Post-game Reactions

Rajon Rondo made an appearance at Dwyane Wade’s charity game in Miami on Sunday—the same event where this bizarre thing happened with Wade—and, naturally, the local press asked him about the Heat’s acquisition of Chris Bosh and LeBron James. Rondo was characteriscally brief but made it known that a) he buys the theory that Wade, Bosh and James planned this thing long ago; and b) the C’s aren’t cowering in fear of Miami.

Rajon on whether he expected the Bosh/Wade/James signings (via the Palm Beach Post):

“I’m sure everybody was surprised except for those guys on the team who expected to get them.”

And Rajon on where Miami fits in the NBA landscape:

“As far as the East,” Rondo said, “we’re the champs.”

I like it. I do think Miami enters the season as the favorites to win the East, but I like the attitude.

Hope you all had a good weekend.

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  • shane

    i love rondo . WERE THE CHAMPS OF THE EAST !

  • Shooter

    Gotta jumpshot yet,Rondo? Or better yet can you hit free throws.

  • Scotty B

    shooter you are an idiot

  • I love Green

    Quit hatin on Rondo. He runs the sho

  • Zain

    Reminds me of Doc in the Orlando series.

    Until somebody beats them, they are the eastern conference champions. Until somebody beats them!

    Our turn to hold the crown.

  • Jon

    All we need is shaq, t-mac, the answer at the minimum and no one can stop us.. whos with me”???

  • greg reyes

    like jon said,all we need is shaq and not miami or l.a. will beat us.you could take that to the bank.!!!

  • Rajon9

    @shooter, i’m an avid celtic fan but i agree with your comment.

    with what i saw last season, i would say that Rondo is keeping his hopes alive. he is talking about history now, “we were the champs”. he should accept that miami is a big threat and prepare for it. there is nothing wrong about being confident, but know thyself first so you can beat your enemy.

  • Rajon9

    to all celtics and non-celtics fans:

    you may call me a fair-weathered fan. but the 2010 finals is very much different from the 2008 finals. i got so disappointed in 2010 when paul pierce was limited by ron artest. ray allen was very inconsistent. those things made lakers won and not the absence of perkins.

    that’s why for the next season, i would still be rooting for celtics (but with great doubt). but i don’t have a problem rooting for any other eastern team (like the heat) that could beat the 3peat of the lakers – the worst that can happen.

  • NHBluesMan

    @Rajon9- he said ‘we’re (we are) the champs’ not ‘we were the champs’.

    Until someone beats them in the East they are still the champions. And why would he be trying to keep his hopes alive? The Celtics were 1 knee injury away from a 2nd title in 3 years, they’ve got their core back, and they’re making good moves to replace whats been lost.

    Sure, on paper, Miami looks good, but haven’t proven ANYTHING yet. Boston is still the team to beat

  • urbeltic

    Discussing who is the champion in the east is irrelevant, because the season is over.

    And on that note, I’m giving the Heat a 4-5 year run. Danny needs to start rebuilding now so we are in position for 2014-2015 season.

  • Rich

    Danny needs to star rebuilding now? Hard to do when you’ve just re-signed Ray Allen and Paul Pierce.

  • Ray

    Guys, this is the Boston Celtics we are talking about. Nobody cares when they win “the East”. We deal in championships around here.

  • Jeff

    @ Rajon9

    I’d have to disagree with you on the point of the Celtic’s got beat because of Ron Artest and not the lack of Perkins.

    Perkins is a one man force in the paint and takes the defensive pressure off the other players.

    Him being out allowed the Lakers to get into the paint with very little resistence because of Sheed’s limited mobility from his nagging back injury.

    If Perkins were in that game he would have collected about 6-8 rebounds more than Sheed. Also, presence in the paint would limit other players from crowding it, thus Bryant would not get even close to the amount of rebounds he did.

    Also his absence thinned the bench because if he had been in, Sheed would have been able to take shorter, more effective spurts off the bench and limited the amount of time KG needed to be on the floor.

    I suspect Perk being in would have caused a diferential on rebounds of roughly +10-12 overall for the Celtic’s from what the totals were. LA still would have out rebounded them, but not nearly the margin they had.

    That alone would easily wipe out the four points the C’s lost by.

    Also, his presence would have limited points in the paint from players like Artest, Odom, Gasoft, Bryant.

    If Perk is in, easily a 10 point swing.

  • @Jeff….And If Andrew Bynum had been completely healthy for the finals instead of playing on one leg, that would have changed a lot of things too, including possibly the 2008 result although I doubt it.

    “Ifs and buts were candy and nuts, it’d be Christmas everyday.”

    It’s not!

  • Shay

    As a Lakers fan, I have more respect for the Celtics and their fans than I do for the entire city of Miami. Wow, that really hurt me to admit that. I am waiting to see another Lakers/Celtics finals in 2011.

  • Scott

    Please, please, please beat the Cheat’s next year, so we can have another glorious Laker/Celtic final. The rubber match. Only good thing about the Cheat’s signing those guys is my Laker’s are no longer the most hated team in the league.

  • WestCoastCeltic

    That’s what I want to hear from our floor leader. We’re not gonna bow down to no one. Good stuff, Rondo.

  • Zac

    CELTICS YEYA 2010-2011 Champs

  • mike

    i am a die-hard lakers fan, but i would like nothing more than to see miami and LBJ knocked out of the playoffs by boston, and if not them, then orlando.

  • john

    i love the celtics! but i have to admit the lakers took it to us in the 2010 finals. it wouldnt have mattered if perkins was playing thats no excuse bynum wasnt 100 percent. lakers have won more titles than my damn celtics in recent history. already 5 this decade celtics once in the last 24 yrs. lakers are the dominant franchise! artest really locked up that faker pierce

  • 911gtr

    Well said Rondo. We are all thinking the same, funny thing i bet 95% nba players are too.

  • mikedude

    @Rajon9 Celtics lost game 7 because of lack of focus and energy in the 4th quarter, and Perkins would have provided that. I agree with what Jeff said also.
    @Dave Every single playoffs for the past few season, Andrew Bynum would get injured and not be 100%. So he really isn’t a factor when the Lakers win.
    @john you are not a Celtics fan, you wouldn’t call Pierce a faker or Lakers being a better franchise. Who cares if the Lakers have more Finals appearances, that only means that the Western Conference is weak and full of crappy teams(except for the Spurs). Lakers got lucky this year because Nuggets and Mavericks got beat in the first round.

    I want to see another Lakers/Celtics, kills me to say this, but I would rather see the Lakers win than the Heat. I feel like Lebron is a sore loser and I just dont want him to win anymore.

  • Shaqi

    Miami fans will be disappointed when they find out Bosh is not as good as they thought he’d be.

    James and Wade won’t be able to handle Boston Big 3 plus the improved Rondo and Big baby.

    James will be opting out of his contract with Miami after 3 years in search for a better supporting cast.

  • I can’t wait until post season!!

  • Shaqi

    LeBron Daily says:
    July 20, 2010 at 3:19 am
    I can’t wait until post season!!
    You can have your 60+ win season again with Miami before Rondo and Boston send you home in the post season.

    This time you will have Bosh to blame for the failure. I can’t wait to see Big Baby dominate Bosh in the playoffs.

  • joe

    everybody can say what they want about everything. But the facts are last year is over, next year hasn’t happened, and the LAKERS are the champs 2 years in a row. Not the heat, not the Celtics, nothing but love for Boston. But lets go Lakers.

  • Nashad22

    as far as being the Champs of the East im a Real fan and i say im with Rondo it’s not the people who play the game, it’s about how you play and what kind of motivation you have!!!!

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