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Source: Doc Staying


The Herald has the reported scoop:

Doc Rivers is not opting out.

The Celtic coach will be returning to the club for at least the remaining season on his contract, a source close to Rivers indicated moments ago.

We’ll see if this impacts the decisions of Paul Pierce and Ray Allen. It will be interesting to watch.

Update: Check out Gary Washburn’s Twitter:

  • Garfy Wong

    YES!!!!! I LOVE DOC RIVERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Ivan

    Doc Rivers is the Man but he has his work cut out for him. I think his staying will persuade other players to come win a championship witht the Celtics.

  • DeVelaine

    Good. That helps the chance that both Pierce and Ray stick around. Pierce has been recorded stating that if Doc left, he might retire as there’s “no other coach in the NBA I want to play for.” Maybe all this hubbub about Pierce opting out is him actually looking to find a way to help us raise #18 still, by signing back for less. While not the most possible situation, it’s still possible that both him and Ray can resign with Boston to lower their impact on the cap, right? The “cap holds” only last until the FA is resigned, lost to another team, or renounced, correct?

  • http://www.celticshub.com Zach Lowe

    Yes, cap holds vanish upon a new deal.

  • dslack

    They can only save any money regarding the cap if Pierce, Ray, Tony, Nate, and Scal all re-sign for less than $10M total (or simply don’t re-sign). Otherwise, they’re better off just taking the $6M MLE.

    Pierce opting out and re-signing for less could save the owners luxury tax money but won’t give the team cap space.

  • Jay P

    The only way the C’s would really be able to do anything in FA, and get those guys back is if Paul and Ray signed vet minimum deals.

    That obviously, aint happening. Restructured deals saves Wyc some cap space, that’s about it.

    However, if Paul opted out with the idea of getting a reasonable deal, and helping the celtics out, he’d sign for 3 years 30 million. Having him for only 10mil through KGs contract would be huge, and give the team some real flexibility in 2012. I don’t expect that obviously.

  • RBD

    Very heartening news.

  • http://politicaldeathmatch.org Harrison Bergeron

    I never thought I’d be saying this about Doc, even after they won the title two years ago, but this is some excellent news indeed. He impressed the hell out of me this year, especially the playoffs. Having him come back can only increase our chances of landing quality vets at a discount for the pursuit of a championship, as well as resigning Pierce.

  • Jeff


    Finally some good news…

    One down…2 to go!

  • K.J. Lee

    I am glad to see Doc back.

    However, Paul Pierce and Ray Allen would still be looking for respectively four and three year contracts. So, their return is by no means assured.

    In fact, I would urge Ainge not to offer any of them more than two years. But he could always to agree to maximum or close to maximum deals as compensation. Here, the demands of Pierce may prove insurmountable, since he would be requesting for a package that would be much more than 40 million.

  • Dawson C.

    This is fantastic news. Now sign Paul and Ray and Tony (?), and pick up a solid shooter and a veteran rebounder for the bench in free agency, and we are looking good. I like the draft picks. We need to get Perk back healthy, though.

  • Cptn Bubbles

    the first domino?

  • NHBluesMan

    i feel much better about the outlook of this coming season knowing that Doc is back. Still kinda sucks that Tom T is gone, but i’m excited to have Doc at the helm, i feel like he’s an underrated coach.

  • Jay P


    Yep, first domino for sure.

    I’m not worried about Perk, the good news on him is he never had a big vertical anyway, and he doesn’t play with speed/ explosiveness. The Knee shouldn’t stop him from doing what he does, which is basically just be big, take up space, and beat people up.

    A player like him can rebound from a knee injury far greater than someone who needs quickness and explosiveness to be effective.

  • sacbobv

    If this is true, I’m LOVING it!!

    Hope it is and everyone wanted player wise stays with the Celtics or signs with them.

  • Sophomore

    @Jay P – I hope you’re right about Perk. The other way to look at it is, a knee injury can turn a player who had average mobility into somebody who’s downright slow.

    Feeling kind of pessimistic today…

  • dont_drink_the_koolaid

    great news. gotta believe pierce and ray will be back too!

  • I love Green

    I was working and I got that text from ESPN and I did a little dance.

    Soooo glad he decided to come back, he was really one of the main reasons we got to the Finals.

  • CRizik

    Best news of the day!!

  • Sweeney

    @ Zach,

    Any idea as to whom Doc is going to turn the Defense over to? To me it has to be someone with pedigree and maybe someone who will come in knowing they are taking over for Doc next year. Someone who can get in Rondo’s ear and win his confidence.

  • CRizik

    He was not one of the main reasons we got to the finals, he was the main reason. Yes, the players are the ones on the court, but without Rivers’ constant support and guidance, this group of vets could not have passed farther than the second round of the playoffs. Believe me.

  • Jay P


    Rondo doesn’t worry me, and the team knows the defensive system by now, that’s not going to change.

    Rondo, is over that hump, and Rivers has his trust, and vice versa. You don’t need an assistant for that.

    A defense first guy would be good, but he has to understand that they can’t change the system. Drastic changes to anything the Celtics do right now will be devastating to the team. Their too ingrained in what they do, and moreover… the system works, so dont fix what aint broken.

  • Perry


    Lawrence Frank is a strong possibility. Don’t be surprised to see KG assuming a role as player/coach. He can articulate the Thibs system better than anyone.

  • I love Green

    I would actually like an assistant who’s more about offense. I know, I hate to say it, and it feels weird. Except we all know Doc is a defensive guy, and with an offensive assistant he could help when we have our inevitable droughts.

  • DeVelaine

    @Perry: You mean he’s not a player-coach right now with the way he leads the team on the defense like he does?

  • yuckabuck

    YES!!! We dodged the Vinny Del Negro bullet. For now.

  • I love Green

    Richard Jefferson is now a free agent after opting out of the final year of his deal.

    Should we sign him for a discount, because of how poorly he played last year? Or not take the risk?

  • dslack

    I love it. RJ opted out? Wow.

  • I love Green

    Yeah, I guess the new CBA is scaring everyone into opting out.

    Maybe he just didn’t fit well with the Spurs system. I don’t know, but he had a pretty terrible year.

  • Gerald

    I’ve been slowly but surely getting over my Game 7 depression. Doc Rivers gave some hope for Banner No. 18. Great news!

    I just hope the rumor about Bosh going to Lakers won’t push through.

  • Perry


    …technically you’re right — just as long as he’s not doing it street clothes.

  • Perry

    The Grizz just passed on a $3.7m qualifying offer to Brewer. At midnight he becomes unrestricted. This kid is only 24. At 6′ 7″ he can step in as a starter or play a significant role off the bench. Very efficient and disciplined scorer. At the top of the class in steals. Great value with a ton of upside. He’s everything we thought we would be getting in Quis.

  • I love Green

    @Perry- I want Brewer too, especially because he’s absolutely lock down on defense. Not much of a scorer, but knows his role.

  • Perry

    Man, RJ is on his way down. No where near as athletic as he was in New Jersey. Every major category statistically has gone down since he was traded to the Bucks. He may be a starter, but no longer for a contending team. Spurs should let him walk out of town…very, very fast.

  • Perry


    …I think he’s a much better fit than spot up shooters like Mike Miller or Korver. They would engulf the entire MLE. First of all, both are out of the question if Ray comes back. But if you’re going to commit to him and Pierce then please fill in around the edges with young, veteran talent.

    Morrow at GS, restricted, may be another guy to look at because he’ll come in at $2m or less. The way the Celtics are built, they’re never going to out score you. So Brewer, TA, and Bradley would make a great defensive tandem at the wing position. Good, quality depth if they can afford to keep all three.

    The only problem is when Rondo gets a blow who’s handling the ball?

    Do you go into the season without a back up PG and sign one at the trade deadline again? Or sign Luther Head who’s capable or take a gamble with a kid like Livingston and try to sign him for the vet’s minimum?

  • I love Green

    @Perry- I can see Bradley being the backup PG if he progresses well enough.

  • I love Green

    Oh and heck yes to Morrow is we can get him. He knocks down 3s and is pretty big for the SG position.

  • Shooter

    YEAH BABY DOC IS BACK.Bradley will be more than capable of playing backup to Rondo in his rookie year.
    RJ is def better than what he was like for the Spurs,he just didn’t fit that system……….at all.RJ’s good if he’s the 1st,2nd option on offense,outside of that he’s……… well yeah you know what i mean after his time in SA.He wouldn’t go down well here unless PP signs somewhere else which ain’t happening now that DOC’S BACK BABY.

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