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Well, that didn’t take long:

Via Adrian Wojnarowski at Yahoo!:

Wallace has yet to file retirement papers, so the $6.32 million owed him next season and $6.79 million in 2011-12 would come off a team’s books after Wallace is traded to them. They could do a deal and not take on his money. Ainge is trying to use the Wallace contract to bring back a power forward or center to replace Wallace and the injured Kendrick Perkins.

The Celtics could then use their midlevel exception for a different player. Several sources believe that Ainge’s target is Orlando’s J.J. Redick, who is a restricted free agent.

Boston has strong interest in Brad Miller in free agency and could try to acquire Dallas center Erick Dampier.

Some of this is new to us, some not. The Sheed news is encouraging. If his contract can bring back a big man (and Michael Beasley is a target that makes a lot of sense), the C’s could use their mid-level on a wing player without worrying too much about an ultra-thin front line.

Could that wing player be J.J. Redick?

Well, Redick is a restricted free agent, meaning Orlando retains the right to match any offer for Redick. And they want Redick back, according to the Orlando Sentinel. The best case scenario with Redick is likely forcing Orlando to spend more than they’d like to keep him. 

As for Dampier, his $13 million expiring deal is completely unguaranteed, meaning a team could trade for him and just waive him. In other words: Damp is a super-valuable asset, and I’m not sure what Boston could offer Dallas to get him. It’s more likely Boston would wait for another team seeking cap space to deal for Dampier and waive him, making him a free agent the C’s could then sign with a cap exception. I’m assuming that’s what Woj means in this report.

Update: Brian Windhorst, the Cavs beat writer for the Cleveland Plain-Dealer, tweets that the Cavaliers plan to contact Ray Allen today.

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  • Al

    Beasley???? THAT WOULD BE SUICIDE!!!! Because then the Heat would have a crazy amount of cap space… I like JJ Redick good 3-point shooter just what we need off the bench… could learn a lot from Ray he plays similar…

  • Zain


    The Redick move maybe be a poor mans back up contingency in case Ray departs.

  • K.J. Lee


    If he feels that Beasley is good enough, Ainge should make the trade. Likewise, in 2004, we inadvertently helped the Detroit Pistons to become NBA Champions by helping to facilitate the trade for Rasheed Wallace for a number one pick, which was Tony Allen. Ainge took quite a bit of flak for that.

    In both instances, the logic is identical. Even if we refuse to ‘help’ the Miami Heat and Detroit Pistons, another team would be willing to help themselves by doing business.

  • I love Green

    Oh God, my most hated Dukie ever. He better do good if we sign him.

  • rob

    Doc said he wanted another chance with this group. He wouldn’t be coming back if ray or paul were trying to go somewhere. Same starting lineup next year just maybe dampier as the center, I certaintly wouldn’t mind it he’s a big good defensive center and if I remember right I think it was him that made the rare offensive showing that pushed them past us.

  • MP

    @K.J. Lee

    I don’t know Ainge should take flak in Boston…those Pistons upset the Lakers.

  • MP

    I don’t think Redick is leaving Orlando. Otis Smith has already shown he doesn’t mind overpaying people…look what he gave Gortat and Bass for a combined ten minutes a game.

  • Zain


    Why so much hate, man? Duke’s a good school! It’s a hated school..but it’s good! I like Reddick off the bench a ton. And I hate how he always kills us in the playoffs. I just hope if we get him, it’s off the bench, not at the expense of Ray.

  • I love Green

    Ric Bucher just said he heard Josh Childress will be going to the Celtics! Yeahhhhh!

  • rob

    Ric bucher says “I got a cryptic message today that he’s going to the celtics” he being josh childress. Take it seriously or no?

  • I love Green

    @Zain- I’m a UNC boy. And I hate how they play.

  • redick is found a niche for himself in the NBA. i disliked him before, but he’s grown on me.

    i hate dampier. as shaq said, he could dominate…the wnba.

  • lakershater13

    Childress i think can be matched by the hawks. correct me if im wrong.

  • I love Green

    Yes he can be matched by the Hawks. Bucher said he doesn’t know how it’d work, but it would.

  • I love Green

    Also if they’re going to sign Joe for a max deal, I don’t know if they’d want to match a deal for Childress.

  • Zain

    I don’t believe the Childress move–not yet. Even if it happens, do we like it? Is it a trade? Too many unknown details.

  • Perry

    How far are the Magic willing to go?

    Word on the street is they are aggressively shopping Gortat, Carter and Pietrus for something major. Earlier…Carter/Nelson for CP3/Posey. Seems they’re content with Redick starting in the 2 spot.

  • K.J. Lee


    Indeed, many of us, I was celebrating, as I abhorred the Lakers. But the likes of Simmons were spitting their tummies out, wondering if Dumars would be giving Ainge a championship ring.


  • I love Green

    @Zain- We love it. He’s a great defender, can shoot the ball well, and can play the 2 or 3.

    Career averages in NBA: 11 ppg, 5.6 rpg, 1 spg, 52% FG, 36% from threes, and 79% free throws.

    Last year in the Euroleague he averaged 15 points per game.

  • Perry

    Ray will pick up the phone only if Lebron starts humming a few bars of ‘home is where the heart is’.

    Does anybody really want to play for Byron Scott?

  • Zain


    Childress for Ray, would you?

  • I love Green

    Childress is a restricted free agent, but I’m not sure if Atlanta has announced they’ll match offers for him.

  • I love Green

    @Zain- Naw, Josh isn’t a starter for a championship team. But he is a 6th or 7th man for one.

  • lakershater13

    Another thing. I like Childress a lot but are we talking the MLE? Half of it? If so that is kind of quick to scoop someone when you dont know who else you might be able to get this summer. We are less than 2 hours into free agency.

  • I love Green

    Now TA for Childress I would do. Childress isn’t as good of a defender, but is much better on offense.

  • Zain

    @Green, yea I didn’t think so. I think everything will be set 2 weeks from now for Boston. I highly doubt this Ray thing could take THAT long…..and the Pierce thing, I expect a verbal agreement soon.

  • lakershater13

    Now if we are getting a big in a Sheed trade then I like the Childress signing a lot.

  • lakershater13

    Now for some crazy talk… Say Pierce takes a 4yr/93mil to go play for the clippers. Lebron signs in miami with Wade and they ask Ray Allen to be the shooter on the team. So he walks. Now if a team like the suns are going to lose Amare would Ainge consider a sign and trade for Amare and trade KG? losing pierce and allen would free up close to a max deal. So rondo, amare, then maybe try to split the 14 or 15 mil we would have to spend on Rudy Gay and David Lee. I would like to see Rondo, Lee, Gay, Amare, and Bradley as the starting 5. Could be a crazy summer. What i think is going to happen is pierce takes 12 or 13 a year allen maybe 8 or 9 a year. They both come back. We trade Sheed for something. I dont know what yet. Get a decent player maybe two with the MLE. Then finally see who might be willing to sign min contracts to compete for a title.

  • Shooter

    Does anyone like Drew Gooden?
    I know i do,he’s unrestricted too..

  • lakershater13

    I like gooden at league min. a couple years ago i would have said half the mle

  • Shooter

    Personally I think he’s worth more than the vet/league min.He can shoot mid,he hit 90% of his free throws last season, he has a low post game,one of the premier offensive rebounders in the league.He’s a vet,yet he’s still 28…….but i guess another team with cap room will grab him or overpay for him.

  • Shooter

    Doesn’t matter here but i’m making my prediction:

    LeBron,Bosh go to Miami.There it is, that’s my bold prediction.Damn that’s a scary team right there.They only need average talent around those guys.

  • Shooter

    I still want Biedrins……….

  • Gerald

    @Shooter. yeah that’s a scary team, Lebron, Bosh, and Wade could be another Big 3. but the CAVS blog says it’s not possbile for Lebron and Bosh to be together in Miami because Bosh wants a max contract. that means Lebron needs a paycut to join Bosh in Miami.

    the CAVS blogger also says he loves Ray Allen but he doesn’t see him leaving Boston now that Doc is staying. good for us.

  • Sophomore

    @Gerald and Shooter – Larry Coon published a great breakdown yesterday on where Miami, Chicago, NY stand on cap space. In general, it’s encouraging. Right now, there’s nowhere Bosh can team up with LBJ and get a max contract – teams would have to free up cap space or work some kind of (unlikely) sign and trade.


    That said, you wonder whether Bosh might take a multi-year deal that starts at 11 or 12-million and escalates for the chance to dominate the league the next several years…

  • Let Pierce walk, please, We need a new scorer

  • Bucks overpaid badly for Drew Gooden–5 years, $32M—so you Gooden fans can stop dreaming of seeing his mediocre game and clueless D in Celtic green.

  • @shooter…So who’s the self sacrificing one, settling for less money so the other two can sign?

    Riley doesn’t have cap room to accomodate 3 MLCs.

    With a new CBA coming next year, it doesn’t make any sense that these guys are going to try for every cent they can get.

    Yes, they want to win championships, but not so badly that any one of them is going to settle for two thirds of the money they can get elsewhere.

  • Amir Johnson anyone?

  • alec martin

    i hope brendan haywood, mike miller, brad miller & matt barnes will take less $$ for a chance to get a ring with the C’s.

  • Perry

    Not sure what Milwaukee is up to. That’s a pair of questionable contracts in two weeks for players headed in the wrong direction, and they haven’t signed Salmons yet.

    Is JJ really worth 120m over 6 years?

  • Keith Popsicle

    Maggette, Drew Gooden, Salmons (potentially) AND Brandon Jennings? All playing in the same starting 5 (poor Bogut)? A new candidate for Team Headcase emerges…Fear the Deer indeed…

  • Banner18?

    Would a sign and trade for Ray work? Say we signed him for 8 and sent him to the cavs for Hickson (1.4 mil) and Varejao (6.4 mil). Would the Cavs even do that? Maybe you throw in a guaranteed #1? Something to think about…

  • Jay P


    If the Cavs manage to bring Lebron back, ya I think they would. Lebron wants Ray to play with him, he’s the perfect shooter to compliment Lebrons game. I think they’d give that trade some real thought.

    If they don’t sign Lebron though, no chance. That team will be in full rebuild mode, and bringing in an aging wing player is the last thing they’ll wanna do.

    But you need a shooter, so unless Boston can pull off getting JJ with the MLE (unlikely given Orlando’s history of over-paying role players) it really doesn’t make sense for them.

    If they got JJ, and could pull that off, I’d be all for it.

  • dont_drink_the_koolaid

    indeed. what is going on in milwaukee? they just keep spending. first magette & CDR. now gooden + trying to keep salmons. that team is getting stranger by the day. if anyone can keep that posse inline though, its skiles.

  • Perry

    I don’t see the Cavs giving up a pair of vital front court pieces — especially without Shaq coming back. This rumor may be over hyped for a few reasons. First, if Lebron stays for max money would Cleveland extend Ray past two years knowing their 2012/13 payroll already stands at $21.7m? And wasn’t everyone telling us how well Szczerbiak would space the floor for LBJ?

  • Coolin

    Keep nucleus together and somehow get Beasley and Reddick, plus sign an average to below average big man who can take up space and we have ourselves a contender again.

  • I love Green

    I just saw this on ESPN. The Heat would have to trade Beasley to be able to sign Wade, Lebron, and Bosh all to max deals. When they do that they’ll have 4 guys under contract with about $12,00 to spend. 3 amazing players cannot beat a great team of 8 guys in the playoffs.

  • Jay P


    Did you really just compare Wally to Ray Allen…

    Yep, you did.

    Wow, just wow.

  • I love Green

    Oh and Houston could be one of the scariest teams if they get Bosh.


  • Perry


    Sounds to me like Bosh isn’t that enamored with Miami based on quotes from ESPN. He’s being pitched hard by the Rockets. Word on Lebron is Chicago first, and Cleveland a distant second. You’re right about filling out the roster potentially 8 or 9 veteran minimum contracts. Can’t work, let alone if one of the three gets hurt.

  • DV

    Argh. Beasley’s a bum and a smackhead. Please don’t sign him!!! And if we do, well, let’s just hope Doc brings out the talent in him. But seriously, not that thug.

  • Shooter

    Huh, there you go then Bucks managed to overpay for Gooden.Gooden is a good player,i think at that price he can justify it with and only with the Bucks under Skiles.
    I still want Biedrins