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Via the Waikato Times, my go-to source for New Zealand sports news:

New Zealand assistant coach Dillon Boucher said the NBA star was on their radar as a prospective member of the national squad, although not for the upcoming world championships in Turkey.

Perkins’ estranged father Kenny Perkins lives in Christchurch and was a veteran of the New Zealand National Basketball League in the 1980s and 90s.

“I believe some contact has been made with his father,” Boucher told the Waikato Times.

“He’s out for about six months now with an injury but we’ll probably go down that avenue in the next year or so.

“We don’t know what his eligibility will be in terms of being able to play for us but it’s definitely something worth pursuing.

“It would be awesome to have him playing for the Tall Blacks.”

The “Tall Blacks” is a fairly clever play on the nickname for New Zealand’s rugby team, the All-Blacks. (Their uniforms are black from head to toe). 

This will never happen, but if it did, it might end up being the most ridiculous player/country match I can think of off the top of my head.

Becky Hammon got a lot of flack for her decision to become a Russian citizen in order to play for Russia in the ’08 Olympics, but at least she had some connection to Russia, having played there in off-seasons before. 

Any other similar situations come to mind? 

We’ll be back to talking about free agency later.

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  • Henry

    Chris Kaman, German National Team on the basis that his great-grandparents were German.

  • Conall Mac Michael

    Pretty much the vast majority of players on the Irish National Team, mainly Americans who qualify by virtue of having maybe a 3rd cousin, twice removed who visited Ireland for a few weeks years ago. Seriously most of the Irish players are Americans, with (questionable) Irish roots. The most famous of which was Pat Burke of Phoenix Suns fame, to be fair to him he was born here.

  • dont_drink_the_koolaid

    hahaha. and maybe Drew Gooden will suit up for team finland. his mom is a finn.

    jeremy lim’s marketing people should have his on the chinese team pronto! he’d sell more swag than starbury.

  • dont_drink_the_koolaid

    typo: lin

    btw: went and saw lin play for harvard this year. guy is the real deal. he should be able to stick.

  • dont_drink_the_koolaid

    and while we are on the int’l topic. i will officially make my lobby for the celtics to get Petteri Koponen as backup PG. he was ripping up the italian league this year (way better stats than jennings had) and portland doesn’t seem to have a plan for him. he’s a very similar player to goran dragic.

  • Josh A

    I don’t really care unless Perk gets better or he gets hurt

  • Anthony

    @koolaid… dont think the Lin situation will work since he’s of Taiwanese decent. China and Taiwan dont get along and…lol…the Chinese national team have Sun Yue – “the chinese magic johnson”.

    Perk on the New Zealand team huh?? weird but interesting.

  • The Flying Duffman

    Patrick O’Bryant for the Irish national team

  • Lucian Gyrl

    The US “inherits” athletes of other nationality constantly in other sports like Track and Field…….a reversal would be cool!

  • Shooter

    Personally, for me, this would be great as i am from NZ.I would LOVE to see Perk play for NZ one day,but that would never happen.I know of his father too,Kenny Perkins currently coaching the Christchurch Cougars and was an awesome defender,rebounder,guess it’s genetics.

  • dasein

    I’m also a big C’s fan from NZ, so would be stoked to see this happen. Bring Perk on down for a tour- he’ll love it!
    Really don’t get the traitor thing though. I fully understand someone playing for a country other than their birth nation to get a taste of international play. I sure as hell wouldn’t turn down an opportunity to compete in the Olympics just because my national team doesn’t want me.

  • Shazzler

    The comment made by Shooter:
    You need to get your facts straight, Kenny Perkins does not coach the Cougars, he coaches club Premier grade for Checkers, and while I’m on about getting facts straight:
    article on NZ Tall Black looking to Kendrick Perkins in the future. Never going to happen, and Dillon Boucher knows nothing about the relationship between Kendrick and his father.

    NZ Basketball would be better off focusing on giving the awesome young fit and healthy talent into the team instead of sticking with the old guys – who in there time were great, but seriously time to move over.

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