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A fairly uneventful first 12 hours of the free agent frenzy, there are rumors running rampant through the streets of Twitter, so let’s get up to date, starting with the C’s. Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports is reporting the C’s have shown interested in Warriors 2nd year sharpshooter Anthony Morrow.

A quick scouting report on the 6-5 shooting guard out of Georgia Tech, is simply that he is a one trick money (3 point shooting) but performs that trick extremely well. He was 5th in the league from downtown last year, shooting 45.6% and is 46% from beyond the arc for his entire career. The C’s need a shooter off the bench and Morrow would more than fit the bill.

The bad news is that the odds of the C’s acquiring Morrow are stacked pretty high. Not only does Morrow have plenty of other suitors according to Wojo (Lakers, Spurs, Blazers, Jazz, Clippers) but Morrow is a restricted free agent, meaning the Warriors have the opportunity to match any offer sent to the 3 point specialist.

Given this, only way I see a deal getting done here is if it’s part of a bigger sign and trade deal involving GS and the C’s with perhaps the C’s acquiring Andres Biedrens from the Warriors for some cap relief in the from of Sheed’s contract.

Even that might be a pipe dream given the length of Biedrens deal eating up precious cap space (4 years)  so count the chances of Morrow suiting up in Green next year to be extremely unlikely.

A quick look around the rest of the league, shows minimal movement on the signing front. The biggest news so far comes out of northern half of the country where both the Milwaukee Bucks and Minnesota Timberwolves have made aggressive and seemingly foolish moves to sign some big guys.

Let’s start in Minny as ESPN’s Chad Ford reports that David Kahn has continued his hot streak, signing Nikola Pekovic, a 6’11 Montenegrin center drafted in the 2nd round in 2008 to an unprecedented 3 year, 13 million dollar deal, the biggest of any 2nd round pick in NBA history.

The carnage did not stop there, as Ford also reports that the Wolves have agreed to terms with Darko Milicic on a 4 year/20 million extension. Milicic, in case you were wondering has averaged 5.6 points and 4.1 rebounds a game for his career. I guess Al Jefferson should start packing his bags.

Milwaukee joined aboard the overpaying train as well giving 28 year old Drew Gooden a five-year, $32-million deal to join the Milwaukee.

Now the Bucks have a little more of a defense here, since well it is Milwaukee so you are probably going to have to overpay anyone a bit in this market to get them to play there. That being said 5 years and 32 million for Gooden, who has played for 8 teams in 8 years is probably a little overkill, though it does shore up that front line.

So what do all these signings mean for Boston? Well they better hope some guys want a chance at a ring for a reduced price, since if this trend continues, there will be a lot of players bringing home monster contracts. Deals like that for Gooden make Richard Jefferson look a little less crazy for opting out of his 15 million dollar option. Only a little less crazy, but still.

No new news on Ray Allen and Paul Pierce’s negotiations, I expect that to drag out at least a few days while the market for bigger names sorts itself out. In the meantime, Danny Ainge is going to have to get creative with his MLE and trade chip (Rasheed Wallace) to fill this team’s holes.

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Brian Robb

Brian Robb co-founded CelticsHub in 2009 and is the currently editor-in-chief. He is a producer and reporter at 98.5 The Sports Hub in Boston and also contributes to Boston.com and Bleacher Report among other outlets.
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  • I love Green

    Ronnie Brewer!

  • lakershater13

    Brewer would be a great pick up for us. Im thinking that memphis will match an offer for Gay and let Brewer walk.

  • Perry

    Hallelujah! Been talking about AM for the past week. GS just made him a qualifying offer of $1.028m, so Danny would have to come in at the right price otherwise Nellie will match. Ideal fit for us…tremendous value. Get it done please. If not, yes Brewer!

  • John Kensmark

    Too much crazy trading and impulse-buying this summer. That means a lot of big BIG regrets by Xmas and that it’ll be a good season for mid-season trades.

    Danny’s usually very sharp. He probably already realizes this. What happens this summer may not have that much bearing on how teams look at the All-Star Break, and there may be major bargains available by then.

  • Perry

    Don’t see how a sign and trade would be possible. In addition to the length of his contract, Biedrins is at $9m;Morrow has been qualified at $1.028m. Aside from Sheed’s contract what other spare parts are left to trade?

  • For a million or two a year, Morrow could be OK, especially if he comes as part of a package with Biedrins. Although if we’re going to nab one of GS’s wing players, I’d prefer CJ Watson. Blazing speed, and the only Warrior all of last season that I ever saw violating Don Nelson’s strict orders to never play any defense at all, ever. Particularly in transition, wherever that lead/outlet pass goes, he’s there. Like Nightcrawler from the X Men, he just somehow materializes wherever the pass is supposed to go then *BAMF!* he disappears and re-materializes at the other end.

    Also, as compared to Morrow, he’s a far more willing passer.

  • Cptn Bubbles

    You have to think that KG, wherever he is, is laughing about Minnys continued bumbling. KG has been very, very good for the Cs. I’m glad he is out of Minny & all that mess. Imagine, Darko? Next, they will be going after, wait for it………..


    Wonder where Big Al will go? He shouldn’t feel too bad about getting out of there.

    Looks like Detroit started a trend for overpaying questionable players which has spread. I used to think Dumars was very smart, but now I see there are new challengers to regain the ‘what were they thinking?’ title.

  • lakershater13

    Sheed and Perk for Big Al? Trade would free up close to 8 mil for Minn. Then they could offer Gay about 11 or 12 mil a year.

  • lakershater13
  • NHBluesMan

    It would be interesting to get Big Al back to Boston, of course, then all the Lakers fans would say there was a conspiracy so we could get KG and still keep some of our trading pieces….

  • Cptn Bubbles

    Big Al is fun to watch on OFFENSE, but then you just want to put your head in your hands on D. Not much on the defensive end. He very rarely has more than a couple of fouls. Dwight & Bogut would eat him alive. The Cs have a good defensive core which allows them to be competitive with anybody. We all saw last season what happens when the Cs focus on offense & shoot the lights out, BUT they fail to defend. They, more often than not, get beat!!!

    When giving up over 100 pts the Cs record was:


  • Perry

    @Cptn Bubbles

    Even if it came down to one championship, and being on the losing end of another Lakers/Celts final, the trade was absolutely worth it.

    …Gomes was wavied by Portland

  • Cptn Bubbles

    @Perry You are right again, my friend!

    Salmons is within a hair of signing with the deer for 39 mil/5yrs.

    One thing you can say about the deer, they are on the move!

    If Bogut comes back healthy they are putting together some interesting pieces….still think they over paid Gooden.

  • lakershater13

    I thought a lot of people would have to take big pay cuts this year. Minny and the bucks are making sure everyone so far is getting a big pay day. Even players that havent played in the nba and another guy who hasnt panned out.

  • lakershater13

    The way teams are throwing money around right now its scary that a team may offer pierce 4yrs/93mil. I wouldnt blame the guy for going back to his home town and taking a huge pay day.

  • efstje

    Pecovic plays in Panathinaikos,Greece.I ve seen him play.He is a beast.His game reminds me of howard.He is ultra strong,nice touch, better post moves than dwight but he is a little slow, mostly on defense.i think he is a good signing.Perk makes around 5 millions a year and he can’t shoot or dribble so….

  • Cptn Bubbles

    I heard the pg Felton (Bobkittens) has 7 teams calling him. It looks more & more like Ray Ray will be made an offer he can’t refuse….

    Unless Ray believes in another champ run with the Cs we will be needing a center & a sg.

    It really is just like a tv announcer said with the lebron & other max players stakes. There will be few winners & many losers.

    There are just too many teams out there with too much cap room/$$$ to throw around. Other teams are desperate & will pay ridiculous contracts. This is fantastic for the players, not so good for us, I fear.

  • Cptn Bubbles

    The madness continues….

    The Hawks are offering Joe Johnson 119 mill…almost 20 mil per year….

    I’ve never liked Joe that much, how about ya’ll???

  • Cptn Bubbles

    ….& if the Hawks sign him, well, that just leaves all the cap teams with more ammo!!!

  • efstje

    total waste of money cptn.The world has gone mad today…I bet some team will offer ray 4 years 50 millions.and he will be gone…

  • Jay P

    No chance in hell John is worth that.

    The Hawks just officially punched their ticket into the “first round play off exit” hall of fame for the next 6 years.

    Once the new CBA is on, that 20 million/year they owe him is going to eat them alive. Expect a lot of 40 win/1st round exits for Atlanta.

  • Cptn Bubbles

    @efstje that suddenly does not sound so outlandish

    @Jay P Not to mention all the tension this will create from his teammate’s envy problems. Yes, I hope your prognostication is spot on.

    Rajon is looking more & more like a steal. Ray Ray is looking more & more like a missed opportunity to resign early. And Gilbert…….
    Gilbert is looking more & more trade-able with a reasonable???!!!! contract! Argh! The sky is falling! I’m gonna need some Pepto

  • Perry

    JJ’s numbers off Orlando’s semi finals sweep…

    17-57 FGM .298
    3-17 3PT .176

    …guess it’s an aberration based on 20.5m for the next 6 years. How many championships do you guys think Atlanta will win in that time frame?

  • Cptn Bubbles

    Forget the 3 max fantasy! They’re gonna need 1 max money to try & pay all the over priced supporting cast!!!

  • Jay P

    With all the contracts out there next year, Rondo is without a doubt, that biggest steal in the current NBA.

    If he hadn’t signed that extension last year, after his performance in the playoffs last year, you can bank on something having given him 15million… at least.

  • Cptn Bubbles

    @Perry Right! And I agree with Jay, let the Hawks pay him! BUT it opens PANDORA’S PAY SCALE BOX. Now, Paul is saying, hey, I’m better than JJ………

  • I love Green

    I think Pierce will re sign by tomorrow, and Ray ray…I’m nervous about.

  • Cptn Bubbles


  • Cptn Bubbles

    Gay just accepted a max contract with the Griz….more ammo for the cap hoarders

  • Cptn Bubbles

    The Griz had a chance to resign him earlier in the season & now they are really paying for it! pun intended.

  • Perry


    Can you imagine what it would be like if Rondo were unrestricted too??

    Best move Danny made all season for sure.

  • Jay P

    Gay is a max contract?

    Good bye Grizzlies chance at any contention… oh wait, it’s the grizzlies. Nevermind, they never had any chance anyway.

    I’ve honestly nervous about what the Clippers might offer Pierce now, seeing as what the other bonehead organizations are doing lately…

  • Perry

    Rudy Gay is a sleeper star. Gasol is not too bad either.

  • Jay P

    Rudy Gay is a great player, at 12 million.

    He is not a max contract, ever.

  • Jeff

    If Pierce reups then Ray stays but I think Ray wants to win so he’ll wait and see how the dice fall.

    If Lebron ends up back in Cleveland, and Bosh goes to CHI, HOU, NY, NJ, or DAL somehow and we all know Wade is staying put, then Ray will return because the C’s will, after it’s all said and done, still be the class of the East.

    The only problem would be if CLE were to trade Mo, JJ Hickson, Varejao, and West along with a 1st for CP3 and Okeafor. CLE would have a top PG, a pretty solid post player to have on the floor with Jamison, and they could still resign Shaq to go with Lebron. Now that would be scary. Lebron and CP3 is a scary duo. Even worse if they somehow pulled a 3 way trade and sent Okeafor and a couple other pieces to Toronto or PHO to get Bosh or Amare. Then CLE would for sure get over the hump this year.

  • Cptn Bubbles

    UGH! Phil Jackson is coming back!

  • Shooter

    LOL when i saw the Wolves a la David “couldn’t possibly screw this draft up” Kahn had reached an agreement in signing a bum to a ludicrous $20mil deal i was like ‘Yep that’s got Kahn written all over it”.Then he signs a 2nd round pick to WHAT…. 3 year $13mil deal…. OHHHHHHHH man this guy next thing he’ll be signing Wes Johnson to a max.
    If i’m Rubio i’m staying in Spain forever……..until they trade his rights to some other team with common sense.

  • Cptn Bubbles

    Shouldn’t be long before his evil minions flock to our site to strut & crow about their evil overlord. No need for anyone to respond to the trolls who will be sure to come & spout their comical drivel.

  • Jeff

    I wonder? With David Khan throwing so much money at useless players who essentially live in the gutter of the NBA ranks…do you think he’d do a sign and trade for Al Jefferson for Shelden Williams?!

    Then they could have the most incapable, “players that were supposed to be good but ended up sucking” front court ever assembled!!!!!!!!!!


  • Cptn Bubbles

    @Jeff Good idea! We should make some Pau Gasol type offers to the Wolvies.

    I think our preference for next year is:
    #1 The Cs win the title
    #2 Anybody but the lake wins the title

  • Shooter

    JJ is a choker, i know of some real Atlanta Hawks fans that don’t like JJ, they like Crawford better,sooooo after this news i’d take it they will be PISSED.That’s interesting though i was certain he would leave to play in Chicago next to Rose and Noah with Thibs,oh well.I don’t think JJ is a leader,he’s a 2nd-3rd option on a good team.

    In regards to Al Jefferson he’s a solid defensive player.He was our best defensive big man when he was here in Boston and he’s still Minny’s best defensive big which isn’t saying much but still.It’s all about systems and accountability.

  • Jeff

    Do you want to hear the scariest thing of all?

    I just worked the Trade Machine on ESPN to see if I could pull a three way trade between CLE, TOR, and NO to see if CLE had the pieces to pull a trade to get CP3 and Bosh and……they would.

    I had to use Turk and Calderon’s contract to simulate the pay of Bosh but if CLE sent Mo, Hickson, and Delonte (to be waived) along with maybe a 1st rounder to NO for CP3 and Okeafor; then Varejao, Okeafor, and Gibson to TOR in a sign and trade for Bosh it would work.

    If CLE is smart, they try to pull that crap because if they do everyone in the NBA is in trouble!

  • Shooter

    I think we could def pull off a Gasol type trade with the Wolves.How about Al Jefferson for four future 2nd rounders since he seems to value them more than anyone.

    What about Ratliff for the vet min, he played solid defense on Dwight in the 1st round and he hasn’t fallen off as a shot blocker at all.

  • Paul Bowdring

    I like the idea of signing Dampier over signing Brad Miller. ED has been able to consistantly rebound in the league. The C’s options are limited. I’m all for signing Pierce and Ray, but I’m also worried about overpaying and the team being crippled in the future by long contracts at large money.

  • dslack

    Need to send out at least $10.32M to get Al. That’s Sheed + Glen + $720K more.

  • Rich

    Well I think today officially ended the dream of three max players teaming up. No one is taking a pay-cut…and amazingly players are getting pay raises (Rudy gay for the max….HAS THE WORLD GONE MAD??!).

    This whole FA period is guy to die with a whimper. The way things are going with money clearly ruling the day, the players are simply going to almost unanimously remain with their current teams.

    That said, look out Celtics. NJ just might throw some crazy money Paul’s way. Could get dicey for a while.

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