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It’s been fairly quiet on the NBA Free agency signing front this week, with many dominoes having already fallen, leading to plenty of posturing on the free agency scrap heap. A quick look at the latest possibilities:

Matt Barnes: Everyone’s favorite free agent wing had his lucrative 2 year deal fall apart earlier this week with the Raptors, due to the realization that Toronto had no way of paying Barnes what they had intended with a lack of cap size and along with a lack of bird rights in Orlando on Barnes to create a lucrative sign and trade. Embarrassing situation to say the least.

The good news for C’s fans is this mishap has put the best free agent wing possibility back on the table for Boston, since according to ESPN.com he is still considering five teams, with the Celtics being on the list:

One source close to process said early Wednesday that Barnes continues to weigh interest from the Raptors along with the Cleveland Cavaliers and three title contenders he has been negotiating with since last week: the Miami Heat, Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers.

So where do the C’s rank on this list? Your guess is as good as mine, but the likelihood of Boston bringing home Barnes doesn’t seem to be too high. Why? The C’s (along with the Heat) can only offer him the veteran’s minimum. The Lakers likely have a portion of their MLE exemption remaining and the Cavs and Raptors can still give him the most sizable contracts.

This would appear to be a huge handicap for the C’s in negotiations, so why are they still in the mix? Playing time for a contender is the likely answer, as the C’s would have 15-20 minutes a night (at minimum) to offer Barnes, along with a chance to earn a ring.

Still, you can’t blame the 30 year old small forward to look for the biggest payday at this point, given he has only made around $8 million dollars during his entire NBA career, according to Basketball-Reference. It’s nice to know the C’s still have a shot, but I wouldn’t be counting on Barnes’ arrival in town anytime soon.

So who else are the C’s looking at?

Ime Udoka: CSNNE.com is reporting the 33 year old Udoka is on the Celts radar.

Udoka, who will be 33 years old next month, is a player that the C’s have had preliminary discussions about acquiring. However, his agent Mark Bartelstein, made it clear that no deal is imminent. “There have been some talks, but nothing close to being done,” Bartelstein told CSNNE.com.

While Udoka would address the team’s need to add a defender on the perimeter, the Celtics have a few more players still available that they have rated ahead of Udoka.

Count this as Plan G in the C’s backup wing sweepstakes. Udoka was a solid player a few years back, but has declined substantially in recent years, having been cut during the preseason by the Blazers last year. He signed on with the Kings after that, chipping in with 37% shooting and 26% from 3 point range for one of the league’s worst teams. His defense has also appeared to dissipate in recent seasons as well.

As a pure depth candidate, you could do worse than Udoka, but counting on the guy for a meaningful contribution on a Championship contender is a big mistake.

Jason Kapono: Marc Stein of ESPN.com, reported that the Sixers would likely be willing to trade the sharpshooter, who is making 6.6 million dollars in the final year of his deal next year.

The C’s need a shooter and Kapono is a 44 percent 3 point shooter, so this is a match made in heaven right? Not so fast. Sheed’s expiring contract matches up well with Kapono in a trade, but let’s be real here Kapono is a one trick pony. He can shoot, but his defense is beyond atrocious, and he brings nothing else to the table besides being a catch and shoot player.

Is that worth 6.6 million dollars to the C’s ownership, especially when you consider it will be actually more like 13 million when you factor in the luxury tax ramifications. Wallace’s expiring contract is a valuable trade chip and wasting it on an overpaid shooter is not a scenario Danny Ainge will be interested in, when a cheaper alternative may be available.

Kapono is potentially the best shooter out there, but he isn’t 5 million dollars better than the alternatives.

All in all, nothing looks to be on the horizon as of now, though Barnes looks to be the next chip to fall, as the pickings become slimmer and slimmer. If only the C’s could have pulled off that sign and trade with TA to Memphis for Ronnie Brewer…..

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Brian Robb

Brian Robb co-founded CelticsHub in 2009 and is the currently editor-in-chief. He is a producer and reporter at 98.5 The Sports Hub in Boston and also contributes to Boston.com and Bleacher Report among other outlets.
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  • Coolin

    Crap, crap and more crap.

    The C’s need to look at signing McCants asap.
    It sucks T-mac isn’t even considering us, but he would be a huge get if we could get him someway.
    Shaq would be the final piece and then we would be talking about a return to the Finals.

    Everything else that is being discussed as other options for the C’s is complete and total dog $hit.

  • NHBluesMan

    Could the C’s do a S&T to the Magic for Barnes? then we could give them Sheed’s contract. I’m not sure if that would work, since Orlando couldn’t do the S&T to the Raptors… or if Barnes is worth the Sheed contract… just some thoughts

  • cez

    Could they use sheeds contract to pay barnes and someone else above the vetmin?

  • Jeff

    Sheed’s deal is too large for a trade involving Barnes because the most ORL could offer Barnes is 120% of last years minimum salary. So Barnes could only get around $2 mil from ORL then be traded. But ORL would have to take on $6.3 mil, and under the CBA, a team that’s over the cap can’t take back more than 125% plus $100,000 in a trade.

    ORL would have to include something else in the trade to make the salaries line up, and there’s no way they help the C’s without something to gain.

    Only way Barnes comes is Vet’s min.

    Battier is the better option for a trade of Sheed’s deal. He’d be the best of both worlds.

  • morey grundmaN


  • Perry


    They could pay Quis up to 120% of his previous salary, which is estimated at $2.4m. Then trade him to the Magic straight up for Barnes. However, Orlando does not have his BR since he only played one year and they own the highest payroll in the NBA. No way they are paying either guy that amount. A s/t for Pietrus using Sheed’s contract makes more sense since Pietrus is owed roughly $10.6m over the next two years.

    Forsberg made a compelling argument for bringing Quis back, which is still an option. When the season started Quis was asked to play some back up point, which he did very well. His role changed after the injury, and with Tony Allen playing so well he could never find his niche again.

    Perhaps with his role clearly defined as a wing player off the bench he could help the team prosper. But he’s prone to injuries like TA was, which has to be a factor in terms of bringing him back. I like the idea of committing to him if all else fails, which would keep the Sheed trade open for another big.

  • john

    Houston needs to dump a swingman and a center and wants to free up cap space for next year. How about trading Sheed, Lafayette and Gaffney to Houston for Anderson and Ariza (or Battier)? Then pick up Giddens or McCants on the cheap. That’ll give the Celts 14. if the Celts need another practice PG, Danny could always sign Lue: 15.

  • Chris

    They should do the sign and trade for Barnes and Orlando could include Brandon Bass in the deal, whom they are shopping. I know that Orlando would probably not wanna deal with us, but the 4 mil for Bass and giving 2.5 mil to Barnes will take care of Sheed’s contract. Plus it would give us another big.

  • Ryan

    Trading for Battier would be the best case scenario but Rashad McCants wouldn’t be bad

  • shane

    i wish we can pull something off and get ariza i always liked him even though he played for the lakers , also if we dont get him and get battier i wouldnt be that mad cause battier can play defence very well and thats what celtics need .

  • Josh A

    Lets get Ariza

  • Tom

    Why would Orlando help Boston?

  • Perry

    Too many years remaining on Ariza’s contract. Battier has one year left and is a better exchange for Sheed’s contract.

    The Rockets are loaded at the wing, well over the cap, and are resigning Scola and Lowry today.

  • Jeff’s right about the Magic/Barnes thing—they don’t have Bird Rights, so a simple Barnes/Sheed thing doesn’t work, just as it didn’t work to sign-and-trade him to the Raptors.

    People really need to stop talking about McCants.

  • shane

    @ zach Lowe why do people need to stop talking about McCants? evrybody deserves a second chance i mean come on now look at mike vick .. he got a second chance ? everyone needs a second chance and hes good friends with KG so KG will keep him in check . and @ perry too many years on arizs contract ? 4 more years its not like hes garbadge ? hes really good so i widh he had more years if we could get him .

  • @shane

    people need to stop talking bout mccants because he’s never been good. he’s a 6’4 shooting guard who’s not great at shooting. michael vick was one of the top players in the league when he had his mishap, mccants is completely forgettable.

    and about the ariza thing, he means that danny has a 2 year plan. in 2012 only rondo and pierce will be under contract and the assumption is that we’ll build around them. (i’d personally love to steal OJ Mayo from memphis) now i don’t think ariza’s contract is bad or anything but it’s never good to have 2 players at the same position to rebuild around. especially when one is 36 and one is 6th man caliber. W/ that said I would trade sheed for Ariza if given the opportunity.

  • rob

    If we’re going to get anyone from the rockets, which I think is very unlikely I’d want to get ariza. He’s younger, long, shoots the three pretty well (not saying battier doesn’t ) and would be great with rondo to run with. But I don’t think the rockets would give him up for cap relief only.

  • dont_drink_the_koolaid

    that barnes was willing to go to the raps says he’s all about the benjamins. no chance they can sign him. put a fork in it.

    mgt won’t take the luxury tax hit for a guy like kapono. hopefully.

    i’m not liking any of the available guys. we just need a warm body to rest pierce and ray. quis or anyone can do that fine for a while. plus, no rush to trade sheeds contract….so maybe the Cs just wait a bit. maybe sheed will suit up for half a season plus playoffs. and then they can grab a meaningful wing player before the deadline.

  • I love Green

    We should re-sign TA.

  • NHBluesMan

    i really think we should resign Quis. He started the season off great, and i really agree with the article, if he was given a clear role, i feel like he would thrive in Boston and give us quality minutes.

    I like the idea of getting Battier more than Barnes, so maybe that could be worked out with Houston… but know knows.

    I feel like the Sheed for Barnes/Bass would be a good deal, i like Bass, and that would give us depth at the 2 spots we need it most… but as others have mentioned, i doubt Orlando is going to want to help us out

  • T-Mac would be a great pick up but that wont happen, and McCant is terrible! Who ever thinks he’ll do any good 4 the Celts doesnt know what there talkin bout. Sign Daniels and Shaq if possible and wait til deadline. There isnt really anybody left unless they go 4 josh howard and thats not gonna happen

  • Jon

    DO we know for sure that t-mac isnt considering us? What about iverson??

  • shane

    @ isaiah , OJ mayo will be restricted in 2012 ? do you honestly think griz wont match the offer ? and who else will we sign when we rebuild in 2012 i dont see many good players? heres the list of all free agents of 2012 http://www.realgm.com/src_freeagents/2012/

  • shane

    also i would like to get andray blatche in 2012 if he keeps gettin better .

  • Ian

    Shaq is the only player worth going after. Sign him no matter what.

  • ed judson

    Why would Orlando make a deal that makes the a primary competitor better – the C’s better?

    Kapono is an acceptable trade option for Wallace for two reasons. First, Kapono is going to play this year. Second, Kapono’s contract is an asset that could be traded later in the year. Philly might even throw in a pick to dump salary. If ‘Sheed retires as a Celtic then we’re screwed.

  • Perry


    Use 2012 a a baseline for incoming contracts. This is when Kevin’s contract expires. Only Pierce and Rondo are guaranteed past 2012. The idea is to have as much room as possible in order to lure a max contract.

    That 3rd year is what kept Danny from committing to Tony Allen. Ariza is owed roughly $27m over the next four years. Battier only $7.3m this year.

  • I love Green

    2012- Carmello, Blatche.

  • celtic freak

    shayne r u stupid there is a bunch of good free agents the only problem is cap space

  • I love Green

    @Zain- Are you from LA?

  • celtic freak

    shayne r u stupid there is a bunch of good free agents the only problem is cap space and thats 2 yrs from now there is alot of time 2 work on that

  • Tristan

    I like the idea of working something out with houston…they are just in the lux tax and if we could work something out to bring ariza and anderson the would be awesome and maybe save houston from going over cap…we would then still have the vm to offer another pf to sit on the bench like williams did…

  • shane

    @ celtics freak im not stupid !? theres no one good on the free agents . and plus what if ,melo signs the 3 year 65 mil offer ? then what all the good players are RESTRICED meanin there team can match the offer ! and if they are aloud to go over the cap to sign there own player who is restricted so your the stupid one ok ? cool .

  • shane

    and they are *

  • Sophomore

    @koolaid – we need more than a warm body to back up PP and RA. We need somebody who can average 15-20 minutes, and play more on if there’s foul trouble or an injury. We need somebody as close to a genuine sixth man as possible.

    It’s a big, big hole. If Danny fills it, he’ll have earned his keep again.

  • John Evans

    If Sheed retires, hope the C’s can use his contract to bring Battier to Boston, better defender than TA and can spot-up and knock down 3’s(a 39% shooter from deep for his career), more of a factor on both sides of the ball than TA is and more respectable from long range, he’ll thrive in the C’s aggressive defensive system, especially come playoff time, just hope the Rockets are willing 2 part with him 2 shed money off their books, there’s a good possibility of this happening since Yao Ming is about 2 enter a contract year

  • John Evans

    If the C’s do manage 2 get Battier and Doc convinces T-Mac to come play in Boston, our bench will be set. The 2nd unit will consist of Robinson-Mcgrady-Battier-Davis-O’Neal, a unit good enough defensively that can score anywhere from 15-25 points while the first unit is resting, plus imagine what a Rondo and Mcgrady/Battier backcourt is capable of, the C’s will still need depth at the 5 though

  • Zain

    @Green-I’m from Cali, Forsberg wrote LA for some reason. I only wrote Cali in my message but yeah that was my question on espn boston.

  • I love Green

    @Zain- I’m impressed. I’ve been trying to get one in the whole year.

  • NoseBleeds

    Since its not my money, I don’t mind the Kapono deal if all we give up is Sheed’s contract and no draft picks
    The beauty is that’s an expiring contract so if the Celt’s system can’t salvage any D out of Kapono his contract may still have value at trade deadline time. Talent is expensive right now, nobody wants to give up anyone but by the deadline many more teams will looking unload in exchange for an expiring contract.

  • Shooter

    Matt Barnes “everyone’s favorite free agent wing” EXCUSE ME………get Zach lowe back dammit!!!!!
    I hate Barnes,can’t stand the prick.And why does it suck T-Mac isn’t even considering us……WHAT!!!! We shouldn’t be considering him,believe me T-Mac is washed up pure and simple.Freaking Bill Walker averaged more points,just as many boards and 2 assists less than T-Mac……..Bill Walker ladies and gents.And that’s in a D’Antoni system.He shot 39% from the field,20(something)% from 3 and 75% from the line.If T-Mac can’t get it done in that system he can’t get it done anywhere.
    FORGET T-MAC HE’S WASHED UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I still like the idea of trading for Francisco Garcia or my wish come true, Battier.

  • dont_drink_the_koolaid

    @sophomore i agree we need someone to play heavy minutes. just don’t think any of the names out there would be real contributors in crunch time (ie. a true 6th man). there is no way that hole will be effectively filled with the vet minimum. so i’m happy if we just get someone to fill the hole for now and danny keeps his eye on possible ‘real’ improvements.

    i’m ahppy with a patient approach even if it means we lose a few more games early in the season.

  • celtics freak

    we really dont need big name players we juz need some1 that can come off the bench and score more than 7 points

  • Green Fades

    Looks like Barnes really went for the dollars eh?

    Under 2 mil, signed and delivered to the LOS ANGELES LAKERS.

    Less and less players even bothering to mention the C’s. Sad.

  • celtics freak

    well barnes is good but i bet he would of just added more age to the team

  • celtics freak

    oh and shane there is vince carter,mickael pietrus,goran dragic(a pretty good bench player) and barbosa

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