Post-game Reactions

According to Bill Ingram’s Twitter, Larry Hughes is considering the Boston Celtics (among others) (h/t HoopsHype.com).  News like this will continue to trickle in until the Celtics have filled their hole at the wing and you really have to ask yourself, “Does this guy pass the Marquis Daniels’ test?”  By that I mean, is this guy going to be any better than Marquis Daniels was last year.

With Larry Hughes, I’m not so sure.  Larry Hughes is the classic example of a guy who used to be counted on as a reliable starter but injuries and attitude issues (perhaps perceived) have derailed his career.  He can score, but it usually takes him a lot of shots to do it and he’s a decent-not great- defender.  The bottom line is that Larry Hughes is not going to excite anyone- especially when you the fact that the guy the C’s bring in is going to have to play TA minutes.

Another thing to consider:  with all these other names coming up as potential TA replacements, are the Celtics out of the Josh Howard sweepstakes?  Were they ever in it?

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  • I love Green

    No on Hughes. No. Nope. Nay. Naw. Nah. Nada mas.


    or bring THA KOBE STOPPA! back.

  • Tristan

    Larry Hughes is too old & injury prone!!! I’d pick Daniels over him any day of the week….i think Danny needs to chase some young legs that in the reg season can give PP & RA extended rest minutes, we dont need a bench that is going to be injured/unproductive for the majority of the season and then having to rely on PP & RA to play their mins….thats what was so good about TA is that he was energy off the bench, we need that again to run with Shrek and Donkey

  • Pep

    I’d rather have Hughes than Howard. Howard just seems like a bad person, hard to root for…..Yes, Hughes is injured a lot but coming off the bench in limited minutes could be good for him at this stage in his career. He’s a proven scorer and led the league in steals with almost 3 a game 5 yrs ago…if we can get him at nba minimum, I think its a great deal. but if they’re using sheed’s contract to get him, I’d rather see a young player like Ariza.

  • Ryan

    Hughes is always injured the most games he has played in a season is 73.

  • rob

    barnes to raptors…damn

  • al

    only thing bill ingram can confirm is that he has a weird mustache…

    that aside, i’m up for hughes at the minimum, he’s always been a good defender, and he can’t be a worse jump shooter than TA, would still rather see something happen with the sheed contract though…

  • ed judson

    Larry Hughes is a DOG! He has the shot selection of a 15 year old. He has less respect for the basketball than Tony Allen. He has no threshold for pain.

    Sidebar: Hughes is a basketball icon in basketball deathbed St. Louis where he went to high school and college. I kid you not, the St. Louis media refers to Hughes as “Larry Legend.” That sacrilege should be reason enough to keep him out of a green uniform. Why not just bring back Dominique?

  • lakershater13

    Barnes now a raptor. he wanted money over a shot at a ring. now the market is even slimmer. hughes? no we dont need to get any older.

  • shane

    i want to hear mcgrady news instead .

  • shane

    i want to hear mcgrady news instead .

  • shane

    i want to hear mcgrady news instead .

  • hillcrestwildcat

    Larry’s not coming to Boston he used to date Paul’s new bride. Don’t know how good that is for team chemistry.

  • Jon

    Bring on t-mac and Iverson for the vets min….

  • Sweeney

    Wow, scraping the barrel now. I would cringe if he donned the green, uhhhhh.

  • Rich

    Just no reason the Cs should have let Allen walk for the type of money he was asking. So he gets a third year….he’s a fairly young guy that is a nice guy to have on your team in case you, you know, miss out on the big name FAs when all the cap space clears.

    That said..Hughes can still defend. He takes terrible shots though, but maybe Doc can put him in his palce like he did with Nate Robinson. If Hughes can just keep himself from killing an offense by jacking up bad shots, he can fill in nicely as a defensive specialist.

  • jarrod

    Sign Rashard McCants. Solid 2 guard with a good shot. Just misperceived attitute problems haunt him which seem to be unjustified.

  • complexity

    Oh this guy has always been lame. Damnit.

  • The Lou

    Yes, we like Larry in St. Louis, he is a roll model, very charitable, also charitable in any city he has played in, someone that has never been in trouble off the court in 12 years.
    Yes, he went to CBC high school and SLUH and you don’t get into those schools without smarts, period.
    13 years in the league, 100 million, not bad. Hughes only went one year to SLUH, then went pro to pay for his brothers heart transplant. I think Cleveland went to the finals once (with some cat named Lebron), and who played out of position to get them there, HUGHES at point guard, right through Chauncey in Detroit. The never made it back did they? Even lead the league a month this year in steals. Yes, he needs to get his game time to get his game down, Larry Brown knows it, said that Hughes was good last year and had plenty left.
    Oh ya, we have the most world series rings in the national league and we don’t buy our teams.

  • celtic freak

    hey what about eddie house or we can always trade some1 for daniel gibson

  • Hey ED

    Maybe “Jo Jo White” does not ring your bell in Boston? Damn, your own team and on the 74 and 76 championship team? Also MVP in 76 finals?
    The St. Louis media hardly covers the NBA. Never heard Hughes called Larry the Legend, maybe some AM hack radio show. Hughes is very low key, does lot’s of work for organ transplant. Cleveland fans expected him to win them a championship, thats all the complaints, otherwise, his career numbers are 40% from the field and 31% from the arc, the same as they were at SLUH and about .04 pts per game less than Jo Jo.
    Maybe Bill Bradley? David Lee who just signed for major dollars, Tyler Hansbrough, Ed Maculey, Jahidi White? Steve Stipanovich, Kareem Rush, Anthony Peeler, Anthony Bonner?
    And the other hack, how about 82 games in 99? Plus he has averaged over 30 minutes a game for a dozen years, you know how many players have done that? Very few. Also started nearly 500/700 games played. Near 1100 steals? Learn the stats on each side of the court for Hughes. For Vet min, a steal (as Larry may say). Actually we call him “Homegrown”.
    Remember, not too many players touch the ball in Cleveland the last 7 years, Lebron brings down the ball. then dishes it when doubled team and 4 on the shot clock (he is going to get his ass chewed out by Riley). Coach K took care of him in the Olympics. No show for the fans anymore, just wins.

  • Hughes will be best 6 player in NBA!

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