Post-game Reactions

• Ray Allen took exactly one day to relax at home after Game 7 before getting on his bike for a 31-mile ride, according to the Herald’s Mark Murphy, who catches up with Ray and picks his brain about age, injuries and the future of the C’s:

“We’re older than last year,” Allen said, shrugging his shoulders in “big deal” fashion. “That always was funny to me because I never felt older. I never felt out of shape or slower. We went through a bad stretch of not winning games (last season), but it never had to do with age.

“It had to do with getting together on the same page. It’s not going to change. But that’s always the challenge we’ve faced with every year, where people look at us and say we’re not capable. That’s the negativity that pushes all of us.”

The ladies in our readership might want to take note of this quote from Ray’s agent, Lon Babby, about the positive effects of Ray’s biking regimen:

“He has the best-looking calf muscles in the NBA.”

Watching Ray Allen over the next couple of years is going to be fascinating. As I’ve touched on before, shooting guards with games similar to Ray’s—lots of running, lots of threes—have almost universally washed out of the league by their 36th birthday. Ray turns 35 on Tuesday. The lone major exception is Reggie Miller, who remained productive until he retired at 39. Ray would seem to have the work ethic to buck the trend as Reggie did, but it’s going to be difficult, especially since a 100-game NBA season is going to bring nagging injuries such as the one Ray reportedly suffered during the Finals. 

• Speaking of which, Jeff Clark has a thoughtful take on injuries and the myth of “staying healthy.” 

• Also in that Mark Murphy piece: Ray is still on the horn with free agents selling them on Boston:

“You should come here next year because you’re a free agent. These guys are your friends. It’s not like signing checks and giving them money.

“You’re just having a conversation. I don’t know what you can and cannot do. But at this stage when everyone is a free agent, you can call around and push the envelope a little bit more.”

Ray played with Damien Wilkins in Seattle. Maybe they’re friends! Wouldn’t that be exciting! (Ugh).

• Evans Clinchy wonders if the Celtics might re-sign Brian Scalabrine. No. Just…no. 

Chris Forsberg wonders if Lawrence Frank is in position to take over the team should Doc Rivers leave after this season. 

That’s it for now. Quiet day in C’s news, as we’re nearing the NBA’s true dead time. 

Enjoy your Sundays.

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  • dont_drink_the_koolaid

    ray will become the new role model of longevity. i see him being productive until 40. the man wears down his younger opponents offball every night, plays solid D the whole game and still always looks fresh in the fourth. respect. hope truth starts following the ray regiment or his contract will get ugly.

  • JP

    Ray could buck the trend like Reggie did, but some games Ray just does not have anything left. I’m not sure if thats age, or his workout regiment or just being a streaky shooter, but I know (like in the Finals) it can greatly help or hurt the team depending if he’s on or off

  • CRizik

    Ray could be very productive for two-three years, and who knows, but he’s 35 and that means his playing time has to be managed wisely. Forget about Ray playing 38-40 minutes every night like we’ve seen the last 3 seasons.

  • Derek

    hey guys what about rashad mccants. apparently hes just had some misunderstandings with coaches and some bad luck but he can definitely play, especially as a wing

  • JA

    Guys. No Mccants. Stop reading the ESPN articles

  • Ryan

    I don’t know about McCants in Boston but he deserves a job somewhere else.

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    Chris. jump make

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