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The Celtics roster is chock full of holes right now. These are holes that can be filled mind you, but  still are quite daunting on a couple parts of the roster, most notably the wing and big man spots.

As we’ve covered here repeatedly at CH, the C’s have spent their entire Mid-Level Exception on Jermaine O’Neal, leaving just the veteran’s minimum and Rasheed Wallace’s expiring contract as the obvious means to improve the C’s roster for next season.

Zach Lowe has covered potential bargain basement possibilities for the veteran’s minimum in the past week for both wings and big men. I strongly encourage you to check out both lists to understand exactly what Danny Ainge is working with here.

With that in mind, I’m left with a question. With two glaring positional holes on the bench and just seemingly one tradeable asset in Sheed’s contract, what positional need is the team better off going after in a deal using Sheed’s contract?

On the surface, the obvious answer is the wing position. With the departure of Tony Allen, the team’s bench looks ultra thin in the backcourt and at the wing spot, with Nate Robinson being the only guy bringing any NBA experience to the table. Avery Bradley could potentially play some 2, but his size 6’3” and age (19) makes him more likely to be watching than contributing next season when it matters.

Oliver Lafayette and Tony Gaffney have recieved training camp invites and have good chances of making the squad, given the team’s needs for bodies, but can’t be expected to be regular members of the rotation either. Hopefully they surprise us, but we can’t count on it.

So it’s pretty clear then; The wing is the bigger need, right? On the surface, the answer is yes, but is it easier void to fill with a trade? That I’m not so sure. Zach explored some trade possibilities last weekto fill that wing spot with Sheed’s deal and didn’t find any feasible matches.

When you combine that with the fact, there looks to be a few more possible contributors on the wing market right now, compared to the big man bargain bin, it’s worth thinking twice about trading for a wing. A look at the available big men shows the most enticing and affordable options there consists of Kurt Thomas (whom I’d take in a second), Theo Ratliff and Joe Smith, shows it’s not pretty out there.

With Kendrick Perkins expected to be out until the end of February, your starting frontcourt for the first 50 games right now for the C’s consists of a 34 year old with a bad knee, and a 32 year old with plenty of miles on the odometer. There is some potential help at the end of the depth chart in the form of Luke Harangody and Semi Erden, but again it’d be foolish to count on either for meaningful minutes at this juncture. And I love Big Baby, but he can’t backup two positions.

In order for this team to succeed come May and June next year, the minutes onus has to be reduced on the old man contingent of the starting lineup in the 2-5 spots. Ray Allen and Paul Pierce can handle more minutes obviously than KG and O’Neal at this point of their careers, so if given the choice I’d rather see a thin front line behind them as opposed the big men logging too many minutes during the regular season. It’s not a scenario though I want to see either group face.

So, we are left with the conundrum. Where to allocate your limited resources? Trade Sheed for a serviceable big man and pray a flawed wing like Antoine Wright can get the job done off the bench? Sign Kurt Thomas, trade Sheed for a shooter/swingman that may not evem be available on the trade market and go without a true backup center for the first 50 games?

Use a 1st round pick and potentially more for a guy like Rudy Fernandez? Or maybe the best solution of them all, pray Sheed reconsiders retirement and returns for one more good around, which seems possible but certainly not probable.

I don’t know the answers to these issues, but I open the question to the masses. What’s your realistic blueplan for tying this roster together?

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Brian Robb

Brian Robb co-founded CelticsHub in 2009 and is the currently editor-in-chief. He is a producer and reporter at 98.5 The Sports Hub in Boston and also contributes to Boston.com and Bleacher Report among other outlets.
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  • David

    Avery Bradley is a good trade chip too… A quality veteran may be available for a talented young combo guard with loads of potential but little chance of contributing right away…

  • CJ

    Try to get Josh Boone and Kurt Thomas or Joe Smith just to have some big bodies who can rebound and play defense (Kurt can hit a shot too) I am for getting vet min bigs because both all of our current available bigs we will have this season (o’neal, KG, and perk when he’s back which I’m much less comfortable with as everyone else on this site seems to be) all have bad knees, if any of them go down then what? baby starts and Erdin backs him up? Hopefully Matt Barnes’ surprise is that he’s going to the celtics and then we can resign quis and then either trade Sheed’s contract for another good bench player maybe a 6th man style player or wait and trade it when teams are desperate before the trade deadline. I hope that didn’t sound stupid.

  • Sophomore

    It mostly turns on what the team thinks about Quisy. If they think he can recover and play like he did in the first half of 2010, they have some flexibility. But it looks like they don’t. In which case, finding another 3 who can play some 2 is clearly the top priority.

    Why? It’d be great to have another big for the first half of the season, but the roster we’ll take into the playoffs is much more important. When Perkins is back, we’ll have four big men who can take playoff minutes – one quality backup at each position. But at the 2 and 3? We have no backups you’d want in a playoff game. Unless you want to play a 19 year old or a guy who’s 5’10” in platform shoes.

    If you want another backup big, get a vet min guy and take your lumps (we only need to win the Atlantic to take the 4 seed) or think about mortgaging the future by trading Bradley.

  • Sophomore

    To be clear – Nate has to take playoff minutes, but not significant minutes at the 2 (or 3!!) if there’s foul trouble or an injury.

  • steve

    Josh Boone has impressed me on the court but he seems to be a major head case. Again, I’d like to see the team give the new guys a chance. Harangody, Bradley, Lafayette, Gaffney and Erdin as a group could contribute if given a chance.

  • Jay P

    Sheed coming back is note the best of them all. That’s a terrible option. He wasn’t in shape last year, why would this one be any different.


    Trade for Rudy with a 1st rounder, grab Kurt Thomas on the vet min, use Sheed’s contract in trade to Houston, who is now over the luxury line with the Miller signing, to grab Ariza or Battier. Play half the year without a true second Center (Erden for short minutes) until Perk is back.

    I think we can survive half a season with a 4-man big rotation of KG, Oneal, Baby, Erden. Then when Perk is back, you plug him in in Oneals spot, and move JO to the back up center role Erden occupied.

  • Ross in Maine

    @ Jay P: good call. Danny and Doc have shown that they build and plan for the playoffs. You can bet that they will sacrifice the regular season record to be sure they have what it takes when it matters most.

    What we need MOST of all is depth at the wing right now to be able to mount a serious post-season campaign.

  • Tai

    david i think if the cs trade him thy will regret it give him time to show what hes made of he wants to be rookie of the yr lets see if he can do tht i like rudy i say we offer a 1st round pick and scal or sumthing for rudy perfect compliment to ray and could beocme the best perimeter shooter in the nba on a winning and closely knit team harongody is a better version of scal in my opinion sermi erden is just length on the bench in my eyes he could be what gortat is to the magic one day i haven’t watched him play but the numbers he has put up not anything special really gotta get a young man tht can rebound but isn’t a liability on defense or an old man tht will make it hard for the young men to rebound with his big frame shaq maybe and look at getting tracy and matt both for vet minimums improbalbe but still very possible

  • ed judson

    Send an open letter to Dan Gilbert offering ‘Sheed’s contract for Parker and Moon. The biggest carrot for Gilbert is he helps position the C’s to derail Miami. If need be we throw in Gaffney and/or Lafeyette just so Cav’s can dump Telfair’s contract on us.

    Kurt Thomas for the vet’s mimimum would be ideal. Erden and Harangody not ready.

    Scalabrine will be cheap insurance as 13th man. Sexy no; convenient and necessary yes.

  • Jay P


    “.” – This is a present for you, it’s called a period. Use it.

  • CJ

    I would love to see us trade Sheed’s contract for Battier and then sign Kurt Thomas or Josh Boone to the vet min and resign Marquis unless Matt Barnes decides to come here.

    Rondo – Nate – Bradley
    Allen – Nate – Marquis/Barnes – Bradley
    Pierce – Battier – Marquis/Barnes
    KG – Baby
    JO – Thomas/Boone – Perk – Erden

    look good?

  • mike

    haven’t mentioned him because i forgot…how about we give rashad mccants a shot….he can spell ray and provide some offense…

  • CJ

    I forgot the throw Harangody in there too. I think we should give Bradley, Harangody, and Eden some chances to prove they can play because a true backup point with a mid-range jump shot to give rondo a break would be great and Harangody is a widcard, and the Gortat – Erden comparison is flattering but would be sweet to see pan out some day.

  • Jay P

    15-man to start the season that would be ideal to me:

    1. Rondo
    2. Ray Ray
    3. Pierce
    4. KG
    5. Perk
    6. JO
    7. Big Baby
    8. KryptoNate
    9. Rudy (For 1st rounder)
    10. Battier/Ariza (Sheeds deal so Hou gets under tax)
    11. Bradley
    12. Thomas
    13. Erden
    14. Harangody
    15. Gaffney

    Lafayette is the unlucky loser here. I like him, but there’s far too much depth at the PG/SG, if their able to pick up Rudy (Nate/Bradley/Rudy/Rondo/Ray, that’s incredibly good depth in the back-court) and it’d me far more useful to fill out the roster with bigger bodies than another guard. Sorry Oliver.

  • James

    Keep Sheed and use the first round pick for Fernandez. And keep Bradley. The Cs need to start developing their draft picks instead of trading them away!

  • Clawlin

    an amazing ideal situation, that could possibly happen:

    we trade sheed’s contract for rudy and maybe another body that the blazers will throw in to try to get under the cap, and we might have to sweeten the deal with a pick. ok.

    matt barnes does what he did last year, by taking a pay cut, but this time with the C’s, he takes vet minimum, due to his hatred of Kobe and his want to help win.

    sign Kurt Thomas for the veterans minimum.

  • Paul

    As I see it we need 3 wings and a big (maybe sign scal as well to fill in till perk gets back). Rudy/battier etc. would be nice, but in all probability won’t happen. we have no idea if we can or will pull off a trade, or if anybody will want to gamble on Wallace’s retirement (expiring contracts aren’t what they used to be).

    here’s how I would rank the available FA wings (first few would need sign and trade for Wallace)

    1. Josh Howard (to good, and too much of a bargain to pass up.)
    2. Richard Jefferson (ditto)
    3. Barnes (not sold, but the best available)
    4. Daniels (I still think he could flourish)
    5. hassell (we need defense)
    6. Rasual butler (don’t really like him, but he’d give us some bench scoring)
    7. Bogans (really like the fit)
    8. joey graham (defense)
    9. McCants (you just don’t know what you’ll get)

    available bigs.

    1. shaq (probably not feasable)
    2. Thomas (like him better then most options)
    3. Kwame (don’t like him, but he’s better than williams)

    So I agree with brian Robb. Wings are easier to come by, but I’m not sure if any bigs are available in trade either.

    for the record. here’s a viable option that I really like.

    PG: Rondo/Robinson/Bradley
    SG: Allen/Bogans/lafayette
    SF: Pierce/Daniels/Hassell
    PF: Garnett/Davis/harangody
    C: Perk/O’neil/thomas

    I think has a good balance, bench scoring options, lots of wing defenders (going to be key against miami), and best of all, we could pull this off with what we have.

  • CJ

    @Clawlin: I would rather trade Sheed’s contract for Battier because he is a much better TA replacement and Houston, after the Brad Miller signing, also wants to get under the cap. I mean Battier wrote a book on Kobe Bryant and how to defend him, I like that in one of our bench players. I mean he’s like the defense we lost from TA but with a brain and a jump shot.

  • CJ

    @ Paul: seriously Scal? and Josh Boone didn’t make your list but Kwame Brown did. But I do like that you believe in Marquis (if Barnes doesn’t come to Boston) good size and players respect his jump shot more than TA’s

  • I don’t know what to say. All the responses i’ve read. Some are far out there and not based in reality…some are fanish and highly unlikely only a few made sense. Let me just say this. We can’t count perk as anything right now. Let’s just pretend he is a useless asset. We don’t know exactly when or how he will come back. So our bigs KEVIN GLEN JERMAIN & LUKE are what we are working with. Sheeds an unknown for now. If he comes back I’m sure we will have mixed feelings. Personally I feel the team should use his contract to try to get younger at the wing or big. Granted there isn’t much available…but there might be a little ways into the season. We should sign Oliver and Tony and Luke.
    If we cont use them not we could trade them or send them overseas for a year or two. Hell even the d-league is an option.
    What ever trade we make it will only fill one need unless we start giving away guys like glen Davis or the newly signed Nate Robinson. Odds Are our help will come a few months into the season when a team looks to dump salary and we send sheed to a team for a wing and he gets bought out and resigns with us for minimum $. Rudy from Portland would be a great addition as would Shane from houstan. I just don’t see it happening.

  • CJ

    Thank you Matthew! Everyone on here just thinks Perk is going to be the same Perk. You are exactly right, pretend he is a useless asset.

  • Jeff

    I think you make a really hard push with the big three, like they did with Sheed, by going out and beating down the doors of higher level FA’s who could come at vet’s min.

    Send them to talk to Barnes, Mason and Kurt Thomas. CONVINCE THEM!!! Make them know that this is the team to be on and that we can and WILL win a championship this year with their contributions!

    Also, make an aggressive push on the Rudy trade. A first and second in seperate years along with Lafayette should do the trick. I’d even take a flyer on Josh Boone.

    Then once you have those type of guys locked in, then you can see what the best option to put the team “over the top” would be. Maybe convincing Sheed to give it one more go?

    If the were able to land those guys it’d leave us with:

    Rondo, Nate, Bradley
    Ray, Rudy, Mason
    PP, Barnes, Gaffney
    KG, BBD, Thomas, Luke
    JO, Erdin, Perk, Sheed

    That way if Sheed did retire we’d have the options we need, especially if we hit on Thomas, Barnes and Mason in FA. Then you can go for the Rudy trade but it wouldn’t be a neccesity.

    Barnes and Thomas would be awesome, and Mason and Rudy would be gravy. We likely won’t get all of those but 2-3 and then maybe Sheed coming back or the trade would fill the roster nicely.

  • CJ

    Everyone needs to relax the next seasons might not be too pretty but wait until 2012. Danny is waiting to pull a Miami. Rondo + Pierce + Howard + Perk + it doesn’t matter.

    Imagine my friends:
    PG: Rondo,
    SG: Ray?/ somebody
    SF: Pierce?/somebody/pierce off the bench
    PF: Dwight Howard, and the only man who can cover him by himself: Perk as the Center

    I mean the roster will fill itself as it did in Miami this year with Rondo, Howard, and Perk with Pierce coming of the bench or even starting it doesn’t matter with the new big 3

  • For now we need to try to sign another big…and Kurt Thomas or boon seem to fit the bill. We also should try to get a wing even if only temporary. We cod allways give our young’ns some run see what they got. We r going to make the playoffs. There aren’t more than a few teams possibly better than us rights now in the east. Plus our division is garbage. We will be somewhere between a 3-6 seed depending on the c’s injurys and trades and other teams trades and injurys. I see Luke getting minutes even if only 5-10 mins. Tony gaffney is long but a bit of a project. He could play due to the shortage in wing players. But his game is raw. Oliver is tallented but we aren’t short at pg any more. Oliver could play for somebody. We need to find that somebody and get something back for him.

  • Jay P


    Hahaha, Howard in Boston in 2012. Now there’s a thought.

    And they’ll be fine next season, I like the moves so far, their in contention, and didn’t mortgage their future to do it. Couple holes to fill, but I have confidence Danny will get it done.

  • Tom W

    i really wouldn’t mind seeing Harangody get a lot of minutes this year. yes, it wouldn’t be ideal for our win-loss record, but the reason Baby developed as fast as he did was because he got a lot of minutes playing when KG was injured. Now he’s an indispensable backup. Wouldn’t it be nice to see Harangody turn into the same sort of thing? More to the point, I think it’s worth a shot.

  • CJ

    @Jay P: You may laugh but I think that’s the plan. It’s what the fans want: Rondo, Howard, and Perk leading us to the playoffs for years to come. I understand we’re fine for the next couple of seasons but it’ll be more like 2009 than 2010 next year because of Perk. It just sucks that all our bigs have bad knees. I just want to get Josh Boone so if anyone goes down he can come in and block shots and rebound which is what we need on this team that kinda sucks at rebounding besides rondo.

  • RBD

    I’d be shocked if Howard didn’t sign a new deal in Orlando.

  • Ryan

    Rudy Fernandez makes significantly less money than Rasheed Wallace so more players would be involved and the Celtics don’t have a lot of players Portland is probably looking for.

  • Tim

    Just read this article about Rashad McCants (Insider only): http://insider.espn.go.com/nba/insider/news/story?id=5383373. Don’t know much about him other than that he was a former lottery pick, but he’s been out of the NBA for a year and from the article it seems that he still has talent and is in shape. Also, he used to have a bond with KG. Not the complete answer to our wing problems, but I think we could get him for the minimum.

  • Evan

    The answer is to get the best package available for Sheed’s contract. Whether it is wing big man or Wing and big man.

  • @Evan…..Wallace’s contract is only interesting to another team when he confirms his retirement.

    From a player perspective he’s worth more dead than alive. Nobody wants to trade on his contract only to learn that he plans to return and play next season.

    Teams are no more interested in an out of shape, aged Big Man with a back problem then the Celtics are.

  • Mark

    Marquis Daniels needs to cut off those long locks of hair so he can concentrate while playing. I know it sounds funny but it will help him to stay focused.

    Kurt Thomas would be a good pickup.

    If Danny could have Ray take Sheed under his wings for off-season training I’d give him one last chance and this might be a blessing. If Sheed retires or says no to working out with Ray then use Sheed’s contract in a trade with Houston for Ariza or Battier

    Keep our draft picks for post big 3 era in a couple of years.

    Give our young guys a chance to play early in the season against weak teams and at the end of blowout games. If they don’t cut it then use them for trades at the mid-season trade deadline.

    Wait till mid-season trade deadline to pickup a vet or two to fill any remaining holes.

  • Kevin

    Go after Allen Iverson and Kurt Thomas or Shaq. That puts us at 13 including Sheeds possible retirement contract. If Wallace retires then we try to trade his contract for Ariza or Battier.

    Our team would look like this then.

    PG Rondo, Nate, Lafayette
    SG Ray Allen, AI, Avery
    SF Pierce, Ariza or Battier, Luke, Gaffney
    PF KG, Big Baby, Jermaine Oneal
    C Kendrick, Jermaine, Shaq or Thomas

    That is a Championship team if you ask me.

  • I love Green

    Rudy! Rudy! Rudy!

  • KB

    @ Kevin
    definite NO to AI and don’t think Shaq will sign nor would I want him.
    Tmac I think would be a much better pick up. If scoring is the concern, he is one of the best and prob determined to prove that he still belongs in the nba. might even buy into the defense to get a shot at a title.
    Kurt Thomas, Battier, Ariza, Barnes, Rudy all sound good if possible…. go Ainge!
    (still think Jermaine was overpaid)

  • CJ

    @RBD: Why would you be shocked? I’m just saying it seems that the big name free agents now want to team up so why wouldn’t Dwight Howard want to team up with Rajon Rondo and the only center in the league that can defend him 1 on 1

  • TMAC hopes to get paid the equivalent of an MLE, which is why he’s working out for the Clippers.

    Shane Battier or Trevor Arisa aren’t going anywhere because Houston thinks they have a chance to go deep in the playoffs next year with a healthy Yao and those two guys would be a big part of it.

    If anything the Rockets would sacrifice Chase Budinger as the other SF.

    Rudy could be had for a number ONE pick next year. Just not the Celtic’s number ONE pick next year which won’t be high enough.

    Matt Barnes is a legitimate possibility. So is Kurt Thomas.

  • shane

    T MAC ! is what we NEED i really like him , and i wish he would come to the celtics he said that he wants an NBA championship and hes not going to get one with the clippers ? come on now ? that will be a dumb move for him . suck it up come play for us at the vet minimum

  • Arvin

    I think we try to solve our big man dilemna by trying to get Dampier in a month or so. Sheed’s contract needs to be used to get a wing. Battier would be ideal or Ariza, but I do not see Houston cooperating. How about Tayshaun Prince? I think Joe D. might listen to offers better this time around . . . Rudy Fernandez is over-rated. He cannot defend the wing!

  • Tristan

    trade sheed to houston for ariza and anderson, it give houston the break they need from the cap and solves both of our biggest problems…then pick up Rudy Fernandez on vet min if possible, do a sign-trade with GSW (laffayette for tolliver) and you are left with an amazing 3 point shooting bench from guys who are 5’8 – 7’0, you would also have 3 guys who can play PF/C behind Garnett Oneal and Perk

  • Mark

    @ Brian Robb, do we have anyone to trade besides Sheed? If so, who who would you trade for? Keeping in mind that both these questions are pointed at upgrading our roster. Nice article!

  • Wendell

    U know what we need some bigs so this is the best move 4 the Celtics 2 compete sign Kurt Thomas n Josh Boone they will both come 4 cheap. Sign Keith Bogans as well he can play defense n he can shoot the ball remember coming out of college n his 1 couple of years in the league he was a scorer. We need defense n offense. Trade Sheeds contract 2 Houston try 2 get either Ariza or Battier Houston n luxury tax just don’t mix. Try 2 get Fernandez bcuz he is young n we need youth n try 2 get more draft picks 4 the next few years like the Thunder n Grizzles have done

  • Brian
  • jfree781`

    Tristan are you serious? Get your head out of your arse. This is not fantasy basketball. This is the real world.
    On another note I really liked the way Deshawn Sims and Matt Janning looked really good in summer league. I’m not saying this is a solution to the problems with the C’s roster by any means. But I think these guys should at least try to get these guys to come to training camp to battle it out for a spot with Gaffney and Laffayette. I think the both of them showed a little more potential than the latter two. Also I like Craig Smith, Damien Wilkins, Antoine Wright, Roger Mason, and Cartier Martin as cheap options that are still available .

  • Matheus Cunha Porto

    Hey guys try think about this:

    We give a VM for a Center(i dont know,ethan thomas,aron gray)or try to sign a young,maybe a uindrafted center,just to fill the roster

    another VM for Larry Hughes

    keep Marquis Daniels

    (those 3 things are very possible right?)

    And now the hardest part

    Sign and Trade Rasheed´s contract for some of these guys:

    Richard jeferson,Tmac,Josh Howard,Ariza,Rasual Butler,wilson chandler or
    marvin wiliians(probably going to the Cavs)

    I dont know wich is more possible,but i really like RJ and chandler

    Ariza is very unlikely and i think Tmac and Butler we should try just with a VM

    all the others are nice

  • Tristan

    Jfree781-what are u on…
    Ariza gives d and o off the bench plus hops

    Anderson is a genuine 7footer who maynot have the d of some of the others, but remember when perk is back he would only be used as a 3rd tier C

    Ferndandez ok that’s a bit of a pipedream not needed if we got ariza

    Tolliver would b awesome, he is young, long (for someone listed at 6’9), can rebound and hope he can play d (can’t tell cause of GSW no d policy)

    Now I agree getting all 4 isn’t gonna happen, prob not even gonna get one of them…but it is a good example of what’s is out there to fill the gaps

  • jfree781`

    Tristan I never said I wouldn’t want those guys, I was just pointing out that if you think we can pull those moves you must be crazy. Why would Houst. give up Ariza and another guy for Sheeds expiring contract? They are not that desperate for cap space. Rudy Fernandez probably will not sign for the vet. min.. And why would golden state ever give up an nba proven big man with rebounding and range for an unproven point guard? Golden states problem has been a lack of bigs and an abundance of guards. You might as well have said Scals for Durant in a sign and trade while you were at it.
    Like I said I would love to get those guys. But it is not a great example of anything that is even remotely possible. Why don’t you try to think of some moves that are plausible ?

  • Tristan

    I agree with Rudy, no point thinking about it, he knows he can get more money else where….
    Houston giving up Ariza and Anderson, we my thinking behind that, is that Anderson will spend the season on the bench with Hayes, Yao and Miller on the team, and it is an expensive guy just sitting on the bench, so why not give him up to someone else and take that money away from the lux tax….
    GSW, well Tolliver is a FA so doing a sign trade with them would help both teams out, GSW get something for nothing and Boston are able to sign the guy, as I dont think he is eligable for the VM…

    As for moves that might happen, ell that is hard to say, everyone else I would like to have seen sign have gone to other teams, as for who is left, the best guys wont sign for the VM unless its with the Heat (T-Mac for example, but I hope I’m wrong here). Shaq wont come for VM, AI is poison, Boone could work but I see him being another that goes to another team, Brown….well lets hope not….

    I think the best Boston can do is trade for something out of the blue, because I think the once awesome FA is now pretty ordinary

  • jfree781`

    “GSW, well Tolliver is a FA so doing a sign trade with them would help both teams out, GSW get something for nothing and Boston are able to sign the guy, as I dont think he is eligable for the VM…”
    Good point there. I would love to get him, but I have a feeling GS is going to try and sign him to back up Lee at c/pf seeing as they just got rid of Azabuke and Randolph.

  • Rapster

    Get Rudy Fernandez. He will surely ignite the bench of the Celtics as a backup for Ray Allen.

  • celtic freak

    well we need 2 trade sheed fast bcuz he will retire nd if he retires as a celtic we r screwed but what about sheed 4 barbosa ang nate is 2 small 2 play sg and he isnt that good of a shooter