Post-game Reactions

• The Herald has a ho-hum update on Ray Allen:

There didn’t appear to be much happening on the C’s free agent front.

The club last spoke with Ray Allen’s people Saturday, and the veteran guard still seems to be checking out the market.

• The Globe’s Gary Washburn gives his take on the Paul Pierce deal, which will become official on Thursday:

The deal, agreed to late Saturday night, offers peace of mind for both sides. Pierce now can finish his career with the Celtics. And the club avoided the public relations nightmare of letting one of its all-time great players get away, while also getting some salary-cap relief.

Pierce opting out of the final year of his contract was in no way an indication that he was looking to move to another team. It was a way of garnering a long-term extension in which he traded money for security.

I’ll have my own take on the Pierce deal tomorrow. One note: The C’s aren’t getting salary cap relief; they’re getting luxury-tax relief. I know it’s a minor thing, but when people see the words “salary cap relief,” they think the team has room under the cap. Boston doesn’t and won’t. 

Washburn also has a quote from Pierce’s agent, Jeff Schwartz:

“Paul’s goal from the beginning of free agency was to stay with the Celtics,’’ agent Jeff Schwartz said in an e-mail. “He restructured his contract to give the organization the flexibility to sign other players. Paul’s thrilled to continue to be a Celtic and hopes to help the team win more championships.’’ 

• It’s Luke Harangody day in the papers today, as both the Herald and the Globe have stories about how much the C’s love the 6’8” Notre Dame product so far. Here’s Austin Ainge, coach of the team’s summer league squad, which opens play today:

“I thought Luke played great today,” said Austin Ainge, the D-League affiliate leader who’s running the C’s summer entry. “He really runs the floor well. With that kind of big body (a stocky 6-foot-8), you wouldn’t expect it, but he gets up and goes. He really runs the floor.”

Ah, but the downside—defense. Here’s (Austin) Ainge again:

“Luke is smart and tough and skilled. His obvious deficiency is his lack of size, which will hurt him on the defensive end. But offensively he’s got all the moves, and he’s got a knack for scoring.”

Harangody is happy with the early reviews but has a good understanding of his situation as a second-rounder:

“It’s nice to hear,’’ Harangody said about the praise. “But organizations have easily let guys go after drafting them in the second round, so I know I can’t come out here and mess around. I’ve got to come out here and make this team.”


“That’s obviously one of the big question marks about me, whether I can guard out there,’’ Harangody said. “The Celtics put a huge emphasis on it, positioning and where you’re at on the floor. I’m aware of that — what I need to do out there. And they need to see me guard out there.

“I’m strong enough to push a guy off the block, but at times I’m out of position. An organization like this, they’re so focused on the defensive end you kind of know you’ve got to come in and do your thing.’’

It speaks well of Boston’s system (and Tom Thibodeau’s legacy) that a rookie just being introduced to it knows already how intricate the team’s positioning is on screen/rolls and other plays. 

• Tony Gaffney is excited for summer league, which will mark his first time playing since he broke his foot during his stint in Israel, according to the Herald:

“Oh, my God,” he said, “I cannot wait.

“I would like to get my wind up a little more, but that’s going to come. It just feels great being back out there. Eight months away from something that you love is too long, you know?”

Ah, summer league. Full of hope. Remember how everyone was sure Lester Hudson could be a contributor? 

ESPN.com speculates that with Joe Johnson signed for $119 million, the Hawks will be much less interested in matching offers for Josh Childress, who remains a restricted free agent. I looked at Childress’ NBA stats here, and everyone who has watched him in Europe seems to agree he has improved over two seasons there. 

Childress has enjoyed playing in Greece, where he is a key player for Olympiakos. There have been rumblings that Childress wants to opt out of his 2010-11 deal with Olympiakos, but we heard similar rumblings last off-season. 

The Hawks have tendered Childress the required $4.8 million qualifying offer, so they retain the right to match any competing NBA offer for Childress. 

Is he a candidate for the full mid-level? 

• Marc Spears at Yahoo! has a one-sentence report that the C’s are “optimistic” about re-signing Ray Allen. 

• At the same round-up linked above, Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! reports that the Lakers are interested in signing Tony Allen. Just to clarify: The C’s have Bird Rights on TA, so they can go over the cap to re-sign him. 

• The Nets will be the latest team to enter the David Lee derby, Wojnarowski reports. 

• Same link as above: Phoenix big Lou Amundson is getting serious interest from about a half-dozen teams—a list that does not, so far, include the Celtics. 

That’s it for now. Hope you all are enjoying a day off from work.

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  • al

    lakers used most of their mle on steve blake

  • Perry

    Ugh, Washburn is wrong about the cap space. We’re assuming Pierce will now retire a Celtic, but you never know. In year 4 his contract could be moved or a buyout might come into play. If that’s the case the retirement odds are extremely high anyway unless he plans on spending his twilight time in a Clipper uniform. Who knows, the Clips are perfectly capable of signing a 37-year old to multi year deal. Bottom line…we all know he’s on the back nine, but with 2 years left on Kevin’s contract, the coach, GM and ownership weren’t ready to throw in the towel. Security was always his goal, and he played the market like a Stradivarius.

    I’ll be watching the summer league today. Tip time for us is 5pm on the NBA channel. Not sure about Semih playing this week, but I am looking forward to seeing the way he operates.

    Keep the good performances in perspective when it comes to Harangody or anyone else because it’s likely none of them will contribute if the Celts plan on contending again.

  • chibi

    Childress is going to get a lot more than the FMLE. I think he’ll get close to $9 or $10M.

    He’s a great defender. He’s also a very efficient scorer and plays within himself. He doesn’t have Mike Miller’s range, but his two-way prowess makes him the superior glue guy.

  • JP

    I think we need to sign Ray Allen, even if he is declining. The Celtics won’t be able to contend in the east without him. There was a report of SportsCenter that the Knicks will get A’mare, LBJ & Carmelo next free agent period, and the Bulls will get Bosh and Wade. Obviously speculation at this point but can the Celts without Ray Allen get past those 2 teams, and Orlando/Atlanta?

  • Cptn Bubbles

    I’m re-posting this so all the C fans can be sure of the times to tune in. There are 3 biggie bigs on the roster including the Turk, the Radfordian, & Vyacheslav Kravstov 7-0, 270 from the Ukraine. It would be great for Vyacheslav to make the team just so we could hear Tommy say the name differently every time he says it, right?

    The official Celtic Beat Down of the enemy will begin on 7/5 with the following schedule:

    The Cs first summer game is on 7/5 @5pm on the nba channel (216 Directv). They will be beating the Thundees.

    On 7/6 they will be beating the sixers @5pm on the nba channel

    On 7/7 they will be beating the bobkittens @1pm on the nba channel

    On 7/8 they will be beating the Indianians @ 3pm on the nba channel

    On 7/9 they will be beating the Nyets @ high noon on the nba channel

    Danny Jr. is coaching the team. Will he be invincible? Will he throw a towel? Let’s hope they have real commentator’s with interesting info. instead of those 2 Orlando guys who talk about everything except basketball.

  • Cptn Bubbles

    If Ray gets a huge offer–which is seems very likely given all the shenanigans thus far– & decides to go with the $ I hope, somehow, we can get Mike Miller.

  • Perry

    chibi is right.

    Childress is in high demand and will get more than the MLE. The Hawks may not match given the size of JJ’s new contract.

    I don’t have a problem with Ray Allen testing the market since we all know his loyalties lie in Boston, and the team has bird rights. The issue will be about the length of his contract and the more I think about it the more I feel he’ll only be able to leverage up to a three deal since he turns 35 on July 20th. Would anybody prefer a Childress multi year $7m-8 contract over a $9-10m 3 year deal for Ray?

  • Perry

    @Cptn Bubbles

    …maybe McHale will be doing color during the broadcast

  • Cptn Bubbles

    @Perry Right now they have the bobkittens vs the jazz on nba tv & the announcers are like a kajillion times better with relevant basketball material. Way to go nba! Much, much, much better! Yes, good call Perry! I hope McHale does the game. I think he would do a great job. McHale can always given old Boston tidbits as well when he does games….Maybe he could be an assistant to Doc??????

  • Idaho


    Go over the cap to get TA? I was happy with his defense but his liability on offense severely out-weighs his defensive abilities. No one else in the league will want someone so one-dimensional. He should take less to be a part of this team.

  • Idaho

    @ Zack,

    Go over the cap to get TA? I was happy with his defense but his liability on offense severely out-weighs his defensive abilities. No one else in the league will want someone so one-dimensional. He should take less to be a part of this team.

  • Perry

    @Cptn Bubbles

    Would love to see Mchale as the lead assistant, but he’s making more $$ working for TNT/NBA Channel.

    Watching the game too. No summer league back in Jerry Solan’s day right? Good enegry though. Nothing wrong with some hoops on a 95 degree day. Much better than hanging out with the wife.


    Just wanted to say hello from sunny southern California . . . . home of the World Champion Los Angeles Lakers 🙂

  • Shooter

    Meh Summer League………beats reading comments/blogs Free Agent mumble all day though….ay.I really really wish Bradley was healthy so i could see him play.

  • Luke Harangody!!! WAT A BUM!!!!!!!!!!!!! Terrible pick!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Aaron

    Sorry, but whomever said Childress improved in Greece is lying. The guy was absolutely terrible in Olympiacos. Anyone saying otherwise is lying. And it’s spelled Olympiacos, not Olympiakos.