ll correct itself. 

Rebound, rebound, rebound. You may have heard that Boston’s rebounding ranged from average to terrible depending on the opponent. With their core big guys aging and recovering from injury, this is a problem everyone must play a part in solving. That includes Daniels, who posted the worst rebounding numbers of his career last season. 

Defense. Duh. Daniels has the potential to be a solid defender in Boston’s system. He’s smart, he positions himself well and he does not bite on pump fakes. It is uncanny how steady he is in that regard. 

So: Welcome back the Grand Marquis. 

The C’s now have 11 players guaranteed to be on next season’s roster, a number that, for now, does not include Rasheed Wallace, who technically remains signed and could be player #12 if he does not retire. Assuming Sheed does retire, Boston still  has at least two roster spots to spill. Look for them to add another wing and another big man, and to probably sign Luke Harangody. 

Is this roster enough to contend with Miami? 

*Assuming the salary numbers at ShamSports.com are right—and that Daniels made $1.99 million last season—the C’s can only offer him a maximum of $2.4 million, according to Larry Coon’s Salary Cap FAQ

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  • MP

    Not who I was hoping for. Don’t have a problem with him – he was decent before his wrist injury, but the last thing we need is another small forward who doesn’t shoot well and doesn’t even play as good defense as Tony Allen.

  • John A

    The Celtics still need another wing. With Daniel’s history of injuries he cannot be counted on to play 82 games. If he is hurt who backs up Paul and Ray?

  • Jon

    Did danny fal asleep during the off season…. I know that his hands is mostly tied up with only having the vet min but common…. we can’t lure a t-mac or Iverson?? SnT for shaq or battier…. am I making sense or am I just spurting out irrational mumblings?

  • There is no evidence that McGrady or Iverson at this stage are any better than Daniels. And one of those players cannot play a wing position.

    Just because they are famous doesn’t mean they are good or the right fit.

  • mike

    quisy won’t make waves in the locker room…so better fit than AI and prob Tmac too….with battier off the table i’m hoping CP3 gets outta new orleans…then the celts can offer sheeds’ deal for posey….the hornets will want to blow it up and drop payroll if CP3 leaves…

  • mike

    going with nate, bradley, quisy baby and mixing in a little harangody and erden won’t bee too bad…

    when perk comes back and gets into shape
    rondo, ray, pp, kg, perk, joneal, quisy, nate baby and bradley would be 10 nice guys to put out there…throw in a guy like posey….hmmm

  • al

    it aint 2001, tmac and AI are done, anyone who thinks they can be of any help don’t know what they’re talking about.

    while their hands are tied, its a good signing. at the very least, its a good filler contract come the trade deadline, at the best, quis can backup both wing spots and play solid d.

  • Jay P

    Tmac is not better than Daniels, no chance.

    I’m actually pretty excited about the signing. I fully 100% believe Daniels will come out with something to prove, if he has any pride he will for sure.

    Plus, on a 1-year deal, he’s now in a contract year again, meaning he better show something, or he’s gonna be begging for 2.5mil again. That seems like plenty of motivation for me for a guy who now for the past two years will have a combined salary 2/3rds of what he made in Indiana. If he wants to get paid every again, he better step up.

    Far as the final two spots to fill with Wallace’s contract, this trade has me absolutely salivating:


    Crazy? Maybe not. If Portland banks on Oden staying healthy, I see no reason they wouldn’t take a serious look at this. Maybe a draft pick to sweeten the deal, which I’d have no problem with.

  • NHBluesMan

    I agree with Mike. Posey’s numbers dropped off in NO because they wanted more out of him, put him back in Boston’s system and i think you’d see his numbers increase, he can play on the wing, and he’s long. Remember the fits he gave Kobe in ’08?

    I say we try to trade Sheed’s contract and bring back Posey!!

  • Rod

    I like Marquis Daniels – once he has another full training camp, and can stick to playing wing and not point guard, I believe his strengths will show. He has a crafty mid range game. Hopefully, he can hit the midrange shot. I like this signing alot.

  • James

    Good resigning now go get Rudy for Oliver and a #1. Go Cs… P.S. I think Sheed is coming back!

  • Jay P


    God I hope not, I don’t want to go through another regular season of having you watch him drag up and down the court.

  • Sophomore

    Disappointing they couldn’t do better, but understandable too. Unless Avery Bradley is the next CP3, I’d think very seriously about packaging him with Sheed’s expiring to try and get one more good player.

    Anybody who thinks Erden and Harangody are going to offer real help this year … well, I’m impressed by your optimism.

  • I love Green

    Daniels was a beast before his injury. He’s not exactly TA on defense, but isn’t far behind. Plus he’s much better on offense, and I think now that he knows his role he’ll be much better this year.

    Atleast I’m hoping. Now lets go get Posey back!!

  • I love Green

    @Sophomore- Harangody playing 5-10 minutes a game, will be much better than Shelden 5-10 minutes a game. Think of it that way.

  • I love Green

    Barnes signed with the lakers. So when Ron needs a rest, Pierce can trash Barnes some more.

  • joeceltsfan

    zach, before i get excited, is there any chance at all that we could get posey back? or are these purely speculative…

    hoping that harangody impresses us

  • Demetri

    This has been a terrible offseason. Danny has lost it. This team is headed for a 2nd round exit next spring, the Bucks, Bulls & Heat(bottom four playoff teams) have all gotten better. We keep getting older, & resigning a guy who Doc didn’t trust enough to play doesn’t help at all.

    If Danny had any sense he would’ve traded Davis & Wallace for Okafor, who the Hornets would love to rid themselves of. He defends, REBOUNDS, and he can replace Perk if things don’t work out with him.

  • Sophomore

    @Green – I hope you’re right. But that’s setting the bar pretty low.

  • dont_drink_the_koolaid

    smart move. i thought quis was ridiculously tentative and lackadaisical last year, even though he had the full support of doc, a healthy battle for minutes with TA, and was on an expiring deal. the result was TA got the minutes and the big contract. but who knows what was going on in the clubhouse, personal life, lingering injury effects, rasta music, whatever.

    he has the tools to be much more effective than he was. to me its just about INTENSITY. i’ll be pulling for him to step it up, contribute, and earn a deal like TAs. go quis!!

  • Jay P


    Sounds great, except that Okafor has 4 more years on his contract, and is a bit overpaid at the 13mil he’ll earn at the end of it (the “bit” part is an exaggeration.)

    With Pierce and Rondo under contract, an extra 13mil to Okafor would remove all flexibility, and would be the dumbest thing he could ever do.

    All I can say is thank god you’re not GM on the Celtics, cause what you said is borderline retarded.

  • dont_drink_the_koolaid

    the roster is not yet enough to contend with LA (miami who?). for that, they either need sheed back in decent form, or package him (maybe with baby) for another big. they also need another wing if quis doesn’t shock the world with a breakout season. but no rush, they can roll in the regular season with what they got, see how things develop, work the phones…..and just add those pieces anytime before the deadline.

    in danny we trust

  • Demetri


    If only I were GM… the C’s future would be really bright.

    13mil isn’t bad for a double double machine who will be 31 at the end of his deal, & flexability doesn’t mean much for a team that traditionaly is not a free agent haven.

  • baller4life

    what happend to the using cp3 to solve the celtics problems ?

  • baller4life

    ^ btw it was an article but its gone now incase yhu dont know what im talking about

  • JP

    Anyone thinking about Shannon Brown? He might not be a laker anymore because of Barnes signing with LA. Could the Celts get him?

  • Demetri


    Nah, to young and athletic for us.

  • Perry

    …Is this roster enough to contend with Miami?

    I’m not sure if the Celtics consider Miami the team to beat. Over the years Kevin has play well against Bosh. They’re not mobile at the 5 spot, and they don’t have a legitimate point guard (just signed Arryo again). Miller is facilitating more than shooting threes for some strange reason. Haslem is the worker bee they had to get back.

    On balance I see the Bulls as most improved, and I don’t think the Magic or Hawks are willing to stand around in awe and watch showtime. It’s going to be interesting to see how they respond to Spokestra in crunch time. It might take them some time, and some tough losses to sort out the chemistry. I maintain you better beat them this season or next before they fine tune the machine.

    As for Quis, with Barnes on his way to LA this had to be a default option, and it does have some reasonable upside.

    1- Unlike last year his role will be defined strictly as a back up for Pierce and Allen.
    2- He’ll be playing for a multi year contract this season.
    3- If he plays well the $2.4m salary will be a down right bargain, and there’s no veteran minimum player out there who is better defensively.

    The question is can he stay healthy? Like Tony Allen he’s been injury plagued for all but one of his seven seasons. I always thought he had a more measured offensive game between 10-15 feet than what TA was bringing to the table.

    Now it comes down to a 2 for 1 for Sheed’s contract or adding one big or wing. I agree that Harangody has the 13th spot locked up. If they decide to spend most of the money on a big it tells us waiting for Perk to return to form could be longer than we’ve been led to beleive. Let’s not forget that Portland is still shopping Fernandez, and the Hornets, Cavs, and…yes the Rockets are the favorites where trading partners are concerned.

  • Jay P


    Solid points, nice post.

  • I love Green

    I want Battier, Posey, or Rudy for Sheeds contract and maybe a first rounder.

    If we do that, we’d have 5 guys capable of guarding Wade and Lebron. Maybe not so much Rudy.

  • mike

    I love the signing, he was the best remaining option. and I said this right from the begining. we can hope for barnes, and such. but i knew marquis was coming back. here is a player who is better offensively than the likes of matt barnes. he averaged 15 points and 5 boards when given the chance. and he is a great defender when healthy. he is VERY long at the 2 position and can stick mid range jumpers all day.

    with sheeds contract still available, if we can get a solid/mediocre center out of that, that would be awesome. we have 2 bigs as of now for the first half of the season (not including semih, and not including sheed if he comes back)

    And please, we can compete with the heat.

    whats up with everyone saying the heat are the team to beat? who was up 3-2 in the finals? who was 5 minutes away from winning? who beat 2 out of the 3 players on the heat right now? US.

    keep doubting peoples, but i wouldnt be surprised ONE BIT if we stay healthy and win 60+.

  • Shooter

    Well we haven’t improved and i agree that before Marquis got injured he was playing really well,but when he came back he looked like a different person.Quis is/was a good player,i hope he can find his form again pre-injury.Otherwise we’re screwed.
    DANNY YOU’RE ON THE CLOCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Healthy,we’re better than Milwaukee,Chicago,Atlanta,Orlando and if Danny manages to get a big out of Sheed’s contract we’re better than Miami.

  • Shooter

    And the Lakers have just signed Theo Ratliff,someone i was hoping we’d get.FUCKING DANNY WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • J Atlas

    anyone else feel like Danny fell asleep this off season??? well with the signing of Barnes in LA do you think that we have a chance at signing Shannon Brown??? i mean he could run with rondo or even nate on the second team

  • I love Green

    This is shit. I think Danny is awake, he just doesn’t care anymore. He wants to piss us off.

    Oh that bastard!

  • I love Green


    Now THAT would bring tears of joy to my eyes.

  • Its about time something happen!!! I’m gettin tired of seeing every team do something except celtics I’m not extremely happy but its something

  • baller4life

    @ i love green tht got me a little teary eyed from joy too .. but i doubt that will happen someone wake danny up please lets go after shannon brown !.and kurt thomas !
    pg- rondo – nate/bradley
    sg-ray – brown/bradley
    sf- pierce – quis
    pf- kg – big baby/luke harangody
    c- O’neil- kurt thomas – perk *wen he gets back*

  • moneygram29

    Please sign Shanon Brown Please sign Shanon Brown this guy can defend, shoots decent from deep, defends good and athleticism is off the charts please sign Shanon Brown!!!!! I hope someone gets this message to Danny Ainge Id take Shanon Brown over TA allday

  • baller4life

    same here !

  • baller4life

    well forget about kurt thomas he just signed with the bulls !!!!!!!!!! wake up danny mannn ! like foreal !

  • rob

    kurt thomas to the bulls…why danny why!?!?

  • baller4life

    unbaliveable if we dont get shannon brown or atleast t mac i will be one p!sssed off celtic fan .

  • Shooter

    Seriously Zach, have you got Danny’s email, tell him we need a rebounding big,please for the love of God!!!!!!!!!! Kurt’s gone to the Bulls,Ratliff’s gone to the Lakers,we have JO and Harangody till Perk comes back around the all star break.JO can’t be playing 35 minutes per game and who the hell is going to back him up????????
    Tellin ya we should have gotten Ratliff…..he’s good for 15mins.

  • Shooter

    Please lay off the T-Mac crush,i know most of you just can’t let go of the fact he “was” an all star,but he’s washed up now.Accept it and move on.
    I would rather have Iverson,he’s shown he can still ball better than T-Mac anyway.

  • baller4life

    im so mad right now .. who else is there to sign .. maybe joe smith ?

  • baller4life

    idk if we get t mac or iversonb .. yhu should see some of iversons blow bye moves back then to now getting tha ball stolein or not being able to get by the defender .

  • baller4life

    idc** i dont care

  • baller4life

    and on top of it .. AI is battleing a divorce and alchol issues so i heard wen he was on sixers last season ..

  • Mark

    Daniels needs to cut that long hair off. How can anyone play with all that hair and concentrate? Marquis needs to focus more on the play books and learn the system. He seemed lost at times and tentative. If he plays with confidence then he’ll be worth the money. Marquis can be productive and help the C’s this year. If he cannot play better by mid season, trade him. This is a business and Boston needs to keep players accountable. I like Marquis but he does seem passive and unsure of himself at times. I hope someone agrees…

  • Shooter

    @Mark.Quis was everything you said he was,tentative,unsure,like i said,he did look lost at times and was never the same person when he came back from injury.

    How about Sheed for Turiaf,straight up?

  • baller4life

    the only question i have is who will be number 7 ? O’Neil or Daniels ?

  • Shooter

    It should be Daniels and it’s O’Neal.

  • ShawnCVD

    At Green: That trade would be the biggest fleecing of New Orleans I’d ever see. That would exclusively be a cost saving move for them. Our team would be loaded with youth for Rondo/Nate to run with in the regular season (keeping the old guard well rested) then Posey + best starting five + O’neal + Shrek n Donkey could dominate during the play-offs.

    And for only Sheed and Lafayette…

  • steve

    I liked Marquis’ game when he was healthy. Very nice midrange jumper and solid defense. Like a lot of guys on the team lately I think he just needs some good minutes. In 2008 the bench got those minutes because the Celtics were blowing out a lot of teams giving the bench a lot more run.
    I loved Posey in 2008 but lets not forget he’ll be three seasons removed from that and incurred a major injury. I haven’t seen him do anything since leaving but if he’s healthy again he’d be a good pickup.
    Other than that I’ll take the roster as is with the two rookies and get the season started.

  • Sweeney


    I am not thrilled with this, but does this guy have the mental toughness to make it thru a season. Being injured is part of the game, but he seemed to check out for good when he came back.

  • NHBluesMan

    Lakers signed Barnes.

  • NHBluesMan

    @Mike, yeah, we beat 2 out of the 3 miami queens in the play-offs, but don’t forget about this…


    i don’t think Bosh will easily forget the smackdown Pierce gave him 😛

  • Jeff

    I’m glad they got Quis back.

    He was the best available after Barnes, and I think has more potential to be the player they thought he was with Nate in the lineup.

    Quis is best playing off the ball where he can set up for drives or pull up for his Jumper.

    I heard Priz is on the block in POR now, which is exactly what I’ve been saying for Danny to go after. If we used Lafayette, Sheed’s deal and a 1st for Priz and Rudy then our bench would be:


    That right there is solid.

    Rebounding, defense, energy, 3 point shooting, slashing, everything any team would love on their bench.

    Then we’d have Goddy, Bradley, Erden, and Perk when he’s back, and one more spot to fill.

  • Marquis Daniels is good, just last season for him was weak…

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