Post-game Reactions

Michael Lee of the Washington Post just Tweeted the following:

If you’re on the “sign Mike Miller!” bandwagon, you may not like this news at first—Miller is giving prime post-midnight face time to (maybe) two teams with huge cap space. 

But here’s the thing: Those two teams want to sign two monster contracts (or perhaps three for Miami) and fill out the rest of their rosters with low-cost role players. Miller would fall into the latter category, so it’s unlikely either New York or Miami will bowl Miller over with an offer Boston couldn’t match. 

Sigh. I’ll try to resist posting too many of these updates tonight.

Update: Adrian Wojnarwoski of Yahoo! just Tweeted that Miller is a “hot property” around the league, and that a team or two may offer him a deal that includes a first year contract amount above the mid-level exception.

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  • K.J. Lee


    ‘Sigh. I’ll try to resist posting too many of these updates tonight.’

    No, please keep us updated.

  • I love Green

    Yes Zach. Update us, or I’ll fire you.

  • I love Green

    Damn that update!

  • Cptn Bubbles

    Zach, this is why you get the big bucks & the leer & the Bugatti Veyron….

    You must needs help us to help the Cs

    Go ahead & call Mikey & tell him that if he wants to be a contenda’ he best be puttin on the green or we shall destroy him next season. There will be no mercy….this time….

  • lakershater13

    T-MAC??? Anyone? Big risk big reward type player?

  • al
  • Jay P


    He’s no risk if he’ll sign a vet min.

  • lakershater13

    I would love to get t-mac at the vet min. We need bench points. Think he could score a few? I wonder how many he can score in like 35 seconds? maybe 13?

  • Perry

    Miami is probably a smoke screen or they may turn to him as exit strategy in case they can’t lure a pair of max guys.

    I can’t phantom how JJ could turn down Atlanta’s ridiculous offer, but I can picture Miller filling a role for D’Antoni. Inexplicably his biggest asset was three point shooting, but over the past few years he’s attempting less of them for some reason. Nevertheless he will be seeking more than a 2 year deal, and that’s not a good value for us. Do we really want to extend more than 2 years to a spot up shooter who in 2012 will surely be on the back nine of his career? I say no.


    Twitter beat ESPN to the punch on draft night, and its out of the gates again tonight. It has essentially made the chyron obsolete.

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