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Latest Buzz: Ray Wants a Three-Year Deal

Via Ken Berger at CBS Sports:

But Allen is seeking a three-year deal, and could be presented with some intriguing options once James and Wade decide where to play. According to people familiar with their strategies, both players have prioritized recruiting a low-post scorer and 3-point shooter as they decide whether to stay with their existing teams or venture elsewhere.

A three-year deal makes me uncomfortable. Allen is the oldest of the Big Three, and he’ll be just about 38 by the end of a three-year deal. You can count the number of shooting guards who have been played above replacement level at that age on one hand. And while Allen’s work ethic and personal habits suggest he could be the kind of player who bucks some of those aging trends, you can only fight off father time for so long. 

Expect the Celtics to fight Allen on that third year just as they fought Pierce for the final year on the Truth’s deal. They lost that fight with Pierce, and they’re not going to be in a strong position to negotiate hard against Allen, either. 

But it’s a fight worth having, especially since Boston has a home-court advantage in dealing with Ray.


    Just wanted to say hello from sunny southern California . . . . home of the World Champion Los Angeles Lakers :)

  • Al

    to fight father time sign Ray Allen and get Rudy Fernandez… done… but sign Ray Allen come on now…


    Hey a$$ ho!e go get a life!!!

  • RBD

    Allen’s going to win this battle rather easily given all his other suitors. Boston will give him three years because there’s no other likely replacement that’ll create as much offensive spacing and overall impact on the court. Doc and Pierce’s returns sealed Ray’s, for better or worse.

  • It’s not sunny today moron.

  • w2

    Anyone interested in JJ Reddick for less money than Ray if it meant the chance to get Barbosa also?

  • MP

    We cannot give Ray a three-year deal. His deal needs to end at the same time as Garnett’s.

  • Tai

    well we signed some length 2day i don’t think hes gonna be what marcin gortat is to the magic but he could be okay but i don’t like the idea of could i want us to sign a veteran big man and david lee and rudy fernandez tht is a championship team in my book and if the big 3 agents become a super team bring them on i still feel the cletics will be victorious

    u hear me danny rudy fernandez ,david lee and a center

  • Scotty B

    Hi Lakers fan, are you happy the NBA gift wrapped a title for you by giving the lakers 51 more free throws in the series…20 more in game 7 alone?

  • RVT55

    Congrats Laker fan, it was a well deserved title, and by the way you just improved to 3-9 all time against Boston in the Finals, looong way to go? yes that’s right, take in that sun of yours.

  • Ray Allen is still a great shooter. He was off in the NBA Finals but will make some big shots next year for the Celtics or someone else. I see him with Boston or Miami. He would also be a nice fit with the Bulls if they can’t sign Dwyane Wade.

  • I love Green

    Oliver Lafayette, that Green kid, and Harangody all playing well. Luke is very intriguing, if only he was a few inches taller I would love him.

  • Josh A

    @lakers fan, hey, just saying hi from central mass. home of the 18 TIME WORLD CHAMPION BOSTON CELTICS

  • Josh A

    @ lakers fan 😀

  • Perry

    Oh my, the trolls are out tonight

  • Perry

    This is no surprise. It would behoove Ray to wait out the market and let it determine the winners and the losers that held on to liquidity If the Celts hold firm they’ll no doubt have to overpay him to get the length of terms they desire.

    …Harangody looks like a keeper.

  • Perry


    I think a flagrant was called on Harangody, which put Hardin at the line for 2 shots and the ball. That gave Oakie C the lead for good.

    …even in the summer league we can’t catch a break from the officials

  • @scotty….We’ll take the free throw disparity all day long when it leads to a title just like the Celtics have no trouble with the Don Nelson -bounce 8 feet in the air off the back rim basket to seal one of theirs.

    @RVT55…..3 and 9 but the Celtics won 7 of those with #6 who last suited up 40 years ago!!

    Since 1969 the Lakers hold the head to head advantage in the finals against the Celtics and it’s clear now that the dominance and the mystique is old, old news now….

    3 years for Ray Allen is a catastrophe for Boston. Riding this generation of players too long is going to result in another decade’s worth of an uncompetitive team.

    That’s the problem with having Doc come back. He’s too preoccupied with keeping the gang together for one more season.

    But the problem is that one more season is going to cost the Celtics several additional unproductive years because this team has clearly reached it’s ceiling.

  • Cptn Bubbles

    @Perry If Ray waits out the market he will probably get a better/longer offer BUT at what cost??? Will it be with an iffy team? Some amount of money has to be worth the opportunity for a title run in a system which has proven itself. It does not look like there is going to be any super power, big 3 team now. I would like to have Ray back BUT not at any price. Also, if Ray takes a cat & mouse attitude with Danny then I would rather move on. Look at Paul. He could have asked for more money & dragged it all out, but I feel Paul does love the Cs & wants Danny to get on with building a better team. If Ray REALLY wants to come back then surely he can see the advantage of taking care of business as quickly as possible so Danny can give 100% to making the team better instead of being in shooting guard limbo.

  • Cs

    @Dave, no one wants to read your long a$$ reply, and read your insignificant stats about your inferior lakers. Celtics= better finals record and more championships

  • Rajon9

    @Zach Lowe, FB&G blocks out trollers. why don’t we do the same?

    oh i realize, i’ll answer my own question. We are far more educated and civilized than them.

  • Rajon9

    Ray should never be worth more than the Truth.

  • dont_drink_the_koolaid

    ray will get 3 years, either with the Cs or someone else. and ainge has a real tough argument not giving it to him when he just gave truth the 4 years of big money guaranteed.

    paul’s 4 years actually makes me more nervous than 3 for ray. ray is a fitness freak – he will buck the norm. i think he be playing much closer to his current level in the third year than pierce will.

    that said….what is his number and who else could they get for the same?


    @ Josh . . . . hey sorry to break it to you . . . but you’ve won 17 championships, not 18

  • MP


    Sorry to break it to you, but you’re a douche bag.

  • complexity

    Two things.

    It’s interesting that a lot more people want to see Ray back now that the resentment for his performance in the finals is pretty much over. Because people have put his whole season in perspective.

    And come on, hasn’t Ray gave enough 3’s for the Celtics that they can give another one to him?

  • Rajon9


    you’re such an idiot for posting things like these up to this time.

    i’ll just accept that fact that your gray matter has no knack for talking about intelligent basketball.

    some trollers like you are fun though, you are able to amplify and show how much little and useless your thoughts are.

  • Rajon9

    @ complexity

    exactly! i agree. that’s my point. i want Ray back because the past is over to me, whatever his performance was.

    that’s why i’m wondering why some trolls are still bragging about their championship when in fact, we all know why they got it. i won’t repeat it here again and argue about it because it’s over.

  • Crizik

    2 years for 17 millions and a 8 million team option for a third. That’s what Allen’s worths for the C’s giving his age. If somebody wants to give him more money, so be it.

  • Perry

    @Cptn Bubbles

    I think you’re right about any team coming out of free agency as a super power. I may not happen now. Clearly Chicago and Miami were odds on favorites to change the balance of power but Bosh could go anywhere, maybe even Houston, and there still is a good chance both Wade and LBJ will stay home. Cleveland and the Chicago are the big losers even if both stay in their respective cities. Cavs have no cap space, and would have to trade Veraejao and another contract or two in order to get Batman his Robin. Miami has only two players on its roster.

    But the Atlantic will be much improved. The Raptors appear to be the doormat, but NJ will add some veteran talent to mesh around Harris and Lopez. Philly is a project, but Collins has turned heads in his first year. The Knicks will lure a big time PG if they want their 100m investment to pay off. Could be David Lee for Parker in a sign and trade, and they still have plenty of cap space left. D’Antoni’s style can’t win titles, but they could turn into a 50 win team.

    As for Ray, I would be fine with paying him a little more if it meant keeping the contract down to 2 years. That’s probably the position of management, which is why they are seeking out guys like Fernandez, and Morrow. Portland might be a better team to do business with since they stock piled so much young talent.

  • Josh A

    @lakers fan, we would hav 18 if perk did not get hurt. btw who has more overall championships…….?

  • Jeff

    Hello everyone! Just checking in from Orange County CA where it’s raining and cold! It must be the tears of Laker fans when they realize they still suck, were the beneficiaries of the most horendously officiated Finals game ever, and yet DAVE is making it sound as if the lucky bounce for Don is somehow equivalent to 21 FT’s in the fourth?! Is that your arguing point? As if that had anything to do with either team?

    Dave says, “It bounced off the rim…uh…so Boston cheated!”


    I’m living in hell right now with all the LA fans thinking they actually won, but when you reference the MASSIVE discrepancy in FT’s being gifted to LA in the fourth, after the whole game being practically unofficiated, they all reference the championships they barely lost in the 60’s!

    Okaaaayyy……what does that have to do with it? It had nothing to do with officiating!

    This was CLEARLY due to officiating. I would like to hear from an LA fan HOW exactly LA would have won without the FT’s?

    Can you explain it? Cuz I’m pretty sure at 30% from the field, 54 points in 3 quarters, and 2 field goals in the last 5 MINUTES (YEAH 2!!!) LA couldn’t have scored 30 points in a WEEK let alone the fourth!

    So again LA fans…everyone knows Lakers won by grace of Market share for dear old Stern because they have a larger fan base (as uneducated as they are). CA= 35,000,000 people MA=2,000,000.

    It was all about the Benjamins…nothing more.

    It is to insight LOSER teams, like the Faker’s, to think they deserve to be in the Finals, despite their clear weaknesses and overall deficiency of not having the slightest clue how to win on their own.

    When Kobe is 36 with busted knee’s and eating $30mil of your cap, and you begin a 20 year rebuilding period, I will enjoy wallowing in the pathetic misery of your pitiful excuse for a disgraced, franchise who has an overall winning percentage in the Finals of 53%! LOL!

    That’s about the equivalent of the Toronto Raptors winning percentage for a season! LOL!


  • stephen

    @Jeff—No question about it!!! Stern was absolutly behind what happened. This reeks of him. Don’t even waste your time trying to reason with a bunch of moronic Laker fans. They know damn well they were gifted here. They shot a whopping 32% for the entire game,yet Laker fans claim that officiating didn’t help decide the outcome. Lay off the damn drugs people!!!

  • ham

    I am a Thai fanclub, I think ray should be on it and I believe he is a substance if the boston celtics championship next year are.
    from thailand sawaddee cup ??????????

  • Rajon9

    @ Jeff and Stephen

    i agree that Stern had his hands on this. if you remember, one announcer said in the finals when Kobe got 5 fouls – “no referee would ever dare to call 6 fouls on Kobe”.

    if an announcer could say that, you know how influenced the finals was.

    my apprehension now is that Stern can do the same again next year, just to give the fakers their 3-peat and for Stern to get big bucks again. they also want a record for Jackson because a lot of people would rather watch baseball than basketball. that’s why NBA and the media is doing a lot of buzz about this free agency, to get people to watch. Baseball is the number 1 sports in America and not basketball.

  • Celtics kick Lakers butt

    Hello from Boston,
    the team that is famous for kicking the Lakers bums.

    Celtics are 9-3 against them fakers in the NBA finals.

    We are the best franchise in NBA history.

    Lakers are crap

  • Celtics kick Lakers butt

    Kobe is such a wannabe,
    Stern just want to make another Jordan
    Do you guys realize that even the Motto that Kobe uses to motivate his teammates is the old Chicago Bulls slogan “What time is it game time whoo”.

    Before Stern took the job, Lakers have never even came close towards beating the INVINCIBLE CELTICS.

    Stern should get fired, he even said that Lakers were the better franchise. Come one we have 9-3 record possible 12-0 if Stern didn’t come and ruin the NBA.

    Celtics are the best, Lakers are just actors.

    Magics got AIDS
    Kobe = Raper and Jordan Wannabe/Got wasted in the best game 6 ever in a NBA finals by the Celtics
    Shaq = Divorce and betrayed the Orlando Magics
    Jerry West = Can’t win against the celtics

    It is a fact, all the best Lakers players have had their butt kicked by the Celtics 😉

  • Celtics kick Lakers butt

    Kobe is too much of a fag to join the WWE, so he joined the NBA