Post-game Reactions

Some notes before all of us hit the road for the long weekend:

• Ray Allen got Boston’s first phone call at the 12:01 a.m. mark yesterday. Here’s Doc in the Globe:

“The first call, we called Ray. We sat around and we have these names on the list and we said, ‘Hey guys, our most important guy is Ray. We gotta get Ray back.’ And we already talked to Paul because we could. Ray is a vital part to our basketball team, huge.’’


“I think because [Rajon] Rondo, Kevin [Garnett], and Paul get so much pub, I don’t think people really appreciate and understand how important Ray is and what he does even when he is not shooting, his presence on the floor,’’ Rivers said.

This is sort of what I was getting at in this piece, where I explore the fact that Ray Allen’s plus/minus numbers have been absolutely off the charts over the last three (and especially the last two) seasons—a trend that even lasts when Ray plays alongside four bench guys.

• And what’s up with Sheed these days?

The Herald reports that Sheed still hasn’t filed his retirement papers. That’s a good thing for the C’s, since Sheed’s contract remains on the team’s cap until he files retirement papers, meaning the team can use it as a trade chip in the next week.

• The Celtics will have a ton of competition for any of the mid-level type players they are seeking. Just about every team worth its salt is going to contact Mike Miller and see if he can be had on the cheap. The Lakers are interested and have their mid-level to use. The Wizards have contacted Miller, as well as some other wing types the C’s reportedly have an interest in, such as Rasual Butler (late of the Clips).

The Pistons have contacted Brendan Haywood, who figures to be among the hottest properties on the market—so hot that I remain skeptical he can be had for the mid-level exception. Detroit has also contacted Ben Wallace, who remains an intriguing option for Boston, though there have been no reports Boston has any interest in Big Ben.

You can bet this is only the tip of the proverbial iceberg. The list of decent available big men is short, and this likely won’t turn out to be a situation in which Ainge can wait until late July and ink a contributor.

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  • alec martin

    i hope brendan haywood will realize that signing up w/ the C’s (MLE perhaps?) will give him the best chance to earn a ring.
    can mike & brad miller be had for a vet’s min?
    is matt barnes (as a bench player) a james posey type of a player?

  • Evan

    I’d almost like us to sit out on the MLE guys for a little while. I feel that if we wait till after a bunch of other teams use their MLE there will be a few players worth it but not enough teams that have it left. At that point you could sell two players on splitting the MLE because it would be that or make the min.

  • Sophomore

    Ben Wallace? Is he collecting Social Security checks yet?

    I suppose that might help us negotiate a lower salary.

  • mike

    don’t use the MLE on haywood or brad miller….wait until dampier is waived (his contract isn’t guarantee) and try to nab him….

  • mike


    unless more than a few teams get shut out in free agency (knicks/bulls/heat) and have cash to spend

  • I love Green

    I’d much rather have Big Ben than Brad Miller. Wallace is still a beast on defense, and the boards. We need that to replace Perk.

  • complexity

    I know a lot of people don’t want to hear it, but without the Celtics core, for the next two years, I don’t care who you get, you’re not going to go as far as you could with them. Does anyone think if the Celtics got anyone in the league, they’d win the championship in the next year or two, no, you want to build for the future, wouldn’t it be nice to have a present day last a bit longer, being in the finals to me is better than being eliminated in the first round.

    Remove the big three. What did the Celtics have three years ago. Should they have started building for the future then?