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The Boston Herald has the update on Perk: he may be out until the start of calendar year 2011:

They told me to expect late December or early January,’’ said Perkins. “I don’t know what is expected from something like this, but I’m just going to go with the plan and see what I have to do.

“But after I took the MRI and found out that it was an ACL I was surprised – I have to admit that,’’ he said. “So I just have to go with things.’’

This diagnosis has to tweak the way Boston approaches free agency. If Perk is out till the start of January, he’ll miss about 30 games, and we know Boston can’t compensate for Perk’s absence by playing KG 40 minutes a night. Filling the front line was the first priority already, but there is now greater urgency behind the need to sign two or three bigs capable of soaking up minutes. 

In other news: We’re about 27 hours away from the deadline by which Paul Pierce must decide whether to terminate his contract and become a free agent.

Mr. Triple Double 10, writing at Red’s Army, thinks this interview Pierce gave at a Nike Town event is evidence he’s coming back. 

But Larry Coon, a salary cap expert, says he would advise Pierce to opt out and sign a new deal rather than take his chances under a new collective bargaining agreement. He Tweeted this about an hour ago:

Good news: We’ll have answers soon.

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  • I love Green

    Sign JO to fill in for Perk until Christmas.

  • RBD

    That feels a bit optimistic for Perk. I bet mid-Feb is more likely.

  • I love Green

    Hey, if he’s good to go to start the playoffs, I’ll be fine with it.

  • Zain

    @Green: You’d hope he’s in playoff shape by then. He’s going through surgery, he won’t be at his peak for awhile. Hence, Boston better hope they don’t have to go through Orlando this time.

  • I love Green

    @Zain- Its very unlikley that we won’t play Orlando. If its the semi-finals, or ECF, we’re going to play them.

  • Coolin

    Perkins is not going to be much of a factor until the very end of the year, if at all.
    Boston needs to start making moves if they want to have any chance of competing for a title next year.

  • Zain

    @Green: Not if, say. Boston is the 3rd seed and Orlando is the 1st seed and gets knocked out by the 4th seed. Or Boston is the 4th seed and Orlando as the 2nd/3rd seed gets knocked out. It’s possible, maybe not probable, but certainly possible.

    I like that we’re thinking ahead to the playoffs. Positive mentality healing.

  • Rich

    I also think you guys are completely overlooking the monster on the Horizon that is the possible Chicago Bulls. I hope not…but look out kids.

  • I love Green

    @Zain- Haha well thinking about the regular season will just get me angry, because we’ll most likely just suck it up again when we get bored.

    But I still have sleepless nights thinking about how I should be watching our championship DVD, and wearing our championship T-Shirt to bed. Ahhh what should have been…

  • I love Green
  • Zain


    I watched the ’08 DVD a few days after the loss to relive the feeling, and thought it’d feel better. It did monetarily, followed by a more crushing feeling. Ah well, at least I have my 08 replica banner..

    But I do agree, be ready to be frustrated with this team after 30 games or even before that into the season for all the same reasons as this year. Except this time we’ll know it’s fine for sure.

  • I love Green

    @Zain- I’ve watched almost all of the interviews after that game 6 in 08. Especially KG’s and Scal’s. Makes me smile, until I watch the ones from this year. Ray, Paul, and KG all seemed so depressed.

  • With respect to losing the NBA title to the Lakers, just remember what Nick the Greek always said,

    “The next best thing to playing and winning, is playing and losing.”

  • With regard Perkins and next season….

    Best to prepare for the worst and hope for the best. I would be willing to bet that there’s a better than 50/50 chance he won’t return to form until the following season with an injury this serious.