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According to the Boston Herald, Paul Pierce will be a member of the Celtics for the next three (maybe four years).  The contract is reportedly for four years only three of which are guaranteed.  It seems weird that with Pierce having all the leverage in this situation, even being able to negotiate a no-trade clause, winds up with an non-guaranteed fourth year.  Also, he apparently took way less money:

The numbers were not available, but Pierce will in the 2010-11 season make significantly less that the $21,513,521 he was scheduled to receive. That will aid the Celtics’ position versus the luxury tax.

This is what Celtics fans have been hoping for all along.  Not only is Pierce a team player, but that team appears to exclusively be the Celtics.

Update: According to Jeff Goodman from Fox Sports:

According to a source close to the Celtics, Pierce’s new contract is a 4-year, $61 million deal.

Okay, not exactly a max contract but not chump change either.  That fourth year still baffles me.

Update #2: Goodman stikes again! And I am no longer baffled:

Source also told FOXSports.com that all four of Pierce’s years on his new deal will be guaranteed.

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  • Jay P

    4th year non-guaranteed, means he gave a team option?

  • thank god! not only does he stay in the Green, but we finally have a reasonable contract for a great player during these early days of free agency!
    … i’m looking at you, joe johnson.

  • and can’t we get Leon Powe back from the cavs? i thought he was a restricted agent this year. get him back in the green, we miss him.

  • Jay P

    I think 15 million is a bit over-paying, but not a bad trade off if the 4th year is non-guaranteed.

    Also, given the way contracts have been going, and how much money may be out there is any of the big names resign with their old teams, ya never know what would have happened. It’s entirely possible someone tossed him a 4 year 80 million deal, it’s been that crazy so far, so I’m ok with it.

    Deal seems reasonable for both sides.

  • alec martin

    ray allen…
    tony allen…
    brendan haywood…
    mike miller…
    brad miller (hey, the C’s need 4-5 bigs)…

  • Goodman now reporting 4th year is guaranteed. PP will be 37 at contract’s end. Could be an ugly end, but the team is really painted in a corner here. They can’t rebuild, so they don’t have much choice. Smart negotiating by PP.

  • alec martin

    guys, how about ryan gomes? he’s a free agent
    will minnesota dump al jefferson?
    delonte west anyone?

  • Rich

    Still way more money than some of the fantasies I saw posted around here. People thinking he might actually take 6-8 mil. a year. Well, he knew what he was doing, and looking at that deal I’m guessing Ainge didn’t have much of a choice.

    If Aigne says no, well, the cliip show or the Nets will probably say yes. Thx to Rudy Gay getting 16 million a year, Pierce getting this type of money at this age was almost a no-brainer.

  • Dave

    He was never going to be paid significantly less than KG. In my mind the question was always 3 or 4 years @15 per.

    My guess is Ray going to be 3 years @ 10-12. Before the market went nuts I would have said 8-10.

  • T

    this does save the team $12.6 mil vs. Pierce opting in for 2011 (included with luxury tax)

  • dslack

    They COULD rebuild. Any contract is tradable, as we’ve learned from seeing Juwan Howard, Antawn Jamison, Shaq, Jermaine O’Neal, and many other albatross contracts traded in the last several years.

    The team could ditch Pierce and Allen and trade KG. I don’t love that idea, but I might like it better than taking up $15M of cap space — with the new CBA! — in 4 years on a 37-year-old Pierce.

  • Jay P

    I don’t like him getting 4 years, there’s no way he’ll be worth 15mil at age 37… if he even is now.

  • dont_drink_the_koolaid

    happy for truth, and the contract was pretty much as expected. but gives me a funny feeling as a fan…..with kg on for 2 more years, pierce for 4, and ray will most certainly get 3 years now. thats the cap, thats the team for the next few years.

    i mean its a great group of character guys….but i went to about a dozen games last year and i can honestly say that half of them sucked. losses with a total lack of energy. the team looked old. i felt like the fans were trying harder than the players (ray being the exception, always). on the flip side, the whole playoff run was a blast and game4 of the finals was the best sporting event i’ve ever attended. its a long season, maybe my expectations are just too high. maybe bradley will bring some spring. maybe they land some interesting complimentary pieces. maybe the second team will shine this year. maybe i’m just a spoiled bitchy fan.

    go Cs!!

  • Jay P

    Last year was what it was, but it was kinda the writing on the wall. The tank ran on empty, now granted if Perk wasn’t hurt maybe that would have been different but still…

    I’m really worried this team is going be what the 2010 spurs were by 2012. And that’s not a good thing.

  • dont_drink_the_koolaid

    and to clarify, as a selfish fan, i could care less about the luxury tax. the Cs have a great fanbase and make good dough.

    the salary cap is what affects the ability to put an entertaining team on the court.

  • Sophomore

    Ouch. This is going to eat a lot of cap space in years 3 and 4. Is Danny saying he plans to be gone by then and he expects it to be someone else’s problem?

    We better make a deep, deep run next year.

  • mike

    saves 12 million for the front office this year….

    plus it will give the C’s some flexibility once kg’s deal is off the books…

  • Jay P

    The sad “truth” of the matter is, Paul left some money on the table with this deal.

    You have to admit, with Joe Johnson getting 120million, and Rudy gay being a Max player, it’s very possible, almost downright likely that there would have been a team to offer Paul a LOT more money, I’m talking a 80million+ deal.

    I’m not thrilled about paying Paul 15mil when he’s 35-36, but it was either that, or concede the next two seasons entirely, develop draft picks, then rebuild when KGs contract is up.

    So really, Danny had no choice. Paul wanted 4 years, and he had all the leverage, because, he really could have went elsewhere and earned a lot more money, I firmly believe that.

  • K.J. Lee


    It is not true, as there could be no-trade clauses in the current CBA:-


    I am stunned by the details regarding the contract, including its length. I shall reserve my further comments until the situation becomes clearer.

  • lakershater13

    With pierce and rondo we only have 26 mil tied up when KG comes off the books. Depending how what Ray signs and how long we still will be in pretty good shape to put people around Rondo.

  • morey grundmaN

    A wasted opportunity, we should have let him walk, stupid, stupid, stupid.

  • K.J. Lee

    @ lakershater13,

    What about Perkins? He plays the most talent poor position in the NBA. If not for his knee injury, Perkins would be licking his chops regarding his contract renewal next season.

  • Jay P


    Depending what the cap looks like with the new CBA, ya they wont be in terrible shape. I expect Ray to sign for about 10mil.

    So they should be looking at having about 36mil tied up in 2013, with Paul and Ray still being pretty useful players (not worth the money their making, but still.) I honestly believe KG retires at the end of his contract anyway, so we wont have to worry about that. If he doesn’t I think he’ll take a very small 1-year deal just to play with Paul and Ray for one more year.

    Either way, the outlook isn’t completely dreary, they’ll have decent money to spend, and if Danny hits on any of his draft picks from this year or next, they’ll be right in the thick of things again.

  • Jamie

    I think the offered at 4 years as a sort of “thank you” for Paul’s loyalty through all the bad years he had to endure in Boston.

    I don’t have a problem with it. This will assure he retires as a Celtic.

  • NHBluesMan

    @Shut_it_up: i agree, i really wanna see Powe back in Green. Although, Bradley already has 0 as his number, so what would Powe wear?

    @Alec Martin: we don’t need to headache that comes with Delonte West, no thanks

  • K.J. Lee


    They are still negotiating on the details regarding the fourth year. I hope that Ainge holds firm.

  • Jay P

    @K.j. Lee

    Good news, lets hope Danny is able to grab a team option for the 4th.

  • lakershater13

    I dont know what will happen with Perk. If we comes back and has a great year then maybe he gets a big contract. I also dont know what will happen with a lock out next summer so who knows what will happen with free agents. I see perk around an 8 mil/yr guy. If he was a FA this year i would say he is getting 12. He isnt a free agent this year and that could help the celtics moving foward. If he signs for 8 that puts us with 34 mil with pierce, rondo, and perk. Still in good shape when KG is off the books. 22 mil can get you a max player or a few really good players taking 6-8 mil a piece.

  • dslack


    Yes, you’re right that some contracts allow players final say over whether the player is traded. But my point was that KG’s contract is tradable. He does not have a no-trade clause. My point was that no contract is so toxic that it is untradable, so KG could be traded, even if it seems like other teams might not want an oft-injured, fading 34 yearold making $20M per year.

  • dslack

    Celtics should offer the full MLE to Mike Miller. Lakers are apparently targeting him. If he says no to Celtics, they should trade Sheed for Rip Hamilton. Yes, Rip makes too much money for too long, but he’s probably the best SF available.

  • Coolin

    Reading some of these comments, I kind of wish Pierce would go to another team. Some of the Celtic fans are not very smart at all. He could have made $30 million more with a few other teams. Paul, you owe the C’s nothing, do what is best for you and your family.
    The C’s need to turn their attention to acquiring Beasley and a big now. I would also take JJ Redick over Ray Allen, if I was the Ainge.

  • Anthony

    I think if the offer stands, it’s a fair compromise for PP and the Celts. Even if the 4th year is guaranteed, that basically mean he got a 3yr extension after next season for $40mil since he was due $21+ next season. Defintely shows PP’s loyalty to the Celts.

    I saw some article saying one of the team interested in PP is Dallas. And players mentioned included Caron Butler, Dampier, and Haywood. That would be interesting if the Celts can get Caron whose game is very similar to PP. Maybe they should swing for the fences and get Nowitzki for a KG/Nowitzi frontline.

    On some of the other rumors…No to B.Miller or Dampier. Yes to Morrow or Rasual Butler. Any one know if Luis Scola is a free-agent?? Isnt he a much better option that the bigs out there?

  • Jay P


    No chance in hell. Redick could not have hounded Kobe like Ray did in the finals. Kobes really average performances were in no small part to Ray Allen being in his grill over the entire length of the court.

    Ya, he missed some shots and it hurt the team. But they lost that game because of rebounding, and failing and some really uncharacteristic timely shooting from Artest. Without Ray’s defensive performance, Kobe probably would have went off for 40 and the game wouldn’t have even been close.

    I like Redick, but he is not, and will never be, Ray Allen.

  • K.J. Lee


    I thought that Scola is a RFA.

  • K.J. Lee


    Yes, but I would rather trade Pierce than Garnett, for purely basketballing reasons.

  • K.J. Lee

    @ Coolin,

    Notwithstanding age, I would also take Ray Allen over Redick. My main concern is how long Allen’s athleticism would hold up. As it is, he is already dependent on others to generate his shots. Once his athleticism goes, Allen is finished in the NBA.

  • dslack

    My point was that the rebuilding could begin now by not re-signing Pierce, not re-signing Ray, and trading KG.

  • K.J. Lee


    Great minds think alike. A prominent Celtics commentator would agree with us. We love Pierce and Garnett, but we love the Boston Celtics more.

  • dont_drink_the_koolaid

    @dslack: if i’m talking to joe dumars….i’m asking him to quit the GM thing and lace them up again….way before i’d ask him if rip hamilton is available.

  • dont_drink_the_koolaid

    i’d take ray over jj reddick for the next two years. no question. the man is a machine. his body will hold up.

    but he’s going to want the third and fourth years, cause they gave them to truth.

  • dslack

    Aside from Mike Miller, what SF do you want?

  • Sophomore

    @Coolin – of course PP should do what’s best for himself and his family. People are talking here about what’s best for the Celtics as a team. And paying PP big starter money at an age where he’s almost certain to be a 6th-8th man doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. What are you going to use to pay your starters?

  • Shooter

    I’m sure Houston made an offer to Scola and Lowry(both RFA) as of 2 days ago,so they’re able to match any other offer.
    WTF Rip can’t play the sf position,he’s more capable of playing a back up point than the 3.
    I think Danny made the right move here in locking up PP at this price because let’s face it he could have gotten a lot more in this overpriced market somewhere else.However i’m not too happy about PP’s 4th year,but still any contract no matter how Fd up it is,is tradeable.

    Now let’s go get Mike Miller